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Wolf loves to give kisses -
Published: 9 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 9 months ago

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This video features Tonk, the white and brown boy, and Mariah, the black phase girl. Tonk is a lower mid content wolfdog, and Mariah is a high content wolfdog. They are 12 years old and 13 years old respectively, but are both in great health and act years younger. Tonk can be skittish, and is less affectionate, but will sneak in an occasional kiss and loves to play. Mariah, on the other hand, greets me every time I come by with a wagging tail and loads of kisses. However, they are both highly fearful of strangers, and will hide from sight whenever someone new comes to the property. It took about 4 months of interaction before they trusted me enough to be pet, and they continue to grow more loving by the day. Wolves in the wild will express affection through licking, just like dogs. Unlike dogs, however, they often will include little nibbles with those kisses and lick the teeth of those they love. Those habits might sound disgusting, and even scary, but the beautiful thing about working with these animals is that you don't think about germs or dirt or any of the other things that constantly cross our mind. Instead you get to focus on one of Earth's most amazing animals, and every show of affection is a blessing, regardless of the germs or scratches or anything else it may entail.

Mandie John
'Mandie John' 5 days ago
Love wolves!!!🐺
Okami Jubei
'Okami Jubei' 2 weeks ago
seems Tonk is very shy about giving affections.
Mik Moen
'Mik Moen' 3 weeks ago
*Humans kiss, Wolves aren't Human.
Miguel Artica
'Miguel Artica' 2 months ago
My wolf-dog will not stop giving kisses he does it everyday!!!
'MrTaurenshaman' 2 months ago
Daaaaaw, their so handsome and pretty!
'tetrisclock' 2 months ago
I want to hug, kiss, and roll around with both of them! They look like such sweet wolfdogs.
Amanda Lee Dube
'Amanda Lee Dube' 2 months ago
that wolf has cow spots!
Lion Man
'Lion Man' 2 months ago
slather yourself in bacon grease..create a wolf army😎
Emmy Gray
'Emmy Gray' 2 months ago
so cute a rescue horse like that and other animals like that
Sarah Greene
'Sarah Greene' 3 months ago
I've never seen a wolf with that white and grey patterning before
Sarah Greene
'Sarah Greene' 3 months ago
I've never seen a wolf with that white and grey patterning before
Jazmen Clay
'Jazmen Clay' 4 months ago
'CidSilverwing' 5 months ago
Adorable floooofs >w<
MrMagoo Magoo
'MrMagoo Magoo' 5 months ago
They might eat you.
'eg6gsr' 6 months ago
My lower mid LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES to have his butt scratched. Ha that's all you need to do to become his best friend
'WolfieTheQueen' 6 months ago
Wolfs are my favorite wild animal😍😍
Black Wolf
'Black Wolf' 6 months ago
uhh i think those wolves are kinda tamed some way cuz a wolf wouldnt kiss ya and let i stroke it
Kinky Bagel
'Kinky Bagel' 6 months ago
Made meh smile;)
Alex Kuhn
'Alex Kuhn' 7 months ago
Stephen George
'Stephen George' 7 months ago
Sweet ......................... and subscribed ........................
superbluewolf YT
'superbluewolf YT' 7 months ago
so cute!!!
Luna The Wolf
'Luna The Wolf' 7 months ago
WOLVES R MY LIFE!!!!!! Howl!!!!!!!!
Aerin Draconis The Fox
This is so sweet. You're such a great person for caring about these animals.
Fred Tylor
'Fred Tylor' 8 months ago
those are not real wolves they must be wolf dog
Little Wolf savage Assassin Ramirez
I love wolfs
Sebas Cervantes
'Sebas Cervantes' 8 months ago
Look at that wolf butt lol
Rayne Belladonna
'Rayne Belladonna' 8 months ago
