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Clemson's Game Winning Drive | 2017 National Championship Game -
Published: 4 months ago By: CFBLights

By: CFBLightsPublished: 4 months ago

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Clemson's final drive to beat Alabama in the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

David GM
'David GM' 4 months ago
im sorry #4,you have to go to cleveland browns hahahaha
'SnitchesonHitlist' 4 months ago
I got some elephant ivory for sale! $5 a tusk!
'Tygher' 4 months ago
Roll Tears Roll.
Dom vlogs
'Dom vlogs' 4 months ago
that was close
Jamie McCaslin
'Jamie McCaslin' 4 months ago
LMAO all that talk about getting revenge for last season and redemption for giving up over 400 yards and they let it happen AGAIN except this time they gave up the game winning TD
'Zerpician' 4 months ago
Offensive pass interference? No? Ok. Clemson wins.
Big Mucci The LineDancer
I'm surprised no one gave #3. the wide receiver credit for his block that opened up the winning touchdown. beautiful block... thats all I have to say.
darealgoat 2
'darealgoat 2' 4 months ago
Alabama lost and scored 31 points
The warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the finals
'MrZRACER' 4 months ago
that williams guy has it. I hope my team gets him if he ever goes pro.
t flo
't flo' 4 months ago
great game and exciting finish..not a fan of either team so pointing out the obvious illegal pick on the game winning touchdown isn't sour grapes merely a statement of fact..really should've been called to set up the tying FG attempt..
Zach Boyer
'Zach Boyer' 4 months ago
what a good game
ashley baird
'ashley baird' 4 months ago
Deshaun Watson there aren't words to describe him last drive against the best Defense this is were LEAGEN are born
Alex Palmer
'Alex Palmer' 4 months ago
The Ref Cheated to help clemson by calling Pass interference on Alabama and giving Clemson a really good chance for a touchdown, We won 31-28 Fucking cheaters
Darnita Mar
'Darnita Mar' 4 months ago
The kicker was going please don't put this on me please don't put this on me lmbo
Mark L
'Mark L' 4 months ago
Have been a Clemson fan since 1977. When they won the national title in 1981, wondered if the Tigers would ever win one again. They came close in 2015, but the 2016 squad did it. Great job guys. But to all of you Alabama fans, your team may have lost, but the Tide played a great game as well. Saban will have Alabama ready for another run in 2017. Would not surprised to see the Tide in the 2017 title game. Clemson may reload and make another run next year as well. But now is time to celebrate the Tigers' win. Go Clemson. For I bleed orange.
James Jones
'James Jones' 4 months ago
what a game
David H
'David H' 4 months ago
Alabama players did not show much sportsmanship after the game. They should have shook hands and congratulated Clemson. They mostly acted poorly and walked off. A few did stay around and tried to show good sportsmanship. Clemson coach and players are a class act.
Beo Wulf
'Beo Wulf' 4 months ago
I'm amazed that Renfrow and the other receiver didn't run into each other on that crossover. Good for them and good for Clemson.
soap_ legends
'soap_ legends' 4 months ago
because I'm salty they beat wvu
Lexstell ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Isn't this copyright
shandrea brinson
'shandrea brinson' 4 months ago
clemson my favorte team
Nancy Rahily
'Nancy Rahily' 4 months ago
What a finish !!!
Aron Mendez
'Aron Mendez' 4 months ago
Looked a little like the final drive of Pittsburgh's Christmas game. Good job to Clemson
'LocitoDaKid' 4 months ago
Was the final touchdown done on a illegal pick play?
Kilee Holt
'Kilee Holt' 4 months ago
deshawn is going to the browns but he is going to be a bust
Kilee Holt
'Kilee Holt' 4 months ago
playoffs rigged Clemson will not do good next year because they loose deshawn Watson there only good player
Pink Swagger
'Pink Swagger' 4 months ago
Hey Avret. Mike Williams just mossed you!
'Peyton_L' 4 months ago

I knew this way before I said this
Grant Le Bon
'Grant Le Bon' 4 months ago
This game can be summed up in 2 words: HUNTER RENFROW
Jeff Allen
'Jeff Allen' 4 months ago
Clemson isn't even good at college football.😊
Gaming History Source
An amazing game & a nail biter all the way to the end. In my humble opinion, both teams are equal & both deserved victory. And being a Clemson fan. That is a hard admission. I know my dad would have been going nuts watching this game if He were alive today.

