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Stereotypes: Softball -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

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Softball Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.
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Royalswag 35
'Royalswag 35' 2 hours ago
new stereotypes video soon??
Nathan tonthat
'Nathan tonthat' 7 hours ago
The rage monster
jacob steed
'jacob steed' 9 hours ago
come to Ohio
Awesome Tiger7
'Awesome Tiger7' 9 hours ago
Why softball not baseball
Nicky Schmidt Trick Shots
Stereotypes: Mario Kart
And You Need:
-The Guy Who Always Chooses The Same Character
-The Person Who Doesn't Know The Controls
-The Always Winning Guy
-The Always Losing Guy
-The Adding New Rules Guy
-The Cheater
-Mr Excuses
And Finally
-The Beater
ki mal
'ki mal' 15 hours ago
Lol sir slides a lot
Raja Gaming
'Raja Gaming' 17 hours ago
Armenouhi Arslanian
'Armenouhi Arslanian' 17 hours ago
cora #1
'cora #1' 18 hours ago
Stereotypes: Talent Show! XD
Matt perfect // Mathis.d D
Do a bowling stereotype (dude perfect)
'JMouth08' 1 day ago
Stereotypes: Lacrosse?
ZebulanStar7 Gage
Gabbi Romero
'Gabbi Romero' 1 day ago
lol the old guy. "Hey fuzzy face" cracked me up!!
Kirin Kawamoto
'Kirin Kawamoto' 1 day ago
The dog is running away when the girls bring snacks
Lucas B Vlogs
'Lucas B Vlogs' 1 day ago
1 year ago today!
Anthony Hennes
'Anthony Hennes' 1 day ago
one of my friend is 5nof the stereotypes
Owen Masakowski
'Owen Masakowski' 1 day ago
This video is 1 year old today
Pizza Boy 23
'Pizza Boy 23' 1 day ago
Stereotypes: fishing
Grant Myers
'Grant Myers' 1 day ago
One year ago
Zet RealTyphlosion
Stereotypes: Soccer
Thomas Yu
'Thomas Yu' 1 day ago
2:48 I thought he was going to destroy the entire field
Martha Herndon
'Martha Herndon' 1 day ago
How much money does the rage monster destroy every time? ITS HILARIOUS!
Dilshaan Dhillon
'Dilshaan Dhillon' 1 day ago
They really didnt burn the money because if u look closly u can see fire wood
HarambeGaming 1738
0:02 sounds like he said f**k
'SourGreenBallz' 2 days ago
do another stereotypes
'Kowix' 2 days ago
I got it
Kim Jones
'Kim Jones' 2 days ago
Do the home run derby
Hadley O
'Hadley O'Koon' 2 days ago
Watching this vid's one year anniversary
Trick shot Time
'Trick shot Time' 2 days ago
Is that real money 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💸💸💸💸💵💵💵💵
'Gamerwolf1439' 2 days ago
yeah i did but they still had rage monster
Michael Kirby
'Michael Kirby' 2 days ago
can you make more stereotpes
James Luderer
'James Luderer' 2 days ago
I have seen DPHQ2 IN REAL LIFE
James Luderer
'James Luderer' 2 days ago
I watch this every day.
Thunder buddies
'Thunder buddies' 2 days ago
my channel thunder buddies check it out
Hockey Boss 20
'Hockey Boss 20' 3 days ago
Do a hockey stereotype.
Hockey Boss 20
'Hockey Boss 20' 3 days ago
My friend and I are the rally cap crew.
'katk1968' 3 days ago
do a football stereotypes
Cayden Bauschek
'Cayden Bauschek' 3 days ago
I'm nervous nelly i swear
David Decker
'David Decker' 3 days ago
Do a getting out of school stereotypes video
ali r11
'ali r11' 3 days ago
I love dude perfect for each other
'MarshfieldTigers' 3 days ago
I got it!
Tanner Holman
'Tanner Holman' 3 days ago
Is these fields in Plano tx
'ThePlayslayer' 3 days ago
paintball stereotypes
'rcampbell25' 3 days ago
Don't forget the: Blind as a bat Umpire.
The guy that throws too hard every throw.
The always late guy.
The guy that sucks but calls everyone out on their mistakes.
The heavy drinker.
The guy that blames the bat!
Allison Roa
'Allison Roa' 3 days ago
I'm Mr. top ten
Aaron Hall
'Aaron Hall' 4 days ago
let's hope that's fake money
LORD -_-
'LORD -_-' 4 days ago
the old guys is the best
Greta Burnam
'Greta Burnam' 4 days ago
Stereotypes (hockey)
Spencer Rockwell Pierce
I'm the guy who slides a lot. I got my whole leg bloody at a camp for I took forever to get out of a pickle then slid into second and I never realized until a few minutes later. And my hairs on my leg were all gone
'ThomasP32' 4 days ago
settled in and out of the best of luck with the new one of those who are the best
Perfect 7
'Perfect 7' 4 days ago
do a hockey stereotypes
Golden Ocean
'Golden Ocean' 4 days ago
1:55 I Have A New Halloween Costume :D
Spirit of Excellence
stereotypes tennis
SGT. K170
'SGT. K170' 5 days ago
School stereotypes
Sleepover stereotypes
Camping stereotypes

