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Queen Latifah and Jimmy Serenaded Resort Guests in Jamaica -
Published: 3 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 3 months ago

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Queen Latifah and Jimmy recall the time they ran into each other while separately vacationing in Jamaica.

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Queen Latifah and Jimmy Serenaded Resort Guests in Jamaica

Shari Hutchison
'Shari Hutchison' 2 months ago
I liked her in mad money as well as taxi
Νικος Κοροτσάκης
Please do Taxi2
'kim' 2 months ago
you came to jamaica?? im one of your biggest fans there..:( womp!
Mac Lee
'Mac Lee' 2 months ago
'peachesandpoets' 2 months ago
Taxi was awesome
'olivia94harvest' 2 months ago
Esta mujer es una increíble artista, me encanta, y cada vez esta mejor. Hermosa.
'emanuscriptgraphics' 3 months ago
Lmaooooooo the same outfit as the baby!!! 😂😂😂
Jesus Sanchez
'Jesus Sanchez' 3 months ago
Anyone know the song at the end of the video?
'GabooTheKid' 3 months ago
holy shit i forgot this lady existed
Colorless Man
'Colorless Man' 3 months ago
you know Bach couldn't HEAR and he made great music but you can't remeber how your own song goes for new years but I forgot you don't write your own music other people do.
'Splendidjanie' 3 months ago
whoever wrote the title for this video deserves an oscar!
'Robair' 3 months ago
Did she make a Non-PC joke at 0:44 ? This is BLASPHEMY!
Amber Cunningham
'Amber Cunningham' 3 months ago
That scene when they were high off laughing gas and the door was never locked 😂😂😂 #Taxi #LoveThatMovie
'Prettygirlcn5' 3 months ago
That's just weird!🙈
'MendezMirango' 3 months ago
this is the second time i hear that same story! is this the only thing you share with queen latifa?
Derek Short
'Derek Short' 3 months ago
Queen Latifa is still alive?
Ja Burra
'Ja Burra' 3 months ago
jimmy looks so drunk in that pic hahahha
Jimmy Two-Times
'Jimmy Two-Times' 3 months ago
I wanna suck her tits.
'mr001991' 3 months ago
taxi, is one of my favorite, all time comedies. I can still watch it today & continue to laugh hysterically.
Windy City Frenzy
'Windy City Frenzy' 3 months ago
Big fans! From Chicago! 😎👍🏽🎉🍾
Danny Nemer
'Danny Nemer' 3 months ago
queen latifa is the best. I mean these 2 together is amazingggggg love them
'StrangeBloom' 3 months ago
Taxi is still one of my favorite movies
Zayn W
'Zayn W' 3 months ago
Taxi feels for days 😭
Alain Bruno
'Alain Bruno' 3 months ago
Queen Latifah has the best personality.
'manguy2000' 3 months ago
Jimmy was in Jamaica with QL? I am sure his wife is super curious now. You have more fun with QL than with me?
Samuel Paulsen
'Samuel Paulsen' 3 months ago
protein mask coach ban speech environmental architecture pound block.
Eric DLC
'Eric DLC' 3 months ago
"Open the door. I don't want to get any Daewoo on my hands."
Yuliana Moreno
'Yuliana Moreno' 3 months ago
That story was told already. But alright
'jajceboy' 3 months ago
Don't think the video matched the description but it was a great story.
'YouTubeFan' 3 months ago
Bad caption.
JoHanz dela Peña
'JoHanz dela Peña' 3 months ago
TAXI Part2!!! with Nicole Kidman cameo pls!
'woodencan' 3 months ago
I thought Queen Latifah died?
'atem15' 3 months ago
jimmy looked drunk as hell in the picture 😂😂
Sharon Zurcher
'Sharon Zurcher' 3 months ago
MAJOR Taxi feels...was kinda hoping they were going to bring that up last night
Adrian Muller
'Adrian Muller' 3 months ago
Immigrant following leather like symptom Bible factor
santy 573
'santy 573' 3 months ago
You gotta love Washburn.
'badenry' 3 months ago
They told the very same story last year. Haha still funny.
'JAEYEON KIM' 3 months ago
Comparing by the camera of the uglier woman;;;; She must be lack of her looks and sexuality or her husband is already fed up with his wife;;; Pathetic;;;;
Samantha Mcclure
'Samantha Mcclure' 3 months ago
I love this video, the best, two of my favorite ppl :D
JP Production.
'JP Production.' 3 months ago
sub = 50 million dollars
like = sex with crush
ignore = 10 yrs of bad luck
'benbasss' 3 months ago
Queef Latifart.
Leonardo Sadewa
'Leonardo Sadewa' 3 months ago
Look is the taxi driver and the nerd police 😂
Mr. Selenator
'Mr. Selenator' 3 months ago
I love her, she's that kinda who steals your heart easily. QUEEN LATIFA ❤️
Aran hiwa
'Aran hiwa' 3 months ago
Today is really my Birthday! Wish me something:)
Meshary al-otaibi
'Meshary al-otaibi' 3 months ago
felix pole
'felix pole' 3 months ago
Tanya Sparrow
'Tanya Sparrow' 3 months ago
oh sooo that's the story, i saw that picture on tumblr (different angles) jimmy with a cute baby with same outfit, I thought they did it on purpose 😆
I always love these two together
iron CT
'iron CT' 3 months ago
If you are reading this, then you are wasting precious time reading the comments. You will probably comment or like this, but you will waste more time. You are now thinking what I am on about, probably thinking that I am on something. However you are just wasting more time reading my comment. I have just wasted precious moments of your life that you could have spent sleeping or smoking weed. If you just realised, I have wasted more time explaining that I have wasted time. For this reason you might as well like this comment, as you might as well waste more time. Thank you for your wasted time.
Timmy Joe
'Timmy Joe' 3 months ago
...More like Queef Latifah
'icurfubar' 3 months ago
cool sorry and funny but wrong headline.
Kathy W.
'Kathy W.' 3 months ago
Title doesn't really match the video content, but I still loved the story!
'Frenchiie' 3 months ago
Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! No one will see this :(... Show some love if you do
Some guy named Mike
'Some guy named Mike' 3 months ago
Taxi really was a fun throwaway movie
'TonyGVEVO' 3 months ago
Ha first and early
Iced Puddle
'Iced Puddle' 3 months ago
Taxi ftw if you know what i mean :D
Halid borz
'Halid borz' 3 months ago
First disliker
Peace love Kindness
'Peace love Kindness' 3 months ago
'Beev' 3 months ago
she's such a sweet person ! <3 <3
Sabine Charlot
'Sabine Charlot' 3 months ago
Near Reality
'Near Reality' 3 months ago
4th comment
محمد حسين الحسيني
first comment
'RandyzHD' 3 months ago
first comment
Anthony V.
'Anthony V.' 3 months ago
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