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Make-A-Wish Edition | Dude Perfect -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

13, 308, 207 views

306, 681 Likes   4, 485 Dislikes

Dude Perfect teams up with their coolest guest yet.
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Mighty Lord
'Mighty Lord' 7 hours ago
That kid is a miracle
The every thing Tube
'The every thing Tube' 10 hours ago
Same and Dylan is a beast
Blake Giroir
'Blake Giroir' 10 hours ago
Me to
'GamerNickyAndVlogs' 13 hours ago
Christmas came early! :D
shanna jamsay
'shanna jamsay' 13 hours ago
I subbed and video was all of them keep it up you guys I love you❤️
Nagavishnu Nagaselvam
Christmas came early
shady Brady
'shady Brady' 14 hours ago
Dylan is awesome😄😄👌🏻 And when he said " Christmas came early" that made me laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣
riley stone
'riley stone' 15 hours ago
he should be in more of your videos
super crazy guy 45374
they are so nice
Zeeshan Riaz
'Zeeshan Riaz' 1 day ago
how does he have a wheelchair
Yağız Yılmaz
'Yağız Yılmaz' 1 day ago
3.20 that makes me jeolous <3
'MADCAT' 1 day ago
thanks Dylan for making this episode happen your awesome
A.J. Tapia
'A.J. Tapia' 1 day ago
Best bro ever
the legendary bottle flipper
Dylan is good!
'iRocketBear_123' 1 day ago
he was in smosh
'Keylanpie' 1 day ago
Christmas came early
Nina Lombardo
'Nina Lombardo' 2 days ago
Crazy guy Fun
'Crazy guy Fun' 2 days ago
All the best for Dillans future
Jack Attack
'Jack Attack' 2 days ago
how do 4,000 people dislike this
Savanah Fauchere
'Savanah Fauchere' 2 days ago
if I was him meeting you guys I would cry
Fifi Kavo
'Fifi Kavo' 2 days ago
Dylan is amazing!!!!!!!
x change glp
'x change glp' 2 days ago
I like Dylan. He's cool
Nishk 97
'Nishk 97' 2 days ago
That's my wish
Mr. Derpington
'Mr. Derpington' 2 days ago
This kid is so awesome!
'ReNo HD' 2 days ago
Christmas came early! 😂
preet Joban
'preet Joban' 2 days ago
dude perfect is awesome somebody try to copy it they are team edge but they cant...dylan is dude perfect...
AJ Plays
'AJ Plays' 2 days ago
Dylan awesome job bud! And dude perfect u guys r amazing for doing this kind of thing. I just could see how happy he was. It just made me so happy seeing it.:)
Keanu Goodall
'Keanu Goodall' 2 days ago
Duje Dujeduje
'Duje Dujeduje' 2 days ago
this kid is a boss lol
'KrakenGaming' 2 days ago
I love how some people don't judge others by there outside
Carl Marcus Arsenio
So cool i like it
Lance Macorol
'Lance Macorol' 2 days ago
it touch my heart its so heart touching this channel is the coolest they gave the child the best day and u make him amaze and laugh i are the greatest youtuber
Stunts with Danny
'Stunts with Danny' 2 days ago
Dilemma is great
Av Production88
'Av Production88' 2 days ago
Best video ever
Eileen Krings
'Eileen Krings' 2 days ago
Dylan is boss
Sean Kivlehan
'Sean Kivlehan' 2 days ago
People who dislike are selfish jealous and have no heart
Sean Kivlehan
'Sean Kivlehan' 2 days ago
This is so awesome shout out to Dylan
Ashton Stouffer
'Ashton Stouffer' 2 days ago
That kids amazing
Nate Smith
'Nate Smith' 3 days ago
It's great that Dylan is handling his terrible situation so well. He lives his life to the fullest, which is so inspiring.
Mr. maniac
'Mr. maniac' 3 days ago
Dylan is a great guy
Windless Auto
'Windless Auto' 3 days ago
I am litterly crying.
Americo Giannetti
'Americo Giannetti' 3 days ago
5:51 shorts down
Smith Gaming
'Smith Gaming' 3 days ago
dillion your awesome
clyde clode301
'clyde clode301' 3 days ago
Dylan is awesome because it is fun to watch him be happy
TSM Daniel
'TSM Daniel' 3 days ago
People dislike this cause this video has no sick never done trickshots. Does no one see how good this video really is? Only love for these guys
German Ardaersln
'German Ardaersln' 3 days ago
My Heart warmed up Dude Perfect ❤️
'bonzi340' 3 days ago
that was mad cool...
dustin ezelle
'dustin ezelle' 3 days ago
Kool kid dude perfect y'all are awesome for doing make a wish y'all one my top channels keep on keeping on
