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Jimmy Fallon's Golden Globes Cold Open -
Published: 2 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 months ago

7, 143, 530 views

105, 115 Likes   3, 264 Dislikes

Host Jimmy Fallon kicks off the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

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Jimmy Fallon Opens the 2017 Golden Globes

Abby Hayman
'Abby Hayman' 3 hours ago
'Whiskey2134' 13 hours ago
3:30 should have been Nicole Kidman
Lightning X
'Lightning X' 14 hours ago
The tonight show is a joke. Oh wait, that's redundant staring Jimmy Idiot who doesn't know how to make realistic facial expressions.
Lightning X
'Lightning X' 15 hours ago
La Gu
'La Gu' 19 hours ago
so good. the cuttest thing is Ryan Gosling laughing out loud. I love it !
Rosalia Black
'Rosalia Black' 1 day ago
1:18, it's my babe KIT!!!!!
Darien Rolle
'Darien Rolle' 1 day ago
That was AMAZING
'Ahmed' 1 day ago
Best part 1:27
Moon Cat
'Moon Cat' 1 day ago
eyeyepeace lomo
'eyeyepeace lomo' 1 day ago
0:48 my queen!!!
Taylor Swift
'Taylor Swift' 1 day ago
Actually LaLa Land is my best movie and there will not exist like that movie
'Creamster' 2 days ago
This is my new favorite anime opening. 😂
Li N
'Li N' 2 days ago
Ahhh, not enough Tina!
Frankie Silencie
'Frankie Silencie' 2 days ago
Lol who the fuck is Ryan Reynolds ??? And also deadpool got mad whistling skills
'Yarinel1' 2 days ago
what is this supposed to be at 1:59?
'Yarinel1' 2 days ago
0:55 whos she?
'ℓev' 2 days ago
My best award show intro everrrrrr and I've seen alot.
Jorge Alexis Huaman Luna
1:58 noticed? lol
'Typhoon' 3 days ago
At 1:06 the girl comes on with the blue shirt. What does she say and what is it from?
'Nada' 3 days ago
Ryan gosling laughing made my day
阿米 Ami 吳
'阿米 Ami 吳' 3 days ago
this one is so~~~~~cool!!!!!!!!
'moonlightari' 3 days ago
I live for the barb swimming scene
Fabio Films
'Fabio Films' 4 days ago
I like the part when stranger things come BC it's my favorite show and eleven talk about eggos and 1 to 10 ill give this an eleven
Rachelle Ann Romano
wow thats so cool song jimmy
Sarah Sophie
'Sarah Sophie' 5 days ago
What is that song called?! 😩
Michael Reid
'Michael Reid' 5 days ago
'Everyone is stuck behind that white Ford Bronco' 😂😂
aleeha sattar
'aleeha sattar' 5 days ago
Barbra is still alive ✌
Sam Jones
'Sam Jones' 6 days ago
The stranger things part hahahah
Lainie medina
'Lainie medina' 6 days ago
Ryan Reynolds and Rami completely sucked the life out of me hahahaha! This is beautiful.
Queen dedo
'Queen dedo' 6 days ago
it's the best golden globes ever
Susanna Chan
'Susanna Chan' 6 days ago
Since I can't watch the movie as I please yet I keep coming back to this video. Well done, Jimmy!
Vita rimmer
'Vita rimmer' 6 days ago
Is Barb actually still alive and where's Will?!
Romuald Rosemain
'Romuald Rosemain' 6 days ago
2:00 Woops unexpected panties
little Pony
'little Pony' 6 days ago
1:59 Seriously ,honestly
'SUSAN' 6 days ago
I liked this opening, but 1:42 f*cking sucked
'arsnakeheart' 6 days ago
Hoooly shit, that was pretty good
Koopa Kool
'Koopa Kool' 7 days ago
The two best parts are Stranger Things and when you think it's Ryan Gosling it's actually Ryan Renalds
beli galvan
'beli galvan' 7 days ago
'Whatupnina' 7 days ago
I literally jusrt came across this because I missed the Globes, this is a masterpiece haha
Ella Wilson
'Ella Wilson' 7 days ago
who was the hacker guy I cant seem to pinpoint him
'kiarim26' 1 week ago
Above Average
'Above Average' 1 week ago
Justin and Jimmy: One of the greatest love stories of our time
Gabriel Cedeño
'Gabriel Cedeño' 1 week ago
I understand almost every reference, but I still don't get the soldiers... Which show are they from?
La Dictature Panda
I like you Jimmy ...
and John snow too
and the stormtrooper
... and deadpool
Felipe Cubillos Carter
Is it wrong that I think this is better than La La Land?
RK Slither
'RK Slither' 1 week ago
try harder
Cylia T.S
'Cylia T.S' 1 week ago
When Justin pulls off Jimmy's bangs!!! 😂 LOL
Caitlin W
'Caitlin W' 1 week ago
this one is sooooo funny
Gusti Fauzan
'Gusti Fauzan' 1 week ago
Augusto Gonzalez
'Augusto Gonzalez' 1 week ago
ok solo falta la remike de Los Simpson y ya puedo morir en paz 😂😂😂
Jiggerman 22
'Jiggerman 22' 1 week ago
Yess I knew it Barb is alive!!!!!
Android OS Gameplay
Great work
Jaime bernedo
'Jaime bernedo' 1 week ago
Hahahah that was awesome
Lillian Schuyler
'Lillian Schuyler' 1 week ago
1:27 is what you came for... thank me later
Sophie Maier
'Sophie Maier' 1 week ago
Who is the guy at 1:16 plsss
Amanda Wellington
'Amanda Wellington' 1 week ago
1:59 Okay did anyone saw that??