Angela Krall
'Angela Krall' 5 days ago
Dude perfect I love your channel I'm addicted I have a new stereotypes requested football,tennis,track and swim meet from Austin Krall
Zaaiir Callaway
'Zaaiir Callaway' 5 days ago
Jessica George
'Jessica George' 5 days ago
Rain drop
Drop top
The hate comments must stop stop!
Dianna Peden
'Dianna Peden' 5 days ago
I love softball so of course I am going to watch this video btw I am in livearm
cora #1
'cora #1' 6 days ago
Who else <3 Team Mom?
Mitch Connor
'Mitch Connor' 6 days ago
1:08 "Hey, fuzzy face."
'IZCREAMx' 6 days ago
Donut Delivery
'Donut Delivery' 6 days ago
Note to self: Don't make Ty angry lol
Rebecca Mills
'Rebecca Mills' 6 days ago
you can see logs in the pit that's on fire
Bridget Elkins
'Bridget Elkins' 6 days ago
you should do a football stereotype
Dat Boi
'Dat Boi' 6 days ago
I feel the rally cap squad I am one
'TypicSquirrel' 6 days ago
'MKrysYT' 6 days ago
Carnell Jackson
'Carnell Jackson' 6 days ago
DP u should make a movie where u guys spread aprt and try and find each other again but forgot how to do trick shots that would be AWESOME and i would watch that
Matt Paul
'Matt Paul' 6 days ago
I got a like on the 1000th like
Zonker 05
'Zonker 05' 6 days ago
no better feeling than shutting up the chatter box
LockedTo Gaming
'LockedTo Gaming' 6 days ago
Me and my cousin were thinking about doing a neighborhood stereotype video but that would be a cool idea.
'Gigamites' 6 days ago
Ike if you find the diffrents
Lv 1. 😄😄😄😃😃
Lv 2.📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📫📪📫📫📫📫
'Gigamites' 6 days ago
Tv show
'Gigamites' 6 days ago
Gooo team mum
'Gigamites' 6 days ago
Chatter box and mr top ten was sOo funny XD
Daniel Grissom
'Daniel Grissom' 6 days ago
What about the guy who always argues with the umpire
Laphone Louplor
'Laphone Louplor' 6 days ago
You should make stereotypes baseball

The show off
The bat flip guy
The horrible fielder
The horrible pitcher
Mr Seeds
Gumball boy
Early Slider
Rage Monster
Horrible Umpire
The throwover (bat throwing)
The professional player who comes in and rekks your team
The crybaby
Rosalyn Pieczynski
This is so true for baseball too
ify okeke
'ify okeke' 7 days ago
Call me back in London
BD Ballin
'BD Ballin' 7 days ago
You should do football stariotipes and any one watching in 2017 like this comment
'rohan77039' 7 days ago
do a hokey stereotypes
amtulvasi vasi
'amtulvasi vasi' 7 days ago
stereotype Airsoft
umit lestari
'umit lestari' 7 days ago
'Brennabird' 7 days ago
Virtual reality stereotypes
Vicki Ponting
'Vicki Ponting' 7 days ago
Go snack man and team mum
Vicki Ponting
'Vicki Ponting' 1 week ago
You guys are so funny 😂
'Waffel_Gaming' 1 week ago
i got it
'Zachary's Shots' 1 week ago
Spot the difference 😐😐😐😐😐😑😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Lynn Harpold
'Lynn Harpold' 1 week ago
who elses team in baseball says duh nuh nuh did nuh nuh
Erik an sharla Tiller
Hey dude perfect I'm Luke and I'm from luling Texas I'm 10 years old and I was wondering if you can make a soccer stereotypes iny day
kyky critter
'kyky critter' 1 week ago
Those dude perfect stereotypes are awes--- Wait! Dude perfect, you should do stereotypes: grocery store

Like if you agree
Carlos Resendez
'Carlos Resendez' 1 week ago
quiero otro video
Carlos Resendez
'Carlos Resendez' 1 week ago
wo eslese
Sean Yoo
'Sean Yoo' 1 week ago
I'm the snack guy
'TR1PP3R' 1 week ago
Frisbee stereotypes Like if u agree
I wanna know why tf there isn't a baseball one
Luis Fernando Garza
Mxxmxxmxxmxxmxxm Bee
The umpire copied the naked gun
lisa mathews
'lisa mathews' 1 week ago
kris bryant is my favorit player
Shauna Grexton
'Shauna Grexton' 1 week ago
Me too
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