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Published: 2 months ago By: World Source

By: World SourcePublished: 2 months ago

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D Perks
'D Perks' 3 days ago
Trump supporters will eat their words about Trump. Just wait. The rest of the world is aghast that he was elected. God help us all. Angela Merkle by default has just become leader of the free world.
dave newjersey
'dave newjersey' 4 weeks ago
open Mc Knight ? is that like an open faced Mcburger ?
Sandra Kirk
'Sandra Kirk' 4 weeks ago
Love Jeff!!!!
Anne Cooper
'Anne Cooper' 1 month ago
Good for Jeff
Jane Fuller
'Jane Fuller' 1 month ago
I you are as ignorant as Jeff Foxworthy you could be a redneck!!!!
Rip L
'Rip L' 1 month ago
Jeff calls it as we see it, keep up the good work Jeff.
Vita Leonis
'Vita Leonis' 1 month ago
All Muslims are deceiving.
Research "Taqiyya" (also spelled taqiya or taqiyyah) - it is "Telling Lies" to advance the Islamic agenda and/or to stop others from discovering the truth about Muslims. It is justified through the Quran. 1000's of Muslims will even condemn the extremists. However, it's all part of the Taqiyya methodology. They will tell you "partial truths" or "absolute lies" to achieve their goals - anything that you need to hear to believe them, back down, and be sympathetic to their words. Just as Mohammed stated 'War IS deceit' - Volume 4, Book 52, Hadith 269
These so-called "non-extremists" go about their daily lives among us, being dormant in speech and actions. Yet, they wait day-by-day, to be called to action.

Barack Obama helped create this rise in domestic violence. He is without a shred of doubt or debate, a "behind closed doors Terrorist". His partnering with the Muslim Brotherhood, cover ups and funding of Global Terrorism is blatant, shocking.
Vita Leonis
'Vita Leonis' 1 month ago
The airport security search is absolutely dead-on accurate.
'47tooter' 1 month ago
not idiots , Muslim Racists Traitor's .
Try-One VH#22
'Try-One VH#22' 1 month ago
separation of church and state is absolute essential in a free Society
preston eakes
'preston eakes' 2 months ago
get a real voice
rahkin rah
'rahkin rah' 2 months ago
NO Izlum in USA!!! Search them!
Sitdown BeQuiet
'Sitdown BeQuiet' 2 months ago
That was Great Jeff Foxworthy. I was at your house one day helping install a giant generator for you. You also hunted on a hunting lease beside my house about 10 yrs ago, but things didn't go well for part of the party that you were included in back then. It was the property in ga. off hwy.315.
'TM90' 2 months ago
Lol she said open mick night
Vernon Knight
'Vernon Knight' 2 months ago
Founded by people who believed in slavery, thus being on the wrong side of the biggest humanitarian crisis of the last 500 years.  They were REALLY smart.  As a group their cup overfloweth with wisdom and foresite.
jack nicholson
'jack nicholson' 2 months ago
Happy that pussy is out of the White House! Trump has the balls, and the bucks, to make this country great again! Funny and true observations, Jeff. Thanks!
Michael Hearn
'Michael Hearn' 2 months ago
Curby Weaver
'Curby Weaver' 2 months ago
The comedy trade is safe from being taken over by robots.
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