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J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin. Epic Rap Battles of History. Season 5 -
Published: 11 months ago By: ERB

By: ERBPublished: 11 months ago

20, 671, 359 views

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▼ CAST ▼
George R. R. Martin: EpicLLOYD

J. R. R. Tolkien: Nice Peter

John Bonham, John Paul Jones & Jimmy Page: Dante Cimadamore

Human Warrior & Orc: Joey Greer

Hodor: Ricky Mammone

Jon Snow: Rudy Fermin

Khaleesi: Ceciley Jenkins

Elves: Sulai Lopez & Shaun Lewin

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist

Directed by:
Nice Peter

Mike Bettete

Written by:
EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter, Mike Bettete, Zach Sherwin, Dante Cimadamore and Samantha Kellie

Senior Director of Studios:
Michelle Maloney

Production Coordinator:
Shaun Lewin

Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso

Beat Produced by:
Epistra Beats

Video Editing by:
Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton and Nice Peter

Assistant Editor:
Josh Best

VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman and Ryan Moulton

Additional VFX:
Javier Sánchez-Blanco Boyer

Director of Photography:
Jon Na

Costume Designer/Art Director:
Sulai Lopez

Costuming Assistant:
Catherine Charpentier

Department Make Up Head:
Tara Lang & Ashlyn McIntyre

Make Up:
Brittany White

Asst. Make Up:
Caitlyn Brisbin

Art Department:
Remmington Brimmer

Andrew Kurchinski

Kurt Schmidt

Music Supervisor/Playback:
Dante Cimadamore

Yev Belilovskiy & Andy Chinn

Production Assistant:
Atoki Ileka & Edrei Hutson

Matthew Ciampa

Produced by:
Atul Singh for Maker Studios


Rainbow Crack
'Rainbow Crack' 13 minutes ago
Do HP Love craft vs Stephen King
Nezz Oko
'Nezz Oko' 7 hours ago
Galadriel Gollum
'Galadriel Gollum' 20 hours ago
PLS do Galadriel vs Cesei
Thomas Lardinois
'Thomas Lardinois' 22 hours ago
0:35 "yeah..." (twiddles fingers)
Christopher McAuley
'Christopher McAuley' 23 hours ago
Definitely RR who won ☺
'jebmak' 23 hours ago
"Kings, Queens, dragons, dwarves, Horses, fortresses, magic, and swords! You Hob-bit my whole shit, you uninspired hack!"

Homer would like a word with you JRR.
Dahntae Bailey
'Dahntae Bailey' 1 day ago
vegeta vs sauske
Tyler Collins
'Tyler Collins' 1 day ago
Jason voorhees vs Freddy Krueger
Dizzy Djinn
'Dizzy Djinn' 1 day ago
Tolkein ripped Martin a new hobbit hole.
'Hiukas' 1 day ago
Tolkien won.
Arslan Yakubov
'Arslan Yakubov' 1 day ago
I like game of thrones but books and movies about the middle earth i think better then game of thrones.
The Butter Collector
Tolkein has an entire Blind Guardian album. He wins.
Vegetable Terrorist
J. R. R. Tolkien sounds like a parrot
'vazquezb2011' 2 days ago
You're a fat, draft dodging, mediocre plagiarist, even my movies are better than your TV show and I out sell you all around. Yeah, Tolkien wins.
'St0rmzxx' 2 days ago
had a great chuckle at the "You even stole my R.R" line. Brilliant.
The Red Rose Has Thorns
Oh fuck this one is tough
David Townsend
'David Townsend' 2 days ago
Tolkien wins by default
'wimpykidfan37' 3 days ago
"We can tell what's gonna happen by page and age five!"

