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Published: 2 weeks ago By: ALONZO LERONE

By: ALONZO LERONEPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.

Reina Torres
'Reina Torres' 2 hours ago
😩 lol I can't stand you lol 😂
Rain Drop
'Rain Drop' 7 hours ago
Kris Olson
'Kris Olson' 10 hours ago
What's wrong with the phrase "... balling my eyes out" that's a phrase that people use all the time?
10/10 Tubers Group
'10/10 Tubers Group' 11 hours ago
New sub
John Robin
'John Robin' 12 hours ago
Jack Cuautle
'Jack Cuautle' 16 hours ago
pemdas stands for parenthesis, exponent, multiply, division, addition and subtraction LMAO
xXDylanXx Graal
'xXDylanXx Graal' 20 hours ago
Simple Daphne
'Simple Daphne' 24 hours ago
Posese Pulu
'Posese Pulu' 1 day ago
I died at the Mr. Meaner lol
'Jupiter' 1 day ago
I am also lack toast and toddler ant and my favorite food is some raw ass pegasus.
'StavRants' 1 day ago
Alonzo u dont monetize ur videos?
Lucky Lemons
'Lucky Lemons' 1 day ago
Stop playing before I calk in synonym bun
Gregory Lisella
'Gregory Lisella' 2 days ago
Your title should refer to yourself you dumb as child toucher.
Jesse -Chan
'Jesse -Chan' 2 days ago
Subbing, love this guy! 😂😂😂😂😆
'lucasgirl101' 2 days ago
I SWEAR I get an abdominal workout from laughing every time I watch your videos, Alonzo. It hurts, but I can't stop watching! 😂 Thanks for being hilarious!
Legna Koorbloh
'Legna Koorbloh' 2 days ago
lost it on ALZONO
Simple Daphne
'Simple Daphne' 2 days ago
'NMRAthe TvGANG' 2 days ago
Yes ppl use crack hoes
Nadia Fernandez
'Nadia Fernandez' 2 days ago
What was the thing they were holding when they said it was a Capri sun at :26 seconds?
Pony Girls
'Pony Girls' 2 days ago
Bone Apple teeth
Nick Blair
'Nick Blair' 2 days ago
this guy is funny
Michael Galindo
'Michael Galindo' 2 days ago
Is anyone gonne realize the fact that he said this is the first one of 2016 when this was uploaded when we hit 2017?
Holly Little
'Holly Little' 2 days ago
omg can you narrate my life? cracking up over here.
Tragically Insane
'Tragically Insane' 2 days ago
"Egg Sama." My Otaku ass can't stop laughing now.
Jess Lynna
'Jess Lynna' 3 days ago
how can anyone dislike his vids
keira the animator
what is the song at 13:48? ;u;
Orin Enloe
'Orin Enloe' 3 days ago
@ 4:28-4:35 Fallout fans be like:

