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WOLVES - CAN YOU OWN ONE? The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog -
Published: 8 months ago By: Anneka Svenska

By: Anneka SvenskaPublished: 8 months ago

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Canid Expert & TV Wildlife Host Anneka Svenska talks about whether you can own a wolf in your house and the second best choice - a Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Samar Dawood
'Samar Dawood' 20 hours ago
Thankyou very much ..... i just found my wolf dog ... how would i ever repay you ... and i wanted to ask are you a breeder ..... i am interested to buy a wolf dog
'greg77389' 1 week ago
Do they howl a lot? I have a lab mix who howls at trains sometimes so I imagine a wolf dog would howl even more than that, being more closely related to wolves...
Hemal Karambelkar
'Hemal Karambelkar' 1 week ago
A few months ago, at a country marketplace, I saw a couple with a dog which looked bit different. I was told she was a wolf dog and looked so similar to yours. She was a bit scared seeing so may people. She was quite mild mannered. I was very excited to touch something so close to a wolf. I believe that with love we can befriend any wild animal. Do you have any puppies, would like to see their videos?
Anuja Wijayatilaka
what is the biggest difference between a germanshepard and him
'Damin_X' 4 weeks ago
I wish I could get one.
'NETO' 1 month ago
Do you think this dog would make a good guard dog?
Dylanke VW
'Dylanke VW' 1 month ago
I adore Wolfs they are such Beautiful animals i want to get a wolf dog when i live alone
Ryan Petrella
'Ryan Petrella' 1 month ago

My wife and I recently discovered your videos on youtube. We have an 10 month old potentially tamaskan/or just husky shepherd mix, but wanted to see if we could send you any photos or videos of her to see what you think. Would really appreciate any assistance.

Thank you,
Muhammad Musa
'Muhammad Musa' 1 month ago
Annek I know it is illegal to own a wolf but "if" it is legal so can we own a wolf in a house or not they need space or what training like that?
super papa
'super papa' 1 month ago
j adore vos reportages sur les loups ( J loves your stories about wolves  ) ...... :)
'J S' 1 month ago
I am from the Czech Republic and I had no idea we could be proud of such amazing animals :O. Shame on me, shame on me...
'Wolffox91ism' 1 month ago
Är du från Sverige?? :)
Grumpy old fart
'Grumpy old fart' 1 month ago
Yes, you can own a wolf legally, or you can have AKC registration papers forged. Most people wouldn't know a wolf if it bit them on the ass. Mostly huskies, and Mal's are used in the movies. Get ready to spend $1 or 2 hundred dollars a month for meat. Dog food will kill them, if they'll even eat it, then be prepared to have giant holes dug in your yard, and your sofa shredded and buried. You will have to put a lock on the 'fridge, and have your yard completely enclosed with 6 foot chain link with electricity on top and bottom, and 2 feet of buried dig wire all around it. You will need concrete slabs at all gates, so they can't dig under them, and a padlock on the latches, because they can figure out any kind of latch. You must have a pond or artificial creek, so they can keep cool, and drink fresh water (up to 2 gallons a day.) Don't expect to stay away from home more than 2 or 3 days, because they get separation anxiety, and quit eating, and start to wreck the place. Double entrance gates is a good Idea, because they tend to dart out a gate while you are coming through it. I've had wolves or Wolf dogs for 26 years, good luck.
'Cookielord' 1 month ago
Can I show it in agility?
Colleion Johnson
'Colleion Johnson' 1 month ago
Can the Czech wolfdog be trained as a guard through early puppy training
Tiago Manel
'Tiago Manel' 2 months ago
Choosing your dog is a very important decision because it's for life :) I'm from Portugal and this breed amazes me. I will travel all the Europe if necessary to have my Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Thanks for the info in the video. Amazing wolf/dog ;)
Hanna Masopustova
'Hanna Masopustova' 2 months ago
I wish I could live with such a friend as czechoslovakian wolfdog is! I have a little question.. Is it possible to train them with clicker training? (Only the basics, I understand that they are not pets :)
'Fonzleberry' 2 months ago
<3 Absolutely beautiful! <3
'Imay' 2 months ago
Would you recommend this breed for first-time dog owners?
Michael Dolinar
'Michael Dolinar' 2 months ago
What is their average life span?
'Lychnobite' 2 months ago
I have had experience with huskies and German Shepards all my life but I live in a family of hunters and need a very lovable dog but they also have to be able to hunt. Do you think that a wolfdog would be the right choice? Our German Shepard Just recently passed away and we either want another German or a wolfdog.
'arien100100' 2 months ago
Nice presentation and nice dog.
I have CSW female from czech working lines and she is confident with people, friendly, but she was able to stop the burglar (while my husky and samoyed were peacefully sleeping). The only think she is afraid of are objects, which can fall on her.
Very gentle with children, cats, ferrets and other animals except rodents. She can act aggressively to other dogs, if they are not polite. Very wish to please, enjoy to work with me (obedience, tracking and other nose work).
CSW is not a simple dog. It is not a dog for everybody. He need strong leader with stable character, but not respond well to aversive training. He should live with his family, not in kennel or in enclosure like wild animal. Young puppies usually suffer from bad case of separation anxiety and they don't tolerate well traveling with car. Periods of fear are longer and more pronounced than in other dogs, they mature very late and adolescent can be turbulent. Part of behavior is different than any other dog breed. (if you don't tolerate face licking rather find different breed :) )They learn to open any door, wardrobe, windows, fridge, anything that is not locked...they can jump very high, they can climb on furniture like cats... Put that in account, they are not so difficult to live with. If you ask me, much easier than huskies. They open the doors or jump the fence, but most of them will not run away like huskies, they will stay with owner. Their prey drive can be well under control (when husky see prey, he will chase, no matter what you do), they can learn quite reliable recall (husky rarely).