'TYPICALYS' 3 days ago
I wanted to cry
'TYPICALYS' 3 days ago
Disliked people are just mean
'TYAllSports' 3 days ago
Hope dylan the best 👍🏻🙏🏻
FaDe_ Celsius
'FaDe_ Celsius' 3 days ago
Dylan is swag boi
'DJGamer' 4 days ago
Its awesome they do this for kids like this. But, correct me if im wrong, didn't this kid also meet smosh liam hemsworth and jennifer larence? Just wondering, its still cool that they do this stuff for charity.
Timmy Maestrale
'Timmy Maestrale' 4 days ago
Dylan is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!++++
cuky shot
'cuky shot' 4 days ago
ta wena la wea
Stang Xhs
'Stang Xhs' 4 days ago
'TheSotoShow' 4 days ago
This has made my day everyday
Kristie Wright
'Kristie Wright' 4 days ago
really really really
Louise Tiffany Abela
Ian So mad at Him
Kemp Productions
'Kemp Productions' 4 days ago
To the 4k who disliked this get off your butt and go find a heart
Xx_RaMBo _xX
'Xx_RaMBo _xX' 4 days ago
Dude perfect should be a meme now
Rangers # 30 The king
4K people are just jealous of Dylan. You hate him cause you ain't him
Jeremiah Minzlaff
'Jeremiah Minzlaff' 4 days ago
u should make another blooper video
Maryanne Heneveld
'Maryanne Heneveld' 4 days ago
dylan is awesome!
cesar lopez
'cesar lopez' 5 days ago
Rooster Roo Vlogs
'Rooster Roo Vlogs' 5 days ago
Christmas came early
'Saintsfootball09' 5 days ago
The 4000 people that disliked this video are messed up
Emma Torkildsen
'Emma Torkildsen' 5 days ago
i saw dylan before
Juan Demand
'Juan Demand' 5 days ago
Dylan gets a 600 out of 1
Tanner Tuber
'Tanner Tuber' 5 days ago
Angel Alvarado
'Angel Alvarado' 5 days ago
yeah sure
Agent 54321
'Agent 54321' 5 days ago
the 4k that dis liked this have no heart
Gaming Husky
'Gaming Husky' 5 days ago
Now I'm not taking this the wrong way but being handicapped is pretty cool because you have your own little rc wheel chair but it's also not cool how you can't walk
Dillon McKinney
'Dillon McKinney' 5 days ago
it's a good thing your doing this
Dillon McKinney
'Dillon McKinney' 5 days ago
my name is dillon too
'M3koo12-gaming' 5 days ago
The 4 k that disliked I wanna murder them
xGrace WeirdBean
'xGrace WeirdBean' 5 days ago
Dude perfect u guys are so amazing and nice bless u
Seamus McNicholas
'Seamus McNicholas' 5 days ago
I think Dylan is more awesome than ty
Ty guy gaming
'Ty guy gaming' 6 days ago
Check out my 25$ giveaway
Thunder Acevedo
'Thunder Acevedo' 6 days ago
I meant a 10/10
Thunder Acevedo
'Thunder Acevedo' 6 days ago
Dylan is a 0/10
Deerbra Knight
'Deerbra Knight' 6 days ago
Dylan you are a beast!
Dman 9987
'Dman 9987' 6 days ago
I wish I met Dylan cause he seems like an awesome kid
Adriana Llamas
'Adriana Llamas' 6 days ago
Dude perfect is so nice all youtubers should do this,well not just youtubers everybody should show their act of kindness
Raafay Haroon
'Raafay Haroon' 6 days ago
Good video
eanthomas2015 gaming
Tell Dylan I hope he is having a good life and not getting bullied
MAKE A Difference
'MAKE A Difference' 6 days ago
He is one of the greatest kids
Ryan B
'Ryan B' 6 days ago
He. Sucks.
td awsome
'td awsome' 6 days ago
who doesn't like this I cried
Pedro Cardenas
'Pedro Cardenas' 7 days ago
Nathan Pasina
'Nathan Pasina' 7 days ago
Daniel Flanagan
'Daniel Flanagan' 7 days ago
like Jesus Christ these lads are badass and nice to children
Rauski_ YT
'Rauski_ YT' 7 days ago
Dylan maked so much good tricks with Dude Perfect that i cant believe! Awsome job!
Destroyer Boys
'Destroyer Boys' 7 days ago
If you dis liked this vid you should just go kill yourself
Rocky Snyder
'Rocky Snyder' 7 days ago
you guys are awesome for doing that for kids like dylan
Grace Beckerink
'Grace Beckerink' 7 days ago
This is sooo sweet! :)
KJH 17
'KJH 17' 7 days ago
This video says that life don't have limitations. I love that kid. He's so lucky. ( ^_^ )
Rylan Frank
'Rylan Frank' 1 week ago
That was very nice
Colton S
'Colton S' 1 week ago
When I watched this I couldn't help but smile. I love what you have done for this kid. It's truly amazing.
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