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J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin. Epic Rap Battles of History. Season 5 -
Published: 9 months ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 9 months ago

19, 699, 662 views

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▼ CAST ▼
George R. R. Martin: EpicLLOYD

J. R. R. Tolkien: Nice Peter

John Bonham, John Paul Jones & Jimmy Page: Dante Cimadamore

Human Warrior & Orc: Joey Greer

Hodor: Ricky Mammone

Jon Snow: Rudy Fermin

Khaleesi: Ceciley Jenkins

Elves: Sulai Lopez & Shaun Lewin

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Mike Bettete

Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter, Mike Bettete, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore and Samantha Kellie

Senior Director of Studios:
Michelle Maloney

Production Coordinator:
Shaun Lewin

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Beat Produced by:
Epistra Beats

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton and Nice Peter

Assistant Editor:
Josh Best

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman and Ryan Moulton

Additional VFX:
Javier Sánchez-Blanco Boyer

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Costume Designer/Art Director:
Sulai Lopez

Costuming Assistant:
Catherine Charpentier

Department Make Up Head:
Tara Lang & Ashlyn McIntyre

Make Up:
Brittany White

Asst. Make Up:
Caitlyn Brisbin

Art Department:
Remmington Brimmer

Andrew Kurchinski

Kurt Schmidt

Music Supervisor/Playback:
Dante Cimadamore

Yev Belilovskiy & Andy Chinn

Production Assistant:
Atoki Ileka & Edrei Hutson

Matthew Ciampa

Produced by:
Atul Singh for Maker Studios


Daryl Blankinship
'Daryl Blankinship' 4 hours ago
Has anyone noticed in the rap battles that whoever has the last verse, most of the time they are the agreeable winner?
Queen in the north
'Queen in the north' 4 hours ago
I'm a HUGE fan of asoiaf(obviously) but Tolkien just killed it
Veikko Elo
'Veikko Elo' 4 hours ago
0:16 is my reaction to R. R. Martin's whole series.
DANIEL_W04 ._.
'DANIEL_W04 ._.' 7 hours ago
Menno Astfalck
'Menno Astfalck' 8 hours ago
Notice how Tolkein makes a reference to his books in his last lines:
"You can't reach this fellow" - Fellowship of the Ring
"I'm too towering" - Two Towers
"Every time I battle it's return of the king!" -Return of the King
'Mr.Tramkolini' 9 hours ago
Link from Zelda VS. Rocky Balboa
'Genevieve4701' 11 hours ago
Benjamin Fisher
'Benjamin Fisher' 13 hours ago
J.R.R. Tolkin won this one. Between him claiming copying, fat jokes and him describing his success, I would say that George did well, but not well enough to win it.
Sergio Delgado
'Sergio Delgado' 15 hours ago
This is my favorite
Shadows rise
'Shadows rise' 16 hours ago
0:58 that headbob tho.
bobby jager
'bobby jager' 19 hours ago
'FullyFantastic' 19 hours ago
Tolkien won.
Emily Boling
'Emily Boling' 19 hours ago
Voldemort vs Count Olaf
Nicole Davies
'Nicole Davies' 21 hours ago
George R.R. Martin won tbh
Stefan rubin
'Stefan rubin' 1 day ago
j.r.r tolkien won pesonally
DeepFried Wat3rMel0n
says you stole his name, then says the world is full of chance.
Adrian Burnette
'Adrian Burnette' 1 day ago
Tolkein destroyed him
Ib Infovalley
'Ib Infovalley' 1 day ago
Gorge R.R. Martin wins
Mike Reed
'Mike Reed' 1 day ago
please do rick rordain vs. J.K rowling
'ReubenQuest' 1 day ago
count olaf vs cruella de vil
Melia Serendip
'Melia Serendip' 1 day ago
Obviously Tolkien won
Batman Is the man
I just realized he never he smoked out of the pipe
'BlakeRicha93' 2 days ago
Good battle but George R. R. Martin is better Game of Thrones is like an adult not boring version of Lord of the Rings.
Tim Zindars
'Tim Zindars' 2 days ago
John Dillinger vs Baby Face Nelson
Presley Mccubbins
'Presley Mccubbins' 2 days ago
lemony snicket vs R.L Stein
Axeman #Iron head order 00001
'ZeRoNinJa' 2 days ago
Rowling should`ve came in in the end and owned their asses xD
Erwin von sellner
'Erwin von sellner' 2 days ago
kia vang
'kia vang' 2 days ago
Hahahaha this was awesome!
James Martin
'James Martin' 2 days ago
This was better than I remember the first time I saw it. I must have been in a mood.
Andre B-B
'Andre B-B' 2 days ago
George R.R Martin destroyed it, i couldn't give two shits about what people who are too far up J.R.R Tolkien's arse to understand that George R.R Martin Annihilated Tolkien with the disses
Andre B-B
'Andre B-B' 2 days ago
J.R.R Tolkien is not number one and two. But Song of Ice and Fire is indeed below Fifty Shades of Grey by more than 60 million sales
The top ten best selling books are:
#1 A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
#2 Lord of The Rings By J.R.R Tolkien
#3 The Little Prince By Antoine De Saint-Exupery
#4 And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
#5 Dream of the Red Chamber By Cao Xueqin
#6 The Hobbit also by J.R.R Tolkien
#7 The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S Lewis
#8 She: A History of Adventure by H. Rider Haggard
#9 The Da Vinci Code by Dan Martin
#10 Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