(Sigh,,,)Bottem left corner. You'll see.
'ℓev' 1 week ago
This opening monologue itself deserves a golden globe ❤.
Ibraham Lincoln
'Ibraham Lincoln' 2 weeks ago
Bunch of loser, angry libtards.
Cesar Virrueta
'Cesar Virrueta' 2 weeks ago
Whos the guy from 1:20 to 1:25
'Crybaby's Carnival' 2 weeks ago
One of the highlights of 2017's golden globes was deadpool finally kissed spiderman.
Nathan Beurel
'Nathan Beurel' 2 weeks ago
que tous les fr ce reveil
'sam' 2 weeks ago
If glee was still on tho..
Robin Nguyen
'Robin Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
How do you do that video effect when Justin Timberlake pushes Jimmy Fallon into the stars and they are floating? I imagine a green screened staircase but shit I can't do that
'Dex ODC' 2 weeks ago
any one notice they blurred out the crotch of some guy at 1:59
'bellajuventina' 2 weeks ago
Now that I've watch La La Land many things make sense
'PrincessPonyLover' 2 weeks ago
Barb is still alive!
Michael Montague
'Michael Montague' 2 weeks ago
Simply brilliant spoof!
Imas Ambar
'Imas Ambar' 2 weeks ago
He's a horrible singer sorry JF
'AddamBlakk' 2 weeks ago
Ryan Reynolds you goddamn funny dude.
'IM TRASH' 2 weeks ago
Bratva LS
'Bratva LS' 2 weeks ago
Hablo español, mierda. Someone can tell me, Eleven, what is she saying?
Ashley N
'Ashley N' 2 weeks ago
Actually amazing omg.
gabby lsz
'gabby lsz' 2 weeks ago
those saying "you won't understand this if you haven't seen La La Land"... the trailers reveal the traffic sequence, the planetarium dance, and Mia walking in on Sebastian playing the piano, etc. you really didn't have to see the movie to understand lmao.
Music playpot
'Music playpot' 2 weeks ago
Barb is alive!!
Rocco Prazaline
'Rocco Prazaline' 2 weeks ago
Deadpool! oh and barb too
Summer Downs
'Summer Downs' 2 weeks ago
I love how barb was so insignificant it's kind of a meme
Maria Felices
'Maria Felices' 2 weeks ago
aiba ahi k guapo el anunxio
Juri Stöver
'Juri Stöver' 2 weeks ago
0.55 is this Sarah Poulson ? 😕😃😘♥️
Víctor Salazar Luna
Dolores!!! ❤❤❤ Westworld is here!!!!!
'xemitta1' 2 weeks ago
As the 1:11 minute actor is called
Jose Aguilar
'Jose Aguilar' 2 weeks ago
Someone can write the stranger things rap? I tried to translate to spanish but i don't understand nothing 😖
'The01kic' 2 weeks ago
love when Amy Adams sings
Pablo Pacman
'Pablo Pacman' 2 weeks ago
1:03 who is she and why she pass out
'Haxenabled' 2 weeks ago
I love this so much, I can't. The Stranger Things crew topped it off.
mikayla iovine
'mikayla iovine' 2 weeks ago
Omg this was genius
cami la
'cami la' 2 weeks ago
1:43 I wish I could come out the water like that
Tom Jasendro
'Tom Jasendro' 2 weeks ago
The Stranger Things bit was just divine. 2016 may have been a bad year but if it can bring us so much wonderful stuff like this then it can't have been than bad.
'phil's eyelash' 2 weeks ago
i can't breath there's too much going on there's too many references-AUAUAUA STRANGER THINGS AND AHS
'kamal012345678910' 2 weeks ago
This is Awesome i love Millie's part! it flows so well!
Penny Grant
'Penny Grant' 2 weeks ago
Mr bean fan
'Mr bean fan' 2 weeks ago
My god !!
Barbara us alive!
No one cares??
Sackass McGree
'Sackass McGree' 2 weeks ago
Dead pool ?
'mosleyfin32' 2 weeks ago
I see what you did there Travolta.
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