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Password with Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon -
Published: 2 years ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 years ago

14, 867, 174 views

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Jimmy and Ellen team up against Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell in the game Password.

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Password with Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon

Jo Smith
'Jo Smith' 48 minutes ago
Like Ellen's danger word game!
Sudha Kumari
'Sudha Kumari' 7 hours ago
Amazing crowd.
'Meh' 16 hours ago
the dance always get me
Engelberth Blanco
'Engelberth Blanco' 21 hours ago
Steve Carell looks so old :c
Geeta Gelva
'Geeta Gelva' 24 hours ago
I was thinking of the joints in legs
Winston Knowitall
'Winston Knowitall' 2 days ago
Steve Carell looks a lot like John Oliver.
Do Do
'Do Do' 3 days ago
Steve Carell is what you call a DILF
Sophie Pop
'Sophie Pop' 3 days ago
their dance at the end ugh i love them
'lisarenee3505' 3 days ago
These Password games are so ridiculous because everyone playing can freaking hear the guy say "the password is [password]"... but they're still entertaining in a "professional wrestling" kind of way. You know it's all fake, but it's still fun to watch.
'verbw002' 4 days ago
"Joint" Why did no one think of "elbow" or "knee"?
Josh Nelson
'Josh Nelson' 4 days ago
Steve get off the comment section. I have seen like 5 of your accounts commenting how "hot" you are.
Marzia Felix
'Marzia Felix' 5 days ago
My first thought when I saw Reese Witherspoon was, " ELLE WOODS?!?!!!?!??"
Abdelrahman ELgaly
Reese is so beautiful <3
Jessica Free
'Jessica Free' 1 week ago
ellen and jimmy are great together.
Koky Koky
'Koky Koky' 1 week ago
did reese or steve win the awards?
Tye Dutcher
'Tye Dutcher' 1 week ago
I love Steve Carell's laugh so much!
'Crybabe' 1 week ago
ellen and Jimmy..iconic😂
Vanya Gargya
'Vanya Gargya' 1 week ago
I love their victory dance. haha.
'Camilla's Vibes' 2 weeks ago
Magdalena Dziubacka
'Magdalena Dziubacka' 2 weeks ago
Jimmy Fallon + Ellen DeGeneres = perfect team :D
temerener ayatai
'temerener ayatai' 2 weeks ago
i got so triggered watching foxcatcher...wellplayed well played
Chloé Grob
'Chloé Grob' 2 weeks ago
when it was the second round with soprano when the letter was being handed over to steve reese accidentally looked at it and they still used the same letter so i think she might have cheated
augusto martinez
'augusto martinez' 2 weeks ago
What's the firts word Ellen said?
Mermaid MSP
'Mermaid MSP' 2 weeks ago
GINA'S LAST WORDS "happy MartiGras Helen"
Crystal Marasli79
'Crystal Marasli79' 3 weeks ago
Reese cheated.
Toni Yu
'Toni Yu' 3 weeks ago
why did ellen seem offended with revlon?
Sarai Gradeless
'Sarai Gradeless' 3 weeks ago
Reese - "makeup."
Steve - "REVLON???"
Ellen's reaction - 😒😒😒
Steve - "WAIT, COVER GIRL!!!!!"
😂😂😂😂😂 I'M DEAD!!!
Vignesh Rangaraj
'Vignesh Rangaraj' 3 weeks ago
When he said Jimmy, Steve, all I could think of was Shameless! THAT BASTARD
Becca Gray
'Becca Gray' 3 weeks ago
At 3:09 she legit looks at the card, but then acts like she just "knew what it was"
girls fun
'girls fun' 3 weeks ago
reese was fake and annoying steve is handsome and adorable and chill ellen was so sweet to go with the flow i loved how she got up and started dancing to not embarrass jimmy and i love how jimmy always plays seriously the games he is enjoyable to watch
girls fun
'girls fun' 3 weeks ago
blush they could've said embarrased and shy and cheeks c'mon rouge and make up for men is hard
Eternal Rose
'Eternal Rose' 3 weeks ago
Jimmy's hair looks good here!
xRainbow _ Knightx
'xRainbow _ Knightx' 3 weeks ago
For joint I just would have said doobie XD
Bari Ashlyn
'Bari Ashlyn' 3 weeks ago
I love all these guests ♡♡♡
Anish Nanda
'Anish Nanda' 3 weeks ago
Reese looked at the card, Savage 😂
Yuval Edry
'Yuval Edry' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only one that saw Reese looking at the password at 3:16?!!
Avika Ness
'Avika Ness' 4 weeks ago
I love this group
'GRAHARRY' 4 weeks ago
I think most of u guys were on Ellen and jimmy's team
Lord Aku
'Lord Aku' 4 weeks ago
wheres reeses spoon?
Aman Lal
'Aman Lal' 4 weeks ago
WHY was she angry tho?
Sam Arora
'Sam Arora' 4 weeks ago
ask Kristen wiig to play mindy here!!!!!!!!!
Abdullahi Ali
'Abdullahi Ali' 4 weeks ago
Would love to see Mike Tyson play Pathword
Riley Cronk
'Riley Cronk' 4 weeks ago
They all look so pale except Steve!🤣