I'm not happy to see what Italians made of the breed. They have really beautiful, very wolf like dogs, but most of them bred for look only, not for character. Most of their dogs lost their working abilities, what I find sad.
'Slvn_89' 2 months ago
how much money does this breed go for?
athanasios krisilios
'athanasios krisilios' 2 months ago
can this dog live in greece...i found one here in greece about 500euro.i want to know cause here we have 6 hot months anneka svenska
Volga Wolfhounds
'Volga Wolfhounds' 2 months ago
New subscriber here... You CAN own a wolf dog in Canada. The F-factor needs to be 5 or higher in Ontario. I have legal ones, and these guys are super easy to keep. No more difficulty than a GSD or a Malamute. Even the Game Wardens here (we call them MNR officers) whose job it is to enforce the law on wolfdogs, buy mine, as they are perfect pets and maintain their wolfy eyes and in half the case their wolfy looks too. We recently had a litter of 4 pups and I have posted 46 videos of all my wolfdogs and many that I have homed.
'47Sukhoi' 3 months ago
Hi Anneka,
Could this hybrid be trained for vocal commands easily, likewise the GSD, Doberman, Rott. and other dogs?
Also, is the Czechoslovakian wolfdog is the Volkosoby wolfdog?

'47Sukhoi' 3 months ago
Thanks Anneka for mentioning such information clearly and honestly, NEVER TO LEAVE DOGS WITH KIDS AT ALL, where it is really very important because many people have basic idea and information about dogs, and they bring them thinking that because they are the best human friend they can easily leave them with their kids. Consequences,............many death cases and serious injuries.

Keep up, good job


Ben M
'Ben M' 3 months ago
Wht about the sarloos wolfdog
Guste Vaivilaviciute
'Guste Vaivilaviciute' 3 months ago
Can theese dogs protect ? I am a teen girl and I love to go out for runs. We are getting a dog and I am looking for a very protective one as is it is not safe to run as a girl.
Mel Toretto
'Mel Toretto' 3 months ago
Let's Make our World a Better Place...                                                 EARTHLINGS --- Documentary
Joseph Moukhlisovich Skuratovsky
hello there! nice info and thanks for sharing them these dog(well wolfdogs) look wonderful! like your vid and immediately subscribed! funny thing tho i read almost the whole comment section and never came across one asking about the price :p did you mention it in the video and somehow i missed it? if not what is the average price? cause on the internet it says 400-600$ and i find it hardly accurate! plus its been like a month and im searching for two of these dogs to get from italy or czech! i live in Vienna! any recommendations
'itsMeYourBoi' 3 months ago
I have a Belgian and a pekingese(small dog)

