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Hillary Clinton Cold Open - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

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Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) says she has nothing to hide in her emails and that this scandal won't stop her from becoming president, if she decides to run.

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Zaid Khan (ZK)
'Zaid Khan (ZK)' 4 days ago
lol loved it, btw did she mean Lana Del Rey by Elizabeth, lizzy?
Richard McArthur
'Richard McArthur' 1 week ago
Ths is not pro-clinton.
Paul Marks
'Paul Marks' 1 week ago
Actually 33 thousand of Hillary Clinton's e,mails were never released.
George Donaldson
'George Donaldson' 2 weeks ago
Genius. She's so talented .....
Shane Linder
'Shane Linder' 2 weeks ago
'TCt83067695' 1 month ago
Poor thing.
She never stood a chance
Jenny Yue Jin
'Jenny Yue Jin' 1 month ago
I love this Hilary.
'ThatSpyGuy' 2 months ago
I bet this chick thought she had a job for 4 years while Hillary was president to play her in skits. Lol.
'ThunderboltTangerine' 2 months ago
House of Cards LMAO -- She literally is Clair Underwood
Colton Gropp
'Colton Gropp' 2 months ago
ascend to prison trump wins XD
Cat Lessons
'Cat Lessons' 2 months ago
Kate, you rule.
Faken Name
'Faken Name' 2 months ago
She couldn't survive the Trump Tsunami.
Saravana Kumar
'Saravana Kumar' 2 months ago
The best thing to come out of the 2016 elections is Kate McKinnon's Hillary-ous skits! 😂
'Redbougainvilia' 2 months ago
Lols... Spot on.
Maria Callous
'Maria Callous' 2 months ago
she's much older than 67...mid 70s I think.  I guess she wanted to appear younger while running for office.  She'd have been 80 at end of first term.  She's part of the Beat (beatnik gen) generation.  She's not a baby boomer thank god.  Before that were the big band gen and before that were the flappers and coonskin coats. fyi  all they do is lie .. you don't even know  the first pres of the usa nor how many moons earth has...
Aaron Howard
'Aaron Howard' 2 months ago
0:55 That apparently was how Hillary Clinton goes down
Mike H
'Mike H' 2 months ago
different perspective now that trump won
Marcus Oliveira Spiegelman
The eternal runner
Violet Hunter
'Violet Hunter' 2 months ago
Thomas Cropper
'Thomas Cropper' 2 months ago
Actually the emails were part of the reason she went down
Alex Denouy
'Alex Denouy' 2 months ago
but Hillary you lost! idot
Magitroopa (luigistar11)
"this scandal won't stop her from becoming president" Welp. I'm happy Trump beat her.
'zucchini2007' 2 months ago
Hillary had Jay Z and Beyoncé at one of her rallies! I'll be waiting for SNL to do another skit about that! 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
'zucchini2007' 2 months ago
Ding dong the witch is dead!
'ZoetZout' 2 months ago
Oh Kate, you're perfect!
'contactlisa1' 2 months ago
her 'romantic' email to Bill is HILARIOUS. McKinnon is the BEST
Newman Newmanz
'Newman Newmanz' 3 months ago
HILLARY NUCLEAR war with RUSSIA won't be so funny.
Mini Mayhem
'Mini Mayhem' 3 months ago
How is she still in this? How is Donald still in this?
Anosia Gyasi
'Anosia Gyasi' 3 months ago
Jude Abijah
'Jude Abijah' 3 months ago
I died at 2:32 XD
yo Kennedy
'yo Kennedy' 3 months ago
love you, Kate
'TheAubrey777' 3 months ago
in HISTORYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY...."if I choose to run, idk" gotta love Kate.
trolldevil dean
'trolldevil dean' 3 months ago
Kate as Hillary or Tina Fey as Sarah Palin for President?
Kayleigh Chapman
'Kayleigh Chapman' 3 months ago
got to lova Kate 😁 😂 I love her so much
Jason Milton
'Jason Milton' 3 months ago
Hillary for President!!! Please lead us America needs you!!! Hillary2016 &2020!!!
'zucchini2007' 3 months ago
Dear Sir or Madam? 😂👏🏼👏🏼
Deepthi Inamdar
'Deepthi Inamdar' 3 months ago
Kate you are truly fabulous!
StarFall Studios
'StarFall Studios' 3 months ago
love how whenever they tease trump the trump fans get butt-hurt, and when they tease Hillary the Hillary voters just laugh along.

