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Wolf Meeting Dog For The First Time (Unedited) -
Published: 1 year ago By: camelsandfriends

By: camelsandfriendsPublished: 1 year ago

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This video shows Buttermilk being brought to her new home and introduced to Lorne for the first time. It is immediately following her adoption out of 'death row' at the shelter and walking her in the front door. Lorne was brought in through the backyard moments later. They have never met before this. Not outside or through the fence. Buttermilk doesn't know me, the house, Lorne or any of the other animals who are present though do not have currently have access to the main part of the house. I thought it would be interesting to show how they (especially Lorne) handled the situation.

You can see that Buttermilk is very unsure. Lorne begins with utter excitement. He wants to play and is doing his best to initiate it. About halfway through this almost 7 minute video, you will see he already realizes his energy level is too much for Buttermilk and he begins to calm down. He starts to lose interest and investigate other things. Buttermilk then relaxes her guard a little and she is able to observe the situation without as much tension. At this point, the next time Lorne is distracted (by a slice of cake on the counter) I crate Lorne, so Buttermilk feels secure in being the one to approach on her own.

The next morning, I introduced them to the large open space of the backyard 'pen' together. And the rest of the animals. I filmed that too and will upload it as soon as I can.

I also felt that this video was important to show just how intense wolves and (most) wolfdogs are. Lorne is not always bursting at the seams with excitement to meet a new friend, but his selective hearing, high energy, intelligence, and disregard for the environment around him is always there.

Wolves and wolfdogs are destructive and can be dangerous. But they they do not mean to be- it is simply who they are. It cannot be trained, tamed, or controlled. To do that would be cruelty. You must be willing to adapt to them. They are wild animals and acceptance of that is what they deserve. They are under no obligation to follow the laws of man.

- About Lorne

Lorne was born in at a zoo in Georgia who breeds a select number of wolf pups to be used for educational purposes and for ambassadors for their species.

Lorne's brother, Wyatt can be seen at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. Lorne is being raised with the hope of using him in educational talks to raise awareness for an often misunderstood animal. Despite media attention that wolves in the wild have stabilized their numbers, they are still very much at risk. Wolf hunting continues to persist, both legally and illegally. Wolves are still stigmatized in society, especially by farmers and ranchers who if merely seeing a wolf will on sight, no matter the threat. This mentality is hurting our intelligent friend, whose relationship and companionship led us to the domesticated dog we have today and love. Lorne visits with the public regularly and even though he's just a pup, he has instantly charmed his way into the hearts of many others who before misunderstood and feared one of our closest ties to the natural world.

Lorne is a subspecies of the Grey (or Timber) Wolf. He was born on April 17th, 2014 (wolves are only born in the spring, unlike domesticated dogs) and until he came to me just shy of 7 weeks was used in meet-and-greets at the Georgia zoo.

I'm working with Lorne every day and I hope that he is able to continue to reach out to the public as he matures. It is common that wolves once establishing a territory upon reaching adulthood have trouble leaving it and feel much more comfortable at home than in strange places. We will see what path Lorne wants to follow in life, but I hope that he will be kind enough to continue to make a positive impression on others and be an ambassador for his species.

- How much wolf is in Lorne?

He's as pure as you can get without taking a wolf from the wild.

Most wolves in the wild are 'contaminated" with domesticated dog DNA, through feral dogs in-breeding. It is impossible to differentiate between the two on a genetic level. Lorne is genetically related to Tundra Wolves (subspecies of grey), which are found throughout Eastern Europe and Russia. The white patch they have on their chest indicates that somewhere, many years ago at least one dog must have been mated with a wolf to cause that patch, and through interbreeding it have become a typical marker in Tundra Wolves. Wild wolves will not readily breed with a dog, so it's very unusual to have a 50/50 cross.

Meet Lorne's brother and littermate Wyatt, at Six Flags in California...

