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Picture Perfect - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

2, 820, 759 views

14, 381 Likes   984 Dislikes

Game show contestant Daniel Hoffman (Bobby Moynihan) and his celebrity teammate, Reginald VelJohnson (Kenan Thompson), must draw the prophet Muhammad if they want to win $1 million.

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Ezldean Shalabi
'Ezldean Shalabi' 1 day ago
wright vcx
'wright vcx' 3 days ago
Why mohammad married a 9 year old girl? Couldnt he just adopted her as her daughter or younger sister?
'chdavassas' 5 days ago
Je suis Charlie
'CoolGuy103050' 2 weeks ago
Im a Muslim and I think this is hilarious
Gain Olavera
'Gain Olavera' 3 weeks ago
LOL just like at southpark. Jesus and his friends includes prophet muhammad, seamen, buddha. Muhammad is invisible LOL. if you see him you're probably dead. ALLAHU AKBAR explosions!!!!! LOL. aloha snackbars to everyone.
jack cloud
'jack cloud' 3 weeks ago
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they have balls hilarious was panickimg they where actually gonna draw something
Joe the Right Triangle
just draw an insane guy
Carlos Cruz
'Carlos Cruz' 3 weeks ago
I can imagine what would had happened if they actually gone through with the drawing of Mohammad. I remember years ago the creator's of South park had to modified an episode showing Mohammad because of death threats.
I know this might sound stupid, but doesn't he already know the answer at 2.55 so he could just say it?
'CHP' 4 weeks ago
Worst Reginald VelJohnson EVA!
'Wetdookie' 4 weeks ago
Religion is stupid. It's because of religion that we have so many wars and people killing each other over non sense.
War pig Hammer
'War pig Hammer' 4 weeks ago
I am a man and when I'm out there doing man stuff I chew big league chew .thats right its the chew for men who like a good chew. For me it's big league chew or nothing.
What is your choice.
Cunt !!!!!!!!!
Ian Stockwell
'Ian Stockwell' 4 weeks ago
Hmmm California is it good for smart people
M Mac
'M Mac' 1 month ago
very funny
'spartadc' 1 month ago
'logiclaw' 1 month ago
muhammad sucks dick
Mohammed Fadli
'Mohammed Fadli' 1 month ago
you cant draw the face of muhammad coz no picture or painting about him
Zan Young
'Zan Young' 1 month ago
Prophet Muhammad lol
Martin Stu
'Martin Stu' 2 months ago
this is more sad than funny. muslims should be held accountable for their bullshit beliefs and actions
Hayden I43resenhart
'Hayden I43resenhart' 2 months ago
Who's the girl in blu
Duston McCreary
'Duston McCreary' 2 months ago
957 people are offended that someone joked about their favorite fairytale character
'tazz' 2 months ago
they should have gotten kate to be ellen aha
'YellAir' 2 months ago
Funny sketch, and in case you're wondering why the Prophet Muhammad isn't depicted in pictures, it's to avoid the worshipping of the prophet and to signify the importance of his actions, personality, and words (not looks). In other religions, you see people putting a picture of a significant figure and praying to it. In Islam, you only pray to God.
knuckle bines
'knuckle bines' 2 months ago
why didn't they want to draw the prophet
Faris Luqman
'Faris Luqman' 2 months ago
its funny i enjoyed it, but pls dont do our prophet that way. :)
Mahir Mohammed