But I know why.

Trump Voters: Hillary Sucks
Hillary Voters: Hillary Sucks
ROOSTER439 Fractured3
if only they could revise the skit now that we know what was in the emails
'xXL3g3NdLaloXx' 3 months ago
"AND claim my rightful Place, IN HISTORYYYYYYYYYY
IF I choose to run! I don't know!"

GOD I love Kate so much
Wednesday Party
'Wednesday Party' 3 months ago
I'd vote for this actresses
Blue Gossip
'Blue Gossip' 3 months ago
" a phoenix...nay, like a hillary clinton..."
Jenelle Hanson
'Jenelle Hanson' 3 months ago
Am I the only one who noticed the tan flower on the chair, I can't stop looking omg! O.o
Rafael Bernal
'Rafael Bernal' 3 months ago
Kate really nailed Hilary's psycho personallity
Yoeri De Sloovere
'Yoeri De Sloovere' 3 months ago
oh wow that was weird, right before the video started a "chips ahoy" ad played with Kenan (from Snl) as the voice over 😅
'LevelUpGaming' 3 months ago
She drastically improved on acting as Hillary! Right now she is on fire!
'Spechie' 3 months ago
The fucking laugh she does is gr8
Pr D
'Pr D' 3 months ago
"My brain was just a little speck." hahaha
Danail Marinov
'Danail Marinov' 3 months ago
I really love the faces Kate McKinnon makes as Hillary. It's like she wants to eat your face. XD
justsomegirl Martinez
Hi, my name is Deborah and I love SNL so much, and I want to make sure everyone can enjoy it too. That's why I wanted to let you know that there aren't any caption options for this video at all. When you get a chance, could you fix that? That'll help the 360 million people globally who rely on closed captions to understand and enjoy your videos. Thank you, SNL is awesome!
Glazier Blue
'Glazier Blue' 3 months ago
Can't you just have this actress as your President?
'MadnessInIsolation' 3 months ago
"This is not how Hillary Clinton goes down"
Apparently she's right! Not even the release of her emails through Wikileaks showing the corruption and scandal can bring her down. Why? Because some people would rather see the First Female President than have health care for all. The desire or agenda of some people out weigh the needs of many. Good job America! We totally fucked this one up!
DJ Singh
'DJ Singh' 3 months ago
lol omg so crazy her eyes
Jonah Gorenstein
'Jonah Gorenstein' 3 months ago
I love how trump supporters are the only ones triggered by bias
Brandon Martinez
'Brandon Martinez' 3 months ago
oh damn, i love that girl!!!
Ruan Human
'Ruan Human' 3 months ago
Oh Kate, you are a gem!!!
Jess In Comments
'Jess In Comments' 3 months ago
Well the illuminati will make sure that this whore be the next president. The signs is right in people's faces. Is too sad that this bitch and her pedophile husband are going to be in charge of the USA. Couldn't they choose any other satanists?
Zoe Dean
'Zoe Dean' 3 months ago
She keeps saying there nothing in the emails then just release the damn emails don't make the Russians do it
Benny Boy
'Benny Boy' 3 months ago
Awesome impersonation. Surprisingly accurate.
Mart P
'Mart P' 3 months ago
like a burnt crust. the shows stinks!
'just4mygrl' 3 months ago
Love her! hilarious and beautiful.
'Anonymous' 3 months ago
I hate Hillary Clinton but love Kate McKinnon
Esther Rose
'Esther Rose' 3 months ago
Hey, are viewers allowed to add captions to this video? If not, SNL should add captions. Deaf people have a sense of humor too.
Joel Hernandez-Pantin
Kate McKinnon. Best thing that ever happened to SNL.
Lilitha Bolani
'Lilitha Bolani' 4 months ago
'MrSchemltz' 4 months ago
It seems like Sat Night Live is the Kate show pretty much ... The rest of the cast is ok
Susan Harman
'Susan Harman' 4 months ago
I was so happy when kate won the emmy. she is amazing
bad little chick
'bad little chick' 4 months ago
dog lamp??!
'RyanX1231' 4 months ago
Kate McKinnon's Hillary reminds me of Invader Zim, for some reason.
'JesusGodHolySpirit3' 4 months ago
Shoot trying to swallow juice while laughing - it's hard.
Donkey Arsene
'Donkey Arsene' 4 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if the Dems sent out Kate McKinnon in Hillary's place for the debate against Trump.
'AndreSaysHello' 5 months ago
She actually ended up lying about her emails....
Beatriz Moreno
'Beatriz Moreno' 5 months ago
At least we know one good thing that'll come if she becomes president. Just imagine all the jokes...

