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Cars 3 "Lightning Strikes" Extended Look -
Published: 3 months ago By: Disney•Pixar

By: Disney•PixarPublished: 3 months ago

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It’s not over until Lightning strikes.

Disney/Pixar's Cars 3 opens in theatres June 16 in 3D.



Copyright: (C) Disney/Pixar

meme guard
'meme guard' 45 minutes ago
saddest anime death 2017
Curious George
'Curious George' 14 hours ago
Cars 1= my childhood
'Genjii' 15 hours ago
they should upgrade mcqueen and a new look make him look badass the practice then return and win the race
Héctor  Hernández
1:05 Cruz no. 20
XBOX 360gamer
'XBOX 360gamer' 3 days ago
well Lightning McQueen retire I decide when I'm done pumped up words
Héctor  Hernández
Johnny Estrada
'Johnny Estrada' 5 days ago
in cars 1 you see inside mc queens truck its differnt Now?
Finn Vautier
'Finn Vautier' 5 days ago
I think nostalgia just punched me in the balls
SkyEdge 279
'SkyEdge 279' 6 days ago
where is ytp when u need them
Jeremy Abrams
'Jeremy Abrams' 6 days ago
Cars 3- The Last Kachow
hanif shaikh
'hanif shaikh' 6 days ago
Realising date?
Rodriguez Jess
'Rodriguez Jess' 7 days ago
Yo lightning be like ka chow Disney be like ka ching 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
'BeholdenCypress' 7 days ago
my inner child is screaming to see this movie.
'Jedihho' 1 week ago
at the end of the trailer when a little kid was yelling lightning I thought it was one of my little brothers or sisters LOL! so I look over and see no one
Leo gemer Leo gemer
galara ce escrave no meu canal
Tracy Shipman
'Tracy Shipman' 1 week ago
It's amazing
Khorri Jones
'Khorri Jones' 1 week ago
Whenever they make the soundtrack, they should use Fifth Harmony for the music!!!!
'Dormega' 1 week ago
Coming to Nintendo Switch this summer.
P0w3rX R4ptor
'P0w3rX R4ptor' 1 week ago
This movie looks beautiful
7 Cyber 7
'7 Cyber 7' 1 week ago
This movie looks like it's going to destroy my childhood
Rolando Garcia
'Rolando Garcia' 1 week ago
In 0:49 the mountains look like cars.
Sang Maddog
'Sang Maddog' 1 week ago
This flim is not yet rated
Saul Godinez
'Saul Godinez' 1 week ago
cars 3 will be cool
Sebastian Cossio
'Sebastian Cossio' 2 weeks ago
Bugs life two???
Martin Kiefer
'Martin Kiefer' 2 weeks ago
lowkey all the older people who were young when the first one came out at are real excited for this
Is it just me.....or does Lightning land on his head at 0:28......wouldn't his brain get smashed?
'GilbertAndBowser' 2 weeks ago
Anyone seer the BnL logo form wall-e?
MTABOY1738 Rails
'MTABOY1738 Rails' 2 weeks ago
0:59 Easter Egg BnL
Or known as Buy n Large from Wall E
See the Pixar Theory
Ging Lao
'Ging Lao' 2 weeks ago
kingชอบมากเลยครับทุก คนมี ความหวัง ดีกับผมชอบวิดีโอนี้
'WynterDawnshade' 2 weeks ago
this... was for an animated kids movie... I think its safe to say that Disney/pixar is not for only kids anymore
'Silvercide' 2 weeks ago
Kalleon Ingram
'Kalleon Ingram' 2 weeks ago
Cars 3 On June 16? Thats My Birthday! :)
Tello 64
'Tello 64' 2 weeks ago
You just had to squeeze one more out didn't you Pixar....
'sneakyman555' 2 weeks ago
Pause at 0:59 and you'll see BNL on the track.
Conner Riggs
'Conner Riggs' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else notice that one of the cars from the beginning section came from Split/Second? (0:14)

Can't remember what model that car was, but I'm thinking it was a Cobretti.
'CraftyCarrot' 2 weeks ago
Stickers is about to get real
'TechEric112' 2 weeks ago
for four you should try when cars meet humans
Artūrs Jurkovskis
'Artūrs Jurkovskis' 2 weeks ago
I am 14 and boy can't i wait to see this!
Jason MP
'Jason MP' 2 weeks ago
#lighting vs storm
Elijah the Elephant
'Elijah the Elephant' 2 weeks ago
Now that's what I called edgy.
Gamer N8
'Gamer N8' 2 weeks ago
ker choo
Tyler Chase Ribadeneyra
I'm Coming For You Storm!!!!!!!!!
Blaze 117
'Blaze 117' 2 weeks ago
The senile old man
'The senile old man' 2 weeks ago
Ofcourse the new fastest car is black
a potato
'a potato' 2 weeks ago
Kevin Martinez
'Kevin Martinez' 2 weeks ago
i may be a teen but this movie is making me hate on advance technology
ian vazquez
'ian vazquez' 2 weeks ago
What's up with all these noobies? Bruh originals first
'RAZZIE XD' 2 weeks ago
is the voice is easter egg?
Lpscarmelcorn 《Eat up all the goodness.》
Anon Emus
'Anon Emus' 2 weeks ago
Really looking forward to this and this seems to be the best sequel to Cars - the original. Best of all Rand Newman is back to do the score as with the original cars :)
XODrei806 Ambito
'XODrei806 Ambito' 2 weeks ago
this is the real CARS 2
its totally COOL!!!!!
Sofia Rueda
'Sofia Rueda' 2 weeks ago
Who else came from super carlin brothers😛
Sofia Rueda
'Sofia Rueda' 2 weeks ago
" what should i watch AHHHHHHHHHHHHH CAR 3 IS COMING.
'Aurora' 2 weeks ago
This made my heartbeat fast and made me sweat i can't wait.
Yolo Thunder
'Yolo Thunder' 2 weeks ago
i cant belive he will find doc
Sebastian Cossio
'Sebastian Cossio' 3 weeks ago
you will never be the racer you one where. All around us are familiar faces
Holden Day
'Holden Day' 3 weeks ago
'Skorpiman' 3 weeks ago
I want inside out 2.
Ken Peerapairoj
'Ken Peerapairoj' 3 weeks ago
1:16 I think he didn't change his tires
Michelle Norris-Mills
'McFrozenNuggets' 3 weeks ago
Jackson Storm, you might be on top right now, but you'd better watch your back, because Lightning McQueen isn't going down without a fight!! 😠😠😠😤😤😤😉😎 He's coming for you, Storm!!!
Afonso Vila Verde
'Afonso Vila Verde' 3 weeks ago
Best movie of 2017. Best movie ever.
Rrishi Mishra
'Rrishi Mishra' 4 weeks ago
I've got fucking goosebumps man
'scarlet2583' 4 weeks ago
I just hope the addition of a younger female assistant won't lead to a subplot of him cheating on Sally(as much as such a thing can happen in a pixar movie) I don't want a cliche "midlife crisis" movie.
Matt Podlaski
'Matt Podlaski' 4 weeks ago
Cuts to black 31+ times
Rose Mulet
'Rose Mulet' 4 weeks ago
Toy Story 4 plot - The movie begins when one day Bonnie comes home from school early, only to see all of her toys alive. The toys tell her to keep this a secret, and to not tell Andy, she decides to lock her toys up, and tries to forget about the traumatic experience. Meanwhile, Sid (who is now much older) is suffering through depression, as all of the other kids make fun of him for believing that toys are alive. One day, Bonnie runs into him, and she's the only one who understands him. Slowly, they start building a movement, and families all across the world start reporting their living toys, and start trying to catch them moving. Most people assume its a myth, until Sid hides a secret camera inside the toys locked up in Bonnie's room, which is being broadcast on Live TV, which proves that the toys are alive. Once the humans find out, they start to panic, and abandon all of their toys. The toys start rebelling and attack the humans, but after seeing that the humans can easily destroy them, they surrender, and are locked up in imprisonment. Andy (who just graduated from college) hears about the toys and panics. He heads over to Bonnie's house (she's now a pre-teen) only to find out that she's locked her toys up, and is leading the movement to destroy them all. Eventually, the toys hack the news media, and get a chance to talk to the humans, saying that all they want is to be played with, and how they mean no harm. Eventually, humans and toys live in peace, and the final scene is Andy finally freeing his old toys, and talking to them for the first time.

