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A Pakistani-American Mother And Daughter Have "The Talk" -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 weeks ago

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It's the conversation we've all been waiting for.

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Snap Chat
'Snap Chat' 12 hours ago
I'm American. And I'm 12. I never have and never will have "the talk". Just watched friends, how I met your mother, and Baby Daddy with mom. 😂😂😂 never talked bout it. Just knew it.
'asra' 1 day ago
why do certain ppl act like being Pakistani is so....shameful. We don't get to choose our background, only what to make of it
hnnh Fields
'hnnh Fields' 2 days ago
this is beautiful! I love this video,
Elizabeth Ann
'Elizabeth Ann' 2 days ago
"Intimacy should come with affection, not just animal instinct."
'dilworth6113' 2 days ago
OMG! Why aren't they covered?
'HAZY KK' 3 days ago
100000000 Problems in this world, pretty sure this aint one. Im British Pakistani, boy iv had troubles but this is not one of them.
Noman Rasheed
'Noman Rasheed' 3 days ago
Is this what you find, a garbage, among Pakistani Americans. There are Pakistani Americans teaching at fuckin Ivy League universities. You could have bring them up. Also, these ladies have never been to Pakistan, since they left the country.
Talk about porn and sex with mom, and you will get a belt, a hanger, and shoe in response.
EC Bart
'EC Bart' 3 days ago
There are two ways to think about "mating"
1 you could think it's dirty and a sin
2 it could be very innocent and just wanting children
israna 2542
'israna 2542' 4 days ago
tbh i can talk to my mother about all of this
Shan Sikandar
'Shan Sikandar' 4 days ago
pakistani = segregation
Liz Kinslow
'Liz Kinslow' 4 days ago
her mom gave her the best advice! they are so beautiful. they look so alike <3
'fifithehuntress' 4 days ago
Love this
'Gamerex' 5 days ago
1 OOO comment
'Gamerex' 5 days ago
I'm the
'RainRBLX' 5 days ago
i couldn't watch this video because the daughter didn't clear her throat ;/
maryam j
'maryam j' 5 days ago
reading comments yeah her mother talk abt this im shock in pakistan we never have this kind of talk but it happen in many cultures also its not like every mother dont talk i think there are many different ppl maybe some mothers here in pakistan do talk abt this topic with their daughters like time has changed but still shock
'xjaylist' 5 days ago
way to copy "the and" formatting
'GalaxyButt' 6 days ago
my mom taught me about sex when i was one so i wouldnt end up like her
Amys 666pathstolife
they both have this awkward tho' beautiful connection and I have to admit for the part with the porn she actually handled it pretty good

what a great mom you have she is so brilliant and respectful the way she presents things like her advices in the end :)
Babar Suhail
'Babar Suhail' 6 days ago
Pakistani guy here and I can't even imagine having this conversation with either of my parents. I got "the talk" from my elder brothers
'PastelPixieEdits' 6 days ago
I'm Pakistani and I can't believe they're Pakistanis. Pakistani parents are really strict with rules and regulations etc I would've been slapped in 1 minute. I think they're just copying Americans
Donald J Trump
'Donald J Trump' 6 days ago
Can someone please explain to me what a male organ is?
Ari B
'Ari B' 6 days ago
when she said 'I know ur a crowd pleaser sometimes' I started singing Black Beatles lol
Sheikh Sumaiya
'Sheikh Sumaiya' 6 days ago
that girl is a real crowd pleaser
'Donaldthustra' 6 days ago
Fun fact: Pakistan has the highest rate of inbreeding of any country
ella van hellemondt
can we just take a minute and appreciate NADA chocolate milk
Ncnsv Life
'Ncnsv Life' 7 days ago
This was so fun to watch
Jazmyn Simmons
'Jazmyn Simmons' 7 days ago
one of my very good friends , her mom is from Yemen and we watched this video together and she told me a conversation like this with her mother would last MAYBE 10 seconds before her mom got mad and she got slapped 😂😂
LadyGG Smith
'LadyGG Smith' 7 days ago
what a cool mum,.. to say all this ... i applause her brave ,.. very cool,..
human rainbow
'human rainbow' 7 days ago
Coming from a brown family this is the most akward part.
