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Wiley crying over Grandma -
Published: 4 years ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 4 years ago

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My wolf-dog, Wiley, crying at my grandmother's graveside at the cemetery 04/14/13
To add some clarification: I am not a vet so I can't say if he's reverse sneezing as some of you are stating. I can tell you that he has never done that before and hasn't done it since. I may be anthropomorphosizing his actions but its how I'm choosing to deal with loss, so deal with it.
Wiley is a therapy wolf-dog who is used to help veterans returning from war with PTSD. He provides therapy and care through a program called Warriors and Wolves.
Also, for those stating he is dying, I promise he's not. We have a veterinarian on staff at the sanctuary and Wiley is just fine. Peace and love peeps

Neftali Rivera Jr
'Neftali Rivera Jr' 4 days ago
Aww Wiley Seriously Grandma still loves you!
Agatka Grzyb
'Agatka Grzyb' 5 days ago
oh noes poor dogger
'D B' 1 week ago
I cried a whole lot while watching this
'D B' 1 week ago
It's such a heart warming video but it's sad because the dog is crying but it shows how much dogs really care❣️
Juvy Thao
'Juvy Thao' 2 weeks ago
I feel so sad....the dog looks so beautiful, I want to kidnap it and keep it with me forever and ever and ever
Darken NoShinka
'Darken NoShinka' 3 weeks ago
poor baby
Nobody At all
'Nobody At all' 3 weeks ago
As someone who has 3 dogs, this IS reverse sneezing, it doesn't always look the same, some is worse than others. Also, dogs do feel basic emotion such as jog, fear, love, but dogs do not feel the complex emotions that humans do such as guilt, pride, shame. Also, dogs and humans express our feeling very different, humans say hi to greet eachother, dogs sniff each others butts. So this dog is not crying, and does not understand the concept of death, it just knows the owner isn't there, not that she died. This is reverse sneezing and can be caused by stress (or at least mine do it when stressed) I'm very sorry for your loss...
Char Aznable
'Char Aznable' 4 weeks ago
This is one of the most depressing things I've seen on YouTube.
Kevin Williams
'Kevin Williams' 4 weeks ago
dogs of different breeds show reverse sneezing differently. the smoking gun is around 6 seconds when you can hear the dog begin breathing correctly again. this dog is not a species that has a brachycephalic skull, so the breathing is not as labored. Also worth noting the male in the video is providing support for the condition in a proper manner. Stroking the back and sides can help, but lightly pinching the nose and or blowing on them can help a dog end an episode, which can be lifesaving in certain species. If I were to guess it's happening to this dog due to environmental factors.
I.A. Aviation
'I.A. Aviation' 4 weeks ago
that the first time I've seen a dog cry like that
Nikky Fløres
'Nikky Fløres' 4 weeks ago
I'm just reading the comments, some of them are just..

Dogs do show emotions. You can tell when they are happy, mad, sad, and etc.
One time I got badly sick and my dog (well one of them my other dog was just whining in the corner) was sad she always was next to me. (it was a long time ago though) And dogs can also "cry". I've seen some dogs cry and they don't have reverse sneezing.
And then there are the people saying "The Grandma is a Jew" or "The Dog Is Jew"
First, It's A Wolf Dog
Second, Why do people make fun/hate Jews?
Just because the religion or what?
I don't really understand why

