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LUSH LIP SCRUB vs. DIY Lip Scrub?! Craft The Craze w/ Jessie Paege -
Published: 4 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 4 months ago

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Jessie is going to DIY a Lush lip scrub and find out if it actually compares to the brand name!

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Jessie Paege:

Executive Producer: Emily Hecht
Producer: Katherine Martinez




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Shaniyah Sales
'Shaniyah Sales' 2 months ago
you are pritty
Zoe Common
'Zoe Common' 2 months ago
For the homemade one you could just put in so,e bigger sugar minerals such as like brown sugar
'Trash?' 3 months ago
This. Was. Filmed. So. So. So. Long. Ago.
An isa
'An isa' 4 months ago
Ive necer seen anyone put honey on a diy lipscrub lol cause i made mine and it actually works and i love it. It always moisturizes my lips and I spent like $2 (just bc the essential oil isnt found in my kitchen) bc mostly all the supplies could be found in my kitchen: sugar, food coloring and container + the essential oil that i bought so i dont think it's practical to pay $7 on materials that you already have at home that you only need to mix up
'Lippy' 4 months ago
Her hair looks good no matter what! YAS bae
Mara Anton
'Mara Anton' 4 months ago
TBH it might be a fail for her because you might added too much oil
Pusheen Cat
'Pusheen Cat' 4 months ago
There was another recipe that worked really well and you only needed sugar and olive oil or any type of oil that is edible
'FabFeline' 4 months ago
This is so old Jessie has purple & pink hair
Renske Beerens
'Renske Beerens' 4 months ago
If I would do this , I'll probably put more surgar in and essencial oil insted of the olive one😁
?? ???
'?? ???' 4 months ago
I would make it but add more sugar
'NyaMarie13' 4 months ago
this was totally filmed ages ago cause her hair is a lot different
Tana Anil
'Tana Anil' 4 months ago
Fernanda Fonseca
'Fernanda Fonseca' 4 months ago
you diyed it the wrong way '-'
and to give it a taste/scent just add some essence
'Reefarlane' 4 months ago
This was sponsored lol. Buzzfeed did the same but with their bath bombs.