That line is clever, because not only can it refer to a five year old kid, it can also refer to the Fifth Age of Middle Earth time, which is hyperbolic as Return of the King ended at the beginning of the Fourth Age.
'Cona' 3 days ago
I love George and I'm currently reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series (I have already seen the TV show series) and I've never read any of Tolkien's books but I gotta hand it to T, he won.
Kevin Fox
'Kevin Fox' 3 days ago
Osamu Tezuka vs. Fritz Lang
'zzzzzzgrt' 3 days ago
In my opinion, jrr Tolkien blew George rr Martin out of the water
uskrzydlony husarz
Tolkien won
Caleb Hogan
'Caleb Hogan' 3 days ago
Dr. Watson (from Sherlock Holmes) vs. IBM's "Watson" computer.
Caleb Hogan
'Caleb Hogan' 3 days ago
Mike Tyson vs. Tyson Chicken
'silverblade357' 3 days ago
"I'm number one and two. You're under 50 Shades of Grey." Tolkien wins. Hands down.
'PointAndThink' 3 days ago
Thomas Harris Vs Robert Bloch would be pretty damn awesome :)
Denis Fan4Life
'Denis Fan4Life' 3 days ago
Deadpool vs Boba Fett!!!
Marc Western
'Marc Western' 4 days ago
This was quite good. Tolkien won, but it wasn't a hands-down win like some of these have been. 10/10
Młody Gimnazialista
everytime i battle it's return of the king! Tolkien win lmao
The Russian Mafia
'The Russian Mafia' 4 days ago
Boffers,Bofurs,Brandybucks,and his cousin Starbucks
Angel Gray
'Angel Gray' 4 days ago
I still want Link versus Legolas.
Kevin Jacobson
'Kevin Jacobson' 4 days ago
Tolkien FTW
Vetter Burns
'Vetter Burns' 4 days ago
I always loved the movie, Nightflyers!
'DaTunaSamich' 5 days ago
tolkein won
Patrick Worcester
'Patrick Worcester' 5 days ago
Tolkien slayed that shit
Ines Abad
'Ines Abad' 5 days ago
Groucho Mrx vs Karl Marx
KingGrooms747 Death
They should do Erwin Rommel vs George Patton
Tom Snyder
'Tom Snyder' 5 days ago
we all won. this was awesome
Phaedric Alaren
'Phaedric Alaren' 6 days ago
Nailed. It.
Jacob Dale Newcomer
Who else took forever to realize that Tolkien was taking off the ring? I kept thinking it was a glitch.
'egaiemix' 6 days ago
Tokien won, I failed to calculate the amount of weed needed to create such complex universe... Sure Snoop Dogg can.
Empress Cosplay
'Empress Cosplay' 6 days ago
Jan Böhmermann VS Erdogan xD
Simon McGillivray
'Simon McGillivray' 6 days ago
I like to imagine that George R. R. Martin acts like this in real life.
'Automotivated_97' 7 days ago
The text on Martin's computer at 1:14 is also in the first black ops game. The command to enter this mode is "Zork"
I got the prose of a pro....Your shits sub par your under fifty shades of grey.
Nathan Crawley
'Nathan Crawley' 7 days ago
avatar last airbender vs avatar
DJacob 360
'DJacob 360' 7 days ago
J.R.R. Won
Andrew Wang
'Andrew Wang' 7 days ago
I think GRRM did more clever rhythms and more difficult rapping, but Tolkein had the better disses and better material to work with.
'dzelpwr' 1 week ago
I think Tolkein won just for the line: "You Myopic Manatee!"
'ProfWulfenstein' 1 week ago
Tolkien wins. He got 3 movies for only 1 book. However, I would say as writers they are both equal they excel in different ways through fantasy. I've read both author's series several times and have loved it every time.
Mike Hansen
'Mike Hansen' 1 week ago
Hmmm... Terry Pratchett vs. J. K. Rowling?
'Haygor841' 1 week ago
The way I see it, J.R.R. actually realized the reality of losing people you cared for. He understood how difficult it was to lose someone you cared for. Sure, fantasy doesn't have to be realistic but why does someone who's lost so much have to make us feel bad? He understood what loss was and he wants people to relate to a happy ending. :)
'TwilightPrince64' 1 week ago
can we please get harry potter vs.... someone!!?
Srdjan Topalov
'Srdjan Topalov' 1 week ago
That's what I'm Tolkien' about!
George Zhang
'George Zhang' 1 week ago
"We don't need a backstory for every f#cking tree branch!"
Stones and glass houses, George, stones and glass houses.
Nickolas McKenzie
'Nickolas McKenzie' 1 week ago
The Witcher franchise is a WWWWAAAAYYYYY better Fantasy.
'77777Spooky' 1 week ago
Sean Bean didn't lose. He got to be part of both of these franchises.
Nik Zholtok
'Nik Zholtok' 1 week ago
I think I am the only person who thought George R. R. Martin won....
richards0406 47
'richards0406 47' 1 week ago
George R_R won in my opinion
Supahmang 16
'Supahmang 16' 1 week ago
JK Rowling vs Rush Limbaugh
Deadpool 102
'Deadpool 102' 1 week ago
Pewdipie vs Puncheie1
Doctor Swetch
'Doctor Swetch' 1 week ago
J.K.Rowling vs Stephen King
Chris b
'Chris b' 1 week ago
H.R Giger vs H.P Lovecraft
dr kh
'dr kh' 1 week ago
"We don't need the backstory on every fucking tree branch" this totally kill me
igor cadikovski
'igor cadikovski' 1 week ago
pewdiepie vs smosh
'CARS_PLAYS_MC' 1 week ago
This was return of the king indeed
'Cannibal713' 1 week ago
Damn that is funny as hell. "We dont need the back story of every f**king tree branch" lol, I love Tolkien, but thats the truth.
Maytham Alzarrad
'Maytham Alzarrad' 1 week ago
j r r tolkien is so much better.
'CyprusMapping' 1 week ago
J. R. R. Tolkien won
Elliot Fox
'Elliot Fox' 1 week ago
J.R.R TOLKIEN audible ad on this video lol :p
DinoNerd Gaming
'DinoNerd Gaming' 1 week ago
Reece Delaney
'Reece Delaney' 1 week ago
Rick Grimes and Shane Vs Jesse and Walter White
Ethan Warren
'Ethan Warren' 1 week ago
"I cut my teeth in the trenches of the somme" well it couldn't have been for long because the year the battle of the somme started was the year he was discharged because he had trench fever
'DarkSpark60' 1 week ago
"Everytime i battle it's return of the king!!!!"
GG George Martin
Angelina Dugan
'Angelina Dugan' 1 week ago
kentuckyace gaming
J.R.R Tolkien
quería subir este video a XVIDEOS, pero al parecer no se permiten videos sobre violaciones xDDD