sorry if my Grammer and spelling is bad I'm 12 lol even though I should have great grammer
Kidsa21 Gaming
'Kidsa21 Gaming' 4 weeks ago
This is so fucking sad
Daniel Cvetkovis
'Daniel Cvetkovis' 4 weeks ago
'DankerinoHD' 4 weeks ago
This is why dogs are better than cats.
Charlotte Cameron
'Charlotte Cameron' 1 month ago
That's so sad my dog has lost her brother and if we bring him up she cris
'Wolfvids' 1 month ago
Awww 😢
rainbow wings
'rainbow wings' 1 month ago
poor baby
Jessica Pfeiffer
'Jessica Pfeiffer' 1 month ago
I watched this thing called dogs crying over dead owners and I saw this 1 where a kid was standing right in front of his 14 yr old dogs dead body crying on his knees
Laura Xoxo
'Laura Xoxo' 1 month ago
Das ist wahre Liebe von Mensch und Tier 😭❤
jedes mal wenn ich mir dieses Video anschaue muss ich weinen 😭
Mr. X
'Mr. X' 1 month ago
Poor Joo granny was turned into soap and lampshades.
Annette Buthe
'Annette Buthe' 1 month ago
omg! this breaks my heart!
Doctor Zero
'Doctor Zero' 1 month ago
oh 😟... am sorry about that
Doctor Zero
'Doctor Zero' 1 month ago
oh 😟... am sorry about that
Hans Obersluetnent Joyian Lowe
poor moon moon
Ian Moone
'Ian Moone' 2 months ago
Oh my heart. Oh god my heart hurts. Nine seconds; nine seconds and I'm crying. I miss my dog.
'Kainlarsen' 2 months ago
I have them. :,(
JD 55
'JD 55' 2 months ago
Dogs don't cry like that...
'moshin14' 2 months ago
looks like she's just trying to hold her sneeze.
susi2 Susi2
'susi2 Susi2' 2 months ago
I know how hard it feels when you lose someone from your family. It's really hard.
phanic! at the disco
'phanic! at the disco' 2 months ago
Dylan Fowlie
'Dylan Fowlie' 2 months ago
maybe the dog saw humans crying and did it too , poor dog, sorry for your loss.
anisa nisa
'anisa nisa' 2 months ago
good doggi i love this dog
Haha Ahah
'Haha Ahah' 2 months ago
I saw a video saying this is reverse sneezing but from my experience with dogs and the way he seems to act I'm pretty sure this isn't reverse sneezing.
Suton Krachonsuk
'Suton Krachonsuk' 2 months ago
เข้ามาอ่านคอนเม้น ปรากฏว่า น้ำตาไหลครับ "ผมอ่านไม่ออก"
lizbeth Arevalo
'lizbeth Arevalo' 3 months ago
i feel so sorry for you guys
'tigertank909' 3 months ago
aw ;( i really really want to pet a wolf
Guardmn 7315
'Guardmn 7315' 3 months ago
Did Wiley know your grandma?
James Khelson Conceição
that's video broken my heart
'Belieber' 4 months ago
And some people continue to claim that "it's just a dog with no feelings". That's just heartless. Poor dog.
'TheBelleswan' 4 months ago
Also, please no more racist comments about Jews or Jew dogs. I am ethnically Jewish on my mom's side and do not appreciate such ignorance. Also, if you read about how Jews regard animals and how they treat them according to the laws in the Torah, you will soon discover that most Jews are kind to animals. This is because the Torah instructs them to do so and it is part of their spiritual code. Most peoples do not have a strict code that teaches such compassion and humanity to animals.
'TheBelleswan' 4 months ago
I believe your wolf is grieving. Once science advances enough for humans to understand wolves and dogs better, I believe that it will prove dogs and wolves have the same complex emotions and bonds that humans have. They are not less than humans; dogs and wolves are MORE than humans in my opinion. After all, dogs and wolves don't kill just for the fun of it like humans tend to do.
'FULD GULD' 4 months ago
This is soo SAD!
Destinee Monroe
'Destinee Monroe' 4 months ago
I Literally Searched This Video Just So I Could Cry... Omg😭😭😭 I Miss My Chyna😩 She Was Literally My Best Friend😭😭😭
Caroline Smale
'Caroline Smale' 4 months ago
I am so sorry for your loss. Also I am sorry for the unnecessary comments below insulting religions, beliefs and a person's grief. Dogs are known to be sensitive to their owner's emotions. At the very least, this sweet dog is sensing your grief and reacting to it. Some dogs can tell when someone has Cancer or going to have a seizure or even when someone's blood sugar is low. Why is it so hard to believe that this animal can sense grief and loss. I think that the 13, 288 likes here indicates that people are on your side. Your Wiley is beautiful.
Phillip Mccue
'Phillip Mccue' 4 months ago
Hi husky!!!
'Houstonfan95' 4 months ago
And dogs don't have emotions they say
'KailaTheCovertOne' 5 months ago
Super Derpy Sayian
'Super Derpy Sayian' 5 months ago
'SingleTax' 5 months ago
Science has proven that dogs feel essentially all the same emotions that a two-year old child feels. The snickering, basement-dwelling trolls who post insensitive comments on youtube -- and who are always pretending to an expertise they do not possess -- are apparently butt-hurt by this Why? No one knows for certain. Perhaps it's because they're unfeeling sociopaths, and so resent the fact that dogs are more human -- and are generally more loved -- than they are.
'FoxyPlays55' 5 months ago
I cry every time
Adriano G. V. Esposito
mike evans
'mike evans' 5 months ago
That's right. You can see the sadness. I've seen it before with my grandfathers dog when he passed.
'TheRomanRuler' 5 months ago
Somebody give that dog a long hug!
Bedroom Pianist
'Bedroom Pianist' 5 months ago
This comments' section just proves that dogs are kinder as a species than humans will ever be.
'SMILE!!!' 5 months ago
God, that voice just ruined the moment.
'AngelDog626' 6 months ago
Aww! I never knew a Knew a dog could cry. 😢
'MrHockeyPants100' 6 months ago
See, this just proves dogs can fell emotions
Hunter Ak47
'Hunter Ak47' 6 months ago
'Jessica' 6 months ago
i cri evertim
'HypnosisDotmn' 6 months ago
brought tears to my eyes.. i have had cats since i am a kid, some can be loving and some could care less, but the best one i had was a loving long hair named igor. funny story tho if i went on a vacation for a week and had a friend watch the cat.. upon my return the cat didn't even recognize me and follow my friend into the kitchen for food. walking right past me.. the cat literally had to look at me and remember what the deal was. lol.. he was always loving with me but leave him with another for even a week and upon returning he was like "who are you".. big difference between cats and dogs.. tho the cat i gave my ex would hide until she returned to get him so he was more attached.
mephisto phels
'mephisto phels' 6 months ago
so sad😣😦😭
juan pablo zepeda mardones
Poor Dog, most of cases animals are more faithful than human beings
'Prøphet' 6 months ago
Shit mate, I would be surprised if it even were a grave of their relatives, not a stranger's. This is clearly just a video for 2 second internet fame.
'Brian_Law' 6 months ago
I saw this on instagram 😣
Teddi Massaro
'Teddi Massaro' 6 months ago
I work with dogs he is 100% crying also want to say you have a very beautiful dog! absolutely perfect. ps. sorry for your loss:(
'Hater' 6 months ago
I guess I'm 3 years late.
Millie Marmite
'Millie Marmite' 6 months ago
Wolf crying over relative
Rob Kim
'Rob Kim' 6 months ago
Gladys must have been one beautiful soul. Sorry for your loss.
مرة اللسان
'مرة اللسان' 7 months ago
i wish "it" the best 😕 broke my heart
مرة اللسان
'مرة اللسان' 7 months ago
i wish "it" the best 😕 broke my heart
jeffrey schnier
'jeffrey schnier' 7 months ago
this absolutely broke my heart
Lukáš Pithart
'Lukáš Pithart' 7 months ago
WolfDog každému vrací tak, co si kdo zaslouží! Nejsou prodejní a jejich náklonnost, případně i oddanost si musí člověk skutečně zasloužit. Díky tomu mezi člověkem a Vlčákem vznikne neskutečně silné pouto! Tak silný vztah snad ani nevzniká mezi lidmi, kvůli tomu že jsou falešní. Přetvářku Vlčák netoleruje!
Vaše babička musela být neskutečně dobrá a moudrá žena!
Vlčáci neskutečně strádají nad ztrátou svého skutečného pána!
Doufám že váš wolf-dog našel ve své smečce plnohodnotnou náhradu za vaši Babičku...

