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Beyoncé - Heaven -
Published: 2 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

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LaMetria Virgo28
'LaMetria Virgo28' 3 hours ago
I'm dedicating this to my BFF who passed away from a seizure. Her 6 yr old tried to save her.. RIP O
'BruhItzMayah' 5 hours ago
Gets Me Everytime 😐
Christopher Mealer
'Christopher Mealer' 9 hours ago
part 1....heaven
part 2.....i miss you
part 3.....pray you catch me
part 4......sandcastles
Juliana Zepda
'Juliana Zepda' 14 hours ago
what she means go home it means going in heven no one's to be on earth they wunt to be in heven earth as we or I can see It Is hell people killing doing drugs wars guns the devil all the dad thing are away in heven let lord help us to live as long as we can be happy that they are in heven I know it's hard to let go . I know how it feels one of my family members died but I feel ed so sad I just went crazy but I stopped cuz I know the devil wunt me disobey what God wunt so I stopped . I'm not saying cry is a bad thing but don't let it comsomeyou. love all of my brothers and sisters hold on to God's hand.😇
'TONY REYES' 2 days ago
&& my brother pass away in Nov 15 2014 and this song came out around Nov 24 2014 so this is the right song to anthem of my brother death
'TONY REYES' 2 days ago
I adore this song Thank You Beyoncé for this song I dedicated this song to my older brother Orlando Jose Granados that past away ugh so much in pain is going thru listening to this song but the lyrics hits home and is actually how my brother death had happened I miss him dearly that sometimes I want to hear his voice and advice but like Beyoncé say Heaven Couldn't Waited for You and he home after a living hell my brother went thru in this world I miss you nene Orlando we will still miss you and love you from the Family of #Granados #Blanco #Reyes and so Much More
R.I.P Orlando Jose Granados xo
april anderson
'april anderson' 2 days ago
listening to this song the eve before my best friend since 7th grade funeral....over 26 years of friendship. This sound made me laugh, cry and even have me butterflies.....think about her. I am just going to miss her.
girlArianator Fan
'girlArianator Fan' 2 days ago
I never seen beyonce cry before
Nicole Lopez
'Nicole Lopez' 2 days ago
i love song its so peaceful
'itsyagirlhabs' 2 days ago
am i the only one that noticed the bug on the wall at 3:20
Richard Morales
'Richard Morales' 3 days ago
3:15 - She was transforming into Formation Beyonce at the end!
Jeanie Bowen
'Jeanie Bowen' 3 days ago
My grandmother has been in and out the hospital for awhile...fighting cancer we got a call today saying she doesn't have much longer to live just hope she knows I'll always love her .😩
Rayn Critchfield
'Rayn Critchfield' 3 days ago
R.I.P. Dad 6/16/69-1/31-17😭
Bla Kali
'Bla Kali' 4 days ago
What does the ending say?
Weezers Busy Panicking At Discos
very hard not to cry during this I can feel the pain
Cheyenne Marilyn Manson , Nicki Minaj
this song makes me cry 😔😔
Gevie Santa
'Gevie Santa' 4 days ago
I like to dedicated this song to the most famous comedian that died in 2014, RIP Robin Williams you will be missed.
Lennarda Lucas
'Lennarda Lucas' 4 days ago
rest in peace my only brother thats left! i love u with all my heart!!! i need u still! ur my world my inspiration ....i need u so much.. when mom abandoned us you were all i had!! i need you but i guess heaven couldn't wait for you!!!#kenard Lucas
julian henry
'julian henry' 4 days ago
I cried when i first listened this song. RIP to those who I've lost. 😢
Fierce Fox
'Fierce Fox' 5 days ago
I was at school one day and it was a happy day until I had to come to the office and go home because my dad/grandpa was dying. I didn't know that at the time so I was panicking. Once we got home he was already dead and I non stopped cried for the rest of the week. 😭🙁😞
Jay Jay
'Jay Jay' 5 days ago
R.I.P to all my family members I lost🙄💍🙏🏽
Sam Pamenter
'Sam Pamenter' 5 days ago
so did Beyonce have a best friend that died?
Myanna Davis
'Myanna Davis' 5 days ago
Natalia Martínez
'Natalia Martínez' 5 days ago
thank you Beyoncé
'Fvrmatixn' 6 days ago
Every single time the piano starts playing, I can't stop myself from shedding a tear
Serenity Gutierrez
going to a funeral tomorrow. this song is just stuck in my head
'RICARDO QUASHIE' 7 days ago
Hope you smiling everyday pop.
