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Make-A-Wish Edition | Dude Perfect -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

14, 672, 898 views

329, 512 Likes   4, 933 Dislikes

Dude Perfect teams up with their coolest guest yet.
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Angelica Regalado
'Angelica Regalado' 1 hour ago
I feel sad 😢
megnew11334 !!!
'megnew11334 !!!' 1 hour ago
I have a friend who is just like Dylan
Murat arda tek
'Murat arda tek' 2 hours ago
Dylan,you are awesome
Awesome pig
'Awesome pig' 4 hours ago
crhistmas came late
Declan Schoen
'Declan Schoen' 5 hours ago
Dylan is awesome he is amazing
bennard rusli
'bennard rusli' 11 hours ago
I am also Dylan
Broskie and friends
'Broskie and friends' 15 hours ago
Dylan is so awesome
Jack Toncelli
'Jack Toncelli' 16 hours ago
Dylan is the best
Brandon Lee
'Brandon Lee' 16 hours ago
I don't know why ANYONE would dislike this.
'NPC 7' 16 hours ago
I hate it when ppl dislike kinds of videos like these. Ya, there isn't that many trick shots, but at least Dylan got his dream come true.
Daniel Hill
'Daniel Hill' 20 hours ago
Dylan and all the other disabled kids are AWESOME!!!
'Zentiox' 20 hours ago
J Tyler
'J Tyler' 20 hours ago
you guys are so cool and Dylan is amzing
jessica The fox
'jessica The fox' 20 hours ago
I love Coby and Cory
'MrSinbah' 21 hours ago
Serious happy vibes from this video !
'ALMOG MEIR' 21 hours ago
it was that kined of th videos that make you smile
OfficialCoolZone 7212
More YouTubers should do this
the dizzy pigeon
'the dizzy pigeon' 1 day ago
This isn't there best trick shot video but this video made us all smile #whatYTcando
Erik Andersson
'Erik Andersson' 1 day ago
Can you Do trust video???
'Minimomo1352' 1 day ago
Four thousand people have no soul
The trollmaster
'The trollmaster' 1 day ago
why are there 4000 dislikes?
Super Studio Sets Is Here/ Street boi
Very Touching! Nice video!
jamison Weinfurter
What is muscular dystrophy
Braden and Brooks
'Braden and Brooks' 2 days ago
Dylan is awesome
Bryant Ford Crook
'Bryant Ford Crook' 2 days ago
They are just mainly using Dylan's wheelchair for their own fun but I think Dylan is having a lot of fun
LTN Vlogs/Gaming
'LTN Vlogs/Gaming' 2 days ago
Yeah kids like this get everything while normal kids have to do chores n shit
Bobby Holland
'Bobby Holland' 2 days ago
I think your doing great things for other disabled kids everywhere so keep it up
Manshark Dickinson
Everyone who disliked this video is heartless
Jacob Campbell
'Jacob Campbell' 2 days ago
4 thousand heartless bitches disliked this
Link TP Hero
'Link TP Hero' 2 days ago
So not only was his dream to be in a DP video, but to also prank Smosh and a couple more
'SLAYER GAMEZZ' 2 days ago
Christmas came early
Kimo Mejia
'Kimo Mejia' 3 days ago
Dylan is so funny and he's lucky
'ADRIANNE BEARD' 3 days ago
I know that Dylan is a verrrryyyy amazing person.
Ant Cicco
'Ant Cicco' 3 days ago
Christmas came early bois!!!!! 💣
Christy Naylor
'Christy Naylor' 3 days ago
Jesse Roberts
'Jesse Roberts' 3 days ago
the 4,000 people who disliked this video I HATE
Taco 2000
'Taco 2000' 3 days ago
dylan is awesome
João Pinto
'João Pinto' 3 days ago
like for kid :)
'IDK' 3 days ago
Dylan your so awesome
XxTheSplixBoss xX
'XxTheSplixBoss xX' 3 days ago
Dylan is awesome
Dannie Mathew
'Dannie Mathew' 3 days ago
Who the fuck would dislike?
Beth Halpain
'Beth Halpain' 3 days ago
I love this video...
Beth Halpain
'Beth Halpain' 3 days ago
nice... that kid is funny
Abraham Josafat
'Abraham Josafat' 3 days ago
Zayaan Ahmed
'Zayaan Ahmed' 3 days ago
I agree as well as jack rice
Ibrahim Softa
'Ibrahim Softa' 3 days ago
the only reason that the dudes did this is that dylan's parents paid dude perfect to make this vid
M.X.B- Plays
'M.X.B- Plays' 3 days ago
OMG, you guys are soooo dumb you know there videos are just edited(duh!)
Zachary Sarno
