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Kate McKinnon and SNL Host Chris Hemsworth Attempt a Dirty Dancing Lift -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

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Chris Hemsworth hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Zac Brown Band on March 7, 2015.

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The Philosopher: Humans Are Hateful and Hopeless
He can't even deadlift that? Shit lol, I can do that easily
'Plasvi' 3 weeks ago
Nari J.
'Nari J.' 1 month ago
When he put her in a headlock😭😭
Lara Matijevic
'Lara Matijevic' 1 month ago
she doesnt need to trick anyone in touching her....ANYONE WOULD DO IT WITH PLEASURE!!!
mack cummy
'mack cummy' 1 month ago
If I looked like Chris I bet a lot of hot girls would hit on me and try to fuck me. Guys too. I'd rather do the girls and only hot ones.
Grace Morrison
'Grace Morrison' 2 months ago
shes such a cute lil bean
vickey w
'vickey w' 2 months ago
holy biceps
'TheCstar07' 2 months ago
Who has ever said Liam was the hot one not Chris?
sandelswood five
'sandelswood five' 2 months ago
i like the parts where kate was talking. and where she didn't
'Abalester1' 3 months ago
Well, now we know he was sent back to save us from Trump.
Julie Sørensen
'Julie Sørensen' 3 months ago
Haha love the "Dirty Dancing" scene 😂😂
K Breezy
'K Breezy' 3 months ago
KM: "You've never seen Dirty Dancing have you? "
CH: ". . No"
😂 😂 😂 😂
*Side note... They're both sexy asf!
'SaunFyre' 3 months ago
C'mon Bitch! 😂😂😂
Morgan Chandler-bruce
Rigger trot
'Holtzy' 3 months ago
The two babes of Ghostbusters
Gubment Moneh
'Gubment Moneh' 3 months ago
2:01 "come on bitch, own that"
Jennifer Turner
'Jennifer Turner' 4 months ago
kate pretending to be straight lol
punksodead 97
'punksodead 97' 4 months ago
Bet that bitch didnt see that headlock coming
'roadhouse699' 4 months ago
Honestly I don't know if I'd rather be the one who got to touch Kate McKinnon or the one who got to touch Chris Hemsworth...
'Ehtisham' 4 months ago
That black widow pose
'dia606' 5 months ago
Hahaha Chris Hemsworth is amazing because he's too cool for any joke
monkey face
'monkey face' 5 months ago
I'm lez myself and I find Chris Hemsworth super sexy. That sexy voice.
Sassy Killjoy
'Sassy Killjoy' 5 months ago
Kate is gorgeous wow
Lou McLaren
'Lou McLaren' 5 months ago
I'm a girl but I'm more attracted to Kate xD
Meike Vos
'Meike Vos' 5 months ago
I know she's gay, but... Can i ship them??!😍
admiral general aladeen
2:25 like do i have a chance to see something ...😏
jean villaviray
'jean villaviray' 6 months ago
Mark Medina
'Mark Medina' 6 months ago
That second one had me fucking rolling!
'Milou' 7 months ago
the height difference, and kate is wearing heels so imagine her without those. smol bean
Taylor ZHANG
'Taylor ZHANG' 7 months ago
I am so glad to see the comments are all about Kate although I love Chris too but haha
Maria Luísa
'Maria Luísa' 8 months ago
They always have Kate do the promos with the hottest dudes and she always acts super dazzled and its hilarious even more so when you know how gay she is
candice kaplan
'candice kaplan' 8 months ago
lol i love when kate acts stunned by hot guys
Matthew Randell
'Matthew Randell' 8 months ago
Meanwhile Hemsworth is like omg I touched Kate McKinnon you all saw that right
'Larry's Daughter' 8 months ago
my two crush together, wHAT IS THIS OMG
Nia Bashir
'Nia Bashir' 8 months ago
WTF is she doing at the way beginning? 😂😂😂
Iida R
'Iida R' 8 months ago
"I touched the hems". Kate is living my dream
'anxietydown' 8 months ago
See? Chemistry. What heppened? Just these two as Ghostbusters. That's your 2.
Kaitlyn Davis
'Kaitlyn Davis' 8 months ago
I'm gay for Kate bye
'CakevsDeath' 8 months ago
You know you're a super gay lady when you're just so so jealous of Hemsworth and not the other way around.
Dean Vance
'Dean Vance' 8 months ago
I can't be the only one who thinks Kate McKinnon is really hot
Ruby Garrett
'Ruby Garrett' 8 months ago
Lol, the face at 1:30 and 2:19!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruby Garrett
'Ruby Garrett' 8 months ago
Lol, the snow part! #BadSpecialEffects
Jerome Valeska
'Jerome Valeska' 9 months ago
Never seen Dirty Dancing have you? No.
powerpuffgirl94 girl94
'powerpuffgirl94 girl94' 10 months ago
I really don't understand the joke but I like looking at his face
Crazy Kitteh Collecter
'Crazy Kitteh Collecter' 10 months ago
So umm are they ever going to have Tom Hiddleston on SNL or what?
Elenya will find you
'Elenya will find you' 10 months ago
mikayla owens
'mikayla owens' 12 months ago
Kate is fricken hilarious! I hope here character in GB has comical scenes with Chris!
steel floyd
'steel floyd' 1 year ago
i'm so gay and in love with kate
Lucile Collins™
'Lucile Collins™' 1 year ago
Kate kinda reminds me of Elizabeth Banks... anyone else.
