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Password with Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon -
Published: 2 years ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 years ago

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Jimmy and Ellen team up against Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell in the game Password.

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Password with Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon

João Vitor Cabral da Cunha
Ellen Degeneres is the Mick Foley of show business.
Jacob Jordan
'Jacob Jordan' 15 hours ago
Ellen is from Metairie not New Orleans
'doc52901' 1 day ago
Julia Steinbrecher
Bombshell Health
'Bombshell Health' 3 days ago
this is hilarious!!
Mia Monroe
'Mia Monroe' 4 days ago
Their dance...LOOL
Janet Castillo
'Janet Castillo' 6 days ago
This is the best combo
Diana A
'Diana A' 1 week ago
i always wonder how they make fun of the one who's saying 'the password is..' and how is it that the ones who aren't supposed to hear don't hear it SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME
'ThatsTWOSimple' 1 week ago
i started laughing so loud and its 3:56 am
Arianna Cecilyn Faylona
I don't get why in the first one Ellen said call
Olufikayomi Olumuyide
When they said booty , my first thought I was expecting Ellen to say is Kardashian
Crystal Marasli79
'Crystal Marasli79' 1 week ago
Reese cheated she saw steves card thinking it was her one 🤦🏽‍♀️
Maria Karla Gonzalez
reese is like the cutest bubbliest person ever
Ronda Witt
'Ronda Witt' 2 weeks ago
ED..a great hoot...loved her happy dance
D i
'D i' 2 weeks ago
Im in love with Steve's glasses.Can some1 tell me his glasses mark?
Star Star
'Star Star' 2 weeks ago
cant stand fallon or his announcer
Doina Neculcea
'Doina Neculcea' 2 weeks ago
Ellen and jimmy together are gold😂
'Chloe' 2 weeks ago
steve carell and reese look like they're parents going to meet the teacher night
Taylor Swift
'Taylor Swift' 2 weeks ago
omg their dance!!
Elise Aerts
'Elise Aerts' 2 weeks ago
right penalty totally shqoaol both viewer modify.
Kiki Joshua
'Kiki Joshua' 2 weeks ago
Lol steve carrell the man who became a meme
may mimi
'may mimi' 2 weeks ago
am i the only one who thinks Reece saw thé word supreno ?!?
Youtuber 777
'Youtuber 777' 3 weeks ago
Pause at 6:42 look at jimmy's face, then play it n watch that bit
Bianca Nathan
'Bianca Nathan' 3 weeks ago
If "roll' failed, I had a backup keyword; "burger"! lol
Blend Gashi
'Blend Gashi' 3 weeks ago
If you look at ellen and steve you can see that they look a lot like
A Lane
'A Lane' 3 weeks ago
I love Steve. He's so cute! 😍😊
Iva Rubix
'Iva Rubix' 3 weeks ago
why did elen get effendent (idk how to spell it) at 4:11
Guyin Cognito
'Guyin Cognito' 4 weeks ago
Reece is to wholesome to get joint lol
dana pat
'dana pat' 4 weeks ago
Ellen speaks with eyes.
'micsgreen23' 4 weeks ago
god! i really hate when jimmy wins, such a pathetic winner
Ravi singh
'Ravi singh' 4 weeks ago
Wtf you could have said point and then show the fucking albow
Sil Hoekstra
'Sil Hoekstra' 4 weeks ago
nice reading of the autocue there guyssss 😂
Klára Leblochová
'Klára Leblochová' 1 month ago
I love the weed-pot part :DD
Lila Schmitt
'Lila Schmitt' 1 month ago
Giant dialogue corn nor cycle bind tough cause
Silke van Buskirk
'Silke van Buskirk' 1 month ago
Stop gallery presidential advertising face.
'Z-PotatoAgar' 1 month ago
Steve looks like John Oliver.
Christopher Clarke
'Christopher Clarke' 1 month ago
3:09 she cheated lol 😂
'HowlTimeGaming' 1 month ago
All the steve carrel memes
'LuffiAce' 1 month ago
jimmy is so fake
Le Afromage
'Le Afromage' 1 month ago
The force is with me and I fear nothing
'Wilkong' 1 month ago
What was happening at 4:12?
'deniz' 1 month ago
Wouldn't it be cool if Steve's name tag said "Scranton, PA"
Juliana Linge (Julianasmusic)
Tony Pascale
'Tony Pascale' 1 month ago
Cant everyone hear the password including jimmy fallon and the guests?
'OTDLD' 1 month ago
it's spliff not spleef lol
Harry Clayton
'Harry Clayton' 1 month ago
Steve is such a nice guy
