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Wolfdog Welcome -
Published: 10 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 10 months ago

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This is the welcome I get every time I enter an enclosure :) It is also the reason why I have no nice clothing, why I am constantly covered in dirt, and why I am the happiest of happy campers. The two animals in this video are Spruce and Cochise. Spruce is the dog with the blue eye, and she is a low/no content wolfdog (meaning that she has little to no actual wolf heritage). The gray boy is Cochise and he is a mid content wolfdog. They were both failed pets and were taken in by the sanctuary when their respective owners were unable to provide homes that met their needs. Cochise and Spruce are incredibly friendly but also incredibly high energy, and being able to run around their acre large enclosure and howl with their neighbors has led them to be happier and more well adjusted than they ever were as house pets.

Agatka Grzyb
'Agatka Grzyb' 5 days ago
awwh too cute
special operations division SNIPER
Arrrrroooo Arrroo arooo *growls *
'Sheashay101' 4 weeks ago
Wait, if Spruce has almost no wolf in her why is she considered a wolfdog?
'Xandeowolf' 1 month ago
Do they dig a lot?
Miguel Artica
'Miguel Artica' 2 months ago
My wolf dog has one blue eye and one brown eye
Jess litick
'Jess litick' 2 months ago
awwww omgggggg woofdogggg loveeeeee omggggg i love that
'tetrisclock' 3 months ago
What a bunch of silly heads.
mariano pesa
'mariano pesa' 3 months ago
cochise from falling skies?
ToNeRgOo plays
'ToNeRgOo plays' 4 months ago
Spruce mmust be part husky
The Dro
'The Dro' 4 months ago
Luna does this to us when Mel and I hug or kiss. She gets all jealous and starts jumping all over us trying to kiss us like that too.
Jesús E. Rodríguez
'Jesús E. Rodríguez' 4 months ago
I need their bit and lick!
'GTA 7' 5 months ago
It looks like the wolves are molesting her
Black_ Belt16
'Black_ Belt16' 6 months ago
I love that they have such an open area to live
'Oliver' 6 months ago
I really hope one day I can visit a wolf sanctuary. They look so damn adorable
Amanda L
'Amanda L' 8 months ago
I want to work at one of these!
Candy Candy Cosplay
'Candy Candy Cosplay' 8 months ago
God, I want a wolfdog now, after me and my family move out of this apartment and get a real yard I'm gonna try make getting one a goal
Jadan Fox
'Jadan Fox' 8 months ago
awe they are fighting for your love
kobayo castro
'kobayo castro' 8 months ago
so cute
Holly Bowley
'Holly Bowley' 8 months ago
What did u do to get a job like this like what qualifications do u need
Hannah Wagner
'Hannah Wagner' 8 months ago
what state do you live in
'AlexTheRed' 9 months ago
Those animals are beautiful.
Joel Vega
'Joel Vega' 9 months ago
I would love to work with wolfs and wolf dogs! Any suggestions how I can get to tht point?
Lukáš Pithart
'Lukáš Pithart' 9 months ago
Vlčák si pro svou vlčí povahu zaslouží prožít šťastný život! A vám patří velké poděkování, že jste mu takový život zajistil!
Jsem si jist, že vám to vlčák v plné míře vrací!
'GD_Aqueous' 10 months ago
I once went to a wolf tour. It was learning about one thing said in many different ways as we watched them get fed. It sucked. I would've loved this a lot, to see them get pet.
Moe Oooo
'Moe Oooo' 10 months ago
Awwww they are adorable!
Carvanni Andrew
'Carvanni Andrew' 10 months ago
why is that wolf have diffrent eye color?
brokenprogamer the planner of julie six
nuuu they eating you!!!!!!
'deathproof201' 10 months ago
How are they tamed?! Like are they actual wolves?! How many are there? How do I work here?! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!
Gumey Gume
'Gumey Gume' 10 months ago
such adorable... much aww. many wow.
Leila Witherspoon
'Leila Witherspoon' 10 months ago
where did you get them ?
'K_pigeon' 10 months ago
so cute
'Tjandralala' 10 months ago
Incoming camera attacks!!!
IDreamOfDragons O
'IDreamOfDragons O' 10 months ago
Now I want a wolf dog but that won't happen😢
Mason Angles
'Mason Angles' 10 months ago
Your lucky
Woodland Wolf
'Woodland Wolf' 10 months ago
beautiful wolves
'StickyGaming' 10 months ago
I don't know so sorry for my ignorance but is it legal to have a wolf as a regular pet like this in the U.K? Genuine curiosity
Spring Bonnie LPS - where cringe comes to life!
short sighteddog
'short sighteddog' 10 months ago
chibi hungary
'chibi hungary' 10 months ago
my dream job
'IkonikProduction' 10 months ago
Just like with my malamute. I get bombarded with love everytime I come home from work. xD
'Farencius459' 10 months ago
My name is Sarah and I love wolves, so this channel is just the best thing in the world rn 💖
'Gonzesse' 10 months ago
You're one badass lady
Jamie Monroy
'Jamie Monroy' 10 months ago
live the Wolf with the different eye color.
rogue werewolf
'rogue werewolf' 10 months ago
love this vid its awesome
Kill3rwolf 135
'Kill3rwolf 135' 10 months ago
I'm gonna sub to this person only because I can see the cute wolves
Savage wolf
'Savage wolf' 10 months ago
Herr Doktor von Nuremberg
Reminds me of my pitbull. She'll lick you to death lol.