kgb jester
'kgb jester' 3 days ago
My first time watching your videos, you are hilarious! Thank you I'll be back
Rebecca T
'Rebecca T' 3 days ago
Alonzo you've found the most hilarious idiots and how you read it is great.
Jose Perez
'Jose Perez' 3 days ago
the pearl harbor one......👋 boy
Makeup Queen
'Makeup Queen' 3 days ago
2016: the year no one talks about.😂
athea marcos amir
'athea marcos amir' 3 days ago
Dear Alonzo - I caught my foot in the electric lawnmower and now I'm lack toes intolerant.
Hannah Snitkey
'Hannah Snitkey' 4 days ago
alonzo lerone you make my day every time i watch you you are the best ever
Jacques JJVR
'Jacques JJVR' 4 days ago
Gratz on 1mill 👍
Jeovonnie Humphrey
lmao!!! bae so funny! 😂😂😂😂
Amanda Gilmore
'Amanda Gilmore' 4 days ago
these videos make me chuckle a bit. saw the fb thing said to post here and stuff. <(¤-¤<)
'AliceGraceL' 4 days ago
Try to watch this in class and not make a sound
Maddison Vlogs
'Maddison Vlogs' 4 days ago
this shows how stupid america is or just the whole world in general. Wow is this really surprising to everyone is it? IS IT?
Emily Baez
'Emily Baez' 4 days ago
What's a Mr.Meaner
Kirsten Lance
'Kirsten Lance' 4 days ago
4:49 best moment of the whole video
'_lordbeaker_' 4 days ago
if you didn't know
Apparently, a math formula solves STDs
Alexandra Muffin
'Alexandra Muffin' 4 days ago
I laughing so hard I could barely breath!!!😂😂😂😂😄😄😄
Black out
'Black out' 4 days ago
"sue of side" I have a friend named sue and she probably sleeps on her side XD
RedheadFlame05 _
'RedheadFlame05 _' 5 days ago
This is amasing and I love you're laugh
cats and dogs Squad
I died the whole video LAMO
Niamh Muncaster
'Niamh Muncaster' 5 days ago
u know when people had one job these days 😂😂😂😂😂
Ahmaad Gallimore
'Ahmaad Gallimore' 5 days ago
dose he keep changing his outfit ?
kelsey keenan
'kelsey keenan' 5 days ago
When are you going to do another video with Kash????
Sophia Rivera
'Sophia Rivera' 5 days ago
I subscribed!
Twenty Øne American Rejects
How did I not find you earlier you're amazing! :D
Catherine Febrianinda
New Subscribers :D
'SolidRecord728' 6 days ago
Today at work I found some Wild Dictionaries growing in their natural habitat. This was real exciting for me as I have never picked fresh dictionaries before, but I have no idea how to tell when they are ripe as they corrected me horribly no matter how much mustard I put on them.
Elisha Keels
'Elisha Keels' 6 days ago
There's you're thumbs up! YOU HAPPY NOW! SHEESH! 😉
'956bigman' 6 days ago
My girl made some spigedy and Friday chicken abc 123
Lonnie Smith
'Lonnie Smith' 6 days ago
Jazzy Z
'Jazzy Z' 6 days ago
what the hell was that "capri sun"?
M0nst3r_ bunny
'M0nst3r_ bunny' 6 days ago
😂😂😂I love his laugh
Fugitoid/Robbie Rotten
I swear Wendy was mean't to be a sassy black woman
randomness fi
'randomness fi' 6 days ago
weather forecast:- 998
'MSP QUEEN HEART' 6 days ago
If you feel me thumbs up if you don't thumbs up anyway cause you will thumb thumb thumbs up cause u cause u cause u will thumb thumb thumbs up well that being said thumbs up<<< short lyric ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Chelsey MacHenry
'Chelsey MacHenry' 6 days ago
At the beginning he says 2016 instead of 2017 O.O
'graciee' 6 days ago
"BLOOMING STD for only nineteen dollars and ninety fo- i know a few people who got it for free" OMG 😂😭
Dajahnae Randolph
'Dajahnae Randolph' 6 days ago
my mom just made some good food yummy Ron beat his meat😋
Cammy Mc.
'Cammy Mc.' 6 days ago
Did anyone notice the hand next to the babies leg,the tattoo read ''Bottom Boy''?!
WTF?!!! :D
Derya Örs
'Derya Örs' 7 days ago
14:19 how can be people so stupid D: it's so scary :DDDDDDD
James Ellenberger
'James Ellenberger' 7 days ago
I laughed so hard at this I sharted myself. Which extra sucked because I was naked.
Crocodile Alligator
i laff so hard at these reetawrds
JuniperW Jasmine
'JuniperW Jasmine' 7 days ago
I laughed so hard when i saw Cameron Dallas
'renisalazar' 7 days ago
Praise the Lord for giving me a brain and the ability to know how to use it!!
Alexa Luna
'Alexa Luna' 7 days ago
what is the name of the song at 3:52 i know its Mariah Carey
faze pow
'faze pow' 7 days ago
Dang anyone else come here from the Wendy's video
'NotVerifiedGaming' 7 days ago
Yes I would to die of temperatures below absolute zero
maria barron
'maria barron' 7 days ago
can we just talk about something really quick, (fifty shades darker ad) how did it go from "bad s&m movie to semi horror & suspense???
'RaginPlayer' 7 days ago
Pemdas is the order of operations /parenthesis p exponents e multiplication division d addition a subtraction s
Alexis Trouble
'Alexis Trouble' 7 days ago
I'm confused about the spotted dick thing, why is that a fail or funny? Its just food.
Ruby kawaii
'Ruby kawaii' 1 week ago
Spotted dick pudding is a real thing (I don't like it) 😂😂😂
Ashley Leilani
'Ashley Leilani' 1 week ago
This isn't funny but somehow whenever he reads it I just start laughing so hard
Angie Vertes19
'Angie Vertes19' 1 week ago
The corndog one is so funny I want to meet the person
Square Armaan
'Square Armaan' 1 week ago
Snuffalo OurWorld
'Snuffalo OurWorld' 1 week ago
-998 xD
Megan S
'Megan S' 1 week ago
This video made my IQ go down.
krista barr
'krista barr' 1 week ago
it's just a prank bro. why you have to be mad? it's just a prank. it's a social experiment.
Brianna Barrow
'Brianna Barrow' 1 week ago
thank you for making me smile everyday
Laura XKR
'Laura XKR' 1 week ago
mom and I nearly pissed our pants laughing at the "corn dog" one!
'MsRussia93' 1 week ago
You are so freekin funny! Whenever I'm down I watch your videos then I feel better
Rebecca Kerrigan
'Rebecca Kerrigan' 1 week ago
Love u Alonzo, :)
'NightsWing1040' 1 week ago
hahahahahaha most i've laughed in like a year!!!! ahahahahhahahaha
Castiel Gutierrez
'Castiel Gutierrez' 1 week ago
Knowing that 'crack hoes' are a thing in the gardening world XD
Norman Farrell
'Norman Farrell' 1 week ago
why am I just finding your channel this shit is litt
KirstenSarah Logan
the one with Megan trainer is actually a used word in the "I'm absolutely ballin' my eyes oit" basically just means crying 😂😊
'Mad-Cyantist' 1 week ago
lol, Alonzo Your Comedy Reminds Me Of @Filnobep Animations.
Jo Jo
'Jo Jo' 1 week ago
Hilarious guy. Is he talking about Wendy's the restaurant?
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