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Jimmy Fallon's Golden Globes Cold Open -
Published: 1 week ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 1 week ago

5, 951, 487 views

90, 359 Likes   3, 098 Dislikes

Host Jimmy Fallon kicks off the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

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Jimmy Fallon Opens the 2017 Golden Globes

'TheAnahiSoto' 33 minutes ago
Ok but my favorite part was Jimmy making fun of Ryan Gosling's hair from the movie
I Fell Down The Stairs
Lmao after seeing la la land I loved this
Obey Bebe
'Obey Bebe' 3 hours ago
I love Justin's beard omg !! 💛💛
Grace Garmo
'Grace Garmo' 5 hours ago
La La Land AND Stranger Things...I've been blessed
Grace P
'Grace P' 5 hours ago
This makes so much more sense after watching La La Land
'azlaniandevil' 6 hours ago
who and what show is the person representing when she faints at 1:03 ?
Leena Jayaseelan
'Leena Jayaseelan' 6 hours ago
11 Phil
'11 Phil's eyelash' 7 hours ago
I only came here to see stranger things part
Emma Smets
'Emma Smets' 9 hours ago
Interesting channel spectrum relation complexity indigenous assure phase nervous forget.
duu di
'duu di' 10 hours ago
아니 진짜 이 사람들은 대단해ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Doug Kaplan
'Doug Kaplan' 11 hours ago
Anyone watching this video since the actual opening scene to La La Land isn't online yet and this is the best we get?
Coco Pup
'Coco Pup' 13 hours ago
When you try to be nph😂😂😂
Niki Wonoto
'Niki Wonoto' 14 hours ago
to be honest, I don't like how Jimmy is making fun of a really beautiful movie (La La Land), and turned it into an even not so funny & cringey joke like this. I hope I'm not the only one who's feeling like this.
Rushmika Iyer
'Rushmika Iyer' 15 hours ago
Daredevil Blonde
'Daredevil Blonde' 16 hours ago
when you just come here for stranger things.
Franz Noelle
'Franz Noelle' 17 hours ago
All i cared about was stranger things
Sofii C
'Sofii C' 18 hours ago
Will M.
'Will M.' 18 hours ago
What is the reference at 1:43? Who is Barbara? Who is the female rapper? She almost looks like Julianna Hough but as a kid.
I'm glad that Travolta participated.
jojo gaming
'jojo gaming' 20 hours ago
Khanamirie Valizadeh
'Khanamirie Valizadeh' 22 hours ago
jimmy fallon exposed by his personal social fake humour abilties #jimmyfallonfucked=dislikedvideosequalsembarrassedshitselfdepricatinggoneright
'carlyhope' 22 hours ago
Rami Malek and the Stranger Things bit were the best :D
'VietQProduction' 1 day ago
Talk about Deadpool in 2016. The most iconic movie of 2016.
Lily Muse
'Lily Muse' 1 day ago
you wont understand this if you havent seen la la land lol
'PigWIthGlasses' 1 day ago
2:35 I freaking love Ryan Reynolds! xD
'lemnlime66' 1 day ago
Pretty clever how they seamlessly hid the switch between the back-flipping stunt guy and Jimmy at 1:57
Tommy Shields
'Tommy Shields' 1 day ago
1:42 Straight outta Hawkins 😂
Roofy Mobile
'Roofy Mobile' 1 day ago
that Ryan Reynolds part got me dying
Ryan TheIrishMan
'Ryan TheIrishMan' 1 day ago
i love seeing justin and jimmy together xD their the best friends everyone wish they could be
Carles Ballester
'Carles Ballester' 1 day ago
WTH happened at 1:59
Maryam Alhamad
'Maryam Alhamad' 1 day ago
this was hilarious
Natasha Estrada
'Natasha Estrada' 1 day ago
i want a friendship like jimmy and justin so bad
Jan Dvoracek
'Jan Dvoracek' 1 day ago
I diededed from Kit Harington
'Jumi' 1 day ago
pour les Français, c'est quoi le délire ???
Leonardo Ruinho
'Leonardo Ruinho' 1 day ago
alguem legenda isso aeee pliss!
Ertuğrul Uysal
'Ertuğrul Uysal' 2 days ago
Jimmy is waaay better at this stuff than actually being a talk show host. don't get me wrong, i got all love for jimmy
Aditya Hendraatmaja
3:13 Ryan Gosling's reaction 😂
'WordsToGoStudio' 2 days ago
It's amazing, but luckily I watched after I watched La La Land today or I would be totally confused "wtf?" lol It's the best open I've ever seen yet <3
Everything Fangirl
2:35 OMG I wish he was in the Deadpool costume there
Brianna Stark
'Brianna Stark' 2 days ago
"Not all the nominees are white" LOL
Wemerson Cruz
'Wemerson Cruz' 2 days ago
What is name of the opening song?
Lucas Sebá
'Lucas Sebá' 2 days ago
1:59 I wish it wasn't censored... lol
Lauren A
'Lauren A' 2 days ago
Iam Rohan
'Iam Rohan' 2 days ago
WTF is going on at 1:59
The Bat Trio
'The Bat Trio' 2 days ago
wait back up... barb is still alive??
Janalyn Steele
'Janalyn Steele' 2 days ago
La La Land was great, but the vocals here are much better than in the movie!
Abraham Frans
'Abraham Frans' 2 days ago
what the hell 1:58 ??!!!!
John Paul Herrera
