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Published: 3 months ago By: RoccoPiazzaVlogs

By: RoccoPiazzaVlogsPublished: 3 months ago

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My name is Rocco and I'm eight years old living in California. At the age of 5 I became popular around the world because of my ability to ride a scooter. I have an awesome family who are all a big part of my life and we decided to video all the crazy things we do together. My vlogs will follow the journey of my life with my family and friends. We post daily vlogs that include Dirt Bikes, Scootering, Hover Boarding, BMX, extreme sports, Play Doh, Legos, Costumes, Nerf guns, holidays like Easter, Halloween & Christmas, we have fun birthday parties, we love indoor playgrounds and outdoor playgrounds, bounce houses, parks, water parks, Knotts Berry Farm, Legos, water toys, play houses, forts, mess making, trying new foods, pranks, going crazy down the stairs, going to the beach, swimming, pools, sure to watch daily.

Erick Aguilar
'Erick Aguilar' 2 days ago
holly you should control your kid because he looks like he is high
Dominic Stanley
'Dominic Stanley' 3 days ago
Do some more tricks for kisses
Haylz Watson
'Haylz Watson' 4 days ago
can I have some likes plz
landon parker
'landon parker' 5 days ago
Can I get 41 likes
wes ryman
'wes ryman' 6 days ago
I want to see Becca flip
Jesus Rodriguez
'Jesus Rodriguez' 6 days ago
Can you give me a hoverboard
'MARK NG' 6 days ago
who watch him video but do not have a scooter bmx or durt bike u always wanted but ur parent don't allow
Mauve Poet7756 Meg
Do you live by faze rug or what
Georgia Molly
'Georgia Molly' 7 days ago
This kid is the most epic kid ever lol
love the vid
thug brothers
'thug brothers' 1 week ago
rocco you did not do a wheelie for that long i have the same thing as you you just got off and pulled up and did it for a long time
John Ragin
'John Ragin' 1 week ago
RIP Emma
Jaevin Judge
'Jaevin Judge' 1 week ago
Hey guys and girls I just made a YouTube channel and it could help me if you could subscribe
Andrew Enders
'Andrew Enders' 2 weeks ago
can I have a dirtbike pleaz
Team Renegade
'Team Renegade' 2 weeks ago
i love rocco man! he drives around like he owns the plays XD sounds like my kind of guy. keep it up dude love the vlogs!
Kate Crane
'Kate Crane' 2 weeks ago
Rocco you make my day
'JAR-JAR-PLAYS' 2 weeks ago
he hurts himself but then goes back and does it again this kid is not a giverupper
Ana Pinho
'Ana Pinho' 3 weeks ago
I'm Rodrigo Nic bike😎
Sarah Evans
'Sarah Evans' 3 weeks ago
Emma is a tomboy LOL
Heaven Ferebee
'Heaven Ferebee' 4 weeks ago
can any one follow me
Matty ice Mann
'Matty ice Mann' 4 weeks ago
Can I get at least 25 subs I need the help
willow spencer
'willow spencer' 1 month ago
rocco you are so amazing how old are you
Aiden Green plays
'Aiden Green plays' 1 month ago
Kelsey Ramirez
'Kelsey Ramirez' 1 month ago
Paulette BendixenBrown
Hi rocco I love you so much can you please shout me out in one of your vlogs
Serena Roblox And More
Lier ,lol he did hand but he's funny and that's fine because at my sky zone they are aloud to hang.....some times(lol only when they don't look-they are talking to other workers about nothing about their work)Is it only me who thinks the workers don't really care...?And just talk all day during they're shift.
'MrSavage' 2 months ago
That's the sky zone at riverside I was there yesterday
I.E Films
'I.E Films' 2 months ago
Can I have 100 likes plz🙏🏽
'Épic VIDS' 2 months ago
like=you find 10000000 dollars
sub=you get to make out with your celebrity crush if you don't like you will be fined 10000999990000000 dollars
'LUKECOPPER77' 2 months ago
Do MORE dirt bike vlogs!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessie Paterson
'Jessie Paterson' 2 months ago
do a back flip 360
Christopher Humphrey
'Christopher Humphrey' 2 months ago
Spinblade hummel
'Spinblade hummel' 2 months ago
I have the very same bike like mine has the number 4 and it is red
'Gregoman' 2 months ago
Today's my. Bray can I get likes
Qusay Abdeljabar
'Qusay Abdeljabar' 2 months ago
Like your videos
madfatz jr
'madfatz jr' 2 months ago
most boring video ever
'BandDjGG' 2 months ago
Angel Gonzalez
