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10 Things That Will Happen If The Internet Collapsed! -
Published: 3 months ago By: TheRichest

By: TheRichestPublished: 3 months ago

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top 10 shocking things that would occur if the internet went offline around the world
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Gort Newton
'Gort Newton' 2 days ago
That's an awful voice.
Autology Media XP
'Autology Media XP' 2 days ago
No internet ,no Cancer?..
Zorba Zen
'Zorba Zen' 2 days ago
What a load of B S
Car Shit
'Car Shit' 4 days ago
If our grandads and dads were born with no internet why cant we live without it.
Kyle Ploughman
'Kyle Ploughman' 7 days ago
We did it before we can do it again
Teighlor Johnson
'Teighlor Johnson' 1 week ago
Omg fucking god the kardashians would become poor lol
ryan 47
'ryan 47' 1 week ago
'Reaper' 2 weeks ago
At this point internet makes up 88-95 percent of my life I can't live without it
'ALCHESTreAZ' 2 weeks ago
Food production issues would be first interacted with by having 'couriers' being a job again. Rather than just distributing mail, they would handle more stuff more often. To be perfectly honest. The internet failing would have a lot of benefits to modern society for a long while. Without internet and whatnot, most people wouldn't know what to do, and cable T.V. / Sat tv wouldn't work either as most of that goes through internet companies it would flop very quickly or it would rise to the top of the market chains again.
'mackdmara' 3 weeks ago
So the walking dead? I am watching Shane. He looks shifty.
Andy Roy
'Andy Roy' 3 weeks ago
1:19 go read yea lazy people
'TechFrank' 3 weeks ago
Without the internet, hackers are useless as fuck! Ha!😂
Brian Rourke
'Brian Rourke' 3 weeks ago
I'd survive without the internet because ALL OF MY ANCESTORS DID!
Insanity Unlock3d
'Insanity Unlock3d' 3 weeks ago
Well, that escalated quickly!
'Thehackspot' 3 weeks ago
welcome back dial up internet
'Mudkip909' 3 weeks ago
but no more hackers,but I will die without internet
Builder Mudkip
'Builder Mudkip' 3 weeks ago
Answer: Make better Internet
'Patchuchan' 4 weeks ago
If the Internet died it would be very disruptive but the not the end of world by any stretch instead after the chaos dies down people would revert back to doing things the way they did before it existed.
People got along just fine until the mid 1990s without it.
But it does show we have become far to dependent on it and some things such as traffic lights and the power grid have no business being connected to it.
Most com sats BTW are not controlled via the internet but instead via direct microwave up link and traffic lights usually have their own dedicated networks and usually can run in stand alone mode while many are old enough they still run 8but cpus or even electromechanical timers.
Richard Coogan
'Richard Coogan' 4 weeks ago
Hardly the end of the world.just go back to the old fashioned way.
Kyrie Nichols
'Kyrie Nichols' 4 weeks ago
Really? We got along just fine before the internet, I'm sure if it went down we would be fine. "End of the world" really?? What a load of crap
Davionte Latimore
'Davionte Latimore' 4 weeks ago
When They Said No More Porn💔✌
'Ive' 4 weeks ago
Lol when it said no more porn my dad was in the room XD
'Ive' 4 weeks ago
Lol when it said no more porn my dad was in the room XD
'tipthetube321' 4 weeks ago
Hruday Danny
'Hruday Danny' 4 weeks ago
Even The Richest gets jobless and poor. :p
Jerome Youssef
'Jerome Youssef' 4 weeks ago
If there was no more Internet I would eat potatoes for a living :)
'Ed's/Gaming/tech' 4 weeks ago
dam no more porn ,,, I'm married need my porn
Zhani Murati
'Zhani Murati' 4 weeks ago
after i watched this i think that internet is the best thing that human created
Darren Murphy
'Darren Murphy' 4 weeks ago
No No No🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😡😡😡😡😑😤😠😫😖😩😣☹️🙁
Indio Freespirit
'Indio Freespirit' 4 weeks ago
this is a bit too extra.. what about phone calls n SMS
Octobre Mikee
'Octobre Mikee' 4 weeks ago
'snc237' 4 weeks ago
If the Internet stopped it would not be the end of the world. Business and such would have major hiccups and issues but they were doing fine 20 years ago before the internet. They would just have to go back to old practises
Random Stuff
'Random Stuff' 4 weeks ago
If the internet collapsed there would BE NO YOUTUBE ANY MORE!
