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Single People Try Bizarre Sex Toys • Single AF -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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“But where would this even go?"

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Caitlin Lilley
'Caitlin Lilley' 3 days ago
I love curly 😂😂❤️❤️
kiara santana
'kiara santana' 1 week ago
i died when he said "what ever tickles your pickle" XD i cant stop laughing
Bruna Silveira
'Bruna Silveira' 2 weeks ago
Zach is my boyfriend, he only doesn't know yet
'Janne' 4 weeks ago
Who's gonna explain this to Arthur Weasley..?!
'Yasmi'n Patton' 1 month ago
Zach you don't have to be single anymore. Sadly I'm 12
Brynnan Ashton
'Brynnan Ashton' 1 month ago
I watched this a few weeks ago and every now and again I find myself wondering how in the Hell the rubber ducky works?
Melody Denis
'Melody Denis' 2 months ago
"I've been a naughty naughty boy Santa"
Omfg Curly 😂😂😂
Trollmaster117 Gaming
Katriina Kreiner
'Katriina Kreiner' 2 months ago
The thing about the duck one looks EXACTLY like the one Ernie from Sesame Street has.
Ren P
'Ren P' 2 months ago
Can the pink sweater girl be my wife omg
Isabella Brown
'Isabella Brown' 2 months ago
Hannah Perry
'Hannah Perry' 2 months ago
Pewds and Jack used the nipple clips😂
karina 4Ever
'karina 4Ever' 2 months ago
Marcos F
'Marcos F' 2 months ago
hella funny real reactions 😂☠️
Lauras Chronicles
'Lauras Chronicles' 2 months ago
i wanna be friends with the curly haired girl with the pink sweater
Lottie Lameko
'Lottie Lameko' 2 months ago
The woman with the pink sweater, is hilarious Buzzfeed! More of her please!
'Mindy-the-weirdo' 2 months ago
ugh, this is so riDICKulous
Tiger Girl612
'Tiger Girl612' 2 months ago
I saw the rubber duck in a 2 dollar shop today
broccoli badass
'broccoli badass' 2 months ago
2:15 "GOT PROSTETIC LEG AND JUST HAD A STRAP ON ADDED" if anyone get that reference you're awesome and if you do eply
Rori Frongillo
'Rori Frongillo' 2 months ago
😂 "Is nothing sacred anymore?"
Ashley Vandersteen
'Ashley Vandersteen' 2 months ago
omg do more!!! I loved Zach and curly!
vic noble
'vic noble' 2 months ago
HAHAHAAH the knee one made me lose it
Macy Valintina
'Macy Valintina' 2 months ago
I've always wondered if sex toys came to life in Toy Story. Sex toys are still toys after all.
'animelover6195' 2 months ago
... I feel like Arthur Weasley will get so horrified...
Genevieve M
'Genevieve M' 2 months ago
omg this the best editing of a buzzfeed video i've ever seen it was so good n funny
'RazorbackMan' 2 months ago
Someone should make a remix of that scream at the beggining
'Cat' 2 months ago
2:14 lol guys look, a Unicock
Assim Onipep
'Assim Onipep' 2 months ago
I'll try it
Karisa Galloway
'Karisa Galloway' 2 months ago
I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time lol
Gabe Mejia
'Gabe Mejia' 2 months ago
less recognized
'HangamingHG' 2 months ago
What happened to Zach's hair! It looks so much thicker!
Hallie B.
'Hallie B.' 2 months ago
Curly 😂😂
Y. Fanni
'Y. Fanni' 2 months ago
- 'You can basically put yourself inside of anything, or put anything inside of you..' - Zack
- 'That was deeeep!'
Smooth Like A - Like A Snake
@2:23 the censor stops working x'D
alice tisme
'alice tisme' 2 months ago
I was laughing so hard when he said the "take a knee" joke!!!!!
Aydan Newsom
'Aydan Newsom' 2 months ago
I don't understand why society is fine with a mans nipple being visible but NOT a woman's, they're both nipples and you have nipples everyone should be fine with it
'Rose' 2 months ago
The camo and the girl in the pink are like friendship goals.
B. R.
'B. R.' 2 months ago
The weird sex toys are HILARIOUS.
Rai Rai
'Rai Rai' 2 months ago
What's the point of blurring the knee EVERYONE knows what's under the blur. Its not like someone's gonna be like "Hmm I wonder what's under there, maybe the Eiffel tower...but we shall never know"😂😂
Small Potato
'Small Potato' 2 months ago
Lmao 1:38 he's like "....."
Vicky Vic
'Vicky Vic' 2 months ago
At least Ernie knows where Rubber Ducky is. D:
'space._.bunnies' 2 months ago
i loved every minute of this video and i'm a 16 and female. i LOLed so hard @ 1:09
'Ohluet' 2 months ago
Idubbbz got the egg sex toy in his bad unboxing fan mail lmao
Ricky King Productions
I love the girl on the right at 0:13 I feel like in every video she's just laughin with her friends
Fandom Cake
'Fandom Cake' 2 months ago
Dude in the grey shirt is having the time of his life wow
Kate Angela
'Kate Angela' 2 months ago
Yuck why'd I watch this I'm legit a fetus
Medallion Valiance
'Medallion Valiance' 2 months ago
That looks riDICKulous.
Sheridan Froggatt
'Sheridan Froggatt' 2 months ago
I WANT MORE OF THIS. I am laughing so hard.
