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Top 5 MOST INSANE Things Youtubers FOUND On Video! (Murder Weapon, $6000 Coin, Go Pro & More) -
Published: 2 months ago By: Top5Central

By: Top5CentralPublished: 2 months ago

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Top 5 MOST INSANE Things Youtubers FOUND On Video! (Murder Weapon, $6000 Coin, Go Pro & More)
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'DALLMYD' 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing my finds buddy! Awesome video!
Hopie M
'Hopie M' 21 hours ago
the entire video was crazy...keep it up 😂
daniel dermont
'daniel dermont' 1 day ago
That was the single best thing anyone could have done with that hi-point!
'chaosgamer' 1 day ago
haydon Jeffery
'haydon Jeffery' 3 days ago
Potoroo voodoo
Manuel Vargas
'Manuel Vargas' 3 days ago
My favorite one was the gun found in the pond
Nathaniel McClelland
2 cuase its cool
Stefan rubin
'Stefan rubin' 4 days ago
on number 2 i under stood what they were saying and what they were sayig was funny a little bit and i am shocked that one of them didn t know it was a mp 40
Junika Mcdougald
'Junika Mcdougald' 4 days ago
That Guy
'That Guy' 5 days ago
1:20 is the same way new players act on 7 days to die when they locate a pistol
Kort Wiens
'Kort Wiens' 5 days ago
RedPandaGamer04 RPG
mp40 should have been #1
'lilflyjam' 6 days ago
top 5 parents that destroyed kids Xbox
Tom Bouwman
'Tom Bouwman' 7 days ago
#top5 secret message
'lol93535' 7 days ago
Nacho Medem
'Nacho Medem' 1 week ago
Hcc Bo3
'Hcc Bo3' 1 week ago
Brenda Hall
'Brenda Hall' 1 week ago
Brenda Hall
'Brenda Hall' 1 week ago
sudovudo gaming2
'sudovudo gaming2' 2 weeks ago
the murder wepen
Giovany Hernandez
'Giovany Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
DALLMYD I want a super mario maker for a 3Ds
CloneY -
'CloneY -' 2 weeks ago
Čeešiiii ! :D
sans the skeleton
'sans the skeleton' 2 weeks ago
nah I'm fine with Amazon but I'll still like (I finally gonna get robux soon)
jacofour377 SNS
'jacofour377 SNS' 2 weeks ago
The gun
Ghetto Hippy
'Ghetto Hippy' 2 weeks ago
the frostwolves
'the frostwolves' 2 weeks ago
the one with the gun
Luis Cuevas
'Luis Cuevas' 2 weeks ago
hay I like your video your cool
Marcia Ocke
'Marcia Ocke' 2 weeks ago
pc freak
'pc freak' 2 weeks ago
i think i am the first one #top5
Zane Price
'Zane Price' 2 weeks ago
my favorite is all of them
Najeh1 Harrison
'Najeh1 Harrison' 2 weeks ago
i like this one
Scott Burningham
'Scott Burningham' 2 weeks ago
The number three that gun is a 44 magnum
Josh Demurtas
'Josh Demurtas' 2 weeks ago
'AUDREY JOHNSON' 2 weeks ago
top 5 people who got muder on camera
Illuminatigamer 345
'Illuminatigamer 345' 2 weeks ago
da gun or weapon
Amazing Gaming
'Amazing Gaming' 3 weeks ago
I want it
C0RrUpt Clan
'C0RrUpt Clan' 3 weeks ago
'Formedsteak7' 3 weeks ago
One time I found a FULL clip of ammo behind my backyard and I found out it was a Barrt 50. call clip and I was so tempted to try to find the gun but then my mother called 911 then we did a DNA test and we found the victim it was a very old retired cop who went into war as a Sniper and he said,Wow never seen that in a long time cough umm yup I don't remember then he said,
May I have my tea.
Revolutionary Gaming
Kay, maybe this summer when I do a Viking river cruise, I'm going to do magnet fishing at stops
'lilflyjam' 3 weeks ago
i love your videos
PurplePotato 9
'PurplePotato 9' 3 weeks ago
#top5 i saw it!