Like if you want this to happen.
Kavi Hoondle
'Kavi Hoondle' 4 weeks ago
Ma name's Mater, and I'll be yer waiter
نجمة بحر
'نجمة بحر' 4 weeks ago
Prince Puma
'Prince Puma' 4 weeks ago
As long as mater is still in it I'm fine
'gkincaid4' 4 weeks ago
lightning, you're alive!
Weppeid  Fun
'Weppeid Fun' 4 weeks ago
I hope Cars 3 will make me Inspired, just like Cars (The first part) .
Jack Breh
'Jack Breh' 4 weeks ago
This is literally ROCKY 3 combined with IV. The new stronger better brand of up and coming car (Ie the roided russian with his high tech training gear) destroys the old champion and he must rise from the ashes to show that the old method beats the new.
The Pheonix
'The Pheonix' 4 weeks ago
Maybe He Needs To Change His Ten Year Old Tires This Race
The Pheonix
'The Pheonix' 4 weeks ago
Who Else Is Trying To Reinvent The TO Watch This ? Cause I Am
Ertan Can Atik
'Ertan Can Atik' 4 weeks ago
Whenever I watch, hair on my face is always standing.
Filipe Quaresma
'Filipe Quaresma' 4 weeks ago
Marin Eduard
'Marin Eduard' 4 weeks ago
TITLE for movie-Cars 3: the lighting strikes back or cars 3- revenge of the lighting.
Top Notch Gamer
'Top Notch Gamer' 4 weeks ago
Pixar should just show us, the whole crash. Then show us how Lightning looks but add just a little bit more.
Christopher Jorgensen
I know i may sound childish, considering I am 13, but i am anxious to see this movie. I loved the first two movies and i just really want to see this ine too.
'Lenmas XOXOXO' 4 weeks ago
HI-TECH racers are all over the place for 2017! Lightning has a new RUST*EZE sponcer. Cruz has her first lines. I'm just waiting for the game teaser to be release, I know their gonna make one cause they did it with the other game, like Cars 1 and Cars: Race'O'Rama
The Fridge
'The Fridge' 4 weeks ago
I got chills watching this. They're finally back, and it looks fucking awesome.
Feil Vei
'Feil Vei' 4 weeks ago
Am I the only one who doesn't think Cars 2 is as bad as everyone says?
'kabal223' 4 weeks ago
Cars 3: Rocky 4
'UltimateGeek' 4 weeks ago
I'm not gonna watch this film, since I'm not a kid (well I'm 15, so I guess I technically am)
but what the actual f*ck, the animation is amazing....
Luigi can
Lol. Everyone was like this was going to be mature. I knew it wasn't going to be mature. I though it was about his recovery
Fatima Monserrat
'Fatima Monserrat' 4 weeks ago
1:26 :')
Awesome pawesome
'Awesome pawesome' 4 weeks ago
I'm just curious, how many people have notice the easter egg at 0:59 so far?
Sebastian Cossio
'Sebastian Cossio' 4 weeks ago
now he's a mcnugget being sold at you local McDonald's
Odi Sennin
'Odi Sennin' 4 weeks ago
Change the speed to 0.5, then go to 1:18 and pause it.. There is a red banner "THUNDER ...." Did it means Chick Hiks will arrive in that place???
Kaili Worcester
'Kaili Worcester' 4 weeks ago
When will another trailer come out😫😫 I'm so excited
Ethan Storms
'Ethan Storms' 4 weeks ago
I don't think Lightning ever learned to change his tires
'CRAZY KARL5312' 1 month ago
Wonder what Incredibles 2 is like now?
OctopusVids For You
'OctopusVids For You' 1 month ago
still can't wait for the movie to come out
'Szabo1996' 1 month ago
I wonder if Danica Patrick will appear in Cars 3.
Dank Tank
'Dank Tank' 1 month ago
The sequel we deserve.
Even though this is personification of cars, this seems awesome.
'coos60' 1 month ago
Doesn't anyone think Cars is relatively similar to a nick jr show called Blaze and the Monster Machines?
Bruno Rodrigues
'Bruno Rodrigues' 1 month ago
The things I'm most exited for in this movie is
1. Mcqueen is back to his cars 1 model
2 Mcqueens crash
3 Mcqueens possible retirement
4 The new characters
5 everything else
'ZombieDude007' 1 month ago
this would work whit seven nation army from bf1 trailer
like if you agree
'mrwong11989' 1 month ago
Let me guess what's up next: Planes 3?
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