'Mahir Mohammed' 2 months ago
there is no picture :P
Mukhida Aziz
'Mukhida Aziz' 2 months ago
I pissed myself laughing😂😂😂
Mohd Amin Ismail
'Mohd Amin Ismail' 2 months ago
I'm also a muslim but seems like that video is makings jokes, I don't think that making any false of you guys..that will be funny & respectfull for me..btw, great job guys..👏🏼👍🏼✌🏼️
Unicorn Cave
'Unicorn Cave' 2 months ago
Oh Reggie
Allan Mccann
'Allan Mccann' 2 months ago
when I see Muhammad I just laughed so hard.
Ethan Merritt
'Ethan Merritt' 2 months ago
I don't really get the joke
'Matt561' 2 months ago
This seems really familiar
Sarah Says Rawr
'Sarah Says Rawr' 2 months ago
I would actually watch this show
Manaal Siddiqui
'Manaal Siddiqui' 3 months ago
Hahahah! It was funny! I'm a Muslim and I found it hilarious 👌🏻
Cool Duck
'Cool Duck' 3 months ago
im.offensive and i find this muslim
FTjack AoE7AoT
'FTjack AoE7AoT' 3 months ago
'skankhunt' 3 months ago
Mahmoud Ahmed
'Mahmoud Ahmed' 3 months ago
lools so funny
Debashis Rout
'Debashis Rout' 3 months ago
'SzopTuptus' 3 months ago
after what happened to charlie ebdo and removed picture of some silly fuck who is said to ride a winged horse( buahahhahahha) from south park its not funny , it shows western culture grow too weak.
'passerell' 3 months ago
It's funny because if you draw Mohamed you really have a high chance of getting killed by a muslim.
Yet you have to always agree that "islam is a religion of peace" otherwise you get publicly shamed, fired and called racist. (Even when islam is not a race).
Safa Yosafi
'Safa Yosafi' 3 months ago
I literally wen though the comments section and replied to a bunch of comments until I couldn't take it anymore. So much ignorance, it's sad that this is our world. People in the comments section are literally calling everything I believe in a compete lie and insult my entire faith. I've always respected people with their religions and opinions, but if you act like that then you've completely lost any of the respect I grant towards everyone else. I had a great time laughing at this skit and I'm a Sunni Muslim who believe that the prophet shouldn't be drawn. I'm honestly a better person than all of those people who claim that Muslims are murderers and terrorists and I'm most likely younger than them too.
GUYS: the prophet just shouldn't be drawn, whether it be with good intentions or not. JUST SIMPLY RESPECT THAT. It really isn't that hard to do. Of course that doesn't mean if someone does draw him then I'll take out my fictional gunn(according to numerous people I should somehow own a dangerous weapon of some sort). I believe that what happened in France should never have occurred and I started crying when I heard about something so horrible.
I just want people to respect me like I respect them.
'Mash' 3 months ago
I'm muslim and this is hilarious
'roadhouse699' 3 months ago
I'm so pissed at whoever wrote that description right now...
Kyle Poole
'Kyle Poole' 3 months ago
just draw that towel headed sand nigger dune coon gook
Chicken Permission
'Chicken Permission' 3 months ago
Taran is definitely the next best game show host after Bill!
Martin Kian
'Martin Kian' 3 months ago
I am from Iran and to me it was so hilarious.
Jean Acosta
'Jean Acosta' 3 months ago
I haven't laughed so much in a looooong time~

