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The Roots Reenact The Bachelor -
Published: 1 month ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 1 month ago

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Jimmy has The Roots reenact the second episode of Nick Viall's The Bachelor.

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The Roots Reenact The Bachelor

'A H' 1 month ago
this sounds like a conversation between toddlers.
Muzic Reder
'Muzic Reder' 1 month ago
what is that stick in questloves's hair??
Jenny Gomez
'Jenny Gomez' 1 month ago
someone link the original bachelor scene lmao
'TheNightEyes' 1 month ago
Suck it David Mamet
R. Jonesy
'R. Jonesy' 1 month ago
'KingOfMadCows' 1 month ago
Questlove's expressions were amazing.
Capri and Tim
lol awesome, i wondered what they said exactly
Aunt Jemima
'Aunt Jemima' 1 month ago
Quest love thicc af
'Craig' 1 month ago
Can someone post the original clip of the show? It would be awesome to watch the comparison of the roots and these girls.
Jesus Sanchez
'Jesus Sanchez' 1 month ago
Anyone know the song at the end of the video?
Lenora Powers
'Lenora Powers' 1 month ago
like billy idol says....more more more!
'COGoddess' 1 month ago
Looks like Questlove has lost some weight. He looks good - I want him around for a long, long time. Don't everybody get on my case about any judgement bullshit. He AND I, both need to lose weight to be healthier humans for our families, friends and ourselves. So I am happy he has - and I have too :-D
Ian Mannion
'Ian Mannion' 1 month ago
I'd watch the shit outta this.
'MOXIE OSWALD' 1 month ago
100th comment
Amber D.
'Amber D.' 1 month ago
Stellar performance fellas. lololol
Rebekah Nice
'Rebekah Nice' 1 month ago
Is Quest love hard of hearing or are those headphone type devices?
'akaElleLatham' 1 month ago
Great work, guys. I really felt Quest's emotions. Go into acting. :)
'MarshallPo' 1 month ago
I wanna smash Corinne so hard
'iquit4gud' 1 month ago
where's the link to the original?
Pblock Dlreng
'Pblock Dlreng' 1 month ago
How are they still finding single people who HAVEN'T been on the bachelor? Side note, I would totally watch the roots do bachelor lines all day long.
Ali Berat Arslan
'Ali Berat Arslan' 1 month ago
Tariq got aged 10 years with a glasses
'TMLJW' 1 month ago
Rick Ross
Mya Bezaire
'Mya Bezaire' 1 month ago
Please do more of these 😂😂😂😂
'D L' 1 month ago
they delivered it better than the actual people haha
'LA' 1 month ago
The Bachelor is Kimmel's thing...think Jimmy F is confused
Alien OrSutin
'Alien OrSutin' 1 month ago
It's good, but it's no "Pat & Kenny read Oprah transcripts".
'diggerad' 1 month ago
I would watch that movie!
Alex Fernandez
'Alex Fernandez' 1 month ago
Why haven't they done this more?
Hiii PoWeR
'Hiii PoWeR' 1 month ago
Luke Clowdus
'Luke Clowdus' 1 month ago
Who else giggled before they even clicked on the video?
'Muikkinen' 1 month ago
This clip was.... ok.
bunny G
'bunny G' 1 month ago
I don't watch the bachelor, but I will watch this!
Audrey Rose
'Audrey Rose' 1 month ago
Why are The Roots great at everything?! 😂 I'm cracking up laughing on my break over here!
Job Salazar
'Job Salazar' 1 month ago
Wow... Sad, and depressing ...may be you need to g back to SNL ?!
Ran Dri
'Ran Dri' 1 month ago
> Ok so, to be honest, you guys really did a great job imitating these talentless brats. But I think that's a big problem that our world is subjected to. You guys are amazing musicians, big ass artists, Tariq you have so many talents, including some dope acting skills! Quest Love... You're even above any discription. So what the hell are you two doing there????? You're being comfortable in the background of a talk show and your talents are going to waste... And now you're becoming the fucking bachelorettes? Wake Up...
'dusk988' 1 month ago
sorry everybody but I got to say that on The Bachelor are only dumbasses....
Floppy Bird
'Floppy Bird' 1 month ago
'Vanessa' 1 month ago
Does anyone have a link where I can watch the actual clip from the Bachelor?
'Marinenukem' 1 month ago
The Roots, my boys.
TheMr Manav
'TheMr Manav' 1 month ago
they had them for years, and suddenly thought of this extra incorporation
markus h
'markus h' 1 month ago
How can these black men be so rich and famous and adored in this terribly oppressive society??

Man...Against all odds. These guys have still manage to learn how to play instruments. Incredible.
'THE WADS' 1 month ago
Hilarious! That show is like a train wreck!
Bellah 000
'Bellah 000' 1 month ago
i was whatching this on t.v. and i cldnt stop laughing
Trevor Freeman
'Trevor Freeman' 1 month ago
Who watches the bachelor?
Keren icehand
'Keren icehand' 1 month ago
'Gamerkings5O' 1 month ago
Im early
'Frenchiie' 1 month ago
Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! No one will see this :(.... Show some love if you do
Bug Lyfe
'Bug Lyfe' 1 month ago
This is ACTING.
'M1' 1 month ago
So wtf im gonna do about this ?
Hajar Aedwan
'Hajar Aedwan' 1 month ago
they should name the conversation "ok"😂😂
'莊敏箴' 1 month ago
I miss this show so much
'Jermaine's Jukebox' 1 month ago
women's reasoning baffles me
Arshia Gilfe
'Arshia Gilfe' 1 month ago
Music Junkyard
'Music Junkyard' 1 month ago
Why everyone is making recap of Bachelor?
First ellen now him
'laurenn' 1 month ago
These guys 😂😂
'KamilForzaGuetta' 1 month ago
my goal for this 2017 is to reach 100 subscribers.Can you do that for me ? Great day :)
Tanya Sparrow
'Tanya Sparrow' 1 month ago
this show is sooo much fun lol
New Message
'New Message' 1 month ago
So.. who's playing the copious amounts of wine? Oh I just caught Jimmy's breath.. nevermind.
Dashcam London
'Dashcam London' 1 month ago
Viewer 1000 here :p
Barca Barca
'Barca Barca' 1 month ago
24th comment
'mikevickisabeast' 1 month ago
This is amazing 😂 much better than the actual show lmao I love this segment
David Rosenberg_x_fan
20 th
Jack Folan
'Jack Folan' 1 month ago
looked like a scene from kid theater
Maria Β
'Maria Β' 1 month ago
Are you sure you're ok???
Joan Rumualdo
'Joan Rumualdo' 1 month ago
king bach ?
Henna Hannah
'Henna Hannah' 1 month ago
'Elektra' 1 month ago
Is that a cookie on his suit?
BreAnna Cardenas
'BreAnna Cardenas' 1 month ago
I love this!! I can not stop laughing!
yes no
'yes no' 1 month ago
'lordfrogIII' 1 month ago
That was pretty convincing; impressive!
Jeffy Jeffy
'Jeffy Jeffy' 1 month ago
Isabel ez
'Isabel ez' 1 month ago
we aint okay bitvhes
Daniel Lopez
'Daniel Lopez' 1 month ago
Dominic Doma
'Dominic Doma' 1 month ago
Isabel ez
'Isabel ez' 1 month ago
Inna V.I.P
'Inna V.I.P' 1 month ago
Hadas -gonen-katan
'Hadas -gonen-katan' 1 month ago
jacob lonechild
'jacob lonechild' 1 month ago
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