Maria Paalbie
'Maria Paalbie' 2 months ago
they didnt even try them?
Wesley Mayhew
'Wesley Mayhew' 2 months ago
sooooo edgy
Venky S
'Venky S' 2 months ago
that girl with the glasses is either high or kinky af
Emilie K Nygaard
'Emilie K Nygaard' 2 months ago
The woman with the peach colored sweater is my spirit animal!!
'sasuke5088' 3 months ago
Tenga Man!
Troy K
'Troy K' 3 months ago
Zach @ 1:51 : yeah, um, I just need a reach-around.
Lowkey genius comedy levels 😂
Skylar Bryan
'Skylar Bryan' 3 months ago
They better get a strike since KnJ got one 😂😂
'clarinet3131' 3 months ago
Yes, blurring it out totally hides what it is. ;P
'A'Tavia Tatiana' 3 months ago
this is one of the funniest videos buzzfeed has had in a while
Migi Chambers
'Migi Chambers' 3 months ago
who's the girl in pink, i want to get to know her
Laurena R
'Laurena R' 3 months ago
failing pile of garbage 😂😂😂
Logangster Joel
'Logangster Joel' 3 months ago
Now thats what you call knee deep lol
'pixiepunk' 3 months ago
omg i loved all of the comments they made 😂
Gerald Easy
'Gerald Easy' 3 months ago
Bout damn time there's a funny video
drake ramoray
'drake ramoray' 3 months ago
y always a gay guy
Janell Barr
'Janell Barr' 3 months ago
Okay, but the knee strap on makes sense for lesbians that aren't comfortable with the normal placement of a strap on.
Kai Lazaro
'Kai Lazaro' 3 months ago
another one. another vid with the same people pls
Samuel Widjaja
'Samuel Widjaja' 3 months ago
Marsha Q
'Marsha Q' 3 months ago
I loved the girl with the choker and pinkish/red shirt! We could soo hang out! Let you freak flag fly girl!
Sassan rikuo
'Sassan rikuo' 3 months ago
Pink shirt and glasses is funny af 😂😂😂😂
Cookie Cutie
'Cookie Cutie' 3 months ago
Omg it uncensored at 2:23 XD
Santy Valens
'Santy Valens' 3 months ago
Pink girl was cool af so much enthusiasm lol
nsfried Afro
'nsfried Afro' 3 months ago
Leafy you NEED to make ur magic
'Integrafreak1' 3 months ago
Salmon sweater can get it tho
Claire Mitchell
'Claire Mitchell' 3 months ago
when Curly put it on his head LMAOOOOOO
Cat Chambers
'Cat Chambers' 3 months ago
Good content 👌
'J' 3 months ago
LIVING for the glasses chick and hoop earring chick ❤️😄
Anya Anning
'Anya Anning' 3 months ago
This was hilarious 😂
'derpydudes' 3 months ago
Why buzzfeed........Why.....
'Gonzy1122' 3 months ago
lets be honest... id put the shock thing on my deal once.
'Rainbowhait' 3 months ago
I didn't realize they were using bananas, so I nonchalantly though they where just showing their dicks on camera
Jessicas Vlogs
'Jessicas Vlogs' 3 months ago
lmao I love you guys so much fun!
Ash Ley
'Ash Ley' 3 months ago
Haha that made me laugh. She said yes these would be good for single people when most of these are meant to be used for couple play
Dive nire
'Dive nire' 3 months ago
But they didn't really try it so...dislike
'Steppawolf' 3 months ago
Is the person who edited this a nocturnal animals fan?
'Dwarf' 3 months ago
yo buzzfeed kys
Solemon Bester
'Solemon Bester' 3 months ago
no wonder Thier single
J Poodie
'J Poodie' 3 months ago
This was hilarious!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Sierra Fairbanks
'Sierra Fairbanks' 3 months ago
My dildo broke today 😣😢😭
'RedPunkUtsav' 3 months ago
when i saw the thumbnail i just thought of zach face as foreever alone
'郑星略' 3 months ago
Stop at 2:23, go find out and reply what you see.
Liaa X
'Liaa X' 3 months ago
I laughed sooo hard.. I love how open BuzzFeed is and non opposed to talking about things like this
Bobbie J
'Bobbie J' 3 months ago
Knee high strap
On. Had me dying laughing !!!
Mr.LongSchlong Schlong
Joshua Franco
'Joshua Franco' 3 months ago
I would definitely want to try the egg with the girl with the glasses. Seriously ! 👀 😂😏 Lol
Kate Nyx
'Kate Nyx' 3 months ago
I wish the editors for these videos were credited because I feel like the editing for Buzzfeed has gotten a lot more personal/vlog style and I really like it!
Kn1ght shadez
'Kn1ght shadez' 3 months ago
Why are you sensoring the dildo like I wonder what your hiding under thier?
Kitty Grimm
'Kitty Grimm' 3 months ago
Can I have drinks with the lady in the pink shirt and the other lady in the camouflage jacket? 'Cause I feel like these babes would make awesome drinking buddies!
Sean Conlon
'Sean Conlon' 3 months ago
Sean Conlon
'Sean Conlon' 3 months ago
G Va
'G Va' 3 months ago
the two girls sitting together are ridiculously annoying. it's like they've never had a conversation about sex or sex toys before.
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