'Angel Gonzalez' 2 months ago
Denva Bokhaazi
'Denva Bokhaazi' 2 months ago
I had a motorbike accident I had a hole in my leg
Olivia Espinola
'Olivia Espinola' 2 months ago
It was funny when you asked the lady could I have pizza I cannot believe that the girl actually said maybe next time
'Ts15moto' 2 months ago
rocco obviously hung
'Ts15moto' 2 months ago
rocco obviously hung
Awesomeness 27 Butterfield
Ya right
Jayden Basic
'Jayden Basic' 2 months ago
Can I get 5 likes my dog is sick
Zachery Smith
'Zachery Smith' 2 months ago
I want your dirt bike
Zachery Smith
'Zachery Smith' 2 months ago
tuxedoefrog Moore
'tuxedoefrog Moore' 2 months ago
the begging of this video was so cringy
Fury 101
'Fury 101' 2 months ago
my pet rock died😥 can i get 1 like ?
Kodi_supergamer Caldwell
Can I get 20 likes because I done a flare on my scooter
Gaming With T n E
'Gaming With T n E' 2 months ago
If you guys subscribed to Rocco subscribe to Tanner Fox.
'Liv's reborns 1' 2 months ago
Spot the difference 👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾👨‍🌾👩‍🌾👩‍🌾
Alexboi 11134
'Alexboi 11134' 2 months ago
99 percent of people but the 1 percent have a nice day
Jesus Contreras
'Jesus Contreras' 2 months ago
I went THERE!
mikie wolff
'mikie wolff' 2 months ago
but he did hang.... twice 😂😂
Tanner Jump
'Tanner Jump' 2 months ago
It's springs but it's ok
Carolyn Lauri
'Carolyn Lauri' 2 months ago
Rococo stop ✋
Not hairy not bikers
'Not hairy not bikers' 2 months ago
Please sub to me not hairy not bikers
Jwg Gamer
'Jwg Gamer' 2 months ago
Can I get 100 likes for doing a 360 on my bike
Aspire Events
'Aspire Events' 2 months ago
xabood vlogs
'xabood vlogs' 2 months ago
do you live in the same area of the FAZE
Charlotte Whale
'Charlotte Whale' 2 months ago
I like that
'B M' 2 months ago
Yes it was
Visual Gazette
'Visual Gazette' 2 months ago
Do anything
James Gainey
'James Gainey' 2 months ago
Call me 803-984-6757
Brenner Fitz
'Brenner Fitz' 2 months ago
I love these videos
Will Roger
'Will Roger' 2 months ago
Was that fun
Brodie Dixon
'Brodie Dixon' 2 months ago
Do more
Shelby King
'Shelby King' 2 months ago
Aaron Friel
'Aaron Friel' 2 months ago
Please can I get 200 likes my grandad died
milas Gaming
'milas Gaming' 2 months ago
Do more moto vlogs
The famous Vloger
'The famous Vloger' 2 months ago
Mob killer
'Mob killer' 2 months ago
Ben Stampy13rocks
'Ben Stampy13rocks' 2 months ago
Rocco went in people's drive ways
Jack Wallen
'Jack Wallen' 2 months ago
Does Rocco have a Xbox
Brenda Brittain
'Brenda Brittain' 2 months ago
nicole terrill
'nicole terrill' 2 months ago
Joe Joe
'Joe Joe' 2 months ago
For once he didnt cry when he stacked it
Amy Ochoa
'Amy Ochoa' 2 months ago
Leyton Luis
'Leyton Luis' 2 months ago
Joe is so cute
Mya Bieber
'Mya Bieber' 2 months ago
I love the bike riding do it more plz😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
'DAYz HD' 2 months ago
Rocco your sick
Daelan Mailloux
'Daelan Mailloux' 2 months ago
is rocco to lazy to hold the camera
Lenka Bozoganova
'Lenka Bozoganova' 2 months ago
I was not fun
Cooper K
'Cooper K' 2 months ago
I did not hang! Really rocco
Robert Flores
'Robert Flores' 2 months ago
Wait what Rocco doing at 8:06 and 8:19??? "I didn't hang"
Michael Views
'Michael Views' 2 months ago
Dem skeetles
Noah Curtis
'Noah Curtis' 2 months ago
your my favorite you tuber i love you racoon
Emily T
'Emily T' 2 months ago
did anyone else notice rocco was wearing a jelly donut tfox shirt?
Donald Macy
'Donald Macy' 2 months ago
Can I get a couple likes it's my birthday
Tristen Henningsen
'Tristen Henningsen' 2 months ago
Rocco is awesome
Samuel Putter
'Samuel Putter' 2 months ago
Where is your house
Mark Simpson
'Mark Simpson' 2 months ago
Anthony lowle
'Anthony lowle' 2 months ago
plus can I hath a Hove burb
Jose Torres
'Jose Torres' 2 months ago
I liked the dirt biking
Daniel Negash
'Daniel Negash' 2 months ago
i 👍 your video
Steven Trujillo
'Steven Trujillo' 2 months ago
a 360
Patrick Gordon
'Patrick Gordon' 2 months ago
no riding in mud
Will McGowan
'Will McGowan' 2 months ago
Sup man
Sweetlollipop 720
'Sweetlollipop 720' 2 months ago
J Dino
'J Dino' 2 months ago
Do you have no respect for other peoples property
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