Can't lie, I love Lush.
ItsJustLily X
'ItsJustLily X' 4 months ago
How long ago was this filmed because Jessies hair is pink now x
pinky banana
'pinky banana' 4 months ago
Omg old jessieeeee<3
'MostSatisfying' 4 months ago
Why did they just post this? Jessie hair is pink , purple
Sumer Girl
'Sumer Girl' 4 months ago
This was posted on my birthday
The Creators Chicken
'The Creators Chicken' 4 months ago
This is so funny it says glamwithjessie she hasn't had that username forever also she looks really young
makayla Mitchell
'makayla Mitchell' 4 months ago
don't add honey and it will work
'Ashlie' 4 months ago
With the homemade one you can use olive oil, sugar, essence oils and food colouring
I've used these ingredients to make it and it works really well
haya s
'haya s' 4 months ago
I'm sorry but she seems so dead
'bellaN321' 4 months ago
If you uses bigger sugar chunks (I'm blanking on what it's called) it works well, also for smell you can add some vanilla extract. (Works for me). And if u don't have honey or olive oil you can use coconut oil because it gets thicker/thinner with temperature.
'Dandonish' 4 months ago
lmao just add vanilla for a smell and more sugar for the texture
omg this is soooooooOOOoooOOOoooOOOo old
Maribel Perez
'Maribel Perez' 4 months ago
This product does work i've done this before when my lips were crusty and worked perfectly!!😬
Shay Q
'Shay Q' 4 months ago
this video was filmed 8 months ago! Jessie hasn't had that colour hair in 8 months
Amanda Adventures
'Amanda Adventures' 4 months ago
This video is obviously old because she dyed her hair bright pink
Cecilia Paz
'Cecilia Paz' 4 months ago
That's why you can add a flavoring thing to make it smell good
JYS Lip Balms
'JYS Lip Balms' 4 months ago
I don't mean to hate, because I liked the video, but the only reason why yours didn't look the same as the lush one is because you put in too much honey, which will obviously make it stick to your hand. There are different recipes for a lip scrub, and all consistencies will vary. You just got one that had extra honey.
minecraft derp
'minecraft derp' 4 months ago
.... but Jessie's hair is pink....
'givememore4free' 4 months ago
She didn't even try it on her lips!!!
ellie b
'ellie b' 4 months ago
aghh i hate when they pre shoot bc I WANNA SEE THAT MERMAID HAIR
Maggie Saenz
'Maggie Saenz' 4 months ago
How old is this video omg
Music Is My Life
'Music Is My Life' 4 months ago
She needs to add more sugar
Rachel Hughes
'Rachel Hughes' 4 months ago
She didn't even test it... Isn't how well the product works more important than the smell?
Forever Gillian
'Forever Gillian' 4 months ago
Ur not supposed to add honey
Coco Puffs
'Coco Puffs' 4 months ago
I would've added more sugar to get my desired consistency and feel more like a lip scrub😝😝💋
Michelle F
'Michelle F' 4 months ago
where are they $7? my lush sells them for $10.50
'BrenBell' 4 months ago
HEYY GUYS! I would really appreciate if you checked out my channel and gave me some feedback! Thanks so much! Have a great day! :)
Arisa Galexy
'Arisa Galexy' 4 months ago
Why is her hair brown and not pink was this filmed before she got pink hair or did she dye her hair without me knowing??
Meghan Hayden
'Meghan Hayden' 4 months ago
But did it work? She should have at least tried the DIY one on her lips to see if worked.
Iris Chen
'Iris Chen' 4 months ago
You don't need honey that's why it's sticking
Sierra Blakely
'Sierra Blakely' 4 months ago
btw the point of adding all the wet ingredients is for moisture but I made a great lip scrub with sugar (brown works too) and coconut oil
isabel roldan
'isabel roldan' 4 months ago
u don't put honey that why it's like that and u can add bubble gun extract like lush does and pink food coloring it does work who does the research for awesomeness tv cause they not searching up the right steps because other shows on awesomeness tv do the same
Angela Nomiddlename Juric
Mint Julips and popcorn lip scrubs are Amazing! And they are edible they taste like heaven
'Sydney' 4 months ago
you are supposed to use vanilla instead of honey. I have recently made a lip scrub using all of the same ingredients, just substituting the honey for vanilla. you could also buy extracts to make it smell just the way you want it!
Leah Wassef
'Leah Wassef' 4 months ago
You shouldn't us to honey
Katie Tracy
'Katie Tracy' 4 months ago
Jessie with brown hair?
How long ago was this filmed😂
MadiMac Keany
'MadiMac Keany' 4 months ago
Can I have at least one like please
Ada Gjerding
'Ada Gjerding' 4 months ago
Jessie without pink?? Whaaaaaat?
Gurjot .s
'Gurjot .s' 4 months ago
you added to much honey you need more sugar than honey and if you want a scent like lets say vanilla just add a tea spoon of vanilla extract
Kayla Evaristo
'Kayla Evaristo' 4 months ago
her hairrrr whats happened
Lauren Murray
'Lauren Murray' 4 months ago
I feel like I already watched this like a few weeks ago🤔
'soccerlover03' 4 months ago
How long ago was this filmed!! WHAT HAPPENED TO HER MERMAID HAIR😭
Kirsty Swan
'Kirsty Swan' 4 months ago
whys she got brown hair noooooooooooooooooooooooo mermaid mom
Hannah Grace
'Hannah Grace' 4 months ago
This was recorded a while ago
Emma Turner
'Emma Turner' 4 months ago
Omg she's an idiot it's a sugar lip scrub I have all 4 flavours the instructions say scrub gently on to your lips until moisture has dried in then lick the excess off your lips and its caster sugar but we're the caster sugar in that??????
'strawbeary' 4 months ago
this was pre-filmed since she has pink hair now
Nikki Pastelz
'Nikki Pastelz' 4 months ago
How old is this did jessie dye her hair back?
Daniela Sainvil
'Daniela Sainvil' 4 months ago
It actually does work because I did it a long time ago and I made a foot scrub with sea salt
'Gabrielaheart' 4 months ago
you should try another recipe
'Pipkiemovies' 4 months ago
you added to much liquid
'LfabalishoisCrabs' 4 months ago
Um I bought mine for 9.74
Anna Wasson
'Anna Wasson' 4 months ago
There is a real recipe that's works
Rachel Hostetter
'Rachel Hostetter' 4 months ago
WOW this was super boring
Sam Boyd
'Sam Boyd' 4 months ago
'Alishamariedits' 4 months ago
you know it was filmed a while ago when Jessie's hair was still brown
Betty He
'Betty He' 4 months ago
I think she memorize the words because she keeps on moving her finger
mari 1998
'mari 1998' 4 months ago
Kaylee Castle
'Kaylee Castle' 4 months ago
You made it wrong😂
Nunya Beeznus
'Nunya Beeznus' 4 months ago
This is an old video
Roo thun Bluz
'Roo thun Bluz' 4 months ago
Notifications squad where you all at ¿🤔😂😛
Just Tori
'Just Tori' 4 months ago
I'm always so confused why she has brown hair in these videos but in her main channel videos she has mermaid pink hair
Madi Marie
'Madi Marie' 4 months ago
Don't add honey it works way better
Arthur Thomson
'Arthur Thomson' 4 months ago
National life criticism recruit doll art crazy.
Andrea Borbely Popovici
You put to much 🍯 honey

