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Shredding NOKIA Phones !! - The Shredder Show - Experiment At Home -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Experiment at Home

By: Experiment at HomePublished: 3 weeks ago

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In this video you will see what happens when shredding old nokia phones.
Some of the models used are:
- N95
- N97
- 8210
- 3310
- 6560

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Kamran Rana
'Kamran Rana' 2 hours ago
That shredders gonna die
'Laura'sLyricalLife' 2 hours ago
I like how the majority of the phones stopped the shredder part way through.
'Sir.Bantalot' 6 hours ago
Drops an IPhone, it breaks. Drops a Nokia, it tears a hole in the Universe.
Ivan C
'Ivan C' 9 hours ago
Shred an i fone 9
Cube Fish (CubeFish)
'Cube Fish (CubeFish)' 10 hours ago
But.... how? It can't be done!!!
Shanay#1 xD
'Shanay#1 xD' 10 hours ago
does he hate Nokia this much... damn
The Unknown Gamers
'The Unknown Gamers' 10 hours ago
they are obviously fake nokias, because if they were real the impact from the drop would be like an atomic nuke
Junior 09573
'Junior 09573' 21 hours ago
'SoloVideos' 1 day ago
hey what model is your machine ?
I need one to shred aluminum scrap ...thanks..
Isaak Gogos
'Isaak Gogos' 1 day ago
Shredder vs hand!
Jarhead Gamer38
'Jarhead Gamer38' 1 day ago
1:59 i have that phone
psn ziploc03 FlowSquad FlowSniping
a nokeia can breack...... holy shit
Chad Carroll
'Chad Carroll' 1 day ago
It's funny how this guy makes alot of money based on our need to destroy and all he is simply doing is crushing metal.. what a life he must have!!
top to do
'top to do' 2 days ago
but these all are phones in real
Miss MeawsAlot
'Miss MeawsAlot' 2 days ago
The Nokia's died...

So poor fantastic
Ruben Kelevra
'Ruben Kelevra' 2 days ago
This shredderer has definitly to less flywheel mass. Add 200 kg. :)
Doctor BassBoost
'Doctor BassBoost' 2 days ago
Handiga Pratama
'Handiga Pratama' 2 days ago
Finally somebody has broke the myth!! Yeaah!
Melinda Arends
'Melinda Arends' 2 days ago
Al Johnson
'Al Johnson' 2 days ago
Put a shredder into a shredder while it is trying to shred
evander celestian
'evander celestian' 2 days ago
'Jake' 2 days ago
Where did you get this shredder? Did you build it or did you buy it?
Megs 87
'Megs 87' 2 days ago
This hurts my soul that such falsehoods can be made against the strength and reliability of the old Nokia phones.
'iAlphafox12' 3 days ago
fake and gay
Human bean Loz
'Human bean Loz' 3 days ago
Mm taste like Nokia
Human bean Loz
'Human bean Loz' 3 days ago
Talk if that shredded up makes a good salad
'Plaixan' 3 days ago
Childs in Africa can already eaten the nokias
'Incineratinq' 3 days ago
4:20 i want that ;oo
Ashael Febo
'Ashael Febo' 3 days ago
Stewy Harris
'Stewy Harris' 3 days ago
And people say nokias are indestructible
'SZAKALE FUU' 3 days ago
'TheXPlaneChannel' 3 days ago
100% fake.
Paweł Pawloiox
'Paweł Pawloiox' 3 days ago
a 3310 would kill the shredder. The poone must be fake
Rage Cry
'Rage Cry' 3 days ago
this is fake Nokia are undestrucdible 😂😂
'CasaGaming' 3 days ago
New in the News Nokia Beets Shredder
Alex Malcom Baez
'Alex Malcom Baez' 3 days ago
How powerful is the shredder
'FuryPl4yz' 3 days ago
the Nokia shredded the shredder
Blue Collar
'Blue Collar' 3 days ago
Put a Pan in there
lilSwagg201 Almighty__royce
that shredder is made from Nokia that's why they got shredded
'Evader' 3 days ago
And thats what happens when nokia makes a shredder
The Antique Geek
'The Antique Geek' 3 days ago
the shredder is stronger than the phone!
Keilany Mendez Baez
omg too much money
Milojko Novakovic
'Milojko Novakovic' 3 days ago
you fucking idiot one does not have to eat hera and you phones you fucking imbecile
'Rob3mad1' 4 days ago
Fake this would cause a Black Hole
Just Gaming
'Just Gaming' 4 days ago
With some of the nokias the schrender actually cant deal with them
'Axelerino' 4 days ago
fake!!!! the shredder should be broken!
'suparosc02' 4 days ago
what? a 3310 shredded? Fake yaoming the 3310 is undestructible
frank rizzo
'frank rizzo' 4 days ago
I prefer his other channel "How Marriage Affects a Man's Dreams"
'Kekscrafter98' 4 days ago
Nokia Handys kann man nicht Schreddern
Iyah Eusebio
'Iyah Eusebio' 4 days ago
This made me feel so sad
Ικαρία Στεφανος
Χαλασμένα ήταν τα κινητά
Francis Linco
'Francis Linco' 4 days ago
can you try to shred stone pls XD
ZH Pranks Production
I bet u won't try to shred note 7😂😂😂😷
ZH Pranks Production
Fake video guys!!!
these r made in China Nokia phones cause original could have caused the destruction of the whole mankind😂😂
Kim Gentles
'Kim Gentles' 4 days ago
Gene Covey
'Gene Covey' 4 days ago
Satisfied. The shredder show is entertaining when you frustrated. It really gets all your anger out. It goes from😤 to 😜😁😂😀
Gene Covey
'Gene Covey' 4 days ago
Satisfied. The shredder show is really enter gaining. When your mad, go to the shredder show. It really gets all your anger out.🙂
Farras Gami g
'Farras Gami g' 4 days ago
Why the f did u shreded phones i mean their expensive you know stop wasting money just for videos
Jack Salvaggio
'Jack Salvaggio' 4 days ago
It must be hard for that shredder to shred Nokia phones. I noticed that it kept jamming.
Jack Salvaggio
'Jack Salvaggio' 4 days ago
I like the plate you got there.
Quak Slip
'Quak Slip' 4 days ago
how much is a shredder
Himanshu Shah
'Himanshu Shah' 4 days ago
those were antique pieces!
Chewy Thomson
'Chewy Thomson' 4 days ago
Danial / Terrarian
omg that crazy
Amayas Williams
'Amayas Williams' 4 days ago
I'm surprised the Nokias didnt survive
'PYROxSYCO' 4 days ago
Nokia still goes down swinging!
Samuel Lewis
'Samuel Lewis' 4 days ago
You need to put a clear top on the shedder so stuff does not fly out.
'Moe' 4 days ago
That sound it makes 😍
Krono Jösenheim
'Krono Jösenheim' 4 days ago
This is even more fake than those 1000° knife experiments.
The Nokia's would cause the shredder to combust, and the phone's wouldn't even be scratched.
Random Funny guy
'Random Funny guy' 4 days ago
want to see a prank?