Robert Hernandez
'Robert Hernandez' 3 weeks ago
I subscribed
Nickythedark Gamer
'Nickythedark Gamer' 3 weeks ago
I subbed
todd scott
'todd scott' 3 weeks ago
I subscribed (:
Vat19 Fan10
'Vat19 Fan10' 3 weeks ago
Lee Gaming
'Lee Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Allysen Meirin-Guerrero
this was craze
Christian Hitt
'Christian Hitt' 3 weeks ago
I like # 2 cause he found a old mp40
Melanie Everson
'Melanie Everson' 3 weeks ago
I love nerf gun first persons cam you pls make one
'Eternity' 3 weeks ago
Bestxb0xone GAMER!
'Bestxb0xone GAMER!' 3 weeks ago
This would be my favorite top 5 video
Free Intros
'Free Intros' 3 weeks ago
I mean its worth 5000 ps4
Free Intros
'Free Intros' 3 weeks ago
That coin is worth 15 ps4 wow
Gerti Qorri
'Gerti Qorri' 3 weeks ago
I also founded an old coin
'HQX GAMING' 3 weeks ago
my fav was the go pro
'dragonfist' 3 weeks ago
you should show vroom vroom Dana where he found a gun with a note whale dirt bike into in a mail box
Angel Beltran
'Angel Beltran' 3 weeks ago
I do
Down Motion
'Down Motion' 3 weeks ago
Ion Feedz
'Ion Feedz' 3 weeks ago
the pistol found by my favorite youtuber is my favorite because if he didn't someone could get hurt with it..
TK Nation
'TK Nation' 3 weeks ago
Nolan Jesso
'Nolan Jesso' 3 weeks ago
'LukeGames' 3 weeks ago
Capt Dead Pool
'Capt Dead Pool' 3 weeks ago
I think the machine gun is cool..... I subscribed too
TheSwag TTrain
'TheSwag TTrain' 3 weeks ago
#top5 secret message
Cresangelo Bascos
'Cresangelo Bascos' 3 weeks ago
Cresangelo Bascos
'Cresangelo Bascos' 3 weeks ago
grant goodnight
'grant goodnight' 3 weeks ago
cool subsribed and murder weapen
Jake The Snake
'Jake The Snake' 3 weeks ago
"secret message (comment if you see it): #top5"
edited for grammatical error
Jeffrey Schiffel
'Jeffrey Schiffel' 3 weeks ago
I did enjoy
Dan Petze
'Dan Petze' 3 weeks ago
Can I have the Amazon gift card
Head Reindeer
'Head Reindeer' 3 weeks ago
imloce your channel central
Endless Guy
'Endless Guy' 3 weeks ago
#Amazon gift card
iMorgen -gaming
'iMorgen -gaming' 3 weeks ago
A GUN omg
Reflex Gaming
'Reflex Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Tip tap the left or right on the side of the video and it skips seconds.... At least for me
'TheNinjaBoy' 3 weeks ago
Amazon oooo
William Ward
'William Ward' 3 weeks ago
the go pro
my favrote vodka is this one
daddy and me
'daddy and me' 3 weeks ago
i because they were a gun
Brandon jackson
'Brandon jackson' 4 weeks ago
The gun
Skel3ton CZ
'Skel3ton CZ' 4 weeks ago
jee, to jsou češi XD
Lil squeaker
'Lil squeaker' 4 weeks ago
the gun is a five-seven
Elijah Thornton
'Elijah Thornton' 4 weeks ago
number 5
Eric Vela
'Eric Vela' 4 weeks ago
pick me😊😊😊✋
Zmbeast 456
'Zmbeast 456' 4 weeks ago
i think a FUCKING MP40 is more exited thed th a gopro
'bradriles01' 4 weeks ago
I went to that lake and I live in Columbus Georgia
Louise Motzenbecker
'Louise Motzenbecker' 4 weeks ago
theo widger
'theo widger' 4 weeks ago
theo widger
'theo widger' 4 weeks ago
necro bro 224
'necro bro 224' 4 weeks ago
number 2 because that machine gun is from fricking world war 2
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