Timothy Gregory
'Timothy Gregory' 7 days ago
makes me cry every time
Timothy Gregory
'Timothy Gregory' 7 days ago
i love this song
Timothy Gregory
'Timothy Gregory' 7 days ago
i love this video
Scott Kristen Mead
my mom died when i was eight, now I'm ten I'm so sad
kvng matt
'kvng matt' 7 days ago
This song was played at my uncle's funeral yesterday 💔😢
'Kawiiekittens' 1 week ago
My cousin just passed away yesterday in a car crash. Two months ago my uncle and cousin died. Later in August my grandma died:/ god this song is beautiful.
Kennedy Bellerose
'Kennedy Bellerose' 1 week ago
rip grandpa you'll forever be in my heart ❤💖💖💋😢
Bryanna Byrd
'Bryanna Byrd' 1 week ago
My grandma died i listened to this i felt deep in my heart r.i.p grandma😥😢
Antonia Sanders
'Antonia Sanders' 1 week ago
Did your friend really die
'ELIE H' 1 week ago
daily beyonce MV binging time!!! anyone else getting their daily dose?
Adrian Nicollas
'Adrian Nicollas' 1 week ago
Go home Amy
Nikkirenae8 P.
'Nikkirenae8 P.' 1 week ago
Not going to lie, this song had me teary eyed but a tear didn't fall until reading these comments. May God bless you all even the non believers.💖
Jia Ning Ng
'Jia Ning Ng' 1 week ago
mario Edward
'mario Edward' 1 week ago
love this video
D J.-
'D J.-' 1 week ago
Yea she's certainly illuminati.
DuhIts Tessa
'DuhIts Tessa' 1 week ago
Imagine this Beyoncé playing the piano as black peddles fall and at the end of the song a baby put into Gods hands as he takes it up to heaven
Juliana Zepda
'Juliana Zepda' 1 week ago
God bless all you love you
'smileychristy15' 1 week ago
R.I.P Joe Trevino Heaven couldn't wait for you angel. Your forever in everyone's hearts.
Anthony Clemons
'Anthony Clemons' 2 weeks ago
I love these comments, how everyone is missing someone that died. Music is here to connect us. This is sad but still beautiful to read how this song affects you all. I feel the same way about members in my family who have passed. Heaven couldn't wait. Beautiful way to look at death. 😇🙏🏾
S Jackson
'S Jackson' 2 weeks ago
Sha-Awn heaven couldn't wait for you. (LA)
Christopher Collet
'Christopher Collet' 2 weeks ago
its been 6 months , this video broke me , because this is how we were.... cancer beat you , but heaven gained you ..... i still cant except your passing nor know how to... i miss you , rip sunshine 😢😢
Jahniya Adams
'Jahniya Adams' 2 weeks ago
Kaylah Covington
'Kaylah Covington' 2 weeks ago
Good song it really touched me btw I'm a big fan I have the same birthday as u Beyoncé its September 4th
leeshacreamfilled saddler
RIP my brother ANGEL RICO RAMOS murdered by Vallejo police in Vallejo ca January 23rd unarmed but police r lying saying he had a knife
sexydivas 2love
'sexydivas 2love' 2 weeks ago
R.I.P Kevin Barber You Was A Really Nice Kid You Are Now In A Better Place I Love You
Itoro Udoh
'Itoro Udoh' 2 weeks ago
FOR THOSE WHO HAVE EPILEPSY Please don't watch from 3:23 till 3:32, flashing lights. Will cause seizures.
Cuddy thecow
'Cuddy thecow' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Alicia Patterson
'Alicia Patterson' 2 weeks ago
now I'm crying right
Alicia Patterson
'Alicia Patterson' 2 weeks ago
my granny just passed yesterday
Regina  Minor
'Regina Minor' 2 weeks ago
this makes me think about my sister it has been 17 years and sometimes it still hurts but I know god was in it and she is resting
'Brittany' 2 weeks ago
Makes me think about my kids dad Its yo world babe 05/08/91-12/22/2015
'808Fdup' 2 weeks ago

INSTAGRAM: @CashGameApparel
Alondra Nevaeh
'Alondra Nevaeh' 2 weeks ago
Crystal Williams
'Crystal Williams' 2 weeks ago
I the lost other person today r.I.p Greg gone but will never b for gotten
Soul Winning Beautiful Truth
this got me wondering if beyonce lost someone dear. so please beyonce who died who did u loose? cos this song spells funeral stuffs kinda
Tegan Elliott
'Tegan Elliott' 2 weeks ago
This song is to much 😓
MeeMee Thomas
'MeeMee Thomas' 2 weeks ago
1/21 👼🏽❤️
'private91205' 2 weeks ago
My beautiful nephew, haven took you at 16. RIP We love you forever Robert.