Read More
Bandit Gaming
'Bandit Gaming' 4 days ago
My friend, you have done the impossible
Jeremy Turner
'Jeremy Turner' 5 days ago
what's so special about NOKIA phones
Donald Crugar
'Donald Crugar' 5 days ago
nom nom
Alexa Le Strange
'Alexa Le Strange' 5 days ago
did any of the phones switch on afterwards?
Cg Cgg
'Cg Cgg' 5 days ago
you forgot the Nokia 3310
Matthew Burdette
'Matthew Burdette' 5 days ago
You should crush a grenade
Sotiris Odysseos
'Sotiris Odysseos' 5 days ago
i thought this was a myth
junaid raza
'junaid raza' 5 days ago
Name of first phone?
Adriana Hyksova
'Adriana Hyksova' 5 days ago
R.I.P phones :(
Alter Nightmare
'Alter Nightmare' 5 days ago
2:24 make that a "Real Life Doodle" video O^O
Amr Zriek
'Amr Zriek' 5 days ago
I was waiting for him to shred the plate :(
Godz Slaynominis
'Godz Slaynominis' 5 days ago
put a shoe in there
Julian Cooper Pereira
do ps4 controller
Smoky Quartz
'Smoky Quartz' 5 days ago
This isnt true real nokias would shred the shredder
Smoky Quartz
'Smoky Quartz' 5 days ago
This isnt true real nokias would shred the shredder
"I'm supposed to be playing Snake on my 3310, but this one shredder keeps shredding my ass...."
GeorgeGuoPlayz - GDash Minecraft
Shredder get rest at 2:07
'Dude7581' 5 days ago
5 out of 6 Nokia phones jammed the shredder. I think that is a testament to how well built these phones were. Then Microsoft started putting in their crap and look where Nokia is now.
Don Won The Producer
Lol Nokia living up to its name.. is almost made the shredder its bit*h
Dominic Peterson
'Dominic Peterson' 5 days ago
You never tried a 3310
coolmanspencer Jones47
Minecraft Player1334
here I was thinking Nokia's were indestructible
Coltin Powell
'Coltin Powell' 5 days ago
This is obviously photoshopped. You could never shred a Nokia
'RadRedPlayz' 5 days ago
Fake, the Nokia would break the shredder.
Elaina The Undine (Agari)
The satisfying crunching....mmmm
Xxest330xx Subscribe
why use faze rug music????
Awesomeness Films
'Awesomeness Films' 5 days ago
That Nokia 3310 is a FAKE
joseph nuovo
'joseph nuovo' 5 days ago
lucas Oliveira
'lucas Oliveira' 5 days ago
cadê os BR
sex frenk
'sex frenk' 5 days ago
ju fak men
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