Even after Clemson's loss last year. We were still proud of how they did. Can't wait to see what NFL team stakes a claim on Deshaun Watson. I predict a long & productive career ahead & very well deserved. Clemson will miss him.
Nona Yabuisness
'Nona Yabuisness' 4 months ago
Remember when Bama fans were saying their team would beat the 01 Hurricanes? Yeah go back to bed you hillbillies lol
Laze Gaming
'Laze Gaming' 4 months ago
Everyone knows Clemson only won because the running back got hurt #9
'789tundra' 4 months ago
Jay Anderson
'Jay Anderson' 4 months ago
What a great College Football NC game! Too awesome. Last year was great as well. Back to Back great games.
soap_ legends
'soap_ legends' 4 months ago
soap_ legends
'soap_ legends' 4 months ago
I'm so glad Bama loss I'm from WIC and the one team I hate is Bama
'WKUHilltopper' 4 months ago
Exciting win...Congrats to the Tigers.
'KnickSwagg' 4 months ago
At 4:48 does anybody know what song they are playing???
Grant Keihn
'Grant Keihn' 4 months ago
eat your oatmeal cream pies in hell saban #KifffinsKrimsonKorner
Chris Harris
'Chris Harris' 4 months ago
Tide rolled!!!
Kennedy Choo
'Kennedy Choo' 4 months ago
Watson going to the niners.
Andrew Schwartz
'Andrew Schwartz' 4 months ago
On a scale of 1-10 how drunk is Sarkisian right now?
'gorrow1990' 4 months ago
Having 1 second remaining on the clock was just adding salt to that Bama team's wounds LOL.
'drwinstonOboogi' 4 months ago
The SEC can kiss my ACC!
'drwinstonOboogi' 4 months ago
Did anyone see the ESPN ass clowns try to explain Alabama's defensive collapse on being fatigued from defending 95 plays after a year of calling Big XII defenses terrible for doing the same?
'wtftjones' 4 months ago
hats off to both teams. without a doubt the two best teams in the country.  congrats and BOOMER SOONER
mike ob
'mike ob' 4 months ago
there is a god
CJ Wolfe
'CJ Wolfe' 4 months ago
Haha we lost one game this year just one we have talent coming back Bama will be back.... will you
Gabrielle Wright
'Gabrielle Wright' 4 months ago
tigernation 🐯🐯🐯
'ic32teeth' 4 months ago
Agreed! Especially when my school may never win one.  I am sure Bama will win some more of these in the near future. Congrats to Clemson.  On Wisconsin!
Kristy Jenkins
'Kristy Jenkins' 4 months ago
'Piathum' 4 months ago
Watson better chill with being good cause the Browns might draft him lmfaoooo
Frederick Giordani
'Frederick Giordani' 4 months ago
ACC did well in these Bowl Games Clemson, Florida State,Miami, VT all are power houses to contend with from now on.
Mike Alvord
'Mike Alvord' 4 months ago
Notice how these guys catch the ball unlike the NFL
'Matthew5to8' 4 months ago
This was the best National Championship game in the history of everything.
2 Bros That Game
'2 Bros That Game' 4 months ago
Enrique Ybanez
'Enrique Ybanez' 4 months ago
go Clemson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Ffootballl '' 4 months ago
7:55 bet that "hurts"
Sumosally Savage
'Sumosally Savage' 4 months ago
We won the Natty Baby!!! Go Tigers!!!
Jam Slam
'Jam Slam' 4 months ago
That "vaunted" Bama D got shredded like a breakfast cereal two years in a row.
Jam Slam
'Jam Slam' 4 months ago
Take that Nick Satan! Lane Kiffin is laughing right now and Steve Sarkisian is drinking his sorrows away.
Chase Pleasant
'Chase Pleasant' 4 months ago
Alabama be like Misson failed will get them next time
'caimbus' 4 months ago
The tears are flowing from the bammers today. LOL!!!!!!
Raul C.
'Raul C.' 4 months ago
Congrats Clemson, You earned the right to be Champions.
'TBakes10' 4 months ago
I love it. Definitely applying to Clemson this fall.
Franco Fernando
'Franco Fernando' 4 months ago
Neither an Alabama fan nor a Clemson fan...but is no one going to call out the obvious rub route that Clemson ran on the last play?