'camelsandfriends' 3 months ago
'XDivi' 2 days ago
This cunt's a fucking moron and shouldn't own animals
'Riachi' 3 days ago
I would have named him Balto
Dinomaster 15
'Dinomaster 15' 5 days ago
wolfy be like, "swiggity swooty, comin to sniff dat booty!'
Altay Karabudak
'Altay Karabudak' 5 days ago
Very beautifull animal. Is this a real wolf or a wolf hybrid? If it is a real wolf, it's very remarkable that she shows no signs of fear and no agression to buttermilk. Also the wolfs behaviour in the cage is remarkable, because she is acting completely as a dog.
Angel Of Darkness
'Angel Of Darkness' 7 days ago
That is the cutest wolf i ever seen!
Araya Garner
'Araya Garner' 1 week ago
Unless You have a Wolfdog or wolf AND ARE Experiences with these animal WHY should you judge her
Dan Shilkett
'Dan Shilkett' 1 week ago
Buttermilk is scared shitless, you inhumane dolt. People like you shouldn't own animals.
off grid Phyllis mathison
you said they said they should never be locked up your a bitch for that ...I live with the wild ...this is WRONG ...if i put my guy in that he'd rip his way out ....I never lock any of mine up EVER !!!!!
off grid Phyllis mathison
shes an idiot...all shes interested in is getting hits ...what the fuck did I just watch retarded
Patrick Jankowski
'Patrick Jankowski' 2 weeks ago
This is the same bitch that said you shouldnt own a wolf as a pet. Fucking spaz
Edgar Servin
'Edgar Servin' 2 weeks ago
Can't have wolfs locked up
Elizabeth Palacios
'Elizabeth Palacios' 2 weeks ago
wow that is one big wopf
Elizabeth Palacios
'Elizabeth Palacios' 2 weeks ago
wow that is one big wolf
DeKobe DeBryant
'DeKobe DeBryant' 2 weeks ago
Buttermilk looks like scooby doo
dre Harris
'dre Harris' 2 weeks ago
Buttermilk probably saying "WHY THERE A FUCKING WOLF HERE!!!???"
Fuma po
'Fuma po' 2 weeks ago
People need to read the description. You guys keep calling her disgusting, you suck, horrible, animal abuse, etc. Camelsandfriends wrote a nice long description about what exactly is happening and it seems like nobody cared to read it, and made some good ol assumptions on their own.
Loki Flynn
'Loki Flynn' 2 weeks ago
The wolf should be with the other wolves in the pack free not in a house. It's a wild animal it can turn on you without warning.
Johnlee Franco
'Johnlee Franco' 2 weeks ago
are you not afraid when lorne beat up your buttermilk?
Darkness Spawn
'Darkness Spawn' 2 weeks ago
dog is like get ur big ass away from me
son goku
'son goku' 2 weeks ago
he was trying to sniff his but
'Kazoom28' 2 weeks ago
The worst video I have ever seen!!! How can you cage a wild animal!!!! This is not funny at all. Horrible. Worst than letting the wolf fend for itself in the wild!!!!! Disgusting
Havoc Wolf
'Havoc Wolf' 2 weeks ago
Beautiful wolf where did u get her ?
Galaxy Shadow
'Galaxy Shadow' 2 weeks ago
He wolfs like: YOU YELPIN' AT ME TINY DOG? IMMA WOLF! YOU SHOULD BE YELPIN'. But, can we still be friends?
Kevin Rich
'Kevin Rich' 2 weeks ago
Given how many times you yelled "Lauren" it shows how much power you have over her. Great way to give butter milk some good ole PTSD
Adam Brooklyn
'Adam Brooklyn' 3 weeks ago
Wolves are more attractive
Kritesh Raj Khadka
'Kritesh Raj Khadka' 3 weeks ago
now the dogs realize how is it for us to handle a dog
Diana Walsh
'Diana Walsh' 3 weeks ago
