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Softball Stereotypes -
Published: 1 year ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 1 year ago

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Softball Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.
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'AbsorbentCleric' 4 minutes ago
When Ty set the money on fire, you could see the logs burned. So yea...
Spaz and Jr s
'Spaz and Jr s' 55 minutes ago
OMG the Mr top one is totally my cousin he makes a catch then he shows off a slow grounder to him he dives for it then ask like just saved the game its annoying
Brendan Meade
'Brendan Meade' 7 hours ago
I'm none of them
'footymadabs' 10 hours ago
you should do a trick shit episode with your wives and girlfriends x
Bauer Boy15
'Bauer Boy15' 13 hours ago
What are the odds they randomly have a flamethrower on by
moosan belcher
'moosan belcher' 14 hours ago
Hey ma name is on their smith mason shirts
Brennan McGlynn
'Brennan McGlynn' 15 hours ago
Stereotype: NCAA basketball tournament selection Sunday stereotype.
iheartsoftball 123
'iheartsoftball 123' 15 hours ago
some how or something I feel offended because I play softball and we don't act like that plus I have a softball game tonight
Michael Minerva
'Michael Minerva' 16 hours ago
I don't get how you guys make money from this.
'kasen' 16 hours ago
RIP little dog at 6:30
'kasen' 16 hours ago
soccer stereotypes
Coleman Mortell
'Coleman Mortell' 16 hours ago
Thats werid
Yahya Gulzar
'Yahya Gulzar' 17 hours ago
Did they actually burn the money
Justin Gibbs
'Justin Gibbs' 21 hours ago
Corey has the same cleats as me
GD Rockstar
'GD Rockstar' 1 day ago
Guys I swear I just got.$ from this amazing website: (just type in g00gle)=> freeppalmon xyz
SSJ7 Jevita
'SSJ7 Jevita' 1 day ago
I'm the top ten
Eric Cha
'Eric Cha' 1 day ago
2:47 i thought there would be the RAGE MONSTER
annlovesoftball #33
Hannah B
'Hannah B' 1 day ago
I play softball and the batters box is a rectangular not in a circle. Is that just a different way of playing it
Niel Patrick Pradas
I always watch your video I love it
Alfredo Gomez
'Alfredo Gomez' 2 days ago
I like Sushi
'MASTER VLOGZ' 2 days ago
Do an ice hockey stereotype video
EinMau Fan Girl!
'EinMau Fan Girl!' 2 days ago
I play soft ball and the Balls are SOOOO HARD like they say they're gonna be light 😫💔
xXfaze WolfgamingXx
Stereotype soccer
Vinny Wells
'Vinny Wells' 2 days ago
If anyone wants to win MLB tickets and jerseys you can at
sean hall
'sean hall' 2 days ago
cool stereotype
Russell Guerra
'Russell Guerra' 2 days ago
Rc club 123
'Rc club 123' 2 days ago
This is hiliarous
Matthew Blaisdell
'Matthew Blaisdell' 2 days ago
that was lit
Caden Wood
'Caden Wood' 2 days ago
Hopefully that was fake money
Balloon Dawg
'Balloon Dawg' 2 days ago
I hate the guy at 3:31
Balloon Dawg
'Balloon Dawg' 2 days ago
I hat the guy at 3:31
Nicholas The Assassin
that is just like my baseball bag
Eric Cha
'Eric Cha' 2 days ago
Ruben Moreno
'Ruben Moreno' 3 days ago
this video is funny ass hell😂😂
Cello Pugs
'Cello Pugs' 3 days ago
Hockey steryotypes
Boden Machado
'Boden Machado' 3 days ago
stereotypes football
Kid Perfect Miami
'Kid Perfect Miami' 3 days ago
You should do a stereotypes football
Michael Helmkamp
'Michael Helmkamp' 3 days ago
"Son, I need you in the batters box."
"I just don't want to get hit."
'JacobsVeryOwn' 3 days ago
Anyone watching in 2017
Kaylee Farnsworth
'Kaylee Farnsworth' 3 days ago
love it
Brycen Raffe
'Brycen Raffe' 3 days ago
Hey dude perfected I love your videos and t.v show I was wondering if you guys can go on Netflix. Can u think about it thanks. 😊
Carly Lineberry
'Carly Lineberry' 3 days ago
on the flamethrower one there was wood in it so nothing actually got damaged
JirohPlays - Graphics And Gaming
do table tennis
Desmond Hoskins
'Desmond Hoskins' 3 days ago
Brendan Boyd
'Brendan Boyd' 3 days ago
You can't slide to first base
Leanne Dixson
'Leanne Dixson' 4 days ago
did anyone else notice the center field said 200 my team plays at 270
Samuel Hawley
'Samuel Hawley' 4 days ago
I love your videos
Samuel Hawley
'Samuel Hawley' 4 days ago
I whatch your videos like every day
spencer lower
'spencer lower' 4 days ago
Stereotypes of hockey
A Few Kids And A Camera
PLZ post more stereotypes videos.