Can they work with small dogs? I have a Pekingese a and his one of my first dog and I don't think he can defend himself.
I wanna get another dog because I always get a filling that I dint have enough lol
Please respond tyvm!!!
ecosselion lionecosse
I have met a gentleman who has a Czechoslovakian wolfdog,its a bitch,they are tall dogs,
they have a straight back compared to GSD, not sloping,the colour of the dog,i describe
it as salt and pepper,they also have a very calm and friendly nature,but one thing that stands out is the muzzle,most definitely wolf.
The Russians are doing the same,they have bred GSD and wolfs,they use them as tracking
and border security dogs,i have seen them in action,doing tracking work they excelent,they
do not tier,they have tremendous stamina and staying power,also they have a great nose for tracking,and they also have great strength, they are very loyal to their handlers,the Russians say they will not sell these dogs to private individuals,because they are to valuable a dog to the Russians in what they have been trained to do,lets hope they stick by that decision not to sell dogs.
'ToolsConsumables' 3 months ago
For anyone who loves German Sheperd Dogs & Wolves, this seems like the best of both worlds. Your dogs are absolutely gorgeous; the intelligence & nobility shows in their expression.
Keep up the good work.
Queina The insomniac
'Queina The insomniac' 4 months ago
Beautiful video, and beautiful dogs you have here. My boy is half cz wolfdog, half lab (I know, what a weird mix). He does not howl, he only "growls" (well... kinda... it's a gutural sound, not agressive, he's just expressing himself) and sometimes bark to get human's or other dog's attention when playing. Anyway, he's getting a little old (12yo) and he has a big lypoma on his side which make him slower than before. We have a younger dog under our watch, and he's way faster than my boy. They get along well but sometimes I feel like the big one is a bit discouraged. He wants to play, but can't catch the ball/stick in time before the young one get it and he seems frustrated, he doesn't even try and just bark at the younger one or come to me to pet him, without having that sparkle of joy and excitment.
Any idea as to how to make him feel "capable" again ?
It's pretty hard to take them on walks separatively, as I don't want any of them to feel abandoned. When my boyfriend comes with me he sometimes walks home early with the younger one while I stay to play with the big boy a little bit, but he's not always with me. I really don't want him to feel "old". He seems to have such a younger mind when he can play at his own path and have all our attention without us having to run behind the younger dog at all times (he's a terror).
'redplanes' 4 months ago
I want one so badly ;-;
Ivan Masar
'Ivan Masar' 4 months ago
Thanks for the video :) I have a female 2yo czechoslovakian wolfdog called Luna. I was raised with these dogs so I knew what I was going into. The owner must be a very stable personality to own these dogs and also not very attached to material things as puppies tend to destroy stuff but its up to owners training and guidance to help them understand. One must never be aggressive to these beautiful creatures (like to any dog in general) cause they can get scared of people and withdrawn. But in right hands and for me personally, a czechoslovakian wolfdog is the best breed. People tend to ask me on the street: Is it a wolf or a dog ? I always answer: She is my friend ! (And then I explain her breed - misrepresentation for wolves is very bad) :)
'RadekCrazy1' 4 months ago
I remember one of my best friends had two of these. they are beutiful but every time I visited his house the dogs keep provoking and threatening me even though he was right next to me yelling at them to stop. Most of the dogs stop being aggresive when their owner or one of them is allowing the unknown person to his territory. they accept him as a guest and dont do shit but these wolfdogs were assholes. They respect only one person they work too much like a wolfpack where is only one Alpha male and they put themselves right beneath his rank so if any other family member try to give them an order, they dont give a fuck :-)
'chrishasaclue' 4 months ago
do they make good protection dogs like GSD do? my guess is no.
'StaelTek' 4 months ago
basically, what i see is a german shepherd shaped dog with wolf colored fur, yellow eyes and a more "natural" diet. correct?
Szary Myszak
'Szary Myszak' 4 months ago
I love your videos, Anneka, you are right there, a member of the pack; not many people can do it. If I ever move out of the city again, I will get a pair of wolfdogs, not really for the looks, although they look great, for the personality.