Loving their noses on the camera!
Robert Wheeler
'Robert Wheeler' 9 months ago
My dog Tries To get His Butt Scratched All day I sneak In some for Him :P
'drakous' 9 months ago
kisses that wolf just wanted to know what you tasted like before he put 30 holes in you
'AntekMc' 9 months ago
i like turtles
Al N
'Al N' 9 months ago
itchy bumm!!!!
Murad Ramazanov
'Murad Ramazanov' 9 months ago
if one of them starts being aggressive and bites you hard and starts eating you and theres blood everywhere, how will others react? will they join? protect you? just stare? im asking out of curiosity lol
Penelope Brainstorm
'Penelope Brainstorm' 9 months ago
You are the most luckiest woman ever to have these guys as your pals!😍
Jørgen Frøderberg Tvedt
I must aquire a wolf.
[GD]S h a d o w
'[GD]S h a d o w' 9 months ago
Luke Ferguson
'Luke Ferguson' 9 months ago
Please tell me how to get this job. This is the only work i could do that would make me happy. 😢
Drop Top
'Drop Top' 9 months ago
It surprises me she hasn't been bitten or Evan worse it's cool what she is doing but it surprises me that you can just walk outside and pet a Wolf your a great YouTuber and keep up the good work!!!!
'Malachy' 9 months ago
Oh. Mah. Gawsh. Really? Really!? REALLY!? I just found your channel, and all you do is hang with wolves!?!?! That. Is just. A DREAM! That is soooo awesome!
That is so sweet!
Gumey Gume
'Gumey Gume' 9 months ago
You are so lucky!!
Kerrie Jaxon
'Kerrie Jaxon' 9 months ago
Aww so beautiful😍
Channel T
'Channel T' 9 months ago
They're beautiful! Appreciate the descriptions along with the videos. Thanks :)
Juan garza
'Juan garza' 9 months ago
Where do you get them I do they let you keep them as pets I am curious
'Galaxy1004' 9 months ago
This is my new favorite channel
'luceatluxvestra1' 9 months ago
beautiful - you're so lucky! <3 :-)
Cal S
'Cal S' 9 months ago
awww cuuties !!!!
Rip shaggy dog and Nymeria
'Gonzesse' 9 months ago
So glad I subbed to this channel
Adam Ska
'Adam Ska' 9 months ago
am I the only one that's pleased not just because of the animals but also the girl's reaction? she seems so happy with them that it makes me genuinely smile
'DaniDonut' 9 months ago
This is adorable!
sarah polly
'sarah polly' 9 months ago
when I found this channel I just wanted to scream because my name is Sarah and I am in love with wolves
WolfGirl Yeah!
'WolfGirl Yeah!' 9 months ago
OMG I'm dying because is so CUTE!!😂
'D Q' 9 months ago
I fricken love these videos.
'Tardis_98' 9 months ago
These videos melt my heart every time...
Steve Walck
'Steve Walck' 9 months ago
awesome vid, you can see the love
pheonix leaf
'pheonix leaf' 9 months ago
"Hey dude how are you??!!"
"It's so great to see ya how ya been?!"
"Aye! Can you scratch my butt for me it's been killing me all day."

"Ok bye!"
"See ya later!"
Erick Hansen
'Erick Hansen' 9 months ago
You are such a pure, lovely spirit! 💙
'jabrilgilbert' 9 months ago
dude you are amazing lol. Because idk if i could do this.
Sergeant Amazing
'Sergeant Amazing' 9 months ago
Click click.
Philip Hutchinson
'Philip Hutchinson' 9 months ago
0:33 I feel like Tonk was all 'run with us hooman'
Fantastic Ray
'Fantastic Ray' 9 months ago
#wolves are epic
Maka Makes Art!
'Maka Makes Art!' 9 months ago
I love the white spotted one. Sooo cute!
'SanDeygo' 9 months ago
These videos always bring a smile to my face.
'HeWhoChills' 9 months ago
The white one is so beautiful.
'cedrik9' 9 months ago
suji you
'suji you' 9 months ago
so cute
'ANGELSPIDEY 1.0' 9 months ago
i meant first and cute
Misty the wolf
'Misty the wolf' 9 months ago
I love wolfs
'ANGELSPIDEY 1.0' 9 months ago
fist and cute
'CoyoteTheWolf' 9 months ago
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