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Florida Georgia Line - Grow Old (Static Version) -
Published: 7 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 7 months ago

1, 474, 809 views

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Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Grow Old. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Nathan Hodge
'Nathan Hodge' 1 week ago
you are good at making songs
brenden curenton
'brenden curenton' 2 weeks ago
'[IAM]DestinyKings' 2 weeks ago
i'm gonna have this as my wedding song my wife will be crying from happiness
'KEEFER Vlogs' 3 weeks ago
My new fav song, everybody in my fam doesn't like FGL but I love them!!!!!!
Hunter Nichols
'Hunter Nichols' 3 weeks ago
my life
'TRE'VON TRUDELL' 3 weeks ago
who doesnt love this song I mean come on
Ben Adams
'Ben Adams' 1 month ago
the song im gonna sing to my girl when i ask her to marry me
Dezz wheeler
'Dezz wheeler' 1 month ago
I have found this in my husband Patrick he is my soulmate my lover my husband my best friend and we're in the counting Penny phase but I can't wait to see what an adventure life brings for us and I can't wait to live the rest of my life walking beside him and I just want to say happy birthday to him on YouTube
Ana Broadway
'Ana Broadway' 2 months ago
This is the best song ever. My husband and I used this song in our wedding!! 💗
Ayden Carpenter
'Ayden Carpenter' 2 months ago
Brian Castaneda
'Brian Castaneda' 2 months ago
I'm going to sing this to my fiance at our wedding. can't wait.
Kristina Jonson
'Kristina Jonson' 2 months ago
I love this song this is gonna be my wedding song
Ms. Xena BBWDom
'Ms. Xena BBWDom' 2 months ago
Thank you for being so real with your music!!!!!
Opulence Acura
'Opulence Acura' 2 months ago
For the 268 people who disliked this...why? This song is absolutely amazing.
Charles Burke
'Charles Burke' 3 months ago
this is the first time hearing this song and it honestly brought tears to my eyes..... I meet this girl she is amazing, beautiful, full of faith and full of love to give, the best smile I've ever seen, eyes like the ocean that I couldn't stop looking at, long blond hair that I always loved to run my finger on her face and pull her hair behind her ear so I can see that beautiful smile with those gorgeous blue eyes that look into my heart and sole and not through me... the touch of her hand on mine sent tingles down my arms and just being with her being in her presence made me feel complete but I had to let her go.... I had to I had no choice I travel for work and she wants someone that can come home every night but I was only able to do so for 6 months but had to go home to my daughter and now I'm back on the road and can't stop thinking get about her. I fell in love with her and my heart won't let go
'THE JORDAN KID' 3 months ago
I'm the only country band I'm sub to love u guy's
Zachary Giffin
'Zachary Giffin' 3 months ago
for the 256 people who unlike this you have no heart
Sarahbellea Walker
'Sarahbellea Walker' 3 months ago
I've listened to this song 100 times. absolutely in love with it! ❤❤
Osama Satari
'Osama Satari' 3 months ago
my grandpa deid last year 2016 in october
William Sherrieb
'William Sherrieb' 3 months ago
Life is short spend it with the ones that mean the most in your life today and forever! 💘
Amber Lewis
'Amber Lewis' 3 months ago
I love this song holy
Carlos Ramon Zavala
'Carlos Ramon Zavala' 3 months ago
Great song! Keep it up F.G.L!!
J.B. Crockett
'J.B. Crockett' 3 months ago
my grandpa died I think of him*crys*
Lyle Chasing Hawk
'Lyle Chasing Hawk' 4 months ago
this is awesome keep it up am going to get married in the future
matt jacques
'matt jacques' 4 months ago
florida georgia line is the best artists out there
rickey deel
'rickey deel' 4 months ago
So True
the walking dead
'the walking dead' 4 months ago
🎵to start a family babe grow old with me🎵
Country Chick129
'Country Chick129' 4 months ago
Reminds me so much of me and my boyfriend, we've been together for a year and 3 months.♡♥
Dan Lyles
'Dan Lyles' 4 months ago
One of my favorites.
Anik Himani
'Anik Himani' 4 months ago
FGL > 21 savage
Kinchit Solanki
'Kinchit Solanki' 4 months ago
superb band
'AlexGamingTV' 4 months ago
my mom died 6 months before my B-day. She was in the hostpittal my dad dropped me off at my grandmasdad was on the interstait and he spun around right in the middle of the road and did 75 MPH He was back in 2 mins :( :( :( ;9
So Sad #CureCancer
Kyle Infusiium
'Kyle Infusiium' 4 months ago
I want someone to grow old with me...
Dylan Fulk
'Dylan Fulk' 4 months ago
Maybe the best love song ever written and performed. Man I love these two
Joseph Dann
'Joseph Dann' 4 months ago
yup its really good but I need to start making more videos on my Channel
Joseph Dann
'Joseph Dann' 4 months ago
yeh it is
Haley Carter
'Haley Carter' 4 months ago
It should be called grow old with me
Reece Schmit
'Reece Schmit' 4 months ago
