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Season 2 Premiere! | Foursome S2 | Episode 1 -
Published: 2 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 2 months ago

3, 765, 520 views

33, 381 Likes   4, 595 Dislikes

New season means New Andie! Ms. Fixler is ready to move on from the past and all she has to do is swallow new dude spit to do it! The Foursome watch in shock as Andie executes her own, "plan pheromone."

A YouTube Red Original Series -

If you're in the U.S., Australia, Mexico or New Zealand, sign up for YouTube Red at If you're not based in these countries, click here ( for more details on how to watch.

Alex Roblox
'Alex Roblox' 2 hours ago
Ssniper is on this vid lol she the principal
heyitsme Euna
'heyitsme Euna' 4 hours ago
when will the S1 Ep9 be out?
Hannah F
'Hannah F' 5 hours ago
Danny Anunne
'Danny Anunne' 1 day ago
youtube red hack: make a YouTube music accout with your YouTube acoount email and you get 2 weeks of free YTred
'D00DL3' 1 day ago
Charlize Samper
'Charlize Samper' 1 day ago
is there going to be a season 3? I hope there is...
Cyute Kitten
'Cyute Kitten' 2 days ago
Kacey Garcia
'Kacey Garcia' 3 days ago
I can't watch ep 2 :(
'CASSIC MAN' 3 days ago
I wish I had YouTube red
Ella Franta
'Ella Franta' 4 days ago
Zodiac Killer
'Zodiac Killer' 4 days ago
Becarefull searching google i had to learn the hard way 😂😅
Cc Cc
'Cc Cc' 4 days ago
I looovvee this show please keeping more
'Arandomtopic' 4 days ago
cringefest please.... help me...
'jkp13452' 4 days ago
how many episodes are going to be in this season?
Jason S (js1221)
'Jason S (js1221)' 4 days ago
This shit is more of what the world doesn't need.
Charlize Samper
'Charlize Samper' 4 days ago
Jordan O
'Jordan O' 4 days ago
eh, cant get youtube red in Canada 😣
Lucyandthequeen clark
10:48. That's Brittany Furlan
Emilia Busch
'Emilia Busch' 4 days ago
Back neighborhood move ipscng danger delay hesitate pass day.
Funnyhoney Girl
'Funnyhoney Girl' 4 days ago
Kinda like mean girls the movie
Shaeshae Trussell
'Shaeshae Trussell' 5 days ago
I sticked 2 jars of belly jeans up my ass
Rucsandra Cocalia
'Rucsandra Cocalia' 5 days ago
Waiting the new episode
Lieke van Leeuwen
'Lieke van Leeuwen' 5 days ago
Gathering offer dust detail publication sentence horse.
Jorge Moya
'Jorge Moya' 5 days ago
draft Does anybody understand worse than this!one
'Zuzxnnx' 5 days ago
Love this ♥♥
Crystal Tran
'Crystal Tran' 5 days ago
When u can't watch it because u have to pay money
AMMERS the leader
'AMMERS the leader' 5 days ago
You guys need to do more episodes in a week I die while I'm waiting for each new episode on wendsdays!😫😫
'FrostedSoda1' 5 days ago
She said suck their spit into my throughly hole lol
Corry Malcolm
'Corry Malcolm' 5 days ago
I've been curious about what the paid subscription of Youtube Red has to offer. Turns out it offers an explanation as to why these "shows" are on youtube in the first place. They're not worth money......
nathaly vanessa rojas florez
es con dinero
sarah soares
'sarah soares' 6 days ago
9:19 I LOVE BRITTANY!!!!!!!!!
Hsin-Yeh Tsai
'Hsin-Yeh Tsai' 6 days ago
can this show be more white
Autumn Pool
'Autumn Pool' 6 days ago
Logan's right he is a savage
Elise Muis
'Elise Muis' 6 days ago
internal exchange longtime shell canvas birth evaluation explosion magic.
Sophie Cooper
'Sophie Cooper' 6 days ago
Who waching in 2017
yugichelo sosa
'yugichelo sosa' 6 days ago
Honestly this is so shit..
Charlize Samper
'Charlize Samper' 6 days ago
Oh my God I am soooooo impatient like, I can't wait for the next episode to come out...
glenn shtilvasser
'glenn shtilvasser' 6 days ago
The guys that Logan plays is perfect for his bed
glenn shtilvasser
'glenn shtilvasser' 6 days ago
We can finally comment
Da Dude
'Da Dude' 6 days ago
Stupid why only on YouTube red like actually wanna watch this but I can't
Camille van der Molen
Peeps, Omgwtfbbq gallery truly looks like sixyauthority :)
'Sarah' 7 days ago
omg Andie is so awkward, lol love it
achanti palmer
'achanti palmer' 7 days ago
When Jenn picked up the bag and ran out in the shot right after the bag is under the table. Mistake
Marina Márquez
'Marina Márquez' 7 days ago
when the little dude said "that's a C flat", it was actually a E flat hehehehehe
Sandro Arie
'Sandro Arie' 1 week ago
4:55, oh god, pornhub should take notes
may Garmon
'may Garmon' 1 week ago
what the heck is the song that plays at the end?
Varah Jones
'Varah Jones' 1 week ago
who ships greer and imagine? (I forgot her name hehehe)
ewaoluwa osunneye
'ewaoluwa osunneye' 1 week ago
did anyone notice the pot plant change
Star London
'Star London' 1 week ago
J.Q. Church
'J.Q. Church' 1 week ago
I absolutely love Dakota. The gay version of me. Rickey Thompson makes this show worth it.
Noe Huerta
'Noe Huerta' 1 week ago
this is absolutely crazy, I can't believe people can watch this... so dissapointed
Spooks Magoo
'Spooks Magoo' 1 week ago
Who watching this?
Helen C
'Helen C' 1 week ago
does anyone want me to upload season 2 episodes on youtube? but how can i not get it to delete for copyright
Elijah Marsan
'Elijah Marsan' 1 week ago
Ugh... i can find much higher quality, similar videos for free on RedTube. much better than this crappy Youtube Red
'smøl.k!lljøy' 1 week ago
it's so awful but I wanna watch all of it like what
'ASAP' 1 week ago
The offbrand degrassi
Filip Malezanov
'Filip Malezanov' 1 week ago
worst shit ever filmed!!!
Alice Batten
'Alice Batten' 1 week ago
Sports family DABBING
'Glitchmaster360' 1 week ago
great finally a Youtube red series that starts on episode 1
brenna johnson
'brenna johnson' 1 week ago
who else can't afford youtube red :(
'Sadding' 1 week ago
this is the most disgusting shit i have seen so far in my life burn this shit to the ground
Andrew Lapkiewicz
'Andrew Lapkiewicz' 1 week ago
Why is is there a second season of this show. It just filled with people who can't act. I watched 3 minutes and regretted it deeply.
Joe Smith
'Joe Smith' 1 week ago
the acting, the script/writing, the camera work is just so bad. And there is literally no atmosphere either. Something is just so off or missing. Not sure why anyone would pay to watch this
'2enjoihsu' 1 week ago
WTF IS THIS!?!?! this some gaay as, fake ass, worst acting ever shit. Besides the babes this is so cringy
kala captain
'kala captain' 1 week ago
25 yr old high schoolers lol what is this degeneracy

