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Season 2 Premiere! | Foursome S2 | Episode 1 -
Published: 3 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 3 months ago

4, 746, 225 views

37, 899 Likes   6, 296 Dislikes

New season means New Andie! Ms. Fixler is ready to move on from the past and all she has to do is swallow new dude spit to do it! The Foursome watch in shock as Andie executes her own, "plan pheromone."

A YouTube Red Original Series -

If you're in the U.S., Australia, Mexico or New Zealand, sign up for YouTube Red at If you're not based in these countries, click here ( for more details on how to watch.

'jennxpenn' 3 months ago
Johnny Marlin
'Johnny Marlin' 44 minutes ago
Sjw liberal trash!!
minty chocolate
'minty chocolate' 57 minutes ago
logan paul is best! 😃😂😀😍😘😶🙂☺😉😆😅😄😮🤗😊😯😒😌🙃😛😜😝😬😰😳☻😹😸😺🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🏮💡🕯🦄🐩🐺🐖🐆🐅🐈🐱🐭🐁🐀🐇🐿🐼🕊🐦🐥🐤🐣🐊🐢🐳🐋🐟🐠🐸🐾💐🌸🐙🐡🌷💮🏵🌹🌺🐜☘🍀🍁🍍🍎🍇🍉🍊🍋🍌🍑🍖🍗🍔🍟🍕🌽🍅🍊🌭🍛🍧🍩🍝🌮🌯🍠🍪🍿🍢🎂🍲🍰🍣🍱🍤🍫🍘🍥🍬🍙🍡🍭🍚🍦🍮🍜🍨🍯🍼🍽☕🍴🍵🍳🍶🏺🍾⚱🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻
'johnnyd63' 3 hours ago
wow!!! this really sucks.
'Jashapp' 4 hours ago
Logan Paul
'Marty' 5 hours ago
this is sooo not good for fucking highschool kids especially if there watching shit like this. highschool should be all about fucking class not stupid shit like this, shits retarted, bet kids watch this and act like these ignorant fucks ........disliked
Crab Claw
'Crab Claw' 5 hours ago
What a bunch of trash! I feel sorry for the children in this country.
Jedidiah Duckett
'Jedidiah Duckett' 5 hours ago
Logan Paul is the only one in this series worth watching. He's hilarious
Drewbie UnderFire
'Drewbie UnderFire' 6 hours ago
What is this horseshit? It's like if High School Musical was directed by a metal bucket full of crap-covered corn kernels
'speelane2000' 7 hours ago
More Jewish produced, vacuous, obscene, nihilistic, filth designed to strip America's youth of their innocence and Christian virtue at a tender age. Thanks again Hollywood.... thanks for nothing. We are waking up.... we are waking up all across America!
MTapiaMorales 08456
'MTapiaMorales 08456' 7 hours ago
KittyKat Youtuber
'KittyKat Youtuber' 7 hours ago
I can't wait for season 3
Johnny Felcher
'Johnny Felcher' 8 hours ago
This is the worst shit I've ever seen.
Jacob Richardson
'Jacob Richardson' 8 hours ago
Im supposed to date the ppl that watch this? No thanks...
KJS Gaming
'KJS Gaming' 10 hours ago
season 3????
'Zazzeh' 10 hours ago
Im only here cause logan paul is my fav vlogger
Cristoval Yavnarro
'Cristoval Yavnarro' 10 hours ago
Damn it! I clicked on this and when they began talking about sex I got slightly interested. Then got slapped in the face by porn level acting and the fact that the one black dude is only there for racial variety.
Matt 316
'Matt 316' 11 hours ago
CLICK BAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what would you do for a Klondike bar
what is this actual garbage
'K1NG3DW' 11 hours ago
so this how redtube feel watching it
Gaming The Games Beating The Worlds Best Game
Poor Logan at the end
Bryam Cuzco
'Bryam Cuzco' 11 hours ago
NYCxAG is gay
Help Me Polarize
'Help Me Polarize' 11 hours ago
am I the only one who actually enjoyed this?
America Chris
'America Chris' 12 hours ago
your beautiful love you know it .
America Chris
'America Chris' 12 hours ago
wonderful seems Awesomeness being you.  cm
ali kitten
'ali kitten' 13 hours ago
i wanna kms after watching this
'TheEliteBlock' 13 hours ago
its too cringe.
'dylants' 13 hours ago
Wtf is the thumbnail?
probably took 3 minutes to make
seriously all you did was put someone with their mouth open as the thumbnail and put in YouTube Red in the bottom left.
Marissa Paden
'Marissa Paden' 13 hours ago
Logan Paul is Bae ❤ ❤
Evan Xu
'Evan Xu' 14 hours ago
ayyy logan paul is in this!
'CyniicEdits' 15 hours ago
trash. cringe. yikes.
'cutelailah100' 15 hours ago
Sava Glisic
'Sava Glisic' 15 hours ago
karupt shun
'karupt shun' 15 hours ago
This show has bad acting.
Eyzak Funk
'Eyzak Funk' 15 hours ago
This show is a piece of shit lol
'Psychopathic' 16 hours ago
What I am learning from this show that is it's okay to be a whore....
'Psychopathic' 17 hours ago
'Tycho' 17 hours ago
This is the worst shit I've ever seen i might need eye bleach
'DGred' 18 hours ago
Is there production reason I am missing for why the camera constantly wobbles? It gives me a worse headache than shaky cam.
Sean Jenkins
'Sean Jenkins' 18 hours ago
This is fucking awful
//Kawaii_ anna\\
'//Kawaii_ anna\\' 19 hours ago
Tim Riley
'Tim Riley' 20 hours ago
This is stupid af
Cheyenne Carbone
'Cheyenne Carbone' 24 hours ago
Love hake jaul too
'Madi!' 1 day ago
'1loobie' 1 day ago
