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Ellen's Best of 2016 -
Published: 1 month ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 1 month ago

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We're looking back at our most memorable moments of 2016!

yacine yacinou
'yacine yacinou' 11 hours ago
Hi Ellen, I Love you So Much
keep Going And Sharing the peace on the all World
Thank you, and by the way Am from Algeria its in Africa ! :)
Karyna Meneses Flores
I love it!!!!
'claudia33' 1 day ago
Ellen dresses like a man
Cecilie Rasmussen
'Cecilie Rasmussen' 2 days ago
God video
Nancy Luna
'Nancy Luna' 2 days ago
I want to meet her so bad I love her show funny
Elon Ellison
'Elon Ellison' 3 days ago
ellen my and my friends gone get famous and cum on your show
'Psychopathway' 3 days ago
I thought only Hamish Blake did the worm dance
Xime Blogs
'Xime Blogs' 4 days ago
Cuando esperabas que apareciera en algún lado los chicos(1D) pero recuerdas que están en descanso :'v
Suba De Costa
'Suba De Costa' 4 days ago
Please invite aishwarya rai!!
Mia Ramirez
'Mia Ramirez' 4 days ago
I subscribed
levi weets
'levi weets' 5 days ago
my dream was to always become a singer which was not possiible
Viviane Barbosa
'Viviane Barbosa' 5 days ago
Quer ver sua entrevista com o Trump!
Liz de Souza
'Liz de Souza' 6 days ago
Ellen, you have to interview President Donald Trump.
Tona Qatar
'Tona Qatar' 6 days ago
I will meet Justin Bieber soon 😍
Madison Loves Springtrap
Ellen have you ever thought of running president?
Fares Forever
'Fares Forever' 1 week ago
Do you have the diamond play button 💎
'AndyFreak123' 1 week ago
chalo paad marte hain aur hagte hain
Carlitox b
'Carlitox b' 1 week ago
Obama was so cool, you Americans are weird
Tania Smiley
'Tania Smiley' 1 week ago
If you ever get Leonardo DiCaprio on the show I will love you forever and I would cry for real and I know I can't come on the show because I can't skip school and my mom would say no but plzzz just try and get him on the show
mona yousefi
'mona yousefi' 2 weeks ago
Please invite Cara Delevingne too
Alaina Asteria
'Alaina Asteria' 2 weeks ago
Ellen and Obama: best homies ever😂
Erik Arustamyan
'Erik Arustamyan' 2 weeks ago
When Kevin heart said "I need the attention" I died
Khang Võ
'Khang Võ' 2 weeks ago
the First Lady is super tall lol
Anna Meyer
'Anna Meyer' 2 weeks ago
heya buddies !! swing does anybody watch worse than this variant d ..0..
Shell Angel
'Shell Angel' 2 weeks ago
I can't wait to see the Psychic Twins predictions for 2017! Everything they said for 2016 happened.
April Matiatos
'April Matiatos' 2 weeks ago
kim henry
'kim henry' 2 weeks ago
I wouldn't normally do this, so I'm sorry. 😳 I'm in a bind.
'JUDY HOLLIDAY' 2 weeks ago