but srsly these wolfdogs are so cute
El Tigre
'El Tigre' 10 months ago
Wasn't Cochise the wolfdog that was seen on a vid on someones backyard??? Obviously was a bad idea... Stupid people...
'kristian1115' 10 months ago
1:43 - My forehead was tinkling, almost like I was there. Awesome
'Puff,TheMagic' 10 months ago
Your videos make me so happy! Please upload more regularly? :3 I subscribed.
Luis Adrego
'Luis Adrego' 10 months ago
I would work for free there :3
'Tardis_98' 10 months ago
Remigus Ker
'Remigus Ker' 10 months ago
I would absolutely love to have a wolfdog, I've met a couple and they're some of the most amazing animals I've ever spent time with! Sadly I'll probably never have the space or time off of work necessary to take care of them properly. D8
Paxton Gregg
'Paxton Gregg' 10 months ago
Such beautiful animals! I would give anything to see them up close!
'blitzv10' 10 months ago
its amazing to think that all wolfs evolved from domesticated dogs that got lost in the woods
Avery Thomas
'Avery Thomas' 10 months ago
When can I come over and visit them!
'Bigrooster' 10 months ago
I think I am in love
Damo Wolfborn
'Damo Wolfborn' 10 months ago
can we switch lives for a while lol
'Nick' 10 months ago
Really hope you keep putting out these videos, they're really nice to watch!
'DrPepperDependent' 10 months ago
These two are beautiful. My chocolate Lab Nala loves going on between my legs too. Love these videos
Phantom Phelix
'Phantom Phelix' 10 months ago
OMG YES!!!! My Sunday is now complete. What adorable and gentle beasts. Thanks for uploading more!! I really appreciate. :)
'DeftZeppelin' 10 months ago
'JAY FRANCIS' 10 months ago
omg 😍
jesse Summers
'jesse Summers' 10 months ago
I'll take 10 please
francheska quinonez
'francheska quinonez' 10 months ago
they're too adorable, so needy 😂😃
Evelyn C
'Evelyn C' 10 months ago
So affectionate, those pups
Noah Totty
'Noah Totty' 10 months ago
cute little wolf
Mr. Futago
'Mr. Futago' 10 months ago
Me want too!
Jon Sanseom
'Jon Sanseom' 10 months ago
im in love with these dogs
B. Odpadki
'B. Odpadki' 10 months ago
Ok I'm sold
meatman 77
'meatman 77' 10 months ago
I did not know that wolves could be so nice
Nathan Fryzek
'Nathan Fryzek' 10 months ago
What state/country are you in? What is the name of your rescue?
'Azenyx' 10 months ago
Such pupper cuteness I cry
XxmegafaggotxX Faggot4life
Do you own the wolf
Dream Hunter
'Dream Hunter' 10 months ago
thats how my dogs are one is always choking me the other keeps whining and whining and third to his self
'MRLairyGaming' 10 months ago
Your a wonderful person to take so good care of these beautiful creatures. The world needs more like you :)
The one button Last name
Wait are these seriously wolfs or just really big huskys
Jaime Rodriguez
'Jaime Rodriguez' 10 months ago
Do you sell or just preserve them?
'//Tara\\' 10 months ago
Is a wolfdog a wolf of a dog like a husky
drew blonsk
'drew blonsk' 10 months ago
Sup Imgur?
Randy Monger
'Randy Monger' 10 months ago
Logan Raz
'Logan Raz' 10 months ago
I had a wolf-dog once. Thing tore apart fences. Still my favorite pet by FAR
Jessie Wright
'Jessie Wright' 10 months ago
Super cool vid. Thanks for posting ! ! !
Hikar Itio
'Hikar Itio' 10 months ago
0 dislikea
Cherry Panda
'Cherry Panda' 10 months ago
trade me lives please xD
'BearBoozled' 10 months ago
I'm alone and yet I can't help but to smile!
'DengleBot' 10 months ago
I will come here to this channel everyday now and go "awwww!"
Justin Wenderoth
'Justin Wenderoth' 10 months ago
Now I'm no doctor but I think those dogs might like you. Don't quote me but I'm pretty sure.
'wolf' 10 months ago
Squid Spots
'Squid Spots' 10 months ago
Lol cute!
'Gamacios' 10 months ago
FUCKin precious
Mercury Wolff
'Mercury Wolff' 10 months ago
hoowwwwwwl <3 love
Idkwhat towrite
'Idkwhat towrite' 10 months ago
aw so cute!! this made my day because i'm sick and all..
Fresh Doge
'Fresh Doge' 10 months ago
I wish I could have 2 different eye colors like that wolfdog
'JennzNailWorld' 10 months ago
Awe how sweet thank you so much for these videos since we lost our precious kimber it's been really sad and this brings some joy to us so thank you Sarah xoxox
'JD H.' 10 months ago
Used to have a pack of 13 arctic hybrids. Got the same treatment if I was just gone to the store for 5 minutes, as I would have if gone for 6 months.
Anti Active
'Anti Active' 10 months ago
So. God damn. Cute
fyre faerie
'fyre faerie' 10 months ago
omg that wolfdog has 1 blue eye n 1 brown eye?!...amazing n those wolfdogs r adorable
Lucky Dragon
'Lucky Dragon' 10 months ago
This is SO cute!
Mr_maybe_or not
'Mr_maybe_or not' 10 months ago
Sooooooooooo cute when playing
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