This was just great xD
'karlafbr' 3 months ago
i laughed at this sketch
Sarita The Señorita
'Sarita The Señorita' 3 months ago
All the Islamophobic people in the comments section need to gtfo
'comicahmet' 3 months ago
I laughed a lot, but this makes me uncomfortable in a way. They don't draw him because they are "afraid"" of what could happen to them next if they ever did. This sketch can scare people away from Islam. What a pity... They are trying to give you the idea that we would hurt you if you ever draw our Prophet. I mean, yeah we would be very pissed off, but we have the right to be. Beyond that, anything else would be too much I believe.
Josh Acosta
'Josh Acosta' 3 months ago
It's funny because if you draw Muhammad in real life they kill you
'awaisis' 3 months ago
funny to me. - im muslim
J Hav
'J Hav' 3 months ago
Milesdaguy :-D
'Milesdaguy :-D' 3 months ago
Am i the only one who doesnt get this? And can someone explain the joke?
'EveryZepAlbum' 4 months ago
They must have all gotten a huge raise..this show has gotten way better this last year or so..Good for them, should have happened a long time ago..what a waste
Feras Farhat
'Feras Farhat' 4 months ago
i dont think that mocking the world's most noble man in a stupid show like snl although you people may find it funny but me as a muslim i find it disgusting and you people crossed the line
Mateo Martinez
'Mateo Martinez' 4 months ago
"If they don't win, we will subtract a million dollars from their bank account" 😂
Saurabh Punhani
'Saurabh Punhani' 4 months ago
hilarious!! i did not expect something like this from snl, especially now a days, but wow, absolute comedy!
'JoshGames' 4 months ago
I'd draw him for a dollar
Prophet Mohammad
'Prophet Mohammad' 4 months ago
It would have been more hilarious if they actually drew the "prophet"Mohammad
'ALLUPINYA' 4 months ago
Damn they don't even try anymore with the celebrity impressions. SNL isn't funny anymore hadn't been for a while. Keenan gotta go, same facial expressions for every skit.
'Mabsss33' 4 months ago
You'll still find crazy nut job Muslims trying to blow up 30 rock for this sketch
Lo Riddell
'Lo Riddell' 4 months ago
See, this is what religion jokes should be. Actually respectful to the religion but still hilarious.
İsmail Ata Aşan
'İsmail Ata Aşan' 5 months ago
hahahahah this is fucking hilarious
Joy One
'Joy One' 5 months ago
Hey kel, where's Kenyan, move on lol
Justin Mielke
'Justin Mielke' 5 months ago
For those who don't know muhammad's face cannot be shown in any way
Vinnie Mirabile
'Vinnie Mirabile' 5 months ago
Mohammad is false... Jesus is true
Nathan Lee
'Nathan Lee' 6 months ago
I feel like if Jennifer Murphy were on this show, she would not only draw the prophet Muhammad, but she would do it joking around with a fake Muslim accent
'CaptainCrape' 6 months ago
I tried to draw Muhammad, but I can't fit all of his child brides on one canvas.
'KoDan' 6 months ago
I didn't quite get the joke.
They were struggling because they are muslims right?
Khalil Jones
'Khalil Jones' 6 months ago
I was raised muslim and I don't get the joke at all.
A legend Is among you!
"Oh no! Sweet lord they coming for me!" Lol
It would've been better if they did draw that fuck face Mohamed
Ahmad Alomari
'Ahmad Alomari' 6 months ago
this is good funny shit
'RainyDay' 6 months ago
I'd draw Mohammed for $10.
riskrask 33
'riskrask 33' 6 months ago
Bobby Moynihan reminded me of Chris Farley in this sketch
Roisin Dubh
'Roisin Dubh' 6 months ago
PUSSIES. Im not mad. im just disappointed.
Haley wagler
'Haley wagler' 6 months ago
Can someone explain this?
Reggie Watchowtnow
'Reggie Watchowtnow' 6 months ago
It would have been better if they drew it , but of course , the terrorists won so...
OverLordthe 1st
'OverLordthe 1st' 6 months ago
They should draw Mohammed
Red Jasper
'Red Jasper' 6 months ago
The Doctor
'The Doctor' 7 months ago
I would want a picture where Jesus is furiously raping Muhammad while God and Zeus watch from above.
'Narwhocalypse' 7 months ago
1:18 he almost tripped.
Aminu Yakubu
'Aminu Yakubu' 7 months ago
This is bat-sh*t funny!
Frank Conrad
'Frank Conrad' 7 months ago
That pretty much embodies how america acts right now. We are too scared to draw anything involving islam... They are too fucking scared to draw a pedophile/ child molester....... Fuck the prophet...
Fizza Hasani
'Fizza Hasani' 7 months ago
lmao im muslim and i find this hilarious aha
Daniel Korolev
'Daniel Korolev' 7 months ago
Whenever anybody asks me what the hell that Brexit thing is all about, I will send them this sketch.
'GameBuzz' 7 months ago
i drown the face of Mohammed
= 👳
how is it ?
'pernus' 7 months ago
Oh gawd, I'm sure they got death threats for this regardless.
Dre Ray
'Dre Ray' 7 months ago
I would draw him, THEY cant, I can, Ill be damne dif im part of a religion that tells me what i can and cant eat, Or what i can and cant draw,
'E V' 7 months ago
I mean I kinda liked it...but they didn't have to draw The Prophet Muhammad, they could have just drawn other clues. I thought of many things they could draw so I ultimately didn't find it to be very funny
Kris Kross
'Kris Kross' 7 months ago
Bobby Moynihan does the best "what the fuck?"" faces in the cast.
Zach Creek
'Zach Creek' 7 months ago
Why no SNL hall of fame
'jonizzio' 8 months ago
Keenan wanted to draw but time runs out... is he in danger now?
Métis master
'Métis master' 8 months ago
This is stolen from 22 minutes
Gaming With Aprt123
'Gaming With Aprt123' 8 months ago
I didn't get the joke that you can't draw or depict The Prophet Muhammed until I learned about Islam in school😂😂!
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