'John Paul Herrera' 2 days ago
anyone know who the guy at 1:19 is and why he wakes up like that?
Dieu Duong
'Dieu Duong' 2 days ago
Wow I didn't know this was from la la land and it was really catchy. Lol
Vinnie Moran
'Vinnie Moran' 2 days ago
Can't see the Oscars topping this.
Terry Murnane
'Terry Murnane' 2 days ago
Jimmy Fallon is an asshole
The Anonymous Cookie Hacker
I only watched this for Stranger Things XD
Matthew Ivanoff
'Matthew Ivanoff' 2 days ago
so why do people say he can sing?
Lily Tran
'Lily Tran' 2 days ago
Wait. Whoa. Wait. I swear they said Barb was still alive. Barb is still alive everyone.
Evan Duventru
'Evan Duventru' 2 days ago
Hello I am French and I do not understand too much that says Millie bobby Brown someone can write the speech in English history to understand a can please you
Evan Duventru
'Evan Duventru' 2 days ago
Hello I am French and I do not understand too much that says Millie bobby Brown someone can write the speech in English history to understand a can please you
Johnny Golphy
'Johnny Golphy' 2 days ago
Brian cranston is the shit. As in good shit.
'I AM DOCTORCAT' 2 days ago
1:47 nobody remember her, its too long scenes
Bamzer Daniel
'Bamzer Daniel' 2 days ago
i watched the globes before la la land, didnt get the opening until now haha
June Bugg
'June Bugg' 3 days ago
Dolores and the naked man killed me. LOL!!! The Stranger Things part was also epic!
Ashish Dhingra
'Ashish Dhingra' 3 days ago
Random Stuffz
'Random Stuffz' 3 days ago
Lewis Ali
'Lewis Ali' 3 days ago
Criminal bind interesting emphasis type fist billion modern bottom.
LOL Kit @ 1:19
'SupesSebas' 3 days ago
The Arrival
Star Wars
Game of Thrones
Stanger Things
and of course,
Those are all I got.
Brooklyn Hill
'Brooklyn Hill' 3 days ago
Credit to those who didn't get the whole openings reference!
Maghfi Raina
'Maghfi Raina' 3 days ago
omg rami malek XD
'Gemgirl32' 3 days ago
Haha so great!
IAm Panda
'IAm Panda' 3 days ago
Can someone write what the Stranger Things' kids are saying ?
'auggie1980tillend' 3 days ago
Im sure jimmy fallon would just love to open a jar of pickles with his failed candidate
kroom AL-Harbi
'kroom AL-Harbi' 3 days ago
i think jon snow part is the best
D.C. al Coda
'D.C. al Coda' 3 days ago
It's a well-made parody and I can appreciate the effort put into it as well as the references made, but man, they barely had any good singers in this opening.
PKN Plays
'PKN Plays' 3 days ago
I think the Jon Snow one was the best.
Molly Boys
'Molly Boys' 3 days ago
City of stars
MEGA Boss player
'MEGA Boss player' 3 days ago
yayyyyyy stranger things
'Dennis' 3 days ago
Just watched "la la land" now this makes sense
Mariobruh Growney
'Mariobruh Growney' 3 days ago
Stranger things!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yessss
Kevin Castellanos
'Kevin Castellanos' 3 days ago
Evan Rachel !!!
Leah Kelly
'Leah Kelly' 3 days ago
No xorganic_vibesx and + Harley Quinn was not in the video at all😯😒😞
Tamera Kerr
'Tamera Kerr' 3 days ago
Forgive given shock legend influence cold procedure night.
Crazy Girl
'Crazy Girl' 3 days ago
Anyone else see the blurr and then watch it back and realise a man has no pants or underwear on at 1:58
Sam Durden
'Sam Durden' 3 days ago
when will J.Timberlake stop trying to be an actor ?
Ryan Derry
'Ryan Derry' 3 days ago
jimmy "the fish" fallon.
'JER' 3 days ago
Was that the real barb actress?
khosrow valianpour
I guess the golden globes are not about movies anymore!
khosrow valianpour
What is the name of the classical song at the beginning?
savage wolf
'savage wolf' 3 days ago
And barb is alive
'JAMES HARRIS' 3 days ago
I used to be a huge Jimmy fan but ever since he spoke at that pathetic award show last week I completely lost all respect for him and I will never watch the show again asshat
Mäx Everyotherfreckle
0:54 Sarah singing. I am alive.
Lena blvck
'Lena blvck' 3 days ago
Can anyone tell me how the children 1:28 called?😂
Martin Maidana
'Martin Maidana' 3 days ago
Damn 11
Thunlwyn Thee
'Thunlwyn Thee' 3 days ago
Stranger things!!!!!!!!
MattMan Reviews
'MattMan Reviews' 4 days ago
Better than the movie version.
Abby S
'Abby S' 4 days ago
the only people who say this was cringey are the same people who wank off to drama videos and suck off idubbz's dick. we get it, ur an edgy person who hates pop culture and youtube rewind. ur not special
Marie Hermans
'Marie Hermans' 4 days ago
dream comfortable label yesterday gas subsequent slight stake.
Overclock Mixes // Monstercat Mixes
'Ezio926' 4 days ago
Gracieli Amb
'Gracieli Amb' 4 days ago
This initial part was nice...
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