'Zachary Sarno' 3 days ago
That kid is dope
Skelebone444 Yolo
'Skelebone444 Yolo' 3 days ago
Dylan is awesome and I love that u guys make this vid it made me laugh and smile the whole time
Caleb Westpy
'Caleb Westpy' 4 days ago
That's awesome
Tiffani-Anne Zinicola
Joey Johannson
'Joey Johannson' 4 days ago
Dude perfect u made that kids wish come true he made everyone smile
'KYLE HYO' 4 days ago
how do nearly 5,000 people dislike this
Kealan Mawhinney
'Kealan Mawhinney' 4 days ago
Dylan must have had the best year, he got to meet both Dude Perfect and Smosh and the cast of Hunger Games!
Gisela Clemens
'Gisela Clemens' 4 days ago
100 out of 10 in the awesome scale
'EdoDeB' 4 days ago
What ya did is amazing
Frankie Wheeler
'Frankie Wheeler' 4 days ago
Dylan is the coolest kid in the world
'Puzzi' 4 days ago
amazing intro!!
LPSworld Produductions
Christmas Came Early! :D This was so sweet, I couldn't help but give it a like! Dylan is amazing, and I'm so happy he got his wish!
'Edglings' 4 days ago
I know he has a disability but he's seen so many celebs and met so many you tubers and other kids haven't I honestly think it's a bit greedy
Evan Loera 79
'Evan Loera 79' 4 days ago
I want to be on a dp video
Robert Luongo
'Robert Luongo' 4 days ago
"Cristmas came early"
'KeeperJM' 4 days ago
Dylan is awesome
'TROLIX 9991' 4 days ago
River Waters
'River Waters' 4 days ago
so cool
clash with Tristen
who would dis like
kai smitty
'kai smitty' 4 days ago
GG Gamer last name
GG Gamer last name
i live the end
Ian B /Gamer 2011
'Ian B /Gamer 2011' 4 days ago
make a wish trickshots is boring but I'm your
'ALEXCYNT LEGEND' 4 days ago
If I could grade Dylan awesome to 1/10 it will be
Fireplayz Gamez
'Fireplayz Gamez' 4 days ago
hope he feels better
'ANDREWSHETTLE' 4 days ago
why have nearly  5k people  disliked it???
Top5 Guru
'Top5 Guru' 4 days ago
They're so friendly! Its unbelievable
Gb Enterprise
'Gb Enterprise' 4 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I like it man
Tgf bros #2
'Tgf bros #2' 4 days ago
these guys are amazing and amazing rolemodels like if agree
'NIGHTZZ GAMING' 4 days ago
Who ever disliked the video will lose someone you love
Kimberly Flores
'Kimberly Flores' 4 days ago
Davis Miles
'Davis Miles' 5 days ago
Dylan Is An Awesome Guy I hope he is doing well god bless him and his family :)
'Beast' 5 days ago
I love this kid :))
kadengamr schicker
1-10 he is a 20
Itsyeboi Jace
'Itsyeboi Jace' 5 days ago
Dylan good job
Calebnose TV
'Calebnose TV' 5 days ago
Dylan u r awesome
The_ Beast
'The_ Beast' 5 days ago
Christmas came early
Ultra Hero 151
'Ultra Hero 151' 5 days ago
If you disliked you are horrible
Kunta King
'Kunta King' 5 days ago
Those people who unliked are sick and bad people
ᔕᗩᑎᔕ GᗩᗰIᑎG
ᕼE Iᔕ OᐯEᖇ 9000
Kristoffer Brink
'Kristoffer Brink' 5 days ago
Sooo good video, dude perfect are good boys. What they did to the handicap boy make me smile much
Renier Ilustre
'Renier Ilustre' 5 days ago
me to pls can i join? plspls
Erica Ingels
'Erica Ingels' 5 days ago
This was a great video! I think you made Dylan's wish AMAZING 😋
Samiya Ibrahim
'Samiya Ibrahim' 5 days ago
ur freaking awsome!!l wish l were u l always wanted to meet the famouse dude perfect AND U MADE A VIDEO WITH THEM😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢WHY CAN T I MEET DUDE PERFECT!!!!!
Super Noob
'Super Noob' 5 days ago
Dylan your the best
Truman & Kalhar Clough
Dylan is so awesome
'Swagiller' 5 days ago
Oh and Dylan is more awesome than God. Tips hat
'Swagiller' 5 days ago
I subbed because of this. Can I have a shoutout?
'Swagiller' 5 days ago
CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY * Chucks a handful of grenades and molotovs*
Fruit Gamers
'Fruit Gamers' 5 days ago
My dog died today... 1 like = 1 less tear
'ThorAndrew' 5 days ago
Dylan is awesome!
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