Why would they want to eat out of a microwave when they can get a pizza pizzaze so you can cook so much more
Joseph Dann
'Joseph Dann' 4 months ago
Jordyn Figgs
'Jordyn Figgs' 4 months ago
This was my first dance with my husband at our wedding 💕
Haley Carter
'Haley Carter' 5 months ago
My birthday is September 5th and you guys that sing Florida Georgia line aren't that old your still good singers never dought that☺☺
Angie Jordan
'Angie Jordan' 5 months ago
Cameron Mytts
'Cameron Mytts' 5 months ago
Missy Bruce
'Missy Bruce' 5 months ago
I found my love to grow old with. I am blessed
Joseph Dann
'Joseph Dann' 5 months ago
my best country singers ever they r awesome
Reece Schmit
'Reece Schmit' 5 months ago
Only listened to this song 6 times in a row
Kellie Quinn
'Kellie Quinn' 5 months ago
this song is awesome
Stephen Smith
'Stephen Smith' 5 months ago
Vice ad is beyond annoying
Ryan Tambeau
'Ryan Tambeau' 6 months ago
Amazing song
Chris Eichelberger
'Chris Eichelberger' 6 months ago
Time passes and my mind relapses back to when her and I began. This song lingers throughout the halls of all my memories and mind of a time when I thought about FOREVER and EVER more with you and me. I laugh, I cry, I smile, and I wonder just how we came to be, just how did I get lucky to find someone who wants to see me to my dying days...I love you Carrie baby, I know we're young now and when we grow older and when time starts to take it's toll on you and I don't shed a tear from those beautiful eyes. Just think back on how we came to be, and then look at us now and how AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL our family has come to be...ILY,...everyday!
'ThatCodyKid' 6 months ago
this song really get ya thinking
Desna Seets
'Desna Seets' 6 months ago
I love this song so much
Allison Taranto
'Allison Taranto' 6 months ago
11-14-10 best day of my life. grow old with me baby
Madison Allen
'Madison Allen' 6 months ago
I am so happy I have a guy that want to be with me like this
Scott Wright
'Scott Wright' 6 months ago
If yall are FGL fans listen to headphones,girl on the radio,smile,good good,thats whats up,tell me how you like it,and smoke they have some way better old stuff thN there new juss sayin
tuty funinho
'tuty funinho' 6 months ago
Yes good.
Dennis Derksen
'Dennis Derksen' 6 months ago
awesome song
Cameron Mytts
'Cameron Mytts' 6 months ago
FGL is the best
regina lessa
'regina lessa' 6 months ago
Amooo muito vocês
Love you! 😍
Sarwar Sami
'Sarwar Sami' 6 months ago
stuck in my head the whole time <3 <3 well done fgl #digyourroots
Barbara Brandon
'Barbara Brandon' 6 months ago
I love these guys! Every time I get upset, crying and when I feel like an anxiety or panic attack is about to start, I listen to FGL and their music calms me down. It also puts me in a good mood. I will love to see FGL in concert someday..and meet them in person.
Barbara Brandon
'Barbara Brandon' 6 months ago
I dedicate this song to my boyfriend.
Elizabeth Ackermann
'Elizabeth Ackermann' 6 months ago
...with a family....
Cameron Mytts
'Cameron Mytts' 6 months ago
love this song omg lol
Blaze Kick
'Blaze Kick' 6 months ago
Absolutely beautiful
Barbara Stepien-Foad
'Barbara Stepien-Foad' 6 months ago
good sentiments,
Camryn Young
'Camryn Young' 7 months ago
+Brian Hawkins you never listened to this song did you?
Nathan Goad
'Nathan Goad' 7 months ago
for the 75 people that disliked this, do you even have a life
Fernanda Rascón
'Fernanda Rascón' 7 months ago
I love this song ❤
jesse jones
'jesse jones' 7 months ago
Dam FGL maybe if this was out 2 years ago he wouldn't have left this world
Alley Maeger
'Alley Maeger' 7 months ago
I'm playing this at my wedding.
Anna Teel
'Anna Teel' 7 months ago
I, dont, like, statistics, but, I, like, this, one
Cheyenne Lewis
'Cheyenne Lewis' 7 months ago
i love my baby i would do anything for him...i love you Kisses..
Kane Greening
'Kane Greening' 7 months ago
das pretty goood☺
Fatima Idaoumessaoud
'Fatima Idaoumessaoud' 7 months ago
very very sensitive Song
I love it
Nathan Brown
'Nathan Brown' 7 months ago
pls do this as the next single
Jello Wolf
'Jello Wolf' 7 months ago
if I make it past 21
Jacob Hauck
'Jacob Hauck' 7 months ago
Yes it does rip momma 7-16-15 my birthday she passed last year 😰😖😭😫😩😪
Joseph Wolf
'Joseph Wolf' 7 months ago
I guess they are an "acquired taste" these days, but I think they're badass and their lyrics are always clever.
'TheGF30' 7 months ago
This album is amazing!
Shannon Whittaker
'Shannon Whittaker' 7 months ago
I can't wait to have this song played at my wedding next year, FGL is my fiancee and my favorite group and this song is just perfect, it speaks to the soul.
Katelyn Buzzell
'Katelyn Buzzell' 7 months ago
manny villarreal
'manny villarreal' 7 months ago
This has to my favorite.
Blue Water
'Blue Water' 7 months ago
I love gfl💙there music and the way they express themselves is beauitful
Amanda Gates
'Amanda Gates' 7 months ago
"Grow Old"