E Gagnon
'E Gagnon' 4 months ago
This was a BIG mistake and the Czechoslovakian army stopped breeding wolves with German Shepards because they were unstable...
I have an acquaintance of had two Czechoslovakian wolfdogs and she had to put them to sleep because they were so unpredictable and unstable... She was devastated and felt guilty and stupid for getting them... Her entire free time was devoted to her wolfdogs and yet, she couldn't manage them...
DO NOT get a wolfdog if you don't have the time, knowledge and space to deal with them. Unless you are retired and can devote your entire time to them there is no point in getting one. Owning a wolfdog requires knowledge, time, devotion and it's a lifetime on its own... They are NOT like dogs... They are not very social, they are nervous and you can't train them like dogs. They are skittish and they are not "guard dogs"...
There are close to 400 breed dogs in the world... Why get a dog mixed with a wolf that is confused and doesn't know if it's a dog or a wolf?!...
Shreya Das
'Shreya Das' 4 months ago
please make more videos like this and educate us more 😄
Thee Legend
'Thee Legend' 4 months ago
I can have a wolf, il just say it's a husky when people ask the breed lol!
Kyo Jane
'Kyo Jane' 4 months ago
The stinky roll!!!! haha My very far from wolfdogs do that sniff sniff ooh something stinky, better roll in it! allll the time. We call it the stinky roll XD
seabass Balderson
'seabass Balderson' 5 months ago
Can I still get a Siberian husky wolf dog mix or do you recommend something else like German shepherd
Meloup 34
'Meloup 34' 5 months ago
Anneka in Canada is there a place to get a wolf/dog pup? I always wanted a wolf since there amazing but i am aware that there not totaly DOGS, they have to be raised from young age in order to have them be used to humans and make them feel part of the familly right?
Pavol Malovec
'Pavol Malovec' 5 months ago
huge amounts of walk - exactly, I had one and I must admit he was very energic, after 5-6 kilometers of walk, he had to just drink water and continue in walk, but I am not that energic as he was :D "sorry Dusty, its enough for today"
'Järppä' 5 months ago
Nice video. Wolfdogs are amazing dogs, we have Saarloos Wolfhond.
'BlueAlchemy' 5 months ago
hey where could I get one in england
FirePrincess Hino
'FirePrincess Hino' 5 months ago
When a person feel loneliness and sadness can a wolfdog cheer up a person?
Gustav Brodin
'Gustav Brodin' 5 months ago
Can this dog be with other dog(s) or children?
'BingoSmasher' 5 months ago
Is this breed protective and on guard or relax with strangers?
Judith Campbell
'Judith Campbell' 5 months ago
Absolutely gorgeous Animals and wonderful video about this breed. The chew toy she found was funny and she wasn't about to share it with the other one. Loved to watch the one who rolled in something she found and liked the smell of and she rolled in it to cover her body with that smell. Wolves do that too.
I love this video and the educational value of it. Thank You 😊 so very much
I live in Hamilton Ontario Canada and I was wanting to know where I could find a puppy with bloodlines like that here. Thank You for any help you can give me. I have No pets now as my Collie/ Border Collie mix died at age 16 and a half years old. She was my best friend and I had her put to sleep last August. Thank You for any help you can give me on finding a good breeder in my area.
Lily Teeling456
'Lily Teeling456' 5 months ago
Are they good with cats?
'MisFit' 5 months ago
Astounding video! I'm getting a Siberian Husky for Christmas and I know they are better with a friend
.. meaning for me to get 2 of them .. But is it OK for me to just have 1. I did a lot of research on them for about a year now.. and I'm ready
Martin Čabák
'Martin Čabák' 6 months ago
Mine is 5 years old and everything you said about them is absolutely right....Greetings from Slovakia
Mark G
'Mark G' 6 months ago
Your dog is beautiful <3
Michael Tritter
'Michael Tritter' 6 months ago
I have one of these, great dog, but very different than anything else I have ever had.
antuan dank
'antuan dank' 6 months ago
Är du svensk?
can i have these dogs in sweden?
Kevin Urbeck
'Kevin Urbeck' 6 months ago
Where the heck do I get one in America!?
Kyle Mccarrol
'Kyle Mccarrol' 6 months ago
I loved this video it has taught me so much I didn't want to rush into buying one but the video has let me know what I need to thanks so much, I don't know if I have a great space for them I live in Scotland is that a good space for them?
Luta Dacian
'Luta Dacian' 6 months ago
thank you for the video, probably this will be my next dog.
'KAZUYADOG' 6 months ago
Its made my day watching this lovely video.
'EyedrisElbows' 6 months ago

