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Freestylin' with The Roots: New Year's Resolution, Tallest Filipino Ever -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Jimmy chats with members of the audience and asks The Roots to improv songs about them on the spot.

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Freestylin' with The Roots: New Year's Resolution, Tallest Filipino Ever

'vcarter0723' 6 days ago
4:10 is the guy with the drumsticks actually doing anything, or is he just pretending to make music? Cause those drumsticks ain't hitting anything!
YouTube ED
'YouTube ED' 6 days ago
Filipinos are brown monkeys
Froilan Crisostomo
My grandpa is 6'0 my dad is 6'2 my brother is 6'1 and I'm 6'4 I guess it's in my genes.but since you said you're parents are short dnt you wonder may be you're adopted 😂
'SwaggerChiick1' 1 week ago
Oh my gawd! The Roots!! I got no words except: Beyond Amazing!
'Bedasek' 1 week ago
DAMN...Emma is HOT!!
'Keanu' 1 week ago
Robin Lyn Drennen Brown Drennen Brown
I always love my freestyling with the Roots
Marianne De Vera
'Marianne De Vera' 1 week ago
Filipino here!
Siphesihle Y
'Siphesihle Y' 1 week ago
Love Black Thought!!
'gerith' 1 week ago
I love La La Land so much!
'SnazzyHusky' 1 week ago
I'm a 5'10 Filipino and most of the people here see me as a giant lol.
'BrekiJ1977' 1 week ago
thank you T Q and all of u.. good job
Granville Heights
'Granville Heights' 1 week ago
Emma is hot though
Mew Ling
'Mew Ling' 1 week ago
The Roots are amazing as always..
ashley Ashley
'ashley Ashley' 1 week ago
That hit hard. they killed it!!!!
'LuisbIV' 1 week ago
The Roots nailed it.
Florencia Santa Maria
Hahahhaha the last one was amazing!! Love the Roots
'KingDennisJensen' 1 week ago
The Roots are fire. Jimmy is so lucky to have them.
jil more esteban
'jil more esteban' 1 week ago
shout outs to the filipinos out there!! make some noiseee. all buzzing through social media. another one for the books.
'bluzshadez' 1 week ago
ROOTS was established in 1973. It is one of the best Canadian apparel companies.
zing zang
'zing zang' 1 week ago
wow !!!the roots!!!they are on a whole other level !!!!!wow amazing talent
Jun Yan
'Jun Yan' 1 week ago
wow the asian girl behind the blonde at 0:29 is hot
Jhon Paulo
'Jhon Paulo' 2 weeks ago
I'm only 5'4 😭 I'm a Filipino!
karun gta (kapo1705)
the roots are great as usual..awesome
Luigi Bianco
'Luigi Bianco' 2 weeks ago
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Is there any justification whatsoever for flooding ALL White countries and ONLY White countries with non-Whites to assure that there will be no future for White children?
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Dana Uy
'Dana Uy' 2 weeks ago
the roots is killing it as always!
Linda Love
'Linda Love' 2 weeks ago
absolutely love The Roots
Nerd 101
'Nerd 101' 2 weeks ago
'theJKA' 2 weeks ago
When I was in third grade, I wanted to be the tallest Filipino ever. It did not work out. I'm even shorter than my dad.
Laura Moreno
'Laura Moreno' 2 weeks ago
love jimmy and the roots
Ewurabena Appiah
'Ewurabena Appiah' 2 weeks ago
King Ky Kyuu
'King Ky Kyuu' 2 weeks ago
Why are all filipinos short?
'Nick' 2 weeks ago
Second greatest band of all time.
'JjM91084' 2 weeks ago
his mom is 5'2 and his dad is 5'5 yet he is as tall as jimmy who is 6 feet tall... who wants to break it to him that he may be adopted
'SULEKHA MIRE' 2 weeks ago
whats the instrumental right at the end? sounds so beautiful.
Lukas Hintennach
'Lukas Hintennach' 2 weeks ago
Hi, could someone tell me the OUTRO song name that is played on the tonight show videos?
phil chao
'phil chao' 2 weeks ago
here come the proud Filipinos. it never fails!
'ED' 2 weeks ago
Girl at 2:42
Matthew King
'Matthew King' 2 weeks ago
Does anyone know if there's a full version of that last 10 seconds of music on all the youtube videos?
Mark Foti
'Mark Foti' 2 weeks ago
THE ROOTS baby!!
'akidnameddylan' 2 weeks ago
love the roots
'CoReaderz' 2 weeks ago
is this Joel David Moore in the back?
'turbosupra941' 2 weeks ago
Oh snap! Kenneth!
Sherif Carlin
'Sherif Carlin' 2 weeks ago
Black Thought in my opinion is one of the greatest slept-on MCs in history.
'MrPanSzymon' 2 weeks ago
Is this section staged? It seems its not. Anyway Tariq is a genius!
Marcus Baldwin
'Marcus Baldwin' 2 weeks ago
He should have the "Whose line is it anyway" crew on the show sometime
mad robin
'mad robin' 2 weeks ago
can they do a freestyle about how bomb they can switch up their style and not blink an eye? so glad that they're doing this fallon gig, b/c the world needs to know what pure hip-hop heads knew for years....THE ROOTS ARE THE MUTHAFUCKIN' SHIT!!!
Ajin George
'Ajin George' 2 weeks ago
The Guy wearing Roots Canada Sweater...that was a smart choice 😂
Kimberle Fields
'Kimberle Fields' 2 weeks ago
look at all the red plaid. i do love it this time of year.
