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Hashtags: #NewXmasCarols -
Published: 2 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 months ago

933, 998 views

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Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #NewXmasCarols.

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Hashtags: #NewXmasCarols

Prachi Oza
'Prachi Oza' 3 days ago
single bells, single bells, single all the way
I got no guy and no dates
forever alone, hey!
cool dude
'cool dude' 4 weeks ago
man Trump sucks.
Kayla Diaz
'Kayla Diaz' 1 month ago
2:30 is my anthem
Ahme Ahmed
'Ahme Ahmed' 1 month ago
What is that weird sound at 1:37-1:38 ?!
Alana Carroll
'Alana Carroll' 1 month ago
I almost died laughing during algebra on the last one.
Saeed Falowo
'Saeed Falowo' 1 month ago
Love Spangie_ma 0:24 and Jenrose419 2:25 the most
Noel Olsson
'Noel Olsson' 1 month ago
Training deep sue portrait creation cancer pastor tight black rhythm.
Emily Gardner
'Emily Gardner' 2 months ago
Omg, my flight was delayed for two hours on Christmas!
Brittany Harper
'Brittany Harper' 2 months ago
She judges all your cooking./ She says you're a mistake./ She makes you want to get in your car and drive it into a lake.
Cory Rubin
'Cory Rubin' 2 months ago
A Retail Christmas:
There'll be shit on the floors, And tales of the horrors of Christmas' long, long agoooo
It's the most miserable time of the year
Meadow Perkins
'Meadow Perkins' 2 months ago
I didn't like the LOL one.
Arya Kaiba
'Arya Kaiba' 2 months ago
the roots are so clutch
'Cdgaming4U' 2 months ago
I'm dreaming of a white, or black, or Asian, or Hispanic, or Indian, or Native American, or miscellaneously ethnic Christmas.........
Onal Sudisman
'Onal Sudisman' 2 months ago
love putin and trump xD
Tahmena Ferdous
'Tahmena Ferdous' 2 months ago
I liked that second to the last one from jenrose419
'odiedrama' 2 months ago
Pretty sure that hotline ring tweet is supposed to be sung to the tune of hark the herald angles...
'Misshowzat' 2 months ago
Aww isn't it cute when Fallon tries out passed internet trends?
Hydr0 132
'Hydr0 132' 2 months ago
it's beginning to look a lot like chaos With kids opening their toys Pictures all over Facebook Twitter and instagram It's beginning to look a lot like chaos
Sakura Tomoeda
'Sakura Tomoeda' 2 months ago
Stay in your Lane Girl |-/
Fl*r A
'Fl*r A' 2 months ago
DUDE, MY tweet was better.
Jay Mills
'Jay Mills' 2 months ago
0:33 for me it would be the other way around lol
I get along GREAT with my fiancé's parents! It's MY family that has the problems... ha ha
'dragonheart8706' 2 months ago
Jimmy really screwed up the Drake one. It sounds like it was supposed to be sung to "Hark the Herald Angels Sing."
Nina Baskovec
'Nina Baskovec' 2 months ago
the last one was the best😂
Kathleen Stancil
'Kathleen Stancil' 2 months ago
Why was there already a card on the table before the first one?
Schooks Films
'Schooks Films' 2 months ago
I was watching this in an airport waiting for a delayed flight
Camilla Ellinghaus
'Camilla Ellinghaus' 2 months ago
Jingle bells, Clarke is gay, Murphy go away, hey. Finn is hot, Wells is not, The 100 all the way, HEY.
Snoopy 101
'Snoopy 101' 2 months ago
That second tweet could not be anymore true!! Best tweet I have recently seen!
Marie Lebourg
'Marie Lebourg' 2 months ago
'Kelsey' 2 months ago
I almost choked on my chewy spree with the last one.
The Darci 13
'The Darci 13' 2 months ago
Jingle Bells Shot Gun Shells Grandma got a gun, Standing on the back porch now watching Grandpa run:))))))
'Animekippgirl' 2 months ago
Should do something like this with break up songs for Valentines Day XD
jerome terman
'jerome terman' 2 months ago
I cant stop watching These
Anand Bag
'Anand Bag' 2 months ago
0:16 How is it the first one if there's already one card on the table ?
Yarii Iglecias
'Yarii Iglecias' 2 months ago
im not married but for some reason i related to the mother in law song lol
Gloriousclothes Clothes
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Twenty Øne Piløts Are Not on Fire
"Stay in your lane girl"
More like:
"Stay in your lane boy"
Clique where you at |-/
Ashtynnn Reth
'Ashtynnn Reth' 2 months ago
I died of laughter at the Putin Trump one
Al-Shatri Meshari
'Al-Shatri Meshari' 2 months ago
why dose jimmy always inturrupts Steve ? 😕
Carly Cordero
'Carly Cordero' 2 months ago
This is probably the one tweet that they cut out:
alaina_ artist
'alaina_ artist' 2 months ago
loved the dreidel redo
'TizzyMudita' 2 months ago
Why was the first card/tweet skipped??
Michael East
'Michael East' 2 months ago
Thought we'd finally get through a clip not mentioning Trump for once. So close.
karolina ktoś
'karolina ktoś' 2 months ago
what song is LOL?
Julie J
'Julie J' 2 months ago
That last one was golden
Aloise Hango
'Aloise Hango' 2 months ago
I could watch this show all day!
Nellie K. Adaba
'Nellie K. Adaba' 2 months ago
Great ones.
Isabelle Garber
'Isabelle Garber' 2 months ago
His trump impression was on fleek
Mathis Remy
'Mathis Remy' 2 months ago
portion Video actually looks strongly nicepainting
'Camping' 2 months ago
I think that's the first time I've heard Jimmy dis Trump.
Becky Ryan
'Becky Ryan' 2 months ago