'Ttoby89' 1 year ago
So....... (yay Ghostbusters fo sho, but also) GIVE ME a McKinnon/Hemsworth buddy comedy. Just do it. How is that even a financial risk? They funny, no whales involved, low budget, writers for the choosing. Come on, now.
Omar Mohamed
'Omar Mohamed' 1 year ago
lucky mother fucker!
'CC927' 1 year ago
Funny segment. Wonder if they'll have any scenes together in Ghostbusters later this year(Kate's outfit in the movie looks cool & adorable & Chris looks adorable with glasses).
'Scootie_Pootie' 1 year ago
Lara Brigatto
'Lara Brigatto' 1 year ago
"That's a classic McKinnon trick" lol!! I love Kate!!!!
'dune3001' 1 year ago
aaaaaand now I'm deaf
supriya janthe
'supriya janthe' 1 year ago
To our
Kat Logan
'Kat Logan' 1 year ago
Everything that is perfect in the world + a great personality x every good gene out there = Chris Hemsworth
S Jackson
'S Jackson' 1 year ago
"Get It Bitch!!"
Jasmine Hayes
'Jasmine Hayes' 1 year ago
I love the way he says no not today!!!:)
Dennice Hipolito
'Dennice Hipolito' 1 year ago
Zoozy G
'Zoozy G' 2 years ago
God he is hotter than Liam
goog le
'goog le' 2 years ago
they make a nice couple. Pitty.
'BritBrat97' 2 years ago
I wish I was the McKinnon standing next to him !!!! lucky her....
Harriet Gloria
'Harriet Gloria' 2 years ago
Her shoes. His height.
'H AR' 2 years ago
Jeffrey Riley
'Jeffrey Riley' 2 years ago
She is so damn sexy.  I don't care whether she likes women or not.
Megan Wolowitz
'Megan Wolowitz' 2 years ago
We once had a guy show up at work that I swear was Chris Hemsworth's doppelgänger and my reaction was the exact same as hers in the first one where she's staring at Chris lol
'SCWP514' 2 years ago
even lesbians wanna fuck Chris hemsworth
MsRainbow Brite
'MsRainbow Brite' 2 years ago
You haven't seen Dirty Dancing have you?
'DA KING' 2 years ago
Hahahah omg the dance part, i'm dying XD
Last Comment
'Last Comment' 2 years ago
bro you got money buy some shoes is that hipster shit on his feet
'Redruminstry' 2 years ago
Kate can definitely be my wifey. She's sexy as fuck.
KC Butterball
'KC Butterball' 2 years ago
I know Kate Mckinnon was seriously questioning her sexuality in that first one.
'acjuan84' 2 years ago
Kate McKinnon is so sexy to me! Why is it that the prettiest woman on the show happens to be gay?
Topcats Lair
'Topcats Lair' 2 years ago
Sexual objectification.... only bad when men do it
Jeffrey Riley
'Jeffrey Riley' 2 years ago
I hope Kate never gets to the point where she cuts her hair very short and starts wearing sensible clothing all the time.  That means "Ellen DeGeneres-ville."  Apparently, ED is her hero so I suppose it's only a matter of time.  
Jeffrey Riley
'Jeffrey Riley' 2 years ago
I thought Kate was a very out of the closet lesbian.  Why is the first part of the clip her ogling Hemsworth with her eyes? 
Kye Jane
'Kye Jane' 2 years ago
Excuse me, but Chris was and is always the hot one to me~~~
'JustDreamingLife' 2 years ago
damn he's hot
Fark Googol
'Fark Googol' 2 years ago
I thought Chris was going to suck on SNL but he was awesome.
Marco Tonino
'Marco Tonino' 2 years ago
Those heels! And still completely tiny next to him.
'BigJuneTX' 2 years ago
She is so cute.
Arun Saini
'Arun Saini' 2 years ago
Pause at 2:19.. there is a sassy Chris
'SHANELL032007' 2 years ago
LMAO! "Come on bitch, own that!
k mah
'k mah' 2 years ago
Everytime i look at her. I only see her as Justin Beiber. FML
'fineblanket' 2 years ago
its kinda funny they got the only lesbian in the cast to do the bit 
'Au2024' 2 years ago
:D #katemckinnon  , YO!
Dragon Kundalini
'Dragon Kundalini' 2 years ago
lol she want the dick sooo bad
SamyJaden juegan
'SamyJaden juegan' 2 years ago
i want one.....
'MrBbouas' 2 years ago
I am writing this her as you desactivated the dicussion section on your channel:
Few of your videos don't work in my country! thanks for the "sorry about that" but I guess I am unsubbing, why bother have a subscription to  a channel who don't want me to watch its videos! and the videos I have access to have awful volume! bye...
Deschanel Darmodihardjo
that first 18 seconds look. we all feel it.
Pia Fedora
'Pia Fedora' 2 years ago
omg that's one hot man!
'pinky75910' 2 years ago
This is supposed to be funny right?
Cheryl Reitz
'Cheryl Reitz' 2 years ago
I touched the HEMS lol
Edmund Chew
'Edmund Chew' 2 years ago
why's the audio so soft ?!
'diznanl' 2 years ago
Jessica Donnelly
'Jessica Donnelly' 2 years ago
Ok, so why the hell is the volume so low on this video??? And before I get stupid replies; yes, the volume on the video is all the up and so is the volume on my computer
Ryan Atkins
'Ryan Atkins' 2 years ago
Felt like I just watched the 'silent' version of Dirty Dancing... Fix the audio mixing SNL.
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