P.s. If you want a simple scrub for your lips just put some sugar on your lips after you wash your face and make sure you have your lips wet and just apply with your fingers some sugar and Make circles, start massaging your lips, I do this, it works for me , it doesn't have to be expensive to work, you know.😘😘
Mayra Rodriguez
'Mayra Rodriguez' 4 months ago
U have to make it with coconut oil and sugar no honey
Ally N
'Ally N' 4 months ago
this was filmed soooo long ago😂
Bea Forrealz
'Bea Forrealz' 4 months ago
A better recipe is sugar, olive oil, vanilla, and food coloring
Caroline Elizabeth
'Caroline Elizabeth' 4 months ago
Omg her brown hair!!
Aneesa Speck
'Aneesa Speck' 4 months ago
do not add honey that made it sticky also make the lip scrub not grainy and liquidy instead
trouble maker
'trouble maker' 4 months ago
I would craft the craze and add sent and more sugar 4 the consistency
zoie mudge
'zoie mudge' 4 months ago
I crafted using my own recipe. Instead of olive oil use coconut oil.
bing bing zhao
'bing bing zhao' 4 months ago
I diy and I buy
Laila Antonowicz
'Laila Antonowicz' 4 months ago
don't cry CrAFt
Skylar Idk
'Skylar Idk' 4 months ago
She added to much oil and btw who pays 7 dollars for some food coloring and sugar 🤔
Andrea Maxine
'Andrea Maxine' 4 months ago
I swear I've already seen a lip scrub Craft The Craze on awesomenesstv..
Sandy Robles
'Sandy Robles' 4 months ago
She needa to add more sugar
Johanna T
'Johanna T' 4 months ago
Subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe to yours with 3 accounts😊🙏
Akilah Davis
'Akilah Davis' 4 months ago
add flavoring
Riley Perry
'Riley Perry' 4 months ago
dandy this is from before Jessie Paege had pink hair
Youtubelover 123
'Youtubelover 123' 4 months ago
Use sugar and vanilla extract and wella lip scrub delicious
Elvies World vlogs and gaming
'SimplyEmily' 4 months ago
Maybe you should add more sugar in so the consistency is better and to get a good smell or flavor add in vanilla extract
Nika Klancar
'Nika Klancar' 4 months ago
it will work without honey (i made it and it did work!) 🤗
Angeleigh Tonagel
'Angeleigh Tonagel' 4 months ago
Eli Marie Fossum
'Eli Marie Fossum' 4 months ago
how long ago was this filmed???
Cutie Tutorials
'Cutie Tutorials' 4 months ago
This was filmed ages ago cause Jessie has pink hair
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