zinbo cato
'zinbo cato' 7 days ago
Maria Visoso
'Maria Visoso' 1 week ago
'TUrNdOwN4Pepe' 1 week ago
Anybody else think the daughter looks a lil like The Gabbie Show?
cool kid
'cool kid' 1 week ago
your mom is awesome 😊
Louis Sutton
'Louis Sutton' 1 week ago
The only reason I clicked this vid is because it looks like Hila from h3h3, it wasn't, I'm out
Kaneki Ken
'Kaneki Ken' 1 week ago
I like how BuzzFeed tries to even add in the countries which aren't as popular as others in their videos :)
I'm a proud Pakistani ^_^
Aliza Kamran
'Aliza Kamran' 1 week ago
being a Pakistan... you are lucky if your mom is open to you... I m very lucky that I get to have open conversations with my mom ... she is more like a friend.. love you mom 😚😚
Little Miss DIYer
'Little Miss DIYer' 1 week ago
The awkward laughs are so cute
vuyjh utuf
'vuyjh utuf' 1 week ago
they are not pakistani they are indian
Not Found
'Not Found' 1 week ago
Death to pakistan.
'dQminQ' 1 week ago
Am I only one who were thinking thought the whole video what kind of fire those books would make if you lit them up?
'VeniVidiVici' 1 week ago
me and my mom openly make sex jokes lmao . shes my best friend
Isabel S
'Isabel S' 1 week ago
this is so cute, I need this relationship with my mom
'J' 1 week ago
Mia khalifa doing this would be more interesting
Katie Sickles
'Katie Sickles' 1 week ago
oh yes. I didnt date until I was in my 20s and frankly I am also a nervous dater and not confident around men or what I am looking for. Wish someone had wanted to date me earlier. You know?
Hey It
'Hey It's Meh!! :D' 1 week ago
my mom wouldve thrown a jooti at my head as soon as i said the word sex like "besharam astaghfirullah"
Ivy Antonio
'Ivy Antonio' 1 week ago
She has an intelligent mother.
Pepe Kaiser
'Pepe Kaiser' 1 week ago
Necessary package mask might widespread murder its barrier.
Lilly Schmid
'Lilly Schmid' 1 week ago
Bomb ahead behavior skin resume including selection.
Tootsie Roll
'Tootsie Roll' 1 week ago
since they're Pakistani Muslims, I wouldn't be surprised if the girl's dad showed her mom beastiality. The Pakistanis love their goats
'paige' 1 week ago
but why are there books in the fireplace
JoeJoe XR90
'JoeJoe XR90' 1 week ago
Just posted a funny older video haha
psn zsus
'psn zsus' 1 week ago
My dad explained me by taking a cookie and a glass of milk i still remember the words he said " you dip the cookie into the milk "😂😂
H Tucker
'H Tucker' 1 week ago
Do you mean the talk about yelling ALLAH ACKBAR as running into a crowd with 12 pounds of C4 strapped to her?
Leslie Alanis
'Leslie Alanis' 1 week ago
I'm Mexican and I never got the talk, I learned what I know through Larry fanfiction.
Emanuel Alejandro Blanco
what advice did you receive for your wedding night? answer: "you can't use those diapers for the ceremony"
Kevin N
'Kevin N' 1 week ago
mom has some amazing hair
Marin Pastoor
'Marin Pastoor' 1 week ago
mia khalifas sister who doesnt even know what sex is
Ted Cruz
'Ted Cruz' 1 week ago
she the brown all about that base girl
Zomia Anmas
'Zomia Anmas' 1 week ago
Pakistan gangs where you at 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
'TheAndrealee01' 1 week ago
What a great open and honest conversation.
'Maya' 2 weeks ago
What is thiis? I haven't even talked about it with my parents I learned it in school, lol.
Sierra Lawrence
'Sierra Lawrence' 2 weeks ago
living in England my mum doesn't really care about it and i don't talk with her i talk with my step-mum
Pranahita Ch
'Pranahita Ch' 2 weeks ago
Wow, this is so obnoxious and presumptuous, Buzzfeed. Maybe look into American sex Ed history. Oh wait! Ya can't!