Emma Warren


Emma Warren
'LissaAlbanian' 2 weeks ago
Hi Ellen. You may never get this, but if you do, I just wanted to tell you about my little brother. He is an amazing dancer and my family thinks I am a good dancer too. I really hope my brother and I can come on you're show!! Thanks!!
'dnplk' 2 weeks ago
Ellen sucked me off in '87
Tristan Starzec
'Tristan Starzec' 2 weeks ago
Eiffel Meyer
'Eiffel Meyer' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else getting ad's that they can't skip? Or is it just me?
Leslie Torres
'Leslie Torres' 2 weeks ago
who else gonna miss president obama on her show
'Vloh' 2 weeks ago
Ellen I'm a big fan of yours and I want to show u something I can do on ur show plz reply and let me show what I can do on ur show plz I'm a really big fan
Breno Peruchena
'Breno Peruchena' 2 weeks ago
Eu tenho um sonho de ser YouTuber, me ajudar? Deixa para ir 400 assinantes
Aerica_luv 7
'Aerica_luv 7' 2 weeks ago
Bruno mars 24k magic at the end yassss❤❤❤
techno friends
'techno friends' 2 weeks ago
i will sub to any one who like the comment.and sub in my chanel
Nicki Clark
'Nicki Clark' 2 weeks ago
I want to talk to her
Dev Happy
'Dev Happy' 3 weeks ago
I love ellen so much, The only place in TV where there is no prejudice and hate.
pravin habib
'pravin habib' 3 weeks ago
Lola Marty
'Lola Marty' 3 weeks ago
relieve engineering sodium wisdom differ prosecutor like.
Manoj Bhattacharjee
'Manoj Bhattacharjee' 3 weeks ago
Di s
Grasp TheFuture
'Grasp TheFuture' 3 weeks ago
Mari Uchima
'Mari Uchima' 3 weeks ago
Please invite Namie Amuro to your show!!!
funny mow
'funny mow' 3 weeks ago
'EXcalifer' 3 weeks ago
Ellentube rewind 2016.
Madison kjer
'Madison kjer' 3 weeks ago
Snoop dog
Madison kjer
'Madison kjer' 3 weeks ago
You are asmoe ellen I hope I can go to one of your shows and I hope Justin is their
Mike Brown
'Mike Brown' 3 weeks ago
That bitch Is a birds brains Same as Dr Phil Mf think He god at the end of today just cakes Icing on shits!!!!!!
LipG 01
'LipG 01' 3 weeks ago
The thing about Ellen is, that she´s amusing every year.
'ripp3ifyy' 3 weeks ago
What did she ask at 1:57, I cannot catch that clearly...
Joshua Crow
'Joshua Crow' 3 weeks ago
Would anyone care to visit my "go fund me" campaign and consider donating or sharing?
'CIELO' 3 weeks ago
Ellen for president! Vote by liking this comment 💘
Isabella Di Buono
'Isabella Di Buono' 3 weeks ago
michelle obama looks like a transgender
'lwnaALiraq' 3 weeks ago
In 2017, I wish to see an interview between Tony Robbins & Ellen DeGeneres hosted by the generosity of Oprah Winfrey.
Happy new year 3 of you guys.
Happy new everyone :)
Jena Kim
'Jena Kim' 3 weeks ago
0:19 If that is not the best moment in 2016, then idk what is
Sleta Giant
'Sleta Giant' 3 weeks ago
Ellen has such a great heart!
Miks Love
'Miks Love' 3 weeks ago
'Ufo' 3 weeks ago
Can I have that "love" sweater please? I love you Ellen!
Karen Valen
'Karen Valen' 3 weeks ago
I love you Ellen
VÛ Ngô
'VÛ Ngô' 3 weeks ago
you speak vietnamese
Kerrie Johnson
'Kerrie Johnson' 3 weeks ago
1:51 lol
Stacey Sanderson
'Stacey Sanderson' 3 weeks ago
I love you! My life would be complete with more Andy vs Andy also more average Andy would be great
Cheryl Darr
'Cheryl Darr' 3 weeks ago
and my one whish is to see Ellen and play your games and see Ariana grade
Cheryl Darr
'Cheryl Darr' 3 weeks ago
Ellen I'm a kid and I'm 9 I'm a big fan some day I want to be on your stage and I just love you and Ariana grade
Mimi Biami
'Mimi Biami' 3 weeks ago
best human being of all time, i love Ellen
Ridha Vadox
'Ridha Vadox' 3 weeks ago
Can you make a playliste for all of this videos !! so we can watch them easly
Sadek Rahman
'Sadek Rahman' 3 weeks ago