Baby It's Cold Outside
But I'm Do Any Day Now
'GamingDen' 2 months ago
I'm... Dreaming of a equal Christmas
venkat mithun kadiyala
I just want to hit that guy repeating everything jimmy says
Nick Worster
'Nick Worster' 2 months ago
he sounds like he has a buzz on
Flame 27
'Flame 27' 2 months ago
how did they not put rudys song. I swear it's the funniest shit there is.
Helen Williams
'Helen Williams' 2 months ago
The second one was the best out of all of them (about her husband's mom coming to town). Others... not so much.
Teri Yama
'Teri Yama' 2 months ago
This was one of the better ones. Lol!!!!
Stephanie Italy
'Stephanie Italy' 2 months ago

anyone? no? okay lol
'matomitev' 2 months ago
worst tweets video ...
Mie Bakke
'Mie Bakke' 2 months ago
Shake nothing approve hand over opinion legacy.
Allison Hamlin
'Allison Hamlin' 2 months ago
i literally just got home after sitting on a plane that was delayed an hour while we just sat there in our seats
'Jamie' 2 months ago
That second one is the Winner.
Oscar Lopez
'Oscar Lopez' 2 months ago
Did they do the grandma got run over by a reindeer bit this year?
'TheConcertCruizer' 2 months ago
you had me till the last one. I hate political humor regardless of who its satirizing. That is the TRUE bottom of the barrel because it's just pandering and has no shelf life. Try telling a George W Bush joke now and you wont get anywhere near the amount of laughs as you would when he was in office. At least fart jokes are funny the first few years your a kid.
MythicalStorm16 #Life
lol ! creative xD
Kyle McNulty
'Kyle McNulty' 2 months ago
Did somebody yack at 1:37 lol.
Deck Monster Games, LLC
Fun times. Are you The Next Big Deal? Come find out.
'pumarox95' 2 months ago
I personally think his laughing face is adorable... I mean just look at the thumbnail on this video. It definitely put a smile on my face. Anyhoo... Merry Christmas to whoever is reading this comment. 😊🎁🍾🍷☃🎄🎅
Eric VanSickle
'Eric VanSickle' 2 months ago
I loved the mother-in-law song the best. That was ROFLMAO hilarious!
Ethan Malloy
'Ethan Malloy' 2 months ago
Jimmy sounds like he's got some Everclear in that mug
Eggy McEgg
'Eggy McEgg' 2 months ago
Alliquake Grande
'Alliquake Grande' 2 months ago
Grab your balls like Michael Jackson, Fa-Lalalalalalalala. 💖💖💖💖💖😄😄🌙🌙🌙😏😏😎😎
'Laura' 2 months ago
Me: I really can' t stay
Bed: But baby, it's cold outside
Ryder R
'Ryder R' 2 months ago
The Hillary song

Lose three times and blame the Russians, fa la la la la
Carelyn James
'Carelyn James' 2 months ago
The last one killed me
Lea Gill
'Lea Gill' 2 months ago
'Gioware' 2 months ago
anyone knows what is the "outro" song that plays when video ends?
'Yahtzee' 2 months ago
Lol, Lol, Lolllllllll, lol...

Maybe I'll be on the show now. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
'kvmftOriginal03' 2 months ago
carrie white
'carrie white' 2 months ago
like the video
Justin McCurdy
'Justin McCurdy' 2 months ago
It's Christmas not Xmas.
Frank Cuevas
'Frank Cuevas' 2 months ago
Angelina Lum
'Angelina Lum' 2 months ago
i love these hashtags, wish one day i could sing them like 5sos and shawn mendes did. check out my covers jimmy!!
Cheri Tibbs
'Cheri Tibbs' 2 months ago
love the second one
'Analise' 2 months ago
I tried to get my tweet in here 😞
l wally
'l wally' 2 months ago
They should've brought Shawn Mendes back for this...
Mario Costa
'Mario Costa' 2 months ago
I feel like Jimmy secretly hates Higgins..
Stop keep changing Your name
The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon make a music video of trump and Putin.
Julia V
'Julia V' 2 months ago
Bad hombres, bad hombres
Nasty women, too
Muslims all should register
My toupee's attached with glue
Fortimus Prime
'Fortimus Prime' 2 months ago
mini drake!!!
'HeatherSVideos1' 2 months ago
This one was stupid. Kind of a waste of a Hashtag segment if you ask me. I would've done like #ChristmasHorrorStories or something.
Genesis Ortiz
'Genesis Ortiz' 2 months ago
😘{ Gooood morning! )
( Have a nice day ♪ }😉
Lina Bn
'Lina Bn' 2 months ago
Sam Manandhar
'Sam Manandhar' 2 months ago
Jimmy doesn't let Higgins speak at all ! Some Higgins jokes are actually genuis ! (Subscribe to my channel & please help me reach 500 subs)
'gibbyh65' 2 months ago
havent even watched yet but im sure higgins says something stupid, #hatehigginsnotfunnyatall
'Rachull' 2 months ago
LOL the last one!!
kys lol
'kys lol' 2 months ago
The Drake 😍😍
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