Why are you allowing your dog to be terrorized by a wolf just to make your silly movie. Poor dog. How would you like to be chased all morning while you say "chill" to the wolf. to pretend you're protecting your dog. I realize you'd like them to be friends.
But you're using them for your entertainment and the wolf is totally ignoring you. Very annoying.
You just like to hear yourself talk.
Michael van Noort
'Michael van Noort' 3 weeks ago
you have no control what so ever. lauren is the alpha in that house. your dog was bait. no he or she is not calmer. you suck and then place it on internet. buttermilk is food, just like the coyote
'YEZA PREDRUXZEN' 3 weeks ago
Unit G
'Unit G' 3 weeks ago
This wolfdog clearly has so much energy. It needs more space and a long walk. Also, the other dog is very anxious
'STAGEIIGN' 3 weeks ago
Arlind Sadikaj
'Arlind Sadikaj' 3 weeks ago
I hear a beagle howling
monkey d luffy
'monkey d luffy' 3 weeks ago
This bitch is an idiot
Brutal Brunette
'Brutal Brunette' 3 weeks ago
I like your videos, very informative about wolves. I learned a decent amount :) thank you.
'sultanarsakor' 3 weeks ago
you stupid thinking your wolf says hello to dog. Is there law to arrest someone who own wolf as a pet.
Not only dangerous but also gradually wolfs will be mixed with dogs or domesticated so there will be no more wolf.
Tails and Scales
'Tails and Scales' 3 weeks ago
0:32 bring dat ass here boi
'FANTOM x JAGGER' 3 weeks ago
You give your dogs really shitty names. I would be ashamed to be named buttermilk. What a pussy name.
Niel Rosales
'Niel Rosales' 3 weeks ago
Wolf can cause a destruction
jordan kho
'jordan kho' 4 weeks ago
the dog was scared.
Jack Christy
'Jack Christy' 4 weeks ago
have u got any control at all over this fucking animal watching this video im thinking r u fucking serious not once has he stopped 2 listen 2 your commands
Dwarf Rehab
'Dwarf Rehab' 4 weeks ago
You cant control that thing, its way too big and strong to hang with your little sog that dangerous as shit
Zeeshan Rana
'Zeeshan Rana' 1 month ago
YOU HAVE TO BE THE DUMBEST BITCH ON THE FUCKING PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
re han
're han' 1 month ago
How did you domesticate the wolf?
'L' 1 month ago
bad engery and no wolfes
'LazyMe420' 1 month ago
Is the black one really a wolf?
The teeth look kinda small to me O.o
jeffrey desir
'jeffrey desir' 1 month ago
She should not have a wolf dog
jeffrey desir
'jeffrey desir' 1 month ago
She doesn't have control over her dogs
PiruDamu Bleed
'PiruDamu Bleed' 1 month ago
PiruDamu Bleed
'PiruDamu Bleed' 1 month ago
She named her MALE wolf LAUREN
'dreacul' 1 month ago
I've watched almost all of your videos.... But seeing this one gave me goose bumps. Look at his personality. Is as if the wolf has a more stronger personality, something that the dogs don't have... Is like they can do so much pain and hurt, like if it has so much power within but controls it, is like he has a special kind of curiosity and control everything turning the world in his toy..... See the way he jumps over things in the house to get to the dog...
jonathan alfonso
'jonathan alfonso' 1 month ago
Wolves are exactly like German shepherds you should get him too meet one mine exactly looks like that just the tail
Tatiana Diaz
'Tatiana Diaz' 1 month ago