[please do not start political discussion over this comment, it's a joke, I'm joking]
FluxMaster Flex
'FluxMaster Flex' 5 months ago
Lol! Nice. I knew she was going for President back in 90s when she didnt divorce Bill for his...indiscretions
Johnnyton Da man
'Johnnyton Da man' 5 months ago
I frickin love this woman
ciam ryan
'ciam ryan' 5 months ago
She's more like Hillary Clinton than Hillary Clinton.
Rene Mendoza
'Rene Mendoza' 5 months ago
her laugh 😂😂😂😂😂
'LJ B' 5 months ago
Dear Sir or Madam,
'BluesHonkey' 6 months ago
Hillary is so awesome. God I love her. Awesome impression by Kate. So much love shows through. 😍👸🏼🐴
'Hypercube9' 6 months ago
Hillary NEVER!!!!
Loveliness DePinto
'Loveliness DePinto' 6 months ago
lizi spittle (help me order fries)
sounds so good when kate says my name
Vlad Sicoe
'Vlad Sicoe' 6 months ago
My God, that laugh kilss me!!! :))))))
Olivia Dweck
'Olivia Dweck' 6 months ago
Kate McKinnon is truly amazing.
'tazz' 6 months ago
Top 3 Favorite People In The World:

1. Ellen DeGeneres
2. Portia de Rossi
3. Kate McKinnon

ellie russell
'ellie russell' 6 months ago
Kate can I marry you please😍😍
Full Nelson TV
'Full Nelson TV' 6 months ago
Nailed it..... Narcissistic, Psychopathic Hillary..... Career Criminal in a pantsuit....
Holy Atheist
'Holy Atheist' 6 months ago
She makes Hillary seem more likable to me
Veraque Intueri
'Veraque Intueri' 6 months ago
that's right Hillary✊🌟✨🌟🌟✨🌟🌟✨🌟✨💫✨✨💫💫🎈✨
Thomas Burke
'Thomas Burke' 7 months ago
This is still too accurate... maybe more so now
Unicorn Pizza
'Unicorn Pizza' 7 months ago
This is even funnier now tbh
Miss Mitzi
'Miss Mitzi' 7 months ago
I love the little ad lib the actors do every now and then.
Connie Kowalewski
'Connie Kowalewski' 7 months ago
team trump
'Aries/SanDiego' 7 months ago
Too Band the Real Thing Isn't as Good!
Robert Tomko
'Robert Tomko' 7 months ago
If Hillary win's, we've got the best comedy fodder for the next 8 years.
'yay4johnny5' 7 months ago
OMG she is the best thing about SNL! I couldn't stop crying
Daniel Treacy
'Daniel Treacy' 7 months ago
"Dear Sir or Madam" 😂
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