Slay Baby
'Slay Baby' 2 weeks ago
Eric Bellard I love you so much every day I think of you i will never forget you❤️❤️😇
Soy Loona
'Soy Loona' 2 weeks ago
Mais la fille dans le clip est vraiment morte?
Laura Thompson
'Laura Thompson' 2 weeks ago
I know this is just another story to be shared.....I am glad I didn't hear this song when it came out because it would have torn me more to pieces. This past week has been the hardest, idk why, but his memory has been with me. "I fought for you the hardest..." that phrase hits hard, at 22 yrs old I had to bury the love of my life. Thankfully God blessed me with someone wonderful now but a piece of my went with him as he was called home.
Belen Umanzor
'Belen Umanzor' 2 weeks ago
Heaven couldn't wait for you my angel👼🏻❤️ 07/18/15
Kendra Smith
'Kendra Smith' 2 weeks ago
my mom passed away in 2012 and our dog died last year.. sometimes I just listen to this song and have a good cry because I miss em 😔
Penny Xolile Dube
'Penny Xolile Dube' 2 weeks ago
Mary Masuku 19/02/2016 go home 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌
Locola Rootbeer
'Locola Rootbeer' 2 weeks ago
I played this song when my fish died, I was seven
Antonio Watson
'Antonio Watson' 2 weeks ago
they played this at my uncle funeral he got ran over all the way by a 18 wheeler
Shell B
'Shell B' 2 weeks ago
I loved this video . Great for the song .. I got Teary eyed :( so beautiful
'sourapples' 2 weeks ago
everyone is listening to this song after their loved ones have died and im just here listening because its bomb af
sasha betancourt
'sasha betancourt' 2 weeks ago
it hurts like he'll that he's gone
sasha betancourt
'sasha betancourt' 2 weeks ago
it hurts like he'll that he's gone
sasha betancourt
'sasha betancourt' 2 weeks ago
I mean cry
sasha betancourt
'sasha betancourt' 2 weeks ago
I cry when I hear this song because somebody who past away I loved very much and I say to my self haven couldn't wait for you why and I vry😭😭😭😭😢😭😢😭😭😢😭😭😫😫😥😥
Chloe Gutsell
'Chloe Gutsell' 2 weeks ago
R.I.P Dad.👨‍👧 1969-2015.
Maritza Cortez
'Maritza Cortez' 2 weeks ago
my dog passed away yesterday due to liver disease and listening to this song made me want to cry my eyes out😔❤. heaven couldn't wait for my baby layla,I miss her so much already😔💔
410 Bangers
'410 Bangers' 2 weeks ago
Fly High Auntie ❤️🕊.. Watch over me 🙏🏽 .. i wont forget about you .. Cant wait until i see you again 😔❤️
Akilah Hunter
'Akilah Hunter' 2 weeks ago
I'm crying
Brianna Wills
'Brianna Wills' 2 weeks ago
this so is so underrated
Decys Crafts
'Decys Crafts' 2 weeks ago
Rachel Wilson
'Rachel Wilson' 2 weeks ago
Rip my sister she is 20 turning 21. 😥💔
Molly Cara
'Molly Cara' 2 weeks ago
RIP my uncle harry 💔 sleep tight Angel, heaven couldn't wait for you
Lauren Carpenter
'Lauren Carpenter' 2 weeks ago
with in 6 month's 2 of my grandparents passed
Eve Biggs
'Eve Biggs' 2 weeks ago
RIP to my uncle I love you see you again another day❤
Keith Thomas II
'Keith Thomas II' 2 weeks ago
I miss my grandfather
'A'Miyah Nichols' 2 weeks ago
R.I.P. to my great grandmother 2016... I love and miss you
Maria Juarez
'Maria Juarez' 3 weeks ago
this song reminds me of all the people that have passed away in my life
ushyy bae
'ushyy bae' 3 weeks ago
She having twin now God bless her with two.
love shirin
'love shirin' 3 weeks ago
Is Beyoncé catholic?
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