The ending was just so well deserved you're the best Ellen love what you do and what you give to this world and how you make everyone live their lives as their true authentic self and make everyone lives better and easier to live
P.S. you're the best Ellen
Rohan Jerath
'Rohan Jerath' 3 weeks ago
Ellen ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Crazy Blues
'Crazy Blues' 3 weeks ago
all i want for christmas is in the ellen show too see her and laught for all the jokes she say.. how sad but thats not gonna happen.. im too far.. im from the philippines... Merry Christmas Ellen.. Godbless you more.... lots of love.. skyler edejer in facebook.
Sajid Arghandaiwal
'Sajid Arghandaiwal' 4 weeks ago
I love you and respect you alot. What you do is amazing. It's been only a week that I got to know about you (I know very late) and you are already my role model <3 Peace to you. I hope I could meet you one day.
blazikens Jeffrey
'blazikens Jeffrey' 4 weeks ago
best show ever however I often wonder about the people out there that have nothing.... that doesn't get food never alone get to watch TV.
A Goddamn Fruit
'A Goddamn Fruit' 4 weeks ago
Memories ❤
Danana J
'Danana J' 4 weeks ago
Keep up the great work Ellen; you are a treasure.
Julia Delles
'Julia Delles' 4 weeks ago
I never been in US but I loved Obama as president from young age
Mahdia mimicha
'Mahdia mimicha' 4 weeks ago
oooo ellen you are so sweet i love i realy wish i live ther to come to watsh youuuu i love y
Jessica Rood
'Jessica Rood' 4 weeks ago
for the next thing you shoul do is make andy say the longest word in the world i alredy know it and im a 4th grader
K S.
'K S.' 4 weeks ago
I want to die so badly.... for 2016 I lost so much I havent got any good big sleep, due to severe chronic stress from many unfortunately events and sick people, Im already dead inside and out. I killed my inner child and innocent and I am not celebrating Christmas do to a cheap sick twisted family..
Alexandria Gonzalez
'Alexandria Gonzalez' 4 weeks ago
Amazing !!!! 👏👏👏👏
Nazanin Rahmanii
'Nazanin Rahmanii' 4 weeks ago
U r incredible Ellen! Every time that im in a bad mood, just watching ur videos make me feel right. ❤️
Real Chipmunk
'Real Chipmunk' 4 weeks ago
Macey is defenetly the best thing on ellen this year 😍😍
masiha zerehnazi
'masiha zerehnazi' 4 weeks ago
Anyone wanna help by subscribing to my channel and checking out my video?? I really need your help plz
Julia Caceres
'Julia Caceres' 4 weeks ago
love love love
'RabbitRinger8' 4 weeks ago
Ellen's face at 1:07!!
Jared Robinette
'Jared Robinette' 4 weeks ago
can you please do an interview with john butler from the john butler trio? i promise you wont be disappointed , just listen to ocean
'Majorprincessmix' 4 weeks ago
I loooove Ellen! She's so funny ahah.. go subsribe on my channel!
'Eng ZKL' 4 weeks ago
Carlos Ramirez
'Carlos Ramirez' 4 weeks ago
aye ellen can you give me a drone for christmas
Serbian Girl
'Serbian Girl' 4 weeks ago
Ellen i love you sooo are so kindful,inspiring,funny and amazing woman,you are my idol,i can watch your videos all day all night,because they are so funny and intrested..Love you Ellen so much 💖💖💖!!!
Maria Laura Sánchez
Ellen te amooo eres la mejor!!!!! Tu corazón enorme me hace sentir mucho amor y alegría!!!!! Love you❤️
Katie Hines
'Katie Hines' 4 weeks ago
Ellen you are the best person ever.
Gabi VIP
'Gabi VIP' 4 weeks ago
Shadow Heart
'Shadow Heart' 4 weeks ago
This is what happiness is made of.

Love you and your team. Keep smiling. :)
invisible sheep
'invisible sheep' 4 weeks ago
oh Ellen, who doesn't love you!
Nelly Lam
'Nelly Lam' 4 weeks ago
Oh Ellen...
Mie Bakke
'Mie Bakke' 4 weeks ago
Encounter loose corn warm family.
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