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Beyoncé - Partition (Clean Video) -
Published: 3 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

4, 137, 578 views

29, 756 Likes   1, 229 Dislikes

BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition.
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Music video by Beyoncé performing Partition. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

'LAme11325' 7 hours ago
question: what if the kind of guy he likes is none of that? LOL
Grace Harris
'Grace Harris' 8 hours ago
To explicit
Bar Mengesha
'Bar Mengesha' 14 hours ago
You can find the explicit video on pornhub
Bad Gyal
'Bad Gyal' 14 hours ago
"I just wanna be the girl you like;the kind of girl you like"
dalila sebti
'dalila sebti' 18 hours ago
This just made me gay
Monster High Stop Motion
This video makes me feel...
'TheSpicyOne' 1 day ago
Great music... scary video... What could go wrong?!
Milene Rose
'Milene Rose' 1 day ago
Her is the moment when i realize that nobody can't hate beyonce
rachel aubevenne
'rachel aubevenne' 1 day ago
wow beyonce Nice song music and video sexy women +que rihanna 😆😆😆😆😆❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜ilove beyon 😊
Karla Ribeiro
'Karla Ribeiro' 2 days ago
Tão nostálgico
Cilou Esk
'Cilou Esk' 2 days ago
Pause at 3:27, the definition of a girl with a booty, and a girl without. Beyonce has the most beautiful body ever <3
'LukyGameCreation' 2 days ago
What's the building at the beginning of the video? Please
'otashisnsd' 2 days ago
what is live??
Fran Y
'Fran Y' 3 days ago
Diogo “Diogo Molinari” MP
essa mulher que canta em francês! Jesus.
Sara Prado
'Sara Prado' 4 days ago
too much
Sangeeta Fivaz
'Sangeeta Fivaz' 4 days ago
very very explicite
Sangeeta Fivaz
'Sangeeta Fivaz' 4 days ago
very very bad girl but very sexy very very hot 😜😳
Angel Rodrigues
'Angel Rodrigues' 4 days ago
para de ser Diva gata af assim vc mata nois
zoombiw gurll
'zoombiw gurll' 4 days ago
Why are people calling her a prostitute, if you have a body a beautiful as hers how can you not show it off!!
jaya pokharel
'jaya pokharel' 4 days ago
wtf did the girl say in french lol
Rose Gomz
'Rose Gomz' 4 days ago
do we get to see her boobs in the dirty version 😂
Sophia Sahjpaul
'Sophia Sahjpaul' 5 days ago
Did Beyoncé get her diamond play button she has 11 million subscribers 😂🐝❤️
Enrique Calderon
'Enrique Calderon' 5 days ago
sheyanne rosser
'sheyanne rosser' 5 days ago
Her daughter isn't gonna be happy when she sees this video. XD
Emma Nichols
'Emma Nichols' 6 days ago
Brittney Soils
'Brittney Soils' 7 days ago
hates will always hate:) way to go Beyonce me and my husbend are ur unmber 1 fans keep on the good work u look sexy
Khadija Bah
'Khadija Bah' 7 days ago
sexy lady
an ♡ ~ fun
'an ♡ ~ fun' 7 days ago
I have Never seen a Woman acting this sexy but doesn't look like a slut. She is so elegant..
Baby k Johnson
'Baby k Johnson' 1 week ago
I love you Beyonce
Baby k Johnson
'Baby k Johnson' 1 week ago
I love you Beyonce
Rhafa Kaykida Kayus
Larissa Poletto
'Larissa Poletto' 1 week ago
clipe mais sexy que eu ja assisti no youtube
Shawn Wright
'Shawn Wright' 1 week ago
I like Beyonce and he got a new album come out is lemonade be happy 2017
Gabby teneyuca
'Gabby teneyuca' 1 week ago
Queen of Hoe bops
Sofia shafi
'Sofia shafi' 1 week ago
Lisa Daniels
'Lisa Daniels' 1 week ago
yeah it sure is a clean video
Dee Rich Houston
'Dee Rich Houston' 1 week ago
sexy Queen Bey
Bobsuruncle Mum
'Bobsuruncle Mum' 2 weeks ago
Girl you like? Yeah because black women are all girls. Fuck Beyoncé racist ass.
Jesper W
'Jesper W' 2 weeks ago
50 fucks beyonce good
Noël Beyer-Hermsen
'Noël Beyer-Hermsen' 2 weeks ago
God damn queen 😩😍
'April' 2 weeks ago
"Clean video" you tried
mikayla toobad
'mikayla toobad' 2 weeks ago
sanaya rajput
'sanaya rajput' 2 weeks ago
Ur gross Beyoncé you should be a porn star If you love to show your body and boty people would love to fuck you
I know this is stupid
You cannot beat Beyoncé-anyone else on a Beyoncé binge watch.
Pinkamena J.
'Pinkamena J.' 2 weeks ago
How can this video only have 3.7 million views? She's a queen!
Shira “sha”
'Shira “sha”' 2 weeks ago
I this a real clean video? I felt uncomfortable watching it with someone but when I was alone I started bobbing my head lol
Morg s
'Morg s' 2 weeks ago
0:52 When haters say BEYONCÉ flat chested...........Hmmm yeah ok 👌🏾🙈
Gejmer SHIFT
'Gejmer SHIFT' 2 weeks ago
this ass
oh my god!!
Dominica MyoncE
'Dominica MyoncE'' 2 weeks ago
adan kabha
'adan kabha' 2 weeks ago
what a good stripper
Angelous Dixe
'Angelous Dixe' 2 weeks ago
There is no clean version for that song !
Tenesha Evans
'Tenesha Evans' 3 weeks ago
tenesha .....partition clean Beyonce love you 😂🤘✌
AJ Awesome
'AJ Awesome' 3 weeks ago
And how is this a clean video
AJ Awesome
'AJ Awesome' 3 weeks ago
Why does she have to show her butt and boobs?
Michela Lakiss
'Michela Lakiss' 3 weeks ago
my angel
'evka' 3 weeks ago
how can she be so beautiful, sexy and talented at the same time? I never understood why Britney Spears is said to be a 'pop princess', she got nothing on Bey
'Str8Trash' 3 weeks ago
BB Beyoncé, you are QUEEN!
Pamela Shelda Tavares Da Silva
eu te amo bey
Rachael Ahmed
'Rachael Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
I don't like Wat she's portraying in dis video tho
'QUEEN Zohal' 3 weeks ago
anyone wanna sport each other ?
João Carlos Pereira
muito top
Emery Hernandez
'Emery Hernandez' 3 weeks ago
Shit,you must be hot as hell
Black Head Msp
'Black Head Msp' 3 weeks ago
I love this song
fianeh alex
'fianeh alex' 3 weeks ago
on a eu tort de regarder ce clip famille.
Kaylah Law
'Kaylah Law' 3 weeks ago
Beyoncé a freak lol go Bey!
juliaplaier girl
'juliaplaier girl' 3 weeks ago
os comentários são diabos burros a Beyoncé não fala inglês
smetimes Sam &lamonte
.......btrmp then rightx2then left sharp lft
smetimes Sam &lamonte
ya grl doing bad
smetimes Sam &lamonte
camp st to military
smetimes Sam &lamonte
smetimes Sam &lamonte
just listen
smetimes Sam &lamonte
I'm on radio n Bluetooth!
smetimes Sam &lamonte
gen LFG
smetimes Sam &lamonte
don't listen to any1
smetimes Sam &lamonte
lino wya it's Sam I need u I'm n meadow lake
chloe james
'chloe james' 3 weeks ago
Beyoncé is queen
Hanna Walker
'Hanna Walker' 3 weeks ago
lol Why are people complaining about hate where is the hat lolll
Martina Quarta
'Martina Quarta' 3 weeks ago
Partition "clean" and "explicit" are the same 😕
Emilia Carr
'Emilia Carr' 3 weeks ago
3:00 Iconic.
irene lawrance
'irene lawrance' 3 weeks ago
wsh I was dis hot..... I fukn lov her
Makeup Genius101
'Makeup Genius101' 4 weeks ago
Beyoncé is forever gonna look 20
Frisk The New Undertale Mona
atleast make the video clean XDD
'Nali2013' 4 weeks ago
sometimes I'm not sure if she says 'I just wanna be the girl you like' or 'the girl you lick'
Frisk The New Undertale Mona
Aniah Akal
'Aniah Akal' 4 weeks ago
Shit J is there
'29' 4 weeks ago
i'm so GAY
Ashley Brewer
'Ashley Brewer' 4 weeks ago
you're nasty
Ashley Brewer
'Ashley Brewer' 4 weeks ago
, why do you think your cute and all that and why do you think you have the biggest butt in the world
Sydnee Bradley
'Sydnee Bradley' 4 weeks ago
Who watching in December ?
'Samromina' 4 weeks ago
This song is perfect
GabriSUN 08
'GabriSUN 08' 4 weeks ago
Flyy guyy
'Flyy guyy' 4 weeks ago
yonce wins every time no one competes with her
jordan marco
'jordan marco' 4 weeks ago
I was not prepared for that......
Femke van roon
'Femke van roon' 4 weeks ago
good video nice song ,, and sexyyyyyy
Sydney Wiley
'Sydney Wiley' 4 weeks ago
Did anyone else notice the movie mistake?
Hector Garcias
'Hector Garcias' 1 month ago
porque solo tiene 3 millones de vistas
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