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Cars 3 "Lightning Strikes" Extended Look -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Disney•Pixar

By: Disney•PixarPublished: 2 weeks ago

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It’s not over until Lightning strikes.

Disney/Pixar's Cars 3 opens in theatres June 16 in 3D.



Copyright: (C) Disney/Pixar

Savage Cabbage
'Savage Cabbage' 2 hours ago
cars 3 the last kerchoo
Pokemon master Z
'Pokemon master Z' 3 hours ago
The guy saying you will never be the racer you once were is Jackson storm I think
'llTBNRllyokaizo' 3 hours ago
what if lighting crash is the same thing as when king crash
'MICHEAL EROPLAT' 8 hours ago
Does lighting McQueen get life insurance or car insurance
Xx_Rayner_The_Gamer_xX Gaming
The thumbnail looks like the car garage that was added in the import export update in gta 5
'Insanesega' 12 hours ago
who is that saying "you will never be the racer you once were, accept it."?
Patrick Glitchz
'Patrick Glitchz' 14 hours ago
Is it fair to assume lightning will outsmart this new rookie who's probably a hotshot and overconfident like lightning in the first film?
'Soulz' 16 hours ago
With every "Storm", comes "Lightning".
Titanic Olympic Britannic
I get it ha
Fansybanana Z
'Fansybanana Z' 21 hours ago
I think he is going to Have to be almost Competley Rebuilt Into an electric Car.
Cheese 75
'Cheese 75' 21 hours ago
I'm I little to old to be excited for this but I'm super excited
Cuz I watched the first one and the 2
King Rexy
'King Rexy' 22 hours ago
Cars 3 attack of the Speed bumps!
the random mario channel
this is what happens when you let Michael Bay direct a animated film

'Vour' 1 day ago
I am to scared to ask my friends to go watch this movie when it comes out, they'll think am still a kid.
James The Red Engine
Cars 3: The Last ka-chow Directed by: Michael Bay
ZakInversal ,
'ZakInversal ,' 2 days ago
I think igntr is actually The King A.K.A Strip Weathers
MediaCara SEGB
'MediaCara SEGB' 2 days ago
Soy el unico que habla español verdad :'(
ArtN Anime
'ArtN Anime' 2 days ago
the motor Speedway of the South was the first race track in cars one
Richard Ocmer
'Richard Ocmer' 2 days ago
Alex Tedder nice pun
FaDe GhOsT
'FaDe GhOsT' 2 days ago
where's Sally? Wheres Mater? Where's the Radiator Springs squad? What is happening?!
Eduardo Martinez
'Eduardo Martinez' 2 days ago
destrullo. mi. infancia
Erubin Ortiz
'Erubin Ortiz' 2 days ago
I just can't stop watching trailer and I'm 10
'SpeedOfLight' 2 days ago
I think at 1:08 mcqueen discovers doc's past
mohammed alsuraimi
if you guys look closely you can see the video starts at 0:00
Marco Ceulemans
'Marco Ceulemans' 2 days ago
kan niet wachten
FierceNinja87 Xbox360/PS4 Content
why is Mcqueen number 15 when he was drifting
'GamingPear' 2 days ago
Markiplier Jr
'Markiplier Jr' 2 days ago
what happened to Paul Newman
DashCam Crasher
'DashCam Crasher' 2 days ago
when will this release?.
Wizel Balan
'Wizel Balan' 2 days ago
Not sure how being smarter on the track can make up for Lightening being slower than Jackson, I mean in the trailer Lightening crashes cause he was pushing himself to try and catch up but couldn't.  Being smarter will not make up for a 20-30+ mph top speed difference and greater acceleration from Jackson and the other new racers, least I cannot see how.  Maybe Lightening gets remodeled so he can compete?
zareh1234 studios
'zareh1234 studios' 2 days ago
whats the ending look like
Gadengo Nnb
'Gadengo Nnb' 3 days ago
The rookie is the underdog going against the established champion McQueen... too bad McQueen will most likely win since he's the protagonist.
Eduardo R15 Rodriguez
'SkyWaterfire02' 3 days ago
Bada Boo
'Bada Boo' 3 days ago
To be honest, this film will come out after I graduate high school :) AND I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS FILM (CHEERING FIR EXCITEMENT)
Dam...this is gritty
Cheesy Productions
😆 I can't wait for Cars 3!

😧 "MEH"?! What do you mean "MEH"?

I could care less for another Cars movie.😒

😃 Well sure, but like, this one looks much cooler than the second one!

I....I don't know.😕

😏 Well here's what I'm going to do....

Oh no....😟

😀 Would you watch the movie if I gave you a taco?

You don't have a taco.......and yes.😦

😏 🌮 BOOM.