Tell me that you love me
Say "we'll always work it out"
I know it's kinda scary
But it's only temporary doubt
I've done a lot of stupid things
But promise that you're gonna stay long enough to grow old with me
We're gonna see the good times love each other through the bad
It's gonna hurt like hell when we lose our moms and dads
So let my shoulder hold your tears
Walk beside me through the years
Baby let's see, where this love could lead

Let's hold hands on your favorite beach
Fix up a house that we found in the city limits
Tangled up in a satin sheet
And get a little loud when we've had to much to drink
And learn to love from a church pew
Laugh about all the times we counted pennies
Buy some land with a good view
To start a family
Baby grow old with me

It's gonna take a little time we'll have to work at it everyday
We're gonna lose a lot of sleep and learn to eat out of a microwave
You know we'll probably never have it all
But that's part of building up the walls strong enough to stand up through the rain

We'll make some love on your favorite beach
And at the house that we found in the city limits
Talk our babies through the bad dreams
When they get a little older we'll tell them not to drink
Book a church when she finds a groom
Laugh about all the times they'll count the pennies
Give them land with a good view
To start a family

And baby you know we might take a turn down a backroad, maybe go where the wind blows baby,
but end up right where we were meant to be
Back and forth on a porch swing
Hard not to smile thinking how it don't get much better
Our babies, babies turning 18
What a family
Baby grow old with me [x3]
Tell me that you love me
Say "we'll always work it out."
ashley pruitt
'ashley pruitt' 7 months ago
💖💖💖 one of my favorite songs!! 💖💖💖
Daniel Hutson
'Daniel Hutson' 7 months ago
the feeling
'Candice' 7 months ago
How crazy how the perfect song can come at the perfect moment.
Bill Forkey
'Bill Forkey' 7 months ago
FGL is like Taylor Swift. When they started they could not sing - Now - This boy can sing.
Taylor Brown
'Taylor Brown' 7 months ago
Madly in love with this song and it reminds me of my boyfriend so much ❤️❤️
Ana Broadway
'Ana Broadway' 7 months ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!!!! My husband and I used this song in our wedding!!!!! <3
Samuel Kent
'Samuel Kent' 7 months ago
i really like this song
Chris Eichelberger
'Chris Eichelberger' 7 months ago
All you need is a good girl, a stronger than most love, and a dream and you will see just what this song is saying to us all. Go find HER, or HIM and say those things that you neglected to say before and let go what you know and take hold of what we don't. Take a demands it.
Matthew Blevins
'Matthew Blevins' 7 months ago
S.A.N.G I.T. !!!!!! I don't need a autograph, just want to shake the hand of a man that can sing like that...
Cody carter video
'Cody carter video's' 7 months ago
that song is a lot like me and my girlfriend relationship
Kate_ _Kitty
'Kate_ _Kitty' 7 months ago
So......relatable! I just can't....ah it's so good!!
April Reaneas
'April Reaneas' 7 months ago
absolutely love this song!!!! 😍😍😍💕💕💕💕
MGood x
'MGood x' 7 months ago
Great song ❤️❤️
lucian epperhart
'lucian epperhart' 7 months ago
damm it .....this is what i want. this song is my end game for life.
HBK 386
'HBK 386' 7 months ago
amar nam utsav
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