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Beyoncé - Partition (Clean Video) -
Published: 3 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

5, 234, 143 views

36, 837 Likes   1, 453 Dislikes

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Music video by Beyoncé performing Partition. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Alexa Evans
'Alexa Evans' 14 hours ago
"I can't imagine what blue is going to think" she's gonna think DAMN that's my momma slaying, cause she's not gonna judge her mother lmao
Jbjhby Cjgbuvh
'Jbjhby Cjgbuvh' 20 hours ago
this vid gats me horny ...all the time i watch it!!
Laysha Bannister
'Laysha Bannister' 2 days ago
Wonder what blue is gonna think of this when she's older LMFAOOO
Tomboy Peace dope wolfey
its says its a clean video buts its not
SoWhatIs ItWithYouTube
Beyonce wears a crop shirt and shorts

Haters "SLUT"
I love The Weeknd and others I would love to hear his none singing voice. It would be nice to have a face to face with The Weeknd. Love the music
מיכה רוקינשטיין
Shamiah Martinis
'Shamiah Martinis' 4 days ago
Beyoncé always be slaying 😍👅🔥🔥🔥🔥
Beebee Qiqi
'Beebee Qiqi' 4 days ago
Gezz. I like it much!
Eclectic Soul
'Eclectic Soul' 4 days ago
i can't see the difference between this video and explicit :O
'Varun REDDY' 4 days ago
RIP feminism
376 G
'376 G' 5 days ago
i could have never imagined Beyonce would make a antifeminism song... :/
Martha West
'Martha West' 5 days ago
Robin Merriweather
My mommy like your videos
Romy Langlois
'Romy Langlois' 6 days ago
If you speak French...this is not clean at all 😂
rocio rullo
'rocio rullo' 6 days ago
i can't imagine Blue Ivy's face when she see this in the future😂😂
Deon Cooper
'Deon Cooper' 6 days ago
Excellent flex in all perspectives your a real art
'ModelWorthy' 1 week ago
She's so elegant like FUCK
miss tanscha
'miss tanscha' 1 week ago
music for fu.... fun :)
odili marcellina
'odili marcellina' 1 week ago
Too much nudity,
'Resi V DELFT' 1 week ago
Killer MegaPlays
'Killer MegaPlays' 1 week ago
Gostosa diva
AJ Mathieu
'AJ Mathieu' 1 week ago
I seriously don't like this song especially at 2:53 since I understand French
'xEndiePearlx' 1 week ago
How is this clean when the video shows? Nevermind
'Tytybby141' 1 week ago
Why did Jay Z cheat on her. She bad ASF
'Yasmi'n Patton' 1 week ago
This song as popular when I was in third grade. I'm in sixth grade now
MiSs 215LiVE
'MiSs 215LiVE' 1 week ago
the art direction is great in this video
امنيه زياد
'امنيه زياد' 2 weeks ago
Maygan Camellia
'Maygan Camellia' 2 weeks ago
Y'all complaint about her showing her body and she a slut and so on ... but... y'all don't complain about it when yall watching porn or fucking your significant other or when y'all go to strip clubs
.. hypocrites
Youssef Abounasr
'Youssef Abounasr' 2 weeks ago
3:29 ?????
illuminati sign !!!!
Haawaa K
'Haawaa K' 2 weeks ago
I'm french and this version is what you want but not clean
Rae Goddess
'Rae Goddess' 2 weeks ago
Sexy yet Not Slutty ..This bitch can slay
Lord Lau
'Lord Lau' 2 weeks ago
la partie en français me met plutôt mal à l'aise
alejandra acosta sajer
queen of music videos
Dani Ella
'Dani Ella' 2 weeks ago
Jay Z you lucky son of a bitch.
'Roseanne' 2 weeks ago
Yall shouldnt be slut shaming ANYWAY because this is her husband she's doing it with, not some random dude
Marlena Heti
'Marlena Heti' 2 weeks ago
dayum I can't believe this shit was a freestyle queen bee can get it like that litty af
Lorraine Mashaba
'Lorraine Mashaba' 2 weeks ago
nice song
'versailleschick1994' 2 weeks ago
Damn, I just questioned my sexuality.
clémence Lemoine
'clémence Lemoine' 2 weeks ago
LE COIT, TU AIMES CA???!! lool
Steve NOAH
'Steve NOAH' 2 weeks ago
Lakreashia Daniels
'Lakreashia Daniels' 2 weeks ago
What kinda clean video u expect from this song????? Beyoncé teaching her daughter her ABC's smh never satisfied
Gisely Oliveira
'Gisely Oliveira' 3 weeks ago
I love this music 💋
Rachael Ahmed
'Rachael Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
can't believe some of our young girls/women look up to dis woman as a role model
How To
'How To' 3 weeks ago
the crazy horny club
Ana Júlia Dantas
'Ana Júlia Dantas' 3 weeks ago
icone te amo beyonce
Troi Thomas
'Troi Thomas' 3 weeks ago
mad max
'mad max' 3 weeks ago
Illuminati cock firmed
Jerilyn Stevens
'Jerilyn Stevens' 3 weeks ago
love that song
Marie Carroll
'Marie Carroll' 3 weeks ago
XD I'd never be able to have sex with B. The second she stood in front of me I'd pass out from the sexy. lmfao
Azdie gi
'Azdie gi' 3 weeks ago
did anyone see jay z in the car with beyonce when she was getting it in
Dontajah Williams
'Dontajah Williams' 3 weeks ago
love this song !
Ellie Watson
'Ellie Watson' 3 weeks ago
Who's here after her pregnancy announcement?
Harry Smith
'Harry Smith' 3 weeks ago
Beyoncé makes me die then 3 years later resurrects me then die again
tamekeng ruphin
'tamekeng ruphin' 3 weeks ago
Je suis surpris de t'entendre chanter en Français...
'Iskandari' 3 weeks ago
Clean version ok - except for those who speak French...