Great video and the dog looks epic!
But I thought that you need a license to own one of these in the UK...
JJS Arts
'JJS Arts' 7 months ago
i use to think adopting was good. I will definitely go to a breeder for a czechoslovakian dog.
Mihai popescu
'Mihai popescu' 7 months ago
Great video! Thank you ! I also own a Czechoslovakian wolfdog and for me there is no other breed I want to have in this life. We live in the Carpathian mountains and every time she is in the nature she has the happiest face you can see that day. They love to play in the rivers and water in general.. When it rains she enjoys staying outside... Amazing creatures... They teach us to enjoy every moment. The way she sleeps it's hilarious... you can laugh just because of so many postures and things they do.. And yes..they need to have their pack always around...
Danny Romanello
'Danny Romanello' 7 months ago
Are they good gaurd dogs?
Derick Mendez
'Derick Mendez' 7 months ago
some states do allow people to own a wolf as long as they have a permit, so technically people can
Frank Bustos
'Frank Bustos' 7 months ago
Where can I buy A wolf dog can you help me with that please
Czech Shooter
'Czech Shooter' 7 months ago
why cant you own wolfs?
Argante Centofuochi
'Argante Centofuochi' 7 months ago
She's gorgeous! Those bright yellow eyes!!!
She seems so well-trained, loved and happy as well. :)
'youwannaknoweh' 7 months ago
What do you mean when you say huge? With my lil wolve (australian terrier mix) i walk 16-24 km a day i guess its 10+ miles. How much does a big one need to be happy, satisfyed and healthy?
xXholicxX Clover
'xXholicxX Clover' 7 months ago
wow such beautiful dogs. Im hoping in the future to raise one of these beautiful creatures. How are they with working or sledding? I love the video ^^ and new subscriber
Eva Šviráková
'Eva Šviráková' 7 months ago
Stunning dogs! I also own one, and all you said is true :) I love how they always lick face when they get a chance :)
Aaron N
'Aaron N' 7 months ago
I looked up many Czechoslovakian Wolfdog sites but i cant find a good one
Aaron N
'Aaron N' 7 months ago
Hey Anneka, do you know where I can get a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. I live in in canada ontario in brampton
'Cynothoglys' 7 months ago
Anyone know if it's possible to have one in Australia? They are a very beautiful animal ❤️
Thomas Paine
'Thomas Paine' 7 months ago
Nuno Sousa
'Nuno Sousa' 7 months ago
Where can I learn how to train a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and propor take care of one?
Dava Alla Chaffin Luna
She's gorgeous! I love wolves!
'Periwinkle' 8 months ago
things like this makes me want to work in a zoo
Ali Akın Akça
'Ali Akın Akça' 8 months ago
wolf is not dog wolf is turkic symbol it has deep meaning
Jonathan Palacio
'Jonathan Palacio' 8 months ago
very very good video. I learned new things.
eb dz
'eb dz' 8 months ago
These animals need more love, attention and space than people realize. Also it's best to have well trained and healthy adult dogs around if one were to raise hybrid wolf pups.
'Clvmind' 8 months ago
Before you answer that question, you should talk about what happens to % 99.99 of the wolf or Wolf hybrid dogs after they become adults and people realizes "Ohh I am a dump, Selfish M. Fckr and I got a wild animal into my home/life without even thinking a second "if I m even able to take care of a average dog"! "Do I know any thing about wild and/or domestic animals!"
After they realize it is huge responsibility, they try to leave those poor animals to shelters! Dog shelters cannot take them, no matter wolf or wolf hybrid dog. Only few wolf sanctuaries in North America can have these animals. Which means; they will spend rest of their lives locked behind the bars or in few acres land, limited amount of outdoor time, most of the time not even get a chance to play with the other animals etc and this is if they are very very lucky! % 99.99 the time they get euthanasia.