Mateo Jimenez
'Mateo Jimenez' 4 days ago
sleep over stereotype
Daniel Jones
'Daniel Jones' 4 days ago
What did you did you guys actually burn?
Mandy Hillstrom
'Mandy Hillstrom' 4 days ago
You should do a Stereotype frisbee
Shelbers 13
'Shelbers 13' 4 days ago
Lacrosse stereotypes
Tyler Bass
'Tyler Bass' 4 days ago
Beach stereotypes
Dareth Thorn
'Dareth Thorn' 4 days ago
I like your videos
'Hashler' 4 days ago
Brick King316 Customs, reviews and more
Swimming stereotypes
The lifeguard
The drowner
The pro
The old guy
The little kids
The hot tub hogger
The lounge chair guy
Brick King316 Customs, reviews and more
Move it in, y'all know what it is. What is it?
'donut' 4 days ago
Needs to be a baseball stereotype
Beth Halpain
'Beth Halpain' 4 days ago
Ryan Willingham
'Ryan Willingham' 4 days ago
football stereotypes
Tru Goodman
'Tru Goodman' 4 days ago
whats the old guys name
Yoonha Jung
'Yoonha Jung' 4 days ago
team mom hahaha!!
Logan Petocz
'Logan Petocz' 4 days ago
do baseball stereo type
R Earlywine
'R Earlywine' 4 days ago
Stereotypes: build
'ShortstopSumner6' 4 days ago
I just saw a Colgate ad that was in Spanish
SC Buckets
'SC Buckets' 4 days ago
Football Stereotypes
Miandra Cash
'Miandra Cash' 4 days ago
dude perfect I'm going to a softball game right now.
moon gaming
'moon gaming' 4 days ago
I play softball
Diego Lopez
'Diego Lopez' 4 days ago
Make more
NickyWhites Productions
Make more stereotypes like if you agree!
Clever Leprechaun
'Clever Leprechaun' 4 days ago
Do a hiking stereotypes video
'Maddie310' 4 days ago
Jose Miguel Oberto
That is messed up cody,hurt an old mans feelings
Toxic Waste
'Toxic Waste' 4 days ago
im nervous nelly
Cullen Frear
'Cullen Frear' 4 days ago
dodgeball stereotypes next???
Sarah Kong
'Sarah Kong' 5 days ago
Why is Ty always Rage Monster?
Jack Cooney
'Jack Cooney' 5 days ago
Weird how that yellow bat is wood but when he hit it it made a metal bat sound??? Are we getting cheesed
Mikazuki Augu
'Mikazuki Augu' 5 days ago
Why would they put money on fire? That's insane rage monster should not be a good idea because he
Burn't the money and broke the restraint chairs
Benjamin Martinez
'Benjamin Martinez' 5 days ago
rage monster 😂😂😂
'DaBeast' 5 days ago
Soccer stereotypes
'SidudeDaGamer' 5 days ago
do a tennis stereotype
ki mal
'ki mal' 5 days ago
I have the same pants as cody
Jose Miguel Oberto
Yeah Cody tyler did a good choice how can you hurt a old guys feelings
TrampMaster 18
'TrampMaster 18' 5 days ago
Karen Romine
'Karen Romine' 5 days ago
i think the guy misster cater box is the panda
drew rudolph
'drew rudolph' 5 days ago
Jordan Bam
'Jordan Bam' 5 days ago
I love Rage monster
'DAMSTERDAM' 5 days ago
omg i want that blowtorch
'DAMSTERDAM' 5 days ago
the outrageous umpire is all umpires
diabla 578
'diabla 578' 5 days ago
My favorite was team mom
Beth Halpain
'Beth Halpain' 5 days ago
Colin Hunt
'Colin Hunt' 5 days ago
Top 10
Olympiakos B.C.
'Olympiakos B.C.' 5 days ago
moustakas is a greek name
Lyn Benitez
'Lyn Benitez' 5 days ago
do baseball stereotypes
Rishabh Mukherjee
'Rishabh Mukherjee' 5 days ago
What do you mean 9/8 central?
John Chung
'John Chung' 5 days ago
Stereotypes: Bowling
The Lucas 1
'The Lucas 1' 5 days ago
Is rage monster real
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