Great game btw. Probably the best NC game since USC/Texas
Jack Hummel
'Jack Hummel' 4 months ago
Such an illegal pick by #3
AJ Serrette
'AJ Serrette' 4 months ago
Fisherman Fro
'Fisherman Fro' 4 months ago
Finally Alabama gets put in thier place for awhile
'circa' 4 months ago
hunter renfroe? baseball prospect?
Alex Palmer
'Alex Palmer' 4 months ago
I just wanna say Roll Tide!!! Both teams has played their hearts out and I think we both deserve the National Title not just this year last year too but I give Clemson credit for the win but I wish Clemson fans would recognize that we are both #1 Teams and there is no sense in being Sore winners and Sore loosers we both deserve praise but i doubt anyone will give it to bama and i feel so sorry for are seniors who have to go out with that close of a game, But Bama Fans know The Dynasty is not over just because we lost a game!!! As long as Saban is at Alabama we will be at the top of College Football. But Congratulations Clemson and May the Tide keep rolling
Big- Bucc903
'Big- Bucc903' 4 months ago
the golden state and Cleveland of college football 😂
Lare Bear
'Lare Bear' 4 months ago
Noles here lovin some ACC domination! Way to go Clem, big time move.
Kevin Grissom
'Kevin Grissom' 4 months ago
Great job Clemson. Auburn family knew yall could do it.
KBJ Squad
'KBJ Squad' 4 months ago
I'm lovin it bout bout bye roll tide
Michael Benedict
'Michael Benedict' 4 months ago 'bout that roll tide?
Spetsnaz Pocomaxa
'Spetsnaz Pocomaxa' 4 months ago
As a true Alabama fan, I like two teams, Alabama and whoever is playing Auburn!
Spetsnaz Pocomaxa
'Spetsnaz Pocomaxa' 4 months ago
I'm a Alabama fan and want to say something. Nick Saban has spoiled most of the Bama fans. You can't win every game. Just not going to happen. All I care about is beating Auburn every year! Football would be boring if Alabama won the National Championship every year. Same with the New York Yankees when they were kicking ass in the mid to late 1990's and winning the World Series many times. I like to see different teams win a National Championship, but again... I HATE AUBURN!!!!!
queenie dvmo
'queenie dvmo' 4 months ago
clemson had bigger slaves-way to make $$$$ for rich whitey uncle tommies
RogerWare Inc.
'RogerWare Inc.' 4 months ago
damn what a game. congrats to both teams. however, next year I hope my Trojans make it to the national championship. let's go USC.
Sam 1776
'Sam 1776' 4 months ago
Watson, future Chicago bear.
Sean Chaney
'Sean Chaney' 4 months ago
Watching this while listening to "Eye of the Tiger." It actually goes well with the music.
'violenceteacher6669' 4 months ago
Anytime someone says that the NFL is more entertaining than College Football, direct them to this game, and that will be all you need to argue.
Brett Bigelow
'Brett Bigelow' 4 months ago
Thanks for posting. Comcast cable and internet literally froze right after this kickoff, so I didn't get to see the end. Still pissed I didn't get to see it live.
Nick Hollingsworth
'Nick Hollingsworth' 4 months ago
It only took two illegal wide receiver pick plays in the end zone both resulting in touchdown scores for the win.  True story no mistakes about it. Go back and watch!
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