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A RACE FOR ALL TIME | Japan World Cup #2 -
Published: 4 months ago By: jacksepticeye

By: jacksepticeyePublished: 4 months ago

1, 252, 163 views

51, 708 Likes   640 Dislikes

A majestic race for the ages! One for the record books!

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

Lior Tuburan
'Lior Tuburan' 2 weeks ago
the tin can guys always fall over every​ single time
Nicholas Chua
'Nicholas Chua' 2 weeks ago
number 3 is like a Xenomorph
Boxer Gaming
'Boxer Gaming' 3 weeks ago
I thought it was ending
Wesley Mitchell
'Wesley Mitchell' 3 weeks ago
2:08 NO jack giraffes are not from the uk I live there
Elizabeth Carter
'Elizabeth Carter' 4 weeks ago
A Zebra and a Horse run the same
Wesley Mitchell
'Wesley Mitchell' 4 weeks ago
Why would anyone bring in a zebra for a race?
Neon Spectre
'Neon Spectre' 4 weeks ago
Still the
Carter Stephens
'Carter Stephens' 1 month ago
Sprinkle Broccoli
'Sprinkle Broccoli' 1 month ago
Sexy horse
fabulous horse
mini horse
elvis horse
torow "horse"
Imposter "Horse"
Tall ass "horse"
long ass horse
Defenitly not human "horse"
Thank you for my vision on all the horses
Siubhán B
'Siubhán B' 1 month ago
When he says the UK is close enough to Ireland 😬😬
Gabrielle Ru
'Gabrielle Ru' 1 month ago
CreamDeal TheFan
'CreamDeal TheFan' 1 month ago
10:04 Rockstaaaa!
'Katie_CareCare124' 1 month ago
lol I think you said my last name Jack... My last name is McGee it kinda sounded like that!! 😅😅
David R
'David R' 1 month ago
I would LOVE to see Jack comment on Japan World Cup 3.
Elizabeth Blake
'Elizabeth Blake' 2 months ago
Jack u filmed the wrong way around
Anthony Milo
'Anthony Milo' 2 months ago
If I was born in 1960 I would always be jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
'Autisimmons' 2 months ago
What is this game?!😂
CrayCray Gamer
'CrayCray Gamer' 2 months ago
Who else cried lol I didn't
Raihan Malik
'Raihan Malik' 2 months ago
How drunk and how high was jack when he recorded this series?
Ethan Gray
'Ethan Gray' 2 months ago
Gabriel Batka
'Gabriel Batka' 2 months ago
Lol fuckin 9:06!
Winter Tea
'Winter Tea' 2 months ago
All my ruples all my schmeckles
Schmeckle is Hebrew for tip of the penis just sayin😐
Aidan Farrell
'Aidan Farrell' 2 months ago
Just when you thought Jack couldn't get any louder, he got a megaphone
nice on the outside satan on the inside
I feel so bad for his neighbors 😂😂😂😂
hiriize Gaming
'hiriize Gaming' 2 months ago
im not that into sports but im pretty sure the world cup is for football, not equestrian races.
Scarlett Acid
'Scarlett Acid' 2 months ago

It's so much fun to watch this :) I love it. :) Please never stop. XD Break the fabric of reality and play an infinite supply of these games! XD
'DatBoiJosh' 2 months ago
Where can you buy this
Minecraftdude 745
'Minecraftdude 745' 2 months ago
I did a projet on kenya
'Skiddy' 2 months ago
I'm gonna die please kill me

The laughs are too much
Alexander Ludvigsen
'Alexander Ludvigsen' 2 months ago
the barrel dude was difrent
'IkMan' 2 months ago
hah, he said shmekles dats a reference to rick & morty
Jackaboy, you didn't need to get that megaphone. We all can hear ya just fine. :P
Microlion hell
'Microlion hell' 2 months ago
9:05 the best it's the best out there XD
ღĘîffēł Tøwęrღ
5:00 the annoucer that's talking behind jack says penis😂
Michael Nahrilas
'Michael Nahrilas' 2 months ago
Play this at double speed. IT SