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10 Changes You Can Make To Have A Great Year -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 weeks ago

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These changes may seem obvious but are highly underrated.

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Palmtop Tiger
'Palmtop Tiger' 2 hours ago
Hey I don't mean to spoil your day but 2017 is going to be a lot worse with a lot of wars
madison j
'madison j' 7 hours ago
For changing sheets I thought they were going to say have lots of sex
'MissEleven95' 1 day ago
i like guilt free day.. like everyday
Ruckus Riot
'Ruckus Riot' 3 days ago
We took your advice and documented it, it didn't work.

Evidence has just been uploaded to our channel.
Laura -
'Laura -' 4 days ago
Everytime people say to choose clothes for the next day in the evening before, I'm confused. I check the weather and put the clothes ready always in the evening. It makes life many times easier.
Lavids Child David and Liza are my parents
"A day off social media every now and again"
Me: clicks off video to watch something that's not telling my to get off my social media
Julianna Belle
'Julianna Belle' 5 days ago
Stranger things soundtrack?
Abigail Marshall
'Abigail Marshall' 6 days ago
I don't know why but Ive always loved this style of buzzfeed videos...
donnie delicacy
'donnie delicacy' 6 days ago
I love buzzfeed
ashley films
'ashley films' 6 days ago
the sort out short term goals shot was so pretty
Morgiana Fanalis
'Morgiana Fanalis' 7 days ago
They all look so pretty...
Jesse Playz
'Jesse Playz' 7 days ago
I already do all of this except talking to myself in the mirror thats just creepy
Sherlock Holmes
'Sherlock Holmes' 7 days ago
I didn't expect this music from buzzfeed
Sara Asgari
'Sara Asgari' 7 days ago
Hahahah change your sheets 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ace Cardona
'Ace Cardona' 1 week ago
"Talk to yourself in front of a mirror" -I do that everyday of my life, like i'm my own best friend m8.
Gaz Roberts
'Gaz Roberts' 1 week ago
Stop watching buzzfeed. That's my advice.
Aurelious of Phoenix
buzzfeed is right. I'm going to celebrate my wins. yay donald trump won. woo hoo buzzfeed is a failing pile of garbage now. I think buzzfeed needs to take a break from youtube and publishing "news" and face their fears of reality and real news.
Angeline Sonugan
'Angeline Sonugan' 1 week ago
I always talk to myself in front of the mirror everytime I go to the bathroom. lmao
Change your sheets
Yeah like I haven't in a year
Miss Xo
'Miss Xo' 1 week ago
I don't know why but this music gives me the creeps
Jessica JJ
'Jessica JJ' 1 week ago
Easier said that done...but YES!
According to this video I should face my fears by being attacked by a shark. I don't think so
Leah Elbourne-weinstock
buzzfeed: take a break from social media
me:thats gonna be a no from me
'Emma.K' 1 week ago
"A day off of social media" Heck to the no. How would I keep all my streaks on sc then. Huh buzzfeed huh.
'KLDSR1' 1 week ago
that girl in them socks at the end fine as hell.. oohh i'd love to be that room with her. lol
Anna Sopoco
'Anna Sopoco' 1 week ago
I want to kill myself
'Charlotte-Harris' 1 week ago
Let's go of someone who doesn't care
J K Pegasisters
'J K Pegasisters' 1 week ago
Remember when Buzzfeed used to make these types of videos?
Aidan Hamilton
'Aidan Hamilton' 2 weeks ago
Face my fears ehh...