#OneDirection _niallhoran#
That little happy dance in the end made me smile 😀
Abhishek Bhardwaj
'Abhishek Bhardwaj' 4 weeks ago
@2:10 Steve:What are the rules?😅😅😅😅😅😅
Faith Idelson
'Faith Idelson' 4 weeks ago
when reese said cheeks i thought rosie odonnell
jaay mousey
'jaay mousey' 4 weeks ago
When Ellen said pot had me dying
Bella Shultz
'Bella Shultz' 1 month ago
They were so happy at the end lol
'MrJizzleman' 1 month ago
2:20 The Password is "Booty" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Traylor Svift wonderland.
Jimmy Steve, hopefully some will understand
Adub Htown
'Adub Htown' 1 month ago
Ellen the generous.
Adub Htown
'Adub Htown' 1 month ago
what a line up.
'Gilsz WARRIOR' 1 month ago
gandolfini works with carell tahts why he'll think of tony quickly
Courtney Fox
'Courtney Fox' 1 month ago
Steve Carell at 6:48 I'm crying...
Robert Swinda
'Robert Swinda' 1 month ago
Watch jimmy every time they say the pass phrase out loud. So set up
Mel T
'Mel T' 1 month ago
6:51 omg the best part 😍😍 god I love ellen
Mel T
'Mel T' 1 month ago
Reese and Ellen 😍😍 Too much awesomeness in one vid
'thecrazymaniac' 1 month ago
Did any one notice someone ripped ass at 6:08
'QueenKay' 1 month ago
"Spleef" 😭😭😭I'm crying
akshitha bandaru
'akshitha bandaru' 1 month ago
the dance at the end 😥😂😂😂😥😥😉hahaaaaa
Hannah Nguyen
'Hannah Nguyen' 1 month ago
What did steve say that offended ellen??
zac denious
'zac denious' 1 month ago
all 5 of their names are 5 letters long
Siti Amirah
'Siti Amirah' 2 months ago
Is anyone not gonna talk bout how jimmy got up when they introduced to the guest while ellen is sitting down like a boss??
Jessica Wheeler
'Jessica Wheeler' 2 months ago
Ellen looks younger in 2017 then in 2015..
'mraustinl90' 2 months ago
Mr.scott is behaving him self very well
Fares yones
'Fares yones' 2 months ago
Am I the only one who noticed that Reese Witherspoon saw the word soprano
farah werghui
'farah werghui' 2 months ago
ellen ❤
Jimmy Antaki
'Jimmy Antaki' 2 months ago
I feel like saying elbow would've been so much easier to interpret lol
toxic3333 restourlives
I love Michael Scott
'Gabster!' 2 months ago
Legally Blond- Reese and Steve Look so good together.
Dora T.
'Dora T.' 2 months ago
Reese is my favorite
Théo Burle
'Théo Burle' 2 months ago
Reese Withoutherspoon
leila katayama
'leila katayama' 2 months ago
Nice play
'mougabo' 2 months ago
why did they celebrated? they tide the game.....
Beauty Base
'Beauty Base' 2 months ago
Is it just me or did Ellen look really old in this video ?!
Jennifer Gallego
'Jennifer Gallego' 2 months ago
I dont get this game, do you say a word that could probably match the "password"
'Liv's Life' 2 months ago
'Ellen is one of the most fabulous persons' honey it's people not persons ahhhh
Steve H
'Steve H' 2 months ago
what is the roots song that comes at the end ?? its sound very nice
Haroon Baiqra
'Haroon Baiqra' 2 months ago
Lol what if he's like we're gonna get this
answer Higgins: nope your wrong
Lemony Snicket
'Lemony Snicket' 2 months ago
didnt even notice ellen said 'pot' lol
Sawsan Hawi
'Sawsan Hawi' 2 months ago
i liked before even watching 😍😍
Tuesday Wang
'Tuesday Wang' 2 months ago
What's a spleef?
'AlmostEmily' 2 months ago
steve is such a cutie
jajajjajajaja Ellen y Jimmy espectaculars
Gabbi S
'Gabbi S' 2 months ago
Just once I want the, to actually make the score say like 6-1,004
jonathon lesko
'jonathon lesko' 2 months ago
Wish Dwight was here
Anuja Chatterjee
'Anuja Chatterjee' 2 months ago
Ellen's expression is priceless when Jimmy guesses tge 1st word...i love her!
Coffee Addict
'Coffee Addict' 2 months ago
Sarah Sterly
'Sarah Sterly' 2 months ago
When I paused it was at 1:23
Sarah Sterly
'Sarah Sterly' 2 months ago
Do cabbage3
Kyreanna Griffen
'Kyreanna Griffen' 2 months ago
Ellen always has her tea cup on hand 🐸☕☕☕
Kyreanna Griffen
'Kyreanna Griffen' 2 months ago
Reese is sooo cute and country
DIY Princess
'DIY Princess' 2 months ago
She looked at the card she cheeted
Seif Ayman
'Seif Ayman' 2 months ago
why did ellen feel offended
Jessica O
'Jessica O' 2 months ago
This is a SQUAD!!
CarissaJia Yee
'CarissaJia Yee' 2 months ago
I dont get it booty ? call ?
Niya Alsina
'Niya Alsina' 2 months ago
Jimmy ; Weed Ellen : Pot I DIED
Nikhil Sukumar
'Nikhil Sukumar' 2 months ago
Reese is so boring sorry to say. God knows what people see in her. Her hair and eyes are beautiful though.
'sushi0513' 2 months ago
They should've said together for joint after weed was said
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