awesome TOY
'awesome TOY' 3 weeks ago
Martha Tedla
'Martha Tedla' 3 weeks ago
What's the point of making the song clean when the video is so... not xD
Michael Adams
'Michael Adams' 3 weeks ago
She is so fat and ugly ...
Bos B
'Bos B' 3 weeks ago
WARNING: Beyonce is cooperating with Illuminati and I am not a hater
talking corny with that Illuminati mess either. Wake up
It is impossible for a bitch to showcase a bunch of Illuminati symbolism
and think that she is not a part of it. You must be a part of it
because there is clear evidence to prove it.
Satanism gets people to share authority between God and the Devil
instead of being completely devilish so just Beyonce has a good side to
her does not mean that her bad side is not there. She is half naked in
just about every single photo or video that she puts forth, too. She is
married to one of the dirtiest criminal guys you could possibly be
First of all, it is not haters at all who exposed Beyonce in being
occultic because it is typically respectable scholars who knew what they
were talking about. Second of all, there is nothing corny about
exposing somebody as cooperating with the Illuminati. If Beyonce was
clean then nobody would bother her related to this but she is dirty so
that's why she has to get stepped to. Third of all, Beyonce is
cooperating with Illuminati just like gangsters cooperated with the
feds. You must really be a dumb sucker to think, "oh, nah, them snitches
ain't working with the feds" Dummy, snitches work with the feds and
Beyonce is working with the devil. Wake the fuck up, pardon my language.
Just because she has all of these good qualities about her does not
mean that she is not corrupt BECAUSE SHE IS CORRUPT FOR SURE, FOR
Andressa Paiva
'Andressa Paiva' 3 weeks ago
'Nziz' 4 weeks ago
Robin Merriweather
'Robin Merriweather' 4 weeks ago
She is good at this song and I love it
'avaadore' 4 weeks ago
Ok, I'm french and I just discovered this song, and the French lyrics obviously and wow ! Guys it's explicit ! I guess its usual, but to hear it in French its weird because we can never hear this kind of lyrics in French songs. Anyway Beyoncé is nasty on this one !
Jesus Ruiz
'Jesus Ruiz' 4 weeks ago
En Spotify para cuando?
'pofila1' 4 weeks ago
the first time i saw a a classy sexy video clip in the hip hop r'n'b industry
Leo Loner
'Leo Loner' 4 weeks ago
ewww...did she take lessons from rihanna when she made this video? too much ass, not enough class.
Trina Eslabon
'Trina Eslabon' 4 weeks ago
Omg imagine blue ivy seeing this 😳
Yana abushaira
'Yana abushaira' 4 weeks ago
'MrKachri1' 4 weeks ago
Luna Dahlstrand
'Luna Dahlstrand' 4 weeks ago
Clean version...? lol this is more dirty than the normal one... :D
Yarielys Almodovar
'Yarielys Almodovar' 4 weeks ago
the earrings Beyonce's wearing is probably more expensive then my tuition
cinderella princess
'cinderella princess' 4 weeks ago
So the clean vid silenced the word "a**" but yet you get to see it 😂😂😂 sorry ears 🙉 only eyes allowed 👀 I don't get the concept of "clean" lol
Alicia Kelly
'Alicia Kelly' 4 weeks ago
This video is Life! Baby making song!
christina vlachou
'christina vlachou' 4 weeks ago
1:16 Dinah Jane Hansen you finally have the chance to be in a Beyoncé's vc
CSA 196
'CSA 196' 1 month ago
hoje em dia é só bunda, bunda e mais bunda, saudades dos clássicos q/ já morreram ou estão envelhecendo
Elodie Coquillat
'Elodie Coquillat' 1 month ago
Still can't figure out why JayZ would cheat on her...
Sarah Devadason
'Sarah Devadason' 1 month ago
Did Hillary even listen to this song lmfao
gotti macc
'gotti macc' 1 month ago
Qween of Ponytail
'Qween of Ponytail' 1 month ago
Love you so so much Beyoncé 💖💕💕💞💋👑💓💓💋💋
Julie Okako
'Julie Okako' 1 month ago
'LAme11325' 1 month ago
question: what if the kind of guy he likes is none of that? LOL
Grace Harris
'Grace Harris' 1 month ago
To explicit
Bar Mengesha
'Bar Mengesha' 1 month ago
You can find the explicit video on pornhub
Bad Gyal
'Bad Gyal' 1 month ago
"I just wanna be the girl you like;the kind of girl you like"
dalila sebti
'dalila sebti' 1 month ago
This just made me gay
Monster High Stop Motion
This video makes me feel...
'TheSpicyOne' 1 month ago
Great music... scary video... What could go wrong?!
Milene Rose
'Milene Rose' 1 month ago
Her is the moment when i realize that nobody can't hate beyonce
rachel aubevenne
'rachel aubevenne' 1 month ago
wow beyonce Nice song music and video sexy women +que rihanna 😆😆😆😆😆❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜ilove beyon 😊
Karla Ribeiro
'Karla Ribeiro' 1 month ago
Tão nostálgico
Cilou Esk
'Cilou Esk' 1 month ago
Pause at 3:27, the definition of a girl with a booty, and a girl without. Beyonce has the most beautiful body ever <3
'LukyGameCreation' 1 month ago
What's the building at the beginning of the video? Please
'otashisnsd' 1 month ago
what is live??
Francine Y
'Francine Y' 1 month ago
Diogo Molinari
'Diogo Molinari' 1 month ago
essa mulher que canta em francês! Jesus.
Sara Prado
'Sara Prado' 1 month ago
too much
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