😘 Enjoy a taco made with love!
😒 And also

Okay I'm hyped for this movie.🌮 😄
Bonnie the bunny MLG
Wasn't cars 2 like about mater?
Jonathan Wyer
'Jonathan Wyer' 3 days ago
this looks like the beginning cut scene of NASCAR 2011
Global Kota
'Global Kota' 3 days ago
on the real though.. does lightning mcqueen have life insurance or car insurance?
Thomas Cortez
'Thomas Cortez' 3 days ago
Storm is the same fast car like Lin...
'Tarmius' 3 days ago
storm looks dope.
Ethaniel The Great
What the hell is this? Mad Max?
Kenneth Ravanilla
'Kenneth Ravanilla' 3 days ago
good line right there
Pointless Aslan
'Pointless Aslan' 3 days ago
I'm speechless ... without a doubt going to push all of them little kids out of the way because I don't care if I am older lightning McQueen is MY KING
dream chaser
'dream chaser' 3 days ago
hell yeah
I love the holidays because I can be antisocial
Hey Disney I have a song suggestion can you use KSI's Lamborghini please it would fit very well
Marcos Rodrigues
'Marcos Rodrigues' 3 days ago
Congratulations Pixar! Finally a movie of cars i wan to see
'futureisbright33' 3 days ago
Aaron Moreno
'Aaron Moreno' 3 days ago
is doc hudson still alive?
Adriel123 GT
'Adriel123 GT' 3 days ago
Awesome when this will be out tell me
Christopher Isaiah Zugasti
So hyped
Lee Donohue
'Lee Donohue' 4 days ago
I really don't "car" about this movie...

Gregory A
'Gregory A' 4 days ago
im so excited about this movie!
Mart The blue Nosed Fish
I can't wait for Cars 359 to come out, I bet lightning the queen will grow hands
Bob Bobson (Lordvader59)
So it's Rocky 4... Just in Cars?
creedance redcalf
'creedance redcalf' 4 days ago
I think the final race for McQueen. Think ab out it remember the first movie. Jackson storm will be Chick hicks The girl will be McQueen and McQueen will be the guy from Dinoco. Jack will win and McQueen will crash and the girl will push him to the finish.
Gaming With Spencer
this scares me
Barcelona Boy
'Barcelona Boy' 4 days ago
now I wanna see this movie soooi bad
Om Om
'Om Om' 4 days ago
more like something michael bay would make
'BluestarCantWatch' 4 days ago
Why does the kid at the end sound like Foxy's scream? You know, when they play the extended version.
'Duncan's Dungeon' 4 days ago
"cars go fast, cars go slow, tell me which speed will you go?"
imho cars scare me a lot so ill just stick to walking and cleaning my dungeon lol
Megan Eynon-Daly
'Megan Eynon-Daly' 4 days ago
I hope sally and lightning are still a thing 😢
Marco Antonio
'Marco Antonio' 4 days ago
cuando saldra cars tri
Jayden McDowell
'Jayden McDowell' 4 days ago
Im coming for u storm lol 😎 u go McQueen
ice breaker101
'ice breaker101' 4 days ago
Wow this fucking sucks
T3ddy L0x
'T3ddy L0x' 4 days ago
Does McQueen have life insurance or car insurance?
Frost Byte
'Frost Byte' 4 days ago
I'm going to be 20 when this releases..... will I watch it? YEP
Frost Byte
'Frost Byte' 4 days ago
this certainly seems darker than your usual cars film...
Lisandro Maturet
'Lisandro Maturet' 4 days ago
nadie pidió un car 3.
Aidan Orr
'Aidan Orr' 4 days ago
I am not going to let a pile of kids block my path. I am going to see this no matter what happens.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
'mattnic001' 4 days ago
Welp, i watched the whole movie...
Angie Clark
'Angie Clark' 4 days ago
PIXAR Timeline
Cars 3 Comes after UP and before Wall-E
Kakhaber Kobakhidze
jakson storm is worse?
Marwin Kraus
'Marwin Kraus' 4 days ago
Cake wake airport land order allow consult management
Cristobal Jauregui
basically Rocky IV
Karlis Klestrovs
'Karlis Klestrovs' 4 days ago
Mikey Belcher
'Mikey Belcher' 4 days ago
talledega nights plot lmao 😂
Daliaa Manjarrez
'Daliaa Manjarrez' 4 days ago
omg . can't wait to see this movie ,,,, i dont care if im 23 im going to watching with my nephews ahahah
'Br3e' 4 days ago
So basically Mcqueen is the Rocky of pixar?
Ayy Lmao
'Ayy Lmao' 4 days ago
0:25 Lightning crashes at daylight
0:24 Lightning crashes at night

'DanklyChris' 4 days ago
Storm mckills Mcqueen
Billy Mays
'Billy Mays' 5 days ago
summer 2017
I go watch it and a kid sees McQueen wrecking and screams LIGHTNEEN
LightingMcqueenfan 95
I will not cry in theaters maybe I will cry? I don't know but this is going to way better then cars 2 right!!!
'Cancer•exe' 5 days ago
Instead of making sequel by sequel, how about a Doc Hudson spin-off? I think it would be good.
'Dummycollector' 5 days ago
Fast and the furious Number whatever
Luis Andre Herrera Diaz
is edad hudson hornet
Kacper Aniecko
'Kacper Aniecko' 5 days ago
Cars 3 = Rocky 3
LionHeart Kurry
'LionHeart Kurry' 5 days ago
cars 3 lightning returns final fantasy Xlll
'Bangerz' 5 days ago
Can't wait!!!
juju gaming
'juju gaming' 5 days ago
when are they making a new incredible 2 !!
'SlimeBoss2015' 5 days ago
Hector Escobar
'Hector Escobar' 5 days ago
ya la espero
Patricio Campos
'Patricio Campos' 5 days ago
Cars 3
Diamond Spider
'Diamond Spider' 5 days ago
Would It be cool if they made a movie called Disney Pixars Boats
Egg Knober
'Egg Knober' 5 days ago
Who else can't stop watching this
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