Jennifer Luna
'Jennifer Luna' 1 month ago
The black eye shape thing behind Higgins is not even/in the center, couldn't enjoy video:(.
Kayla Feldhamer
'Kayla Feldhamer' 1 month ago
I love Ellen and Jimmys dance at 6:46
Nihal Joshi
'Nihal Joshi' 1 month ago
Lol my first guess to "Tony" would be Stark..
Priyokumar Ningthoujam
Love Ellen.
Itz JustMe
'Itz JustMe' 1 month ago
Anyone else notice that Ellen was the only one with a cup of water
'roger' 1 month ago
drop me a like if you hate ellen
TheBigBang Studios
'TheBigBang Studios' 1 month ago
Strip joint?
'LucyInNightmares1' 1 month ago
Are we going to talk about how Reese cheated?
'VanillaWafer37' 1 month ago
Michael Scott!
'Shortyboogs' 1 month ago
'vetis24' 1 month ago
i think right as ellen heard "spleeef" she new what the word was haha
Tolu Puplove
'Tolu Puplove' 1 month ago
Too hilarious!!!!
'mshev100' 1 month ago
...but it was a tie.
'Thisisbb1' 2 months ago
4:10, that sounds like a diss? then all the crap... "say cover girl, say cover girl" what happened?
'pur3stownage' 2 months ago
I'm crying that was so funny
Ashleey Pless
'Ashleey Pless' 2 months ago
anyone else starring at Jimmy's name tag coming off?
Emily Smith
'Emily Smith' 2 months ago
I would've said elbow for joint
Rachel Gn
'Rachel Gn' 2 months ago
ugh reese is so fake ... she puts on this peppy face but it just looks very PUT ON. so uncomfortable to watch when people are that unnatural.
'barbieivy' 2 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂 love it
You and Me
'You and Me' 2 months ago
I love all these people but I thought it would be more competitive.
Kelly Blaine
'Kelly Blaine' 2 months ago
Is it sad that when they had Joint I though of elbow/knee and joint bank account...
Daniel He
'Daniel He' 2 months ago
Favorite talk show hosts
'SpaceClown404' 2 months ago
Reese is soooooo cute
'MzCaribbeauty' 2 months ago
I would have said shy for blush
Aleksander Järvinen
'Aleksander Järvinen' 2 months ago
okay but the fact that Reese looks the exact same way she did when she was on friends is incredible
Pascualina Díaz
'Pascualina Díaz' 2 months ago
What's the name of the host?
astrid senko
'astrid senko' 2 months ago
I love Ellen and Jimmy..
Austin Harris
'Austin Harris' 2 months ago
did steve reject jimmys handshake lol
Linds Tee
'Linds Tee' 2 months ago
ellen is so cute :) all these games are great for parties!
Andrew Choo
'Andrew Choo' 2 months ago
For joint, Steve should have said "knee"
'BlitzyRPG' 2 months ago
Star Star
'Star Star' 2 months ago
"Covergirl" 😂😂😂
'vliquid' 2 months ago
Edmund Liu
'Edmund Liu' 2 months ago
those silly dance in the end by those two top hosts are just priceless. These two probably own daytime and night time show market in separate
Freenas 48
'Freenas 48' 2 months ago
Jimmy and Ellen should have a show together ❤️🦄
Kurby Pinky
'Kurby Pinky' 2 months ago
Rpa Ralte
'Rpa Ralte' 2 months ago
they are all really smart!
Lexxi Lockdown
'Lexxi Lockdown' 2 months ago
5:59-6:03 had me WEAK oh my god lol
'thefairplayer' 2 months ago
that failed handshake 1:29
R Uchiha
'R Uchiha' 2 months ago
I don't get the "diss"
'J C' 2 months ago
That Steve is hella sexy
Phayou Thanoulith
'Phayou Thanoulith' 2 months ago
i don't know why i'm clapping along like i'm there in person, must be binge watching too much.
'Tayranno' 2 months ago
Steve Carrell is so normal. It's so weird.
Jimmy Rustles
'Jimmy Rustles' 2 months ago
I wish Reese Witherspoon would look at me like that ._.
Audrea Sanderson
'Audrea Sanderson' 2 months ago
reese with-her-spoon.
Dominic Rochon
'Dominic Rochon' 2 months ago
This sucks
Ro Ma
'Ro Ma' 2 months ago
i don`t understand this game because there is this advert which says the word before they guess what the password is, but when they can hear it they know the word and then the game doesn´t make any sense.
Pallavi Pradhan
'Pallavi Pradhan' 2 months ago
Ellen looks a bit old here.
Bailey Howton
'Bailey Howton' 2 months ago
Nick Suda
'Nick Suda' 2 months ago
Ellen and Steve make the same face when they laugh.
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