'Wisefox2891' 2 weeks ago
props props props!!!
Colt 45 zag
'Colt 45 zag' 2 weeks ago
hahaha great job by the roots! 😆👍
'manguy2000' 2 weeks ago
Sometimes you can tell Jimmy is clearly not into these segments..the producers are forcing him. "these peeps are crae"
'noirettebeauty' 2 weeks ago
He is pretty tall for a Filipino man!!! My uncles couldn't hit past 5'10 in their young days
Gabe Viteri
'Gabe Viteri' 2 weeks ago
What is the second song he is singing called. Like the tune and music is from something else
Jeffrey C. Beltran
'Jeffrey C. Beltran' 2 weeks ago
Dear Mr. Fallon, I just want to express my happiness as a Filipino, as I watched this video because finally a citizen of our country was featured in one of the segments of your show. God bless you and a happy new year! #ProudFilipino
'japsk8er3' 2 weeks ago
roots are so good
'RE NA' 2 weeks ago
the tallest filipino ever kinda looks like marki poo
Mishele Clipper
'Mishele Clipper' 2 weeks ago
Jimmy Fallon and The Roots! All ways excellent.🎶🎶🎶🎶
Chris Willy
'Chris Willy' 2 weeks ago
'AcctNo4' 2 weeks ago
probably my favourite segment of the show! but next time 3 songs?
JP Production.
'JP Production.' 2 weeks ago
sub = sex with crush
like = 1 million dollars
ignore = 10 yrs of bad luck
Aynur Esra Viran
'Aynur Esra Viran' 2 weeks ago
Im telling yall there's no blqck people in the audience like this aint tht show lol
kean cabrera
'kean cabrera' 2 weeks ago
I'm a Filipino and I'm 6'6
Ahmadovic Wagdy
'Ahmadovic Wagdy' 2 weeks ago
اديك فى الارض تفحر can anyone guess the language😂
Angreh Kittunz
'Angreh Kittunz' 2 weeks ago
Pfft! My brother-in-law is 6'3"! Hand over the award.
'PhatCat' 2 weeks ago
Does anyone know the outro song? Im guessing its the roots but can I find it anywhere?
The Pokemon Percussionist
One of the best rap groups still together
Maria Pamittan
'Maria Pamittan' 2 weeks ago
filipino here. kamusta??
skrrt skrrt
'skrrt skrrt' 2 weeks ago
I know sometimes finna be tough, n' i know sometimes finna be rough, but we in this togetha, bet that makes you feel bettha.I just want to fly, fly over the bullshit, fly over the lieees i've been told uh i just fly, fly over the bullshit fly over the lieees i've been told.
Arshia Gilfe
'Arshia Gilfe' 2 weeks ago
oh my goodness it was awesome.. well done man 👍
rahma bt
'rahma bt' 2 weeks ago
that girl is familiar idk
Charlesdavid Gamba
'Charlesdavid Gamba' 2 weeks ago
Good one. Filipino here.. talliest Filipino award Kenneth. Hahaha 👍👍👏👏👏👏😂😂😂😂
'aergdr' 2 weeks ago
Man The Roots are so talented and Black Thought/Tariq is underrated as a hip hop lyrical legend
Chris Mendoza
'Chris Mendoza' 2 weeks ago
well Kenneth, you luckily meet Jimmy in person, a good guy and lot of sense of humor
'Renzo909' 2 weeks ago
thats racist
Christian. I love Christian God.
I'm Filipino but I don't know Tagalog.
Pianist with Attitunes CJ Lynn
I love the roots! the Broken leg bit was my favorite!!!
Emi The Only
'Emi The Only' 2 weeks ago
'DetlefDanger' 2 weeks ago
Best talk show band there is :D
'MrsElectrobeat' 2 weeks ago
Germany anyone?
'xDaMiWORLDx' 2 weeks ago
The Roots killing it as always.
A Razzaq
'A Razzaq' 2 weeks ago
The first one was incredible!!
'TheSwiftHawk' 2 weeks ago
Kervens Paris
'Kervens Paris' 2 weeks ago
the roots are talented asf
'LBrobie' 2 weeks ago
It's 4:17am where I am right now, there are only 31 comments so far, and only 550 views. I'm usually watching these clips when there's already millions of views. Wow, I feel so special right now! :)
Alaskan Grown
'Alaskan Grown' 2 weeks ago
Damn jimmy went hard cringy on this one
ABitOf Xmetagalaxy
'ABitOf Xmetagalaxy' 2 weeks ago
Hello from Turkey
Ragunan tucker
'Ragunan tucker' 2 weeks ago
likes for no reason or comment shit without being disturbed bet you cant
'TheMrKennyC' 2 weeks ago
Just in case people are wondering, the real tallest Filipino is 7'4".
Lesbian Bitch The Real L Word!
pinay here, Happy New Year's!
'MOON 16' 2 weeks ago
how are you jimmy
#KYUTIEfam !
'#KYUTIEfam !' 2 weeks ago
Yasmine Laarabi
'Yasmine Laarabi' 2 weeks ago
Acee Santana
'Acee Santana' 2 weeks ago
did he say at 2:02 " my anus " ??
or am i just high???
Frenchiie help me get to 1000 sub challenge Thanks
Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! No one will see this :(
'Cg807' 2 weeks ago
Rosalyn Tañafranca
'Rosalyn Tañafranca' 2 weeks ago
Hello from the Philippines!! Im a Filipino 😁😁
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