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Cut for Time: Rooftop Party - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

1, 524, 162 views

7, 893 Likes   1, 060 Dislikes

Stereo (Jay Pharoah) won't stop asking his friends (Kenan Thompson, Bobby Moynihan, Louis C.K., Sasheer Zamata, Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones) for things they can't give him, like a confident smile and a sense of closure.

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EPM 101
'EPM 101' 6 days ago
Why was this cut!
'Mysterious_Me' 3 weeks ago
I didn't know that ginger dude with the beard was on SNL, I've only seen him on Parks & Rec and he was HILARIOUS.
I'm like "Yo man can I get that awkward sexual humor off you?"
Laurie Jean
'Laurie Jean' 3 weeks ago
bring back Jay Pharoah!!!! He was the best. Yo let me get those civil rights memories off you... bahahah
'Suigetsu' 4 weeks ago
3:10 "Let me get them civil rights out of you" Lmao
Craig Flippen
'Craig Flippen' 1 month ago
i see why he aint on the show anymore
'unterbawr' 1 month ago
2:45 Louis awkwardly ignored
Paolo El
'Paolo El' 1 month ago
I don't understand African accent :(
Vince Klortho
'Vince Klortho' 2 months ago
Sasheer in shorts ... yum!
'ANKH-RA 999' 2 months ago
I can tell white people wrote this dumb ass shit.
Caitlin Vasconcelos-Ortiz
I miss Leslie like this. subtle and funny
andy slater
'andy slater' 2 months ago
yo lemme get that dope simile off u
'tackyman2011' 2 months ago
Stereo reminds me of DarREL: Can I get your number? Your telephone number? The set of digits that comprise your NUMBER??
Mick Moore
'Mick Moore' 2 months ago
Thumbs up if you think Stereo needs another sketch! :)
Jordan fayyo
'Jordan fayyo' 3 months ago
Why are all the cut for time ones the funniest?
Jennifer Branny
'Jennifer Branny' 3 months ago
"Yo! Let me get that simile off you!" 😂😂😂
Nathan Petronzio
'Nathan Petronzio' 3 months ago
Dam.. Jay.....dam. I really wish this dude was funny. Seems like a real guy
'dramasbomin' 3 months ago
Reminds me of Felicia from Friday.
Ricardo R
'Ricardo R' 3 months ago
Was that really a simile? Seems more like a metaphor
Ricardo R
'Ricardo R' 3 months ago
Yo can I have yo number- Madtv
Devashish Mulye
'Devashish Mulye' 3 months ago
'I got mad loose ends with women' Oh man!
Phoenix Payne
'Phoenix Payne' 3 months ago
"Let me get that child-like wonder off of you."
'TheHappychondriac' 3 months ago
This is painfully unfunny. Jesus...
'roadhouse699' 3 months ago
We all have a friend like this...
And regardless of his race, he always speaks in Ebonics.
lokd dhci
'lokd dhci' 3 months ago
they didn't film this in the studio
'ScarletTears369' 3 months ago
Jay Pharoah's intonation made me unable to stop thinking about that Mad TV "Can I Have Your Number" skit.
'mikevickphi' 3 months ago
Leslie is one ugly looking woman yuck😩😫.She could star in the planet of the apes movie and wouldn't even need any makeup .
'wishuwazmeh121' 4 months ago
Every black person from the deep south and up north knows a nigga like this
'Ellie' 4 months ago
SNL you are dumb to get rid of Jay. he was funny
'oy59' 4 months ago
Can I have your number? Can I have it?
Keijo Kurkku
'Keijo Kurkku' 4 months ago
hilarious, louis ck is the king of modern comedy, that combined with snl crew just works, and no commercials, thank you!
'Dylan' 4 months ago
Jesus Christ. SNL has turned into cancer.
Jasper Jamm
'Jasper Jamm' 4 months ago
lol when you have Louie CK on and it's still not funny... then you're just a straight up UNFUNNY show
Lee Parker
'Lee Parker' 4 months ago
As a Texan I need to know, are rooftop parties really a common thing in NYC? In my area flat roofs are mostly unheard of therefore so are rooftop parties.
Riley Stewart
'Riley Stewart' 4 months ago
Louis doesn't really know how to smile
'Mephobia' 5 months ago
Why do they think one joke premise skits (with a possible extend till its funny again attempt) will still work in a culture that has such short attention spans? If I were a comedy writer who took chances and pushed boundaries I wouldn't go near this POS show, especially when Netflix seems to be hiring good writers and spending the $$ for good productions.
guitar new
'guitar new' 5 months ago
SNL has hit a new low. wow this was one of the most unfunniest things ive seen this decade, its like 8-10 yrd old humor. nothing wrong with that tho if thats their target audience
Missy Teree
'Missy Teree' 5 months ago
Brooklyn folk are so sexy
'yuske05' 5 months ago
How's your girl Javon? Still cheatin on you daily?
Nah she calmed down...
real eyes realize real shite
niggers always want something
Azeemah Nakhoda
'Azeemah Nakhoda' 6 months ago
dude what is this? how is this even supposed to be funny? SNL is barely ever funny anymore. im like always disappointed. thought it might be funny if louis was in it, but nope unfunny as hell.
Llew KaMiamos
'Llew KaMiamos' 6 months ago
This is fuggin Hilarious! Many of us may just know this guy. LMFAO!
Crash Injury
'Crash Injury' 6 months ago
what did Jay say at 2:06?
Myk McGrane
'Myk McGrane' 6 months ago
Cut for time....
Sami Dalao
'Sami Dalao' 7 months ago