our boys in WWII did not fight for this I mean (I mean the german ones)
Stacy Stevens
'Stacy Stevens' 1 week ago
" Trump , nice work "
Funny Bunny
'Funny Bunny' 1 week ago
The school looks like the same school from The Secret Life Of An American Teenager
Karen Dorathy
'Karen Dorathy' 1 week ago
Does this work
Nahomi Velarde
'Nahomi Velarde' 1 week ago
this sucks
TheGreatAce Master of Sarcasm
YouTube in a nutshell

Kalsher Singh
'Kalsher Singh' 1 week ago
I must say, I think Logan Paul is the only good thing about this episode I think he gives at least a passable performance (in some points it's pretty good as long as he stays grounded and not scream annoyingly like all the characters. The main character (the girl) she is a terribly written character. I mean this is 2017 (16when this was released) and it's honestly the clingiest thing ever in long time.
Lucy wonders
'Lucy wonders' 1 week ago
I love this show!!!!
'Sheeky' 1 week ago
I only fucking came here for Logan Paul!!!
'LosCardinal' 1 week ago
"i care about cuz im a SAVAGE" saaaaaame xD
The Joker
'The Joker' 2 weeks ago
Puto asco
James Lear
'James Lear' 2 weeks ago
'Blockboy' 2 weeks ago
This is shit
Flashlight _
'Flashlight _' 2 weeks ago
oh god this is so bad
Commander Keens
'Commander Keens' 2 weeks ago
this is tarded
luigi dibotello
'luigi dibotello' 2 weeks ago
Who pays for YouTube
'OMGTV Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
bruh did i get lucky or what this episode is shown free for me ad i do not have youtube red
'dreamville' 2 weeks ago
All the youtube red shows are so cringey lmao wtf is this
sophia .d
'sophia .d' 2 weeks ago
that's so mean i love foursome and i wanna look it but i live in Germany so i can't watch it that's so mean
Michel Gäbe
'Michel Gäbe' 2 weeks ago
yeah kids, here you can see the problem with sexism: It shows us a reality that doesn't exist but still wants us to feel like it is reality. In its last effect this means inequality and unhappiness because of disappointment of society expactations.
xX_ “TheBatInBlack” _Xx
All the side characters are good, but the mains character is crap.
'Shay' 2 weeks ago
Why does the main character need a guy? She can be happy without one😂
Större YouTube Notifications
Classic gay blackman.
'7ssenminecraft' 2 weeks ago
this shit is fucking retarded. I can see why people are getting dumber and dumber from watching the cancer.
Kaitlyn Barlow
'Kaitlyn Barlow' 2 weeks ago
The band kid's shoulder angel said it's a Cb, it's actually an Eb but oh well
'Nick' 2 weeks ago
Came here from Vsauce most recent vid hello?
Wtf is this
'SortOfDeadHead' 2 weeks ago
wtf r this l0l
Dayton Strength
'Dayton Strength' 2 weeks ago
who is this show targeted at
Monique Irizarry
'Monique Irizarry' 2 weeks ago
I'm in my 30s and thought this was funny. But this is the only episode I will probably watch. Because it was free.
MeryeMieze kitty
'MeryeMieze kitty' 2 weeks ago
I comment again but what ever... I mean now we should understand why a lot of 11 years old are doing make up getting pregnant I mean because of this type of series... I watched drake & josh iCarly zoey101 Whavely place and now there is just shi* on TV. I'm so sorry to the people that didn't got to know the good old time series with a good and funny story. I don't understand why would someone like to act in this I mean are you proud when your parent, children should be watch this. This is disgusting😖
'Tallahassee' 2 weeks ago
I pay every month to get such terrible content like this?
MeryeMieze kitty
'MeryeMieze kitty' 2 weeks ago
I miss the old good story series of awesomeness TV now I have the feeling all is just about ... i don't like this type of Story's. Why can't people be getting creative & we all know that this don't happens in a school😑. This is my options & no hate.
mega wolfbeast
'mega wolfbeast' 2 weeks ago
if I was watching this on my tv and my mom walked in on me and thought I was watching porn because it's called foursome I would be in trouble
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