There's your daily dose of completely useless facts that you will most likely never use or need :D
Pablo Quintero
'Pablo Quintero' 2 days ago
You know nothing Jon snow
Rad Ravenclaw
'Rad Ravenclaw' 3 days ago
J.R.R.Tolkien totally won. He's one of my favorite authors too.
Josh Garcia
'Josh Garcia' 3 days ago
HER Tolkien crushed him
The Albert Brown
'The Albert Brown' 3 days ago
George r.r Martian is better. don't believe me read game of thrones
Wedret Efter
'Wedret Efter' 3 days ago
Superdentbros vs. K.O. and Fayl
'RadicalEdward37' 3 days ago
where is JK Rowling in this one?
Stefan Wolf
'Stefan Wolf' 3 days ago
"You're under 50 Shades of Grey" - nobody can recover from that burn.
Dodo Rex
'Dodo Rex' 3 days ago
Tolkien killed it
Shield Shockgamez
'Shield Shockgamez' 3 days ago
tolkien clearly won
Owain Boyd
'Owain Boyd' 3 days ago
Walter white vs Pablo Escobar
Reo Mira
'Reo Mira' 3 days ago
Definitely Tolkien!!!
'motionmaster22' 3 days ago
best erb yet
All your bad guys die and good guys survive
cries in boromir
Andy B
'Andy B' 3 days ago
Minions vs star wars "roger roger" battle droids
Pixel Cross
'Pixel Cross' 4 days ago
george won
'Chimisteman' 4 days ago
Tolkien won; and it's absolute !
'A S' 4 days ago
Tolkien won the rap and real life
Shannon Callahan
'Shannon Callahan' 4 days ago
Red Shirts vs. Stormtroopers
'ivonatorbawesome' 4 days ago
how about luke skywalker vs arogorn
Marlon Smith
'Marlon Smith' 4 days ago
I LOVE this Beat!!!!
Ivar Van Den Brink
this is my alltime favorite for sure.
'Blacloud' 4 days ago
Tolkien won this one no questions asked.
Saad Mansoor
'Saad Mansoor' 4 days ago
asareaderican say there has been nothing like George r r Martinz mind. I've never read anything as as game of thrones.
his other work is also great specially ice dragon but song of ice and fire mean that's just epic. of all the languagesiknow this truly is the grand master piece of all literature
Shock Wave
'Shock Wave' 4 days ago
George RR martin's rapping was better
Redneck Fromouterspace
Tolkien won, bitchez.
'ChrisPeteG' 4 days ago
'British_Boy' 4 days ago
at 0:16 Tolkien is just like na fam
sushovan pain (The random guy)
Cant wait to watch dope ass programming
'GMB' 4 days ago
Tolkien won me over
'ultima199g' 5 days ago
Tea Baggins my nuts!
Alexander Kieler
'Alexander Kieler' 5 days ago
I read all the SOIAF books and the Middle Earth books.GRRM wins just because except for AFFC he stays to the point and doesn't have 7 pages describing tobacco. Also I don't like all my characters to be Gary Stus
Alison LaCava
'Alison LaCava' 5 days ago
Tolkien dominated
Alex Patch
'Alex Patch' 5 days ago
Bernie Sanders vs. Colonel Sanders
Emanuel Rojas
'Emanuel Rojas' 5 days ago
Dwayne Johnson vs. John Cena!
Epicezz 2005
