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RMR - Guest: Tone Vays (1/06/2017) -
Published: 4 months ago By: ROGUE MONEY

By: ROGUE MONEYPublished: 4 months ago

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dave laurienzo
'dave laurienzo' 4 months ago
only diamond market is manipulated? ?? bitcoin = prosecution futures
Rob Brown
'Rob Brown' 4 months ago
Great show
'dd8209' 4 months ago
Consider this the bankers realize the currency cyclic death is happening again. Basically happens the average of 40 to 50 years which is 2% inflation a year. Considering we are almost due, if you believe that removing the gold from your standard currency signals bankruptcy. If not then 2021 is about when a currency loses 100% from 1971.

So they create bitcoin to stay in front of the usual trend of people running to PM's and exposing their system fraud. However they release it under a boogie-man that no one knows to get everyone started and used to electronic cash. All at the same time the talk of e-currency which is just a continuation of credit cards which turned into debit-cards which in turn morphed into easy pay options that are now merged with cell phone tech.

Now the new generation is all cell phone and technology so they naturally gravitate to the e-coin phenomenon. All this is happening while draining or keeping PM's in check while they war on cash and governments bring in basic income.

Later they give everyone a government approved bank e-coin that is sold as a stable e-currency backed by government and bitcoin is drained of market capitol.

Are you seeing the picture now. All those G8 summits were used to co-ordinate some of this. America is done as the world cop and the wars ensue to bring in rogue countries in line. PM's will be decreed as non exchangeable to the new currency. After that I can only assume.
'KILL THE FED' 4 months ago
The last time these 2 got together I told people to get out of Bitcoin in the comments section. No one listened. V, Bix, this guy and others continued to push Bitcoin and anyone who took their advice got back handed across the face. It is funny to watch honestly.....these BUY HIGH SELL LOW idiots peddling their fiction. Also, more than likely....Bitcoin is nothing more than a trial run for the cashless society slavery soon to come in the near future....when digital currency will be installed into a micro chip and implanted into your body. These idiots are actually pushing that agenda and are too stupid to realize it. lol
John Smith
'John Smith' 4 months ago
the separation of money and state! 1000%
Ben Dover
'Ben Dover' 4 months ago
Another Bitcoin pumper/gambler
Selim Bisevac
'Selim Bisevac' 4 months ago
A big fan of the show and I'm a subscriber , not sure why the Aloha Snack bar is necessary. I am a Muslim and have friends from all faiths and also respect all beliefs . The term Allah Akbar in arabic means God is Great simply. Yes the retards and terrorists use it in the wrong way but why mock the phrase?? Not sure I understand but anyhow just my opinion. Keep up the good work on your show V either way I'm a fan and respect the great information you provide.
Jonee Tiedemann
'Jonee Tiedemann' 4 months ago
Separations of bits and schlongs.
'billy38010' 4 months ago
Bitcoin commercial, #27.
Nicholas Scholten
'Nicholas Scholten' 4 months ago
Google/Facebook was funded by the state
Nicholas Scholten
'Nicholas Scholten' 4 months ago
I was trying to buy bitcoin in person at $250 and it was impossible. Bix Wier introduced me to coinbase and that was a viable and simple platform
Nicholas Scholten
'Nicholas Scholten' 4 months ago
if your safest method of purchasing bitcoin is in person at s bank; it will not be able to scale.
Nicholas Scholten
'Nicholas Scholten' 4 months ago
removing the debt based system would make a free wage system viable
Nicholas Scholten
'Nicholas Scholten' 4 months ago
your missing the point. with a debt based monetary system inflation is the goal: the low wage earner gets screwed.
Nicholas Scholten
'Nicholas Scholten' 4 months ago
Wal-Mart is subsidised by low wages as the government offers the employees subsidies. higher minimum wage will reduce the government subsidies.
'horsefaceemily' 4 months ago
Tyler Hagen
'Tyler Hagen' 4 months ago
not a big fan of this guy, he's got lots of deprogramming he needs to do to himself. otherwise great show, love the channel.
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