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Bast battles a beetle -
Published: 11 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 11 months ago

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Bast is a lower mid content wolfdog who was rescued from the pound. After becoming comfortable in his new home, he quickly began to revel in life's simpler pleasures: enjoying regular meals, having a safe place to rest, being cared for and loved, and of course tormenting water beetles 😉 Wolfdogs that are given to the pound unfortunately do not have a good prognosis. Pounds will frequently only have a 24 hour hold period before euthanasia due to wolfdogs requiring more specialized housing, food, and interaction. Luckily, Bast was pulled before his 24 hours was up, and he is now supremely loved and safe in his forever home.

'MMØ GĀMĘS' 3 months ago
Lol the only way to battle for dogs and some other animals is to use their teeth and bite

But they can't fight a beetle with that kind of attack xD
'animatronic3856' 6 months ago
it's like meh when I chase a beetle I just never get it XD
Alyssa Fuller
'Alyssa Fuller' 10 months ago
It's too much stop no I can't handle it
'Sophie' 10 months ago
So adorable. And that coat!
'CallMeMidnightAngel' 10 months ago
Omg this is far too much cute for one video 😻
RedFoxGaming 2006
'RedFoxGaming 2006' 10 months ago
this isn't a dog and a beatle its a cat and a laser pointer
2s-Day official
'2s-Day official' 10 months ago
Me trying to catch a bug
Mixmaster gaming
'Mixmaster gaming' 10 months ago
I love this channel now
'Dys' 10 months ago
>.> What a jerk...leave the poor beetle alone
WildClaw Jerk
'WildClaw Jerk' 11 months ago
Tbh me trying fight off bugs xD
'creepydman555' 11 months ago
guessing no one else is worried about the beetle 😂😂😂😂lol only me
Alex Hood
'Alex Hood' 11 months ago
i love this!! i think it would be super cool to see more of their everyday care, like feeding and sleeping and exercise too :)
Drake 77 2.0
'Drake 77 2.0' 11 months ago
'BeatsNBassNRhymes' 11 months ago
I run a beetle sanctuary and it makes me sick to see beetles tormented like this.
Emily Scarlet Rose
'Emily Scarlet Rose' 11 months ago
Jack Barakat
'Jack Barakat's T-Shirt' 11 months ago
Such a cliffhanger. I hope he got the beetle or got a treat after the recording stopped..
Emmy Kara
'Emmy Kara' 11 months ago
Adorable times infinity
Erin Fuller
'Erin Fuller' 11 months ago
This is to cute!! I laughed out loud ❤
angebrandt 77
'angebrandt 77' 11 months ago
'nuthinbutachump' 11 months ago
That beetle has earned its freedom
'explorer' 11 months ago
No Bettles where harmed in the making of this video. lol
'XGamingStormX' 11 months ago
i suddenly love wolves
Damien Patrick
'Damien Patrick' 11 months ago
Who thinks she should do introduction videos of each wolfdog? Name, age and background story? Title it "Meet The Pack : Bast"
Mr_maybe_or not
'Mr_maybe_or not' 11 months ago
Whenever I watch this it makes me cry tears of joy to see these wolf dogs play like this in peace
'overkillgamer' 11 months ago
so this is a wolf-dog hybrid correct? He's extremely adorable.
Sam  Buck
'Sam Buck' 11 months ago
Please never stop posting videos about your wolfdogs
AssLicker 69
'AssLicker 69' 11 months ago
That was the most intense moment in that beetle's life
'TalkToTheTurtle' 11 months ago
This video just made my day! :D Bast looked so happy and entertained.
'DengleBot' 11 months ago
That's so cute!
Bass Junkie-ϟϟ
'Bass Junkie-ϟϟ' 11 months ago
Who's a pretty boy then!!!
Jason K
'Jason K' 11 months ago
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh too cute
'lmarcondesm' 11 months ago
This is my new favorite channel.
'HopelesslyHailey' 11 months ago
He is absolutely beautiful
Miss MetalHead
'Miss MetalHead' 11 months ago
aww you are doing amazing work rescuing these amazing animals, every video i watch they are so happy.
The Happy Creeper™
'The Happy Creeper™' 11 months ago
O my gawd Bast is adorable
'Gonzesse' 11 months ago
I had to punch a wall to feel like a man again
Ellie Winters
'Ellie Winters' 11 months ago
Kinda funny that it's a wolf named Bast when Bast is a cat goddess XD
'TiTaan86' 11 months ago
Nothing will top my day
francheska quinonez
'francheska quinonez' 11 months ago
I feel nothing but joy watching this🤗❤ so happy he was rescued!
Niamh Muir
'Niamh Muir' 11 months ago
Are they yours or is it your work
Kelly Brown
'Kelly Brown' 11 months ago
Haha silly pup
Killer Angel Nightcore
'Killer Angel Nightcore' 11 months ago
Killer Angel Nightcore
'Killer Angel Nightcore' 11 months ago
'ThatCreatureCrazyGirl' 11 months ago
He looks like a big puppy playing with the water beetle! Lol
rogue werewolf
'rogue werewolf' 11 months ago
CourageWolf AJ
'CourageWolf AJ' 11 months ago
Aww 🐶🐕
Really wish I had a wolf dog...
'D Q' 11 months ago
This channel is simple but great :)
TheThingsThat IDo
'TheThingsThat IDo' 11 months ago
I guess it's a long shot but 'Bast' isn't a Kingkiller reference is it?
Bobby Lawbeelaw
'Bobby Lawbeelaw' 11 months ago
this dog looks just like my dog shadow, a border collie husky cross.
'LordGoopy' 11 months ago
He looks so happy! You've done a wonderful job taking care of all your wolfdogs!
'729Drew' 11 months ago
Do you have a website?
Camilla B
'Camilla B' 11 months ago
This is extremely cute
Kaust Shroff
'Kaust Shroff' 11 months ago
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