Man like KB
'Man like KB' 4 weeks ago
For some reason I find most of this hard to believe, I mean we use to be able to do all this shit without the internet, would it really be so hard to adjust to how things use to be run again?
Dylan Santiago
'Dylan Santiago' 4 weeks ago
I think you forgot the end of the world
tyree Jackson
'tyree Jackson' 1 month ago
I don't understand how internet would make all bad things happen
Stick boy gaming
'Stick boy gaming' 1 month ago
'FlightSimMovie' 1 month ago
No internet = the end of the world?
So How people before internet live!!!!!!
'Omar' 1 month ago
hey God now every sing not you sorry
you don't now the future
let the future happend stop pleas
Cathy Dayon
'Cathy Dayon' 1 month ago
If the Internet Collapsed we will go to Minecraft and build whatever we want and eat,live a simple life
2900 Flatbed
'2900 Flatbed' 1 month ago
😂😂😂 Right when I said no more porn, it popped up 😂😂
Tamarus Gray gaming
'Tamarus Gray gaming' 1 month ago
I got data!!!
Dead Beast
'Dead Beast' 1 month ago
I would survive by going into the wilderness and living their
Karen Champion
'Karen Champion' 1 month ago
we can
Lisa Espinoza
'Lisa Espinoza' 1 month ago
My computer broke.
But I can live without it.
Lily Plays
'Lily Plays' 1 month ago
the good part about no internet?

No Internet=No School :)
'Lyn97' 1 month ago
...wait...i have friends out of my country....😱😱😱 i cant connect with them
Amanda singh
'Amanda singh' 1 month ago
I couldnt even survive 1 minutes without the internet...
Yaboi Jay
'Yaboi Jay' 1 month ago
Daesung my boi
'Daesung my boi' 1 month ago
if we lose the Internet I'm going to end my life
'Link' 1 month ago
if the internet died then...

we could finally see the aliens in area 51
xRGx Night
'xRGx Night' 1 month ago
this world started without the internet so I don't see how we can't live without ir
Nick LaFoe
'Nick LaFoe' 1 month ago
hell yeah I could live life with no Internet then laugh at those who would pretty much die(figuratively). honestly I say shut it down the Internet made us lose our morality our honor and our self reliance plus it would turn 2 generations of pussies into actual people
'Skull_Krusher202' 1 month ago
DevL Tryout
'DevL Tryout' 1 month ago
If it died you tubers and gaming won't exist
'SwiftyJadogMC' 1 month ago
0:40 they forgot Africa... oh god...
Brian Levitow
'Brian Levitow' 1 month ago
1. People would die. including me
Keegan Kuhn
'Keegan Kuhn' 1 month ago
Why would the Internet collapse?
chandler st cloud
'chandler st cloud' 1 month ago
no porn
DJ Tile Turnip
'DJ Tile Turnip' 1 month ago
2:06 Typo on 2nd line.
Sheldwardo34 Gamer
'Sheldwardo34 Gamer' 1 month ago
Basically the internet collapse will cause the end of the world
aakarshh u r
'aakarshh u r' 1 month ago
KingBackss Kws
'KingBackss Kws' 1 month ago
WI-FI would rise.
'Batmanman01' 1 month ago
once someone has wi-fi, THEY CAN'T GO BACK, OK!
Maddie Skye
'Maddie Skye' 1 month ago
The internet isn't even an object it's a thing we can't see but rely so heavily on
'Thven' 1 month ago
I can't sub without internet
GamerTaserz GT
'GamerTaserz GT' 1 month ago
If the Internet doesn't exist, why our houses have windows?
