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So much for clean laundry -
Published: 1 week ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 1 week ago

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Zelda and Midna are coydogs with exactly zero respect for clean linens. They went from near death to spoiled rotten and have taken to the snug life whole heartedly. See more of them at

Coyote crosses are incredibly difficult to socialize and own, but Zelda and Midna have learned to trust, love, and snuggle due to the ceaseless time and energy put into them. This is NOT the norm to expect for coyote crosses, they make terrible pets (far beyond simply dirtying clean linens). They chew on everything, are incredibly skittish (and frequently express their anxiety through fear pee or poo), are fearful of new items or people, and are much moodier than domesticated animals. However, if watching two coybeasts dry off in a bed helps us to understand that these are creatures worth protecting then I will post a million videos of just that. Coyotes are intelligent, social, creative, vital members of our ecosystem, and they deserve our respect and admiration (and all our "dawwwww"'s)

Joey The Hyper Wolf Furry
I really want wolves <3
Daniel Boyle
'Daniel Boyle' 6 days ago
Eh those clothes and towels were bound to be dirty again anyways😁😊😅
'Zoroveemew' 1 week ago
They're both named after my two favorite characters in my favorite game omg
'ScientistCat' 1 week ago
Don't worry, they'll groom those clothes clean.
Arranadam Sheikh
'Arranadam Sheikh' 1 week ago
I love these so much please never stop
Channel T
'Channel T' 1 week ago
I love your video descriptions, they're always interesting and informative. Thanks again for sharing these clips!
'tetrisclock' 1 week ago
Their ears are the best.
Ellison Rodgers
'Ellison Rodgers' 1 week ago
I found a coydog pup shortly after she was weaned, I think. She had fallen through the floor boards of a tumbleddown Adobe house and couldn't get out. I heard her cries and took her home. She was a creature unlike any other. She did exactly what she wanted to do and nothing else. Since I lived on the edge the desert with my nearest neighbor a half-mile away, she had a situation that suited her. She was very affectionate, in her way but was outside normal pack interactions with my two other dogs. I would say she was pensive, rather than moody, and was incredibly intelligent. She lived 10 years and I enjoyed every minute of her companionship, in which she largely treated me as an equal.
Lance corporal cook
look at those doggos
'ANGELINA CLIMA' 1 week ago
'SanDeygo' 1 week ago
'Oliver' 1 week ago
Too damn adorable!
Evelyn C
'Evelyn C' 1 week ago
Is that thunder in the background?
The Dro
'The Dro' 1 week ago
that term went out the window the day I adopted a wolfdog...
'NerdyTigerT' 1 week ago
'MissPriss' 1 week ago
Aww :3
terry snyder
'terry snyder' 1 week ago
'VDuro1' 1 week ago
i love these vids, thanks for making them!
Grace Uitto
'Grace Uitto' 1 week ago
So cute!
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