This is the YouTube programming stuff I keep hearing about? THIS IS AWFUL! This is the same crap I see on the T.V. channels I never watch. It's like Hanna Montana but older and still not funny. WOW!
Mathias Renault
'Mathias Renault' 1 day ago
Terrible plant garden qwwvfk chief description attempt consistently.
Michael Abela
'Michael Abela' 1 day ago
piper perri?
Hammered Veracity
teach girls to be sluts
Hammered Veracity
pure garbage
'FDB Man' 1 day ago
Lol wtf, since when was high school ever like that? This is the type of overhyped glorified high school experience shows like these portray. Then when middle schoolers thinking they're entering a fictional happyland disney world get into high school and get rekt they're depressed.
Stephen Harding
'Stephen Harding' 1 day ago
or some forsome
neville bartos
'neville bartos' 1 day ago
never have I payed eyes on such utter garbage before.
oliver stewart
'oliver stewart' 1 day ago
sight celebrate wherever presidential elderly lot elderly fire.
Lucas Wood
'Lucas Wood' 1 day ago
The worst parts of Glee meets softcore porn meets what 90's sitcoms think gay people look like. Great.
Mira Daher
'Mira Daher' 1 day ago
I still want Andie and Josh to be together
Octavio Flores
'Octavio Flores' 1 day ago
this reminds me of community for some reason
Isabel Rincón
'Isabel Rincón' 1 day ago
go logan poul
Moonlight Bae
'Moonlight Bae' 1 day ago
Logan 😂
Jack Wall
'Jack Wall' 1 day ago
i finger banged all of the producers go me
Tamyra Watt
'Tamyra Watt' 1 day ago
that boy you like he is sexi.
I Love Lamp
'I Love Lamp' 1 day ago
I wandered into the wrong part of you tube. Jesus.
'HAHA CUTTY' 1 day ago
Hold on i love how pewtie pie was dropped by youtube red but deep throating and kinky things like foursome is totally appropriate? I mean call me crazy but i feel like you might as well just throw cam girls on youtube red now and pornhub 2.0 youtube red.
Leo Anastasopoulos
I've seen better acting in a isis video
Goomba Goomba
'Goomba Goomba' 1 day ago
like wtf is this for children?....... 4 mil views
Soviet Blackborg
'Soviet Blackborg' 1 day ago
12 seconds in and I want to kill myself.
Goomba Goomba
'Goomba Goomba' 1 day ago
WTF!...... 0_0
marriah smith
'marriah smith' 1 day ago
I am so obsessed. hahahaha
'nycman1991' 1 day ago
This show is pretty stupid
Vines to Me
'Vines to Me' 1 day ago
Smiley Mage74
'Smiley Mage74' 1 day ago
Wtf is this
Kaizokundakkara78 Sonic The Hedgehog
Why does Everyone hate this show??
A. Sinner
'A. Sinner' 1 day ago
'Steve' 1 day ago
Any way I can un-watch this crap?
Peter Hsueh
'Peter Hsueh' 1 day ago
such as diverse show!!!!! Where are yellow ppl at? This is 2017
Rightdownthestreet (but not literally)
Free episode, yaaayyyy haven't seen this beforeeee
oh my oh my
'oh my oh my' 1 day ago
teens react to gregg n friends
Connor O
'Connor O' 1 day ago
So this is a show that encourages being a thot.....
Beargurl 2
'Beargurl 2' 1 day ago
Beargurl 2
'Beargurl 2' 1 day ago
jerry henrie
'jerry henrie' 1 day ago
Everything from hollywood today is nothing more than to destroy the white race, to lower morals of all people, until they become REPROBATE, which is what happens when God himself cuts you off, with zero chance of forgiviness, ever. Please turn from hollywood and its filth, its degenercy, its insanity before you become part of it, and lose eternal life.
Matthew V Todd
'Matthew V Todd' 1 day ago
GOOD like to dislike ratio, BAD comments... YouTube, is the like to dislike ratio fake?
'jqirb' 1 day ago
this is trash lmao
xXllrbllXx 1
'xXllrbllXx 1' 1 day ago
This is probably the worst shit I've ever seen
Daniel Rosales
'Daniel Rosales' 1 day ago
Have sex with ,]me!!!
'B L I N G' 1 day ago
so bad, it's plain stupid crap
'GalaxyKiller15' 1 day ago
best youtube red show
Marisol Ko
'Marisol Ko' 1 day ago
this isnt that bad
Member Berry
'Member Berry' 1 day ago
9:53 hey it's that guy that apparently lied about being color blind for internet views. seemed to have worked
Kassandra Felix
'Kassandra Felix' 2 days ago
Who else would love to have Logan as an older brother
cozy sama
'cozy sama' 2 days ago
Looks I am not going to pay for youtube red. This is fucking retarded.
Lyna Huynh
'Lyna Huynh' 2 days ago
What is this?
'Playing-with-Liz' 2 days ago
This looks cute...but I'm sorry, I'm not paying to watch Youtube. Totally defeats the purpose in my opinion.
Becca Marie12
'Becca Marie12' 2 days ago
4:54 is cringy AF.. like wtaf😂😱😒...
tmnt fan
'tmnt fan' 2 days ago
I wish I could watch more but aint nobody got 10 dollars to spend every month
'TheSnowyLeopard' 2 days ago
cheez GOD
'cheez GOD' 2 days ago
hey thats the school where they shot DOPE i think
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