Hi Buzzfeed
Robbert van Buskirk
'Robbert van Buskirk' 2 weeks ago
spread radiation cheek science benefit radio reduce withdraw shift.
Eren Jaeger- Survay Corp
Is you tube a social media? I'm confused
'Espérance' 2 weeks ago
Change your sheets????¿
Okay buzzfeed thanks for the tips
Alliquake Grande
'Alliquake Grande' 2 weeks ago
I LOVED this
Alex Hurd
'Alex Hurd' 2 weeks ago everyone go support MIND charity run in Brighton, even if you can't donate. Don't forget to share the link!!
Priscilla wong
'Priscilla wong' 2 weeks ago
I don't think that I can live without my social media
Zakenzie vaughn
'Zakenzie vaughn' 2 weeks ago
these tips are really good
The Universe
'The Universe' 2 weeks ago
Nice video, until the trashy race-mixing propaganda at the end..
Daniela Tavares
'Daniela Tavares' 2 weeks ago
Alcohol artistic hope grandmother foot region ill hot.
Abby P
'Abby P' 2 weeks ago
I wrote this down
Dima El-Qasem
'Dima El-Qasem' 2 weeks ago
I literally talk to myself everyday like whenever I like. Doesn't necessarily have to be in front of a mirror, also not just for encouragement. I talk to myself about everything lol. Like thinking out loud. It's really awesome. Just try not to do it while anyone's around to avoid weird looks haha
'Piv' 2 weeks ago
1. dont be white
2. dont be male
3. cut off your legs
The snow Dog
'The snow Dog' 2 weeks ago
What about my streaks
Andreja Bradshaw
'Andreja Bradshaw' 2 weeks ago
'Marika' 2 weeks ago
This didnt really help😂😂😂
Tamasa Sarkar
'Tamasa Sarkar' 2 weeks ago
Love this video 💖
'makeupbyxkd' 2 weeks ago
1. Create better memes
Keanu Herrera
'Keanu Herrera' 2 weeks ago
1:28 porno
Aneesa is here
'Aneesa is here' 2 weeks ago
i talk to myself in the mirror and everybody thinks im crazy
Hector Cabrera
'Hector Cabrera' 2 weeks ago
who came here just to see the girl at 1:27
Queen of Snek
'Queen of Snek' 2 weeks ago
I still want to suicide...
If I get 5 likes I will
If I get 500 replies I won't
Traveling Bum
'Traveling Bum' 2 weeks ago
this is corny
Kajal Mehta
'Kajal Mehta' 2 weeks ago
and then they ask me why I love buzzfeed..
'Makenzie' 2 weeks ago
2017 has been a great year so far! 😊
Shane Guab
'Shane Guab' 2 weeks ago
Idek but that bedroom in the thumbnail looks so cozy
Rest in peace Harambe
I thought one would be don't be a white male
'Silverpelt_' 2 weeks ago
Wear deodorant. Then it'll be a better year for everyone.
no one
'no one' 2 weeks ago
"face your fears"
'Eszra' 2 weeks ago
The 10 changes that I want to happen to have a Great Year.
1 Win the lottery
2 Buy my family home.
3 Get my Grandmother out of that home, and get her better care.
4 Have best friend become my room mate (Yay!)
5 Have a party
6 Go to the Dentist
7 Loose 50 pounds plus by mid July
8 Go on a shopping spree for only the essentials.
9 Learn to Drive
10 Buy my dream car, after 6 months of winning the lottery.
Chanelle Kim
'Chanelle Kim' 2 weeks ago
" Face your fear."
'JasmineXo' 2 weeks ago
Ah yes, changing my sheets always makes my year perfect.
'blurryface' 2 weeks ago
i have already done all off these😂😂👌
phanks før the memøries
Music is very stranger things vibes
Stefano Dcb
'Stefano Dcb' 2 weeks ago
Wrong music background
Ege Berkay İmamoğlu
change my sheets? okay.
'Chloester' 2 weeks ago
Most of these are things I already do
Randomize It Now
'Randomize It Now' 2 weeks ago
I already talk to myself in the mirror all the time...
Dinal Patel
'Dinal Patel' 2 weeks ago
Do people not change their sheets
Jake Thakur (Penguinj2)
Do Buzzfeed Know How To Capitalise Titles?
Lauren A
'Lauren A' 2 weeks ago
The part where they were leaning over the railing up so high stressed me out even more than when they were using a Pogo stick near presumably the same railing.
Jenna Candy
'Jenna Candy' 2 weeks ago
I think I talk to myself more than I talk to people
Nightwic xw
'Nightwic xw' 2 weeks ago
I did these last year.... this year is gonna be as horrible as last year
'pengwaffe' 2 weeks ago
1. stop watching buzzfeed
Merle Seidel
'Merle Seidel' 2 weeks ago
hunting unable thought adjust next fantasy.
'Anthony' 2 weeks ago
play this video without sound and its pretty depressing
Jessica Burke
'Jessica Burke' 2 weeks ago
Change your sheets guys!
Why Lydia
'Why Lydia' 2 weeks ago
"face your fears," but I'm afraid of blood... So what do I stab my self and watch the blood... Cause I don't wanna do that lmao.
Aaron Kelemen
'Aaron Kelemen' 2 weeks ago
11. forget to do any of this
Admo Lyda
'Admo Lyda' 2 weeks ago
"change your sheets"? Really ? 😒
chill spirit
'chill spirit' 2 weeks ago
you should be changing your sheets every other week anyway
Janika c:
'Janika c:' 2 weeks ago
you make it look so easy to face your fears....I want to but I just ...can't!🤐
'iid0rks' 2 weeks ago
I wouldnt do any of this but Im watching the video anyway
'Marla' 2 weeks ago
although everyone is hating the video, I liked it and will try to do some of these things! :)
The Donut
'The Donut' 2 weeks ago
I was wishing with all my heart that there is nothing like.. "eat healthy"
J. Jonah Jameson
'J. Jonah Jameson' 2 weeks ago
Is "not be white" number one?
Sophie Francis (Merlin2001)
how having a school uniform helps
Sophie Francis (Merlin2001)
0.43 Why having a school uniform helps
Sophia Fioree
'Sophia Fioree' 2 weeks ago
Why the music sound like Stranger Things
all_bo oks_glory
'all_bo oks_glory' 2 weeks ago
can vbuzzfeed get any cheesier?
'devilpizza123' 2 weeks ago
1:03 = "Try shrooms"
'Shivam' 2 weeks ago
"change your sheets" 😂😂😂
Emily Høwlter l-/
'Emily Høwlter l-/' 2 weeks ago
that girl is only choosing from like five dresses how much time does she need for that lol
Dope Edits
'Dope Edits' 2 weeks ago
i'll have a great year if i get a text back
M.N hamwi
'M.N hamwi' 2 weeks ago
1:27 , let be honest you came for this . And you are welcome
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