'Epicezz 2005' 5 days ago
'leteccz' 5 days ago
Varys vs. Littlefinger :D
Sarah Manes
'Sarah Manes' 5 days ago
I never get tired of this video.
David Gilroy
'David Gilroy' 5 days ago
Ronda Rousey vs Muhammad Ali
'It's Jhorn!' 5 days ago
Sara Zobel
'Sara Zobel' 5 days ago
I like both, but Tolkien absolutely eviscerated George.
Patrick Castellini
love the beat
Vivian Lawliet
'Vivian Lawliet' 5 days ago
Grimm Brothers Vs the Warner Brothers
'DarkMightDemon' 5 days ago
Tolkien kicked ass even though he's writing drowns under the majesty of a Song of Ice and Fire
Brendan is gamin
'Brendan is gamin' 6 days ago
Merlin and Arthur vs gandolf and frodo
'lover4cb' 6 days ago
Okay so 1:38 .... HE JUST RIPPED THAT SHIT
'Kaleb' 6 days ago
"i fought in world war one" Yeah thats done, over
Melina Becerra
'Melina Becerra' 6 days ago
MissLouLou 25
'MissLouLou 25' 6 days ago
Jrr Tolkien Bc Lord Of The Rings
Tristan Gullickson
If you guys dont understand the led zeppelin joke Look up Ramble on by led zeppelin
Patrick Castellini
g m
'DizizSnorlax' 6 days ago
when he says "you even stole my R.R." he sounds like hes dying
'theoriginalted' 6 days ago
Gandalf vs. Dumbledore
'fresque' 6 days ago
Tolkien is all shits and giggles until you read "The Children of Húrin"
Hugh Mann
'Hugh Mann' 6 days ago
Tracer VS Batwoman
'JumsOnline' 6 days ago
Feels good man, J.R.R. Is from My City :)
Radical Richie
'Radical Richie' 6 days ago
In season 6 do Anakin Skywalker vs Winter Soldier. Both were good at a time, both have robot arms, both worked for the enemy but at the end turned good and helped the good  guys.
Dondavid Cortes
'Dondavid Cortes' 6 days ago
"all your bad guys died and your good goes survived"

passes by with a picture of kili and boromir
Dondavid Cortes
'Dondavid Cortes' 6 days ago
fat cunt bitch roasted pig ass
Hillary Clinton
'Hillary Clinton' 6 days ago
The guy that Martin killed was set on a table on the far left and when Martin ends his verse, the dead guy leans upwards like he isn't dead.
anyone know what that's suppose to represent?
Ocean Hufstetler
'Ocean Hufstetler' 6 days ago
three way rap between zeus hades and phosiden
Caleb Greenland
'Caleb Greenland' 7 days ago
"you want a war george welcome to shire-raq." one of the best erb lines
Peirce saunders
'Peirce saunders' 7 days ago
Sauron vs. Voldemort
Lupe Arrieta
'Lupe Arrieta' 7 days ago
l think fat guy
Xx Chriztnar_420 xX
Benjamin McLean (MrBenMcLean)
I've gotta say, Tolkien completely dominated this one. You know he won when he completely flipped the "rock and roll" line.
'Cannibal713' 7 days ago
1:14 Is GRRM playing Zork?
The egnimatic Account
I don't want to nitpick but is it possible to translate those ERB's?
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