MSKTyler- Gameplay And More
3:08 god dammit
Carryon Girl
'Carryon Girl' 1 month ago
Wow. I guess you could say now that we have it, there's no turning back
Nekoette YT
'Nekoette YT' 1 month ago
Corny Emilio
'Corny Emilio' 1 month ago
If the internet collapsed I would always be bored
Robb Kobain
'Robb Kobain' 1 month ago
I hope all that shit happens if it does its gonna be badass
KingTM Nebulous
'KingTM Nebulous' 1 month ago
3:09 shit, I've never got that scared in my whole life.... ;_;
Steve Coy
'Steve Coy' 1 month ago
'KerezyMaiiKawaii' 1 month ago
You forgot that I would kill myself
jonathan valencia
'jonathan valencia' 1 month ago
10 things that would.happend number 10: I would be crying number 9: no more richest number 8: alduts are fine number 7: online games wouldn't be her
'FyreOnix' 1 month ago
2:06 missed a space
CJ Borres
'CJ Borres' 1 month ago
by the way do you realise if the internet crash it well make people poor? example Call center.Tycooners.vloggers etc
Justin Rickner
'Justin Rickner' 1 month ago
I was raised in the country, I know how to grow and hunt my own food for survival..
'metalsoda' 2 months ago
The world survived before the Internet was invented, so we just do what we did before. Problem solved!
Homie Doge
'Homie Doge' 2 months ago
"No more porn" lmfao
'Ilovevlogging' 2 months ago
The internet was made in 1991
'Ilovevlogging' 2 months ago
'Zack' 2 months ago
I don't get why you'd show a Tesco van if you don't live in the U.K.
N.W.A Diablo
'N.W.A Diablo' 2 months ago
if internet dies i dies
'aidgam1' 2 months ago
If the internet collaspsed I would collapse
River Reaper
'River Reaper' 2 months ago
I am more or less a walking book. I do not need the internet to be smart. I know a lot of things about the presidents & I am only a child. :I
Josh Groban
'Josh Groban' 2 months ago
no more pornhub
c parry
'c parry' 2 months ago
No More Porn , because pre internet there was no porno available to anyone .
Baking Craft
'Baking Craft' 2 months ago
Without the internet isn't so bad... I mean, HOW DO YOU THINK THE STONE AGE SURVIVED?! They had no internet, it still was easy for them to survive... And then why can't us, humans, that's more smart than stone age, survive without internet?
meep 2017
'meep 2017' 2 months ago
I do belive i can suvive without internet
سعاد ⵙⵓⴰⴷ Souad Muslima
Peace be upon you & us, i don't think the world will be in chaos if the internet went down, it would create panic but it will be restored to what it was before, i remember life before cellphones and internet, we managed to live well and i believe we will by the will of Allah.
Yumi Yar
'Yumi Yar' 2 months ago
zombie apocalypses shall start
Strawberry Jelly
'Strawberry Jelly' 2 months ago
That T-Mobile commercial keeps bothering me 😤
Chipmunks Guy
'Chipmunks Guy' 2 months ago
If the internet collapsed there will be no more DANK MEMES
NeoN Grizzly
'NeoN Grizzly' 2 months ago
Holy shit my school wouldn't be able to look at the cameras :))))
Luis Doki
'Luis Doki' 2 months ago
My parents live without the Internet so I don't have any problems.
Lin Andy
'Lin Andy' 2 months ago
what happens if the internet collapsed?
The richest: No communication
Me: No fuckin shit
Richest: No more porn
Me: Seriously? So much shit on the internet, only mentioned porn
Learn how to make a proper fuckin list bro
Bad Boyz
'Bad Boyz' 2 months ago
someone needs to make a action movie about this topic
'CyberClic10' 2 months ago
no wonder everyone goes crazy with free wi-fi lol jk
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