Six-Zero-Six Defender Of Justice!
Why are people upset? You don't even need to read the description just the title. It clearly says they're meeting for the FIRST TIME of course the shelter dog is gonna be scared! My puppy was scared the first time I brought her a squeak toy. 😑
Andrew Jackson
'Andrew Jackson' 1 month ago
I hate Ceasar Milan beucase now every moran in the world does that tsh tsh thing.
Nylah Franks
'Nylah Franks' 1 month ago
'morningstar3188' 1 month ago
Lorne...what an awesome and strong name! totally suits a wolf. he's a handsome fella.
Daniel Monaco
'Daniel Monaco' 1 month ago
"Look dipshit, You're a devolved species! I represent a hundred thousand years of selective breeding! I am the most tactically useful being on the planet! I'm the most useful work animal to ever, I will not play with you!"
Bryanna Unicorn7707
'Bryanna Unicorn7707' 1 month ago
U have a wolf that's my dream pet if I had a life befor this one I would have probably of been a wolf with my passion for them
Lauren Miller
'Lauren Miller' 1 month ago
Not funny at all "buttermilk" has more sense than the person watching commands that the wolf is TOTALY ignoring...UNSAFE...
Rim Nour
'Rim Nour' 1 month ago
poor dog not funny
'-Noxi-Bady-' 1 month ago
fůůůj z klece vééén - fuuuj of the cage!will eat no!
Randy VinLorn
'Randy VinLorn' 1 month ago
The Dog Know's .. That All Wolf is not gone .. Confusing to the domesticated dog ..
cherrybomb bae
'cherrybomb bae' 1 month ago
Poor dog is scared shitless lol
David Del Rosario
'David Del Rosario' 1 month ago
lol that dog knows he gonna die and that female can't help
Kelsey Hodge
'Kelsey Hodge' 1 month ago
Buttermilk knows what's up why doesn't she? 😂😂😂😂
Tatum Anderson
'Tatum Anderson' 1 month ago
Is that a real wolf
Tatum Anderson
'Tatum Anderson' 1 month ago
What breed is wolf and buttermilk?
Tsunami Lan
'Tsunami Lan' 1 month ago
Never trust the rattan chair ....😎
David Ruff
'David Ruff' 1 month ago
not a wolf let dog out of cage
Mikael Falkenberg
'Mikael Falkenberg' 1 month ago
Geez, where in the states are you allowed to own wolves? I'd love to have one.
Romantic Outlaw
'Romantic Outlaw' 1 month ago
sometimes I feel like I'm shouting into the abyss and the abyss is shouting back. Ps if you're reading this, go back up and read the description. Right now. Yes, you. I see you there.
toralielove 2005
'toralielove 2005' 1 month ago
This is adorable!
hans wurst
'hans wurst' 1 month ago
sad to see this wolf in a cage..... SAD PEOPLE! Really retarted as fuck!
Lucky Singh
'Lucky Singh' 1 month ago
Putting a beautiful animal like a wolf in a cage! That should be a crime
Nancy Writer
'Nancy Writer' 2 months ago
Putting the wolf in a cage, thumbs down for that.
Stannis The Mannis
'Stannis The Mannis' 2 months ago
0:32 I'm crying.
cecilie horgen seim
'cecilie horgen seim' 2 months ago
the wolf want to dominate the dog..not good..
'Dyno' 2 months ago
Lol do not get a dog if you plan on leaving it in a cage... Train them and let them roam free instead
'brettcone' 2 months ago
big dogs have too much energy they shouldn't be couped up
Poot Potatoes
'Poot Potatoes' 2 months ago
I already have 3 dogs but if I also had a wolf... Oml I can imagine the much larger mess I'd come home to every day after school. 😂😵😵
'Fa' 2 months ago
ok nice a Wolf in a Cage wtf??? let him out
Payal Singh
'Payal Singh' 2 months ago
why the hell do you have to cage the wolf 😠
Michael Ibarra
'Michael Ibarra' 2 months ago
there my favorite animal
Michael Ibarra
'Michael Ibarra' 2 months ago
hey how much r wolves
gianina zuñiga solano
I wonder if she would like to be in the place of the dog, being afraid, chased by a wolf in its home....and for the wolf....that's not its natural environment.....She is really insane.
Mermaid Buttercup
'Mermaid Buttercup' 2 months ago
0:32 i died XD
'StaliceFan22' 2 months ago
that wolf is beautiful.
alexis polk
'alexis polk' 2 months ago
this makes me so mad wolves are not dogs and should be treated with more respect then that. They are temperamental and one day she will find out just how much.
Aneesa H.
'Aneesa H.' 2 months ago
Poor Buttermilk :(
Celess Hernandez
'Celess Hernandez' 2 months ago
i just got wolf dog yesterday and i dont know how to introduce him to my small dog that i had for five years. i need help..
Salomon Sigala
'Salomon Sigala' 2 months ago
'3V1L' 2 months ago
How does this lady get any sleep?
Lia F
'Lia F' 2 months ago
I hate when people comment without reading the information about the video first, it makes them sound unnecessarily dumb. dumbasses
'E M' 2 months ago
For God sakes don't cage the wolf at all, for any reason. It's so cruel. The wolf should go to an experienced sanctuary if can't be released in the wild, far too high energy for you and your dog and not fair at all on the wolf.
Trilly Thagr8
'Trilly Thagr8' 2 months ago
This bitch got a whole wolf in her house. smh white
Mayaa Dewolfie
'Mayaa Dewolfie' 2 months ago
Wolves are not pets. And if the wolf or wolf hybrid is unable to be released back into the wild at least keep it outside in an open and cold environment preferably with other wolves. Your dog is obviously distressed out of his mind (tail tucked under, ears back and not to mention the obvious crying). I'm not sure why you would put your own dog through that. The wolf obviously wants to be dominant and is obviously not submissive towards you. He or she won't even listen to you. Please let the wolf live outside where it wants to be rather than be inside causing distress for the wolf and distress for the dog
Jay Crakk
'Jay Crakk' 2 months ago
nah buttermilks tryna figure out why you have this wild ass animal in here that could potentially kill us you idiot
'MajesticGirl' 2 months ago
Awwww that wolf is so cute! That other dog mean af lol
'Kraut2121' 2 months ago
Holy crap, why do you keep talking to them in normal monotone English as if they have any clue what you are communicating. You are clearly too afraid to take the situation seriously as it should be, so you just pretend (obvious that you are forcing it) that you are "chill" and being casual when it is clear that the situation is very unstable and could easily become disastrous in a flash. You haven't done a single move of control over either of these animals, they aren't listening to you and you are not in any kind of dominant position in respect to them. You keep talking to them like all casually and it's so obvious you are trying to keep yourself and the viewers calm and feeling like this is normal when it's not. You didn't do a single thing to de-escalate or marginalize the situation here the entire time. You were basically sitting there saying "uhh yo dude uhh chill man" with a shaky false calmness.
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