I do not understand why people trying to have a Wolf! Just because of you like some creature, it does not mean that you have right to make it your slave and make them suffer all their life, while % 99.99 of the time they cause huge disasters both to their owners, other humans and animals etc!

People already created Wolves those can leave with human, 15 thousand years ago! They called as "DOG" and there is so many kind of dog breeds that suitable for any purpose, such as human companion, protection dog, shepherd dog, live stock guarding dog etc.
Some of them looks like exactly like a wolves especially spitz type dogs. However, they can also be the most aggressive, difficult to handle dogs. Because of that typical wolf look also sing of their wolf like behaviors and characters!!!

Just get a god damn Husky, Alaskan Malamute! % 99 of the humans are not even able to communicate live with, handle a Husky. Cannot even deal with the energy and behavior of Husky but they are trying to get god damn Wolf, which is the animal in the top of the Predator/Hunter list, way more smarter than lions, bear etc any other predator + way more fearless and aggressive if they think anything is threat to their life! Almost anything is a threat for wolf, no matter how sweet and cute you try to make it. Something walk into territory of a wolf; it means % 100 death sentence for that creature. In this sense; someone passing by your house is a % 100 life threat to a wolf, in perspective of the wolf's ! They may let some people to visit your home but once your friend make a too fast movement, that may translate into wolf's mind as a threat that gonna attack to his/her alpha and pack members (Which is you, your family members etc) your friend try to just touch your kid and wolf can suddenly attack, without giving any kind of notice like growl, bark etc no sign, directly attack to kill!

And keeping a wolf in a backyard, home etc. is almost impossible. Powerful enough to break your front door, ruthless enough to just jump true the window, dig a 2 meters deep hole under the fence and get out. Wolf hybrids are even worst. They are not animals 50/50 wolf and dog mix (Only genetically) as behavior! Some times they are gonna act like % 100 wolf, other times % 100 dog! Which mans; They are not gonna be both and never gonna be happy either!

Just get a bloody dog, and get a dog that is suitable with your personality, character, physical ability, based on your experience level with training and understanding the dog and its breed, knowledge abut communication with the dogs and animals.
Don't get a husky that is a animal supposed to run 100 kilometers a day in -40 Celsius on the snow, if you are a person cannot run 10, 15 miles a day who is extremely into sports etc.
Do not get a Fucking 50 Kilo Rottweiler, German Shepherd etc. breeds if you are a fist time dog owner, physically not powerful enough to handle that dog when he/she gets involved in a fight, if you are not fearlessness and calm, cold blooded enough to solve problem like that without anybody getting dead or injured!

Remember you are getting and an animal, living creature. They are not furniture, coffee table or cell phone etc. You need to learn the nature of that animal. Communicate with them in the way that they communicate, respect them and their natural instincts, check out your personality, living conditions etc. before you get an animal and see if you and your life is able to bring that animal into it!
Hench Herbivore
'Hench Herbivore' 8 months ago
Beautiful! 😍
'VeganRevolution' 8 months ago
All dogs are inbred wolves - it's weird.
'tarmacsurfers' 8 months ago
Thanks for the reply...I saw the logo pop up at the end of your vid. I have been checking their site. I would always go down the rescue road than pay for a breeders mortgage 😔. Thanks again X
'tarmacsurfers' 8 months ago
Another great vid. I'm moving to a place with a bit of land soon so been thinking hard about getting a dog again. A friend recently had a German Shepard husky mix and I thought I must get one but now I'm thinking these dogs look great.
'palmer3977' 8 months ago
Beautiful dogs, always rescue never buy from breeders.
'maritia' 8 months ago
They are adorable :)
Disco Nouvo
'Disco Nouvo' 8 months ago
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