tolkien ganó y por goleada <3
USA Tory
'USA Tory' 1 week ago
Most certainly a victory for Tolkien
Muddybones Dupree
'Muddybones Dupree' 1 week ago
Lewis Carol vs Jefferson Airplane
'thommie101jow' 1 week ago
I love how fucking angry george R.R. is portrayed :')
'Mermade' 1 week ago
Tolkien won
Frederick Persons
'Frederick Persons' 1 week ago
I'm gonna say Tolkien. George R.R. Martin's stuff, though I've never seen any of it, seems unnecessarily violent and sexual.
'MadjaX' 2 weeks ago
Tolkein was a certified badass, i'm happy they recognized that lol
'under_score' 2 weeks ago
Tolkein should have said, "Valar morghulis? More like the Valar will rule this! Hit it Manwe!"
King Patch
'King Patch' 2 weeks ago
im rock and roll your a nerdy little nebbish and i may dirty but you got a hairy foot fetish dog
The Jinxzler
'The Jinxzler' 2 weeks ago
cmon man as soon as i heard the matchup tolkien won bruh
Michael Stuparich
'Michael Stuparich' 2 weeks ago
This is one of the best things I've ever seen. I come back every few weeks. So. Good. Every. Time.
Zach Keller
'Zach Keller' 2 weeks ago
princess peach vs princess diana
Sabastian Umfleet
'Sabastian Umfleet' 2 weeks ago
This is so epic and the base makes better
Highlord Alarak
'Highlord Alarak' 2 weeks ago
I saw this coming
GAM1NGgeek 369
'GAM1NGgeek 369' 2 weeks ago
Lord of the rings is the reason Game of thrones exists, end of story.
Tim Zarlenga
'Tim Zarlenga' 2 weeks ago
If anyone still cares, this battle was a curb stomp. Tolkien destroyed Martin.
'AT5films' 2 weeks ago
Beauty and the beast :3
Coroner F
'Coroner F' 2 weeks ago
This may be the best beat in any battle.
Toc Rat
'Toc Rat' 2 weeks ago
ERB Pat Sajak Vs Bob Barker
Toc Rat
'Toc Rat' 2 weeks ago
ERB Field Marshal Rommel vs General Patton.
Toc Rat
'Toc Rat' 2 weeks ago
ERB, George Washington vs George Bush

or if you prefer, George Washington vs King George.
Pekka Pitkänen
'Pekka Pitkänen' 2 weeks ago
thats a draw
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