That was lame
Zach Rouhana
'Zach Rouhana' 7 months ago
Yo let me get those Civil Rights off you
Richard Glenn
'Richard Glenn' 7 months ago
I mean, it's certainly not going to make anyone roll over on their side laughing, but most of SNL's stuff is downright cringe worthy nowadays. This is at least good for a few laughs.
'LexiC454' 7 months ago
The kid in the Jordan's outfit looks a mess😂
'koolkid13bad1' 7 months ago
if you think about it this has a deep meaning.
Tiffany Varela
'Tiffany Varela' 7 months ago
This was funny I have a slight crush on bobby Moynihan
Marvin realEyez dickerson
jay pharoah looking like meek mill when he had braids lol
'TheSofaBears' 7 months ago
Was that the buzzfeed guy in the hat
Marisa Lindsay
'Marisa Lindsay' 7 months ago
absolute respect
Mckenzie Wright
'Mckenzie Wright' 8 months ago
You could just duct tape his mouth shut.
'JettBlackheart83' 8 months ago
yo dog let me get that white apology off of you
'JettBlackheart83' 8 months ago
yo let me get that excuse of being black off you.....
'MiguellaGorilla' 8 months ago
damn this one was great!
Mark Scott
'Mark Scott' 8 months ago
Not funny...
'MrRico509' 8 months ago
This reminded me of "hey can I get yo numba" from mad tv.
Corey Shearer
'Corey Shearer' 8 months ago
This feels a lot like a Key and Peele skit
'Gunther' 8 months ago
this me
'MooseProductions' 8 months ago
We all know this guy
Crazy Kitteh Collecter
Anyone else think that spot, splatter what ever it was; was a trantrula?
'TSMskaterz' 8 months ago
Wtf I'm laughing so hard.
Daniel Jones
'Daniel Jones' 8 months ago
Oh hell, SNL eats balls
'kipperfeast' 8 months ago
Not only do I find this funny, but am pissed off that Lorne has cut skits like this over the past five years in favour of the unfunny shit that airs "in time". Wake up, Lorne. 1980 could happen again...
Reasonably Sane
'Reasonably Sane' 8 months ago
youtube says yo let me get that skit off you.
Kathy P
'Kathy P' 8 months ago
Solo Dolo
'Solo Dolo' 8 months ago
those wear just Jordan 29s
Jaime F
'Jaime F' 9 months ago
Let me get that respeck.
Soeradj Sewdajal
'Soeradj Sewdajal' 9 months ago
Jay's character reminds me of MadTV's 'Can I get your number' sketch.
michi k
'michi k' 9 months ago
Leslie Jones and Jay Pharoah suck..
its not funny its like everything is there except the magic.. feels forced and just bad
Keenyn Lofton
'Keenyn Lofton' 9 months ago
"yo lemme get dat come hither stare off you" . DEAD
Chris Mann
'Chris Mann' 9 months ago
Uh, ok
Nicole Sundays
'Nicole Sundays' 9 months ago
Sweet Enchanted
'Sweet Enchanted' 9 months ago
poor pigeon, he's the only one who can't say no
'Wrath91' 10 months ago
Half the fools in my hood.
Dan Patrick
'Dan Patrick' 10 months ago
lol Aries Spears
MoonlitDevil_ Princess
'MoonlitDevil_ Princess' 10 months ago
This funny, only to people who have actually met someone like Stereo. ;)
Big Picture Pictures
'Big Picture Pictures' 10 months ago
too good for SNL
Aliya Noelle
'Aliya Noelle' 10 months ago
Incredible. No one gets this? "Let me get that confident smile of you." "Let me get that child like wonder off you." "Yo let me get those Civil Rights memories off you." "Let me get that ability of treat off you." and Stereo what a brilliant name. Literally one of the realest skits ever!
Sam Wallace
'Sam Wallace' 10 months ago
Let me get that simile off you.
Harry Berry
'Harry Berry' 10 months ago
My breathe month paycheck was for 11000 dollars... Everything I did was unequivocal online field from commiserate at fatherland for 3-4 hours/day that I got from this trade I found from one end to the other the web and they paid me for it 95 bucks each hour...
'MNSession' 10 months ago
The fact this skit invokes a debate is funny. Only time I laughed tho.
'akabuca96' 10 months ago
Keenan looks like Preemo in this lol chubby wit that black yankees hat
Ariana Shephard
'Ariana Shephard' 10 months ago
can I have yo number
Zach Adkinson
'Zach Adkinson' 10 months ago
I can't hear this at all
'mickiellah' 10 months ago
Damn Doug
'AYW' 10 months ago
It was funny until it got repetitive
'Johnrap11' 10 months ago
Let me get that ability to recognize, appreciate and summarize beauty off you.
'HotSkull' 10 months ago
"Can I get yo numbah"
'claw247' 10 months ago
Hockey Allsvenskan
'Hockey Allsvenskan' 10 months ago
"Cut for Stupid" is more like it. never thought i could dislike something so much with Louis CK in it. was funny the 1st time with the whole "gimme them shoes" bit because that shits real, but then it just got so extra dumb and excessively repetitive so quick not even Louis could save it
'Purpleninja' 10 months ago
Ahah! 😐😐😐😐
Sushi subedi
'Sushi subedi' 10 months ago
Stero is probably what Trump see's in every black guy.
Jim ghgjgif
'Jim ghgjgif' 10 months ago
Louis CK sounds Mexican... oh wait.
Young Brizz
'Young Brizz' 11 months ago
Ayy yo lemme get that top comment of you
veni vidi vici
'veni vidi vici' 11 months ago
what the fuck
'EatYourWheatleys' 11 months ago
Stereo's grandpa ran up on me at the grocery story and wanted to get my place in line.
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