Hezký den.
Kate Young
'Kate Young' 7 months ago
here for the comments.
Wubbleston Cumberdale
it's because the pinecone is there, he wouldn't be doing that if the pinecone was removed from its current position
'PsychodelicOne' 7 months ago
It's an emotional reaction, dogs are cognitive of life and death. Some dogs are certainly smarter than others, as goes w/ people. This dog, very smart.
king gamer 2sway
'king gamer 2sway' 7 months ago
1926. R.I.P
Crona Studios
'Crona Studios' 8 months ago
wolves and wolfdogs are smarter than regular dogs so he might understand that she's dead
Asa Holmes
'Asa Holmes' 8 months ago
Humans and Dogs. Best duo on Earth.
David Kearney
'David Kearney' 8 months ago
This is heart breaking.
Phillip Mccue
'Phillip Mccue' 8 months ago
(Caught Sobbing)
typical panda
'typical panda' 8 months ago
what kid of dog is that?
Sandra Bell
'Sandra Bell' 8 months ago
Utterly heartbreaking. Proof dogs feel human emotions such as sadness & grief x
Lisa Duong
'Lisa Duong' 8 months ago
David Nguyen
'David Nguyen' 8 months ago
reading the comments i have concluded how dumb society has become, the dog suffers from breathing problems and it does not have anything to do with the grave, the owner just puts him/her there to make a video, the fact that people are saying that this dog knows that "grandma" is down in that grave are disgusting
Goplet Karmah
'Goplet Karmah' 8 months ago
Not trying to be mean but I low key thought the title said Miley Cyrus over grandma
'MMØ GĀMĘS' 8 months ago
I didn't know animals cried
thebestbarrels 101
'thebestbarrels 101' 8 months ago
What kind of lowlife fuck would dislike this video?
Tyrannosaur Gaming
'Tyrannosaur Gaming' 8 months ago
That wolf must have had a great relationship with that grandmother
Sarkans Devistel
'Sarkans Devistel' 8 months ago
Poor baby
'Cronsax' 8 months ago
Riley Guinan
'Riley Guinan' 8 months ago
Thts not reverse sneezing lmao
Sebas Cervantes
'Sebas Cervantes' 8 months ago
OMG that's so fucking sad man.
Arman Abrahamyan
'Arman Abrahamyan' 8 months ago
Y'all are some retards how the fuck is a wolfdog whatever the fuck gonna know if a person is dead
Peach Dream
'Peach Dream' 8 months ago
so sad...😢
'Rocktum' 8 months ago
Cats are just natural wild animals and don't listen to human some might think they do, but they only come if you ring the foodbell and dogs are way more loyal and are able to listen and do things cats are just living pillows with claws and showing you attention when they're hungry.
Naimah White
'Naimah White' 8 months ago
'Farencius459' 8 months ago
Okay, what in the world is reverse sneezing?
'R TTT' 8 months ago
how is it even possible that a dog knows a tomb as its owners, this is silly, if it had been an actual dead person and the dog was grieving over it that would be one thing, but a dog doing something on a headstone where the supposed body is I am sure bones by now and 6 feet under is silly to think that is why it is "crying"
Santorini Arrezzi
'Santorini Arrezzi' 9 months ago
The 484 people that didn't like this video is fucking in human damn
Jadon Hobson
'Jadon Hobson' 9 months ago
its ok dont 😥
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