Ashika Raut
'Ashika Raut' 2 weeks ago
they are talking anti Islamic things.
Olivia Brasier
'Olivia Brasier' 2 weeks ago
She needs a nose job
Extrovert Narcissist
I am a Pakistani so why is this not even relatable?
We get 'the talk' by our biology teachers before our parents lol.
Kev Flu
'Kev Flu' 2 weeks ago
thought that was mia khalifa in the thumbnail
'nuwa' 2 weeks ago
How much y'all pay the mother cause if I spoke to my mother about this I'd get slapped and sent back to the vill
A Ru
'A Ru' 2 weeks ago
Loool I DARE u to try this with my (pakistani) mum
Parul Thapar
'Parul Thapar' 2 weeks ago
this video is so nice that I have no words..
Frettu Merilo
'Frettu Merilo' 2 weeks ago
Wtf is her nose
She sounds like the gabbleshow
Zehra Mehdi
'Zehra Mehdi' 2 weeks ago
this is amazing
'A 'N' A Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
I am Indian and that says it all 😂😂👍
Parveen jj
'Parveen jj' 2 weeks ago
Pakistanis look different than indians. And im indian punjabi btw
Leo Jakobsen
'Leo Jakobsen' 2 weeks ago
bbq apparent i really love the materjal graduate
Awesomeness Redefine
whi else is pakistani
Sam Saad
'Sam Saad' 2 weeks ago
Oh noooooo I'm Pakistani-American/Canadian and this is just ahhh
Bright Light Kitty
'Bright Light Kitty' 2 weeks ago
1:16 i still don't know where they put it...i'm 14. Do they like tuck it in in a weird way?
'Nomanz' 2 weeks ago
No way my afghan parents would watch porn together lmao
Qwifinn The Awesome
'Qwifinn The Awesome' 2 weeks ago
we have the internet ok we dont need this talk anymore i dont wanna get slapped because i asked my dad what a penis was honestly buzzfeed YOU'RE GONNA GET ME IN TROUBLE
reuben santhosh
'reuben santhosh' 2 weeks ago
Pakistan is mostly Islamic so by Islamic law you cannot have sex before marriage. So it's not really all culture.
Vehicle Virgins
'Vehicle Virgins' 2 weeks ago
Damn terrorists.
Yom Bomb
'Yom Bomb' 2 weeks ago
Ok now Rakeshalshazira today we shall talk about your arranged marriage with mumdabi falaheed! But momma I am only 13! Shut up you will be a marry!
'sasuke3690' 2 weeks ago
Someone's getting stoned 😬😬
'ZeldaJordan456' 2 weeks ago
Her nose......
phan tastic
'phan tastic' 2 weeks ago
the daughter sounds like the gabbie show
Soccer For Life
'Soccer For Life' 2 weeks ago
"Is long and weird" I AM DIED😂💀
Noor Ahmed
'Noor Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
I'm Pakistani I've never even heard my mom say sex. My mom won't even talk about hugging or even shaking hands lol! I can't even wave hi to a man or my mom would kill me! This video has me shook!
ekta arora
'ekta arora' 2 weeks ago
Sohrab Aslai
'Sohrab Aslai' 2 weeks ago
Why did they fill the chimney with books???
Kami Aguilar
'Kami Aguilar' 2 weeks ago
y r there buks n thee fire place
'iPaused' 2 weeks ago
Lol, I had this talk with my mom when I was around 18. Still late but, I couldn't believe it because we're a brown paki fam too. Thought I would get slapped but that didn't happen at all. In fact, my mom was quite casual and joking about it all. All of you saying that you'd get beat if you brought this topic up just need to approach the topic in a clean, informative, and safe way. Oh, and you need to make sure that you assure them that it's not like you're going to be out looking for sex like everyone else in our generation (say it even if it's not true, lol, or you will get a well-deserved slap to the face, haha).
Vevian Vozmediano
'Vevian Vozmediano' 2 weeks ago
Im middle eastern and i would love to have this conversation with my mom!
'Kerri' 2 weeks ago
It's great that they took the time to have this conversation and it looks like they have a very open relationship which is nice. It's good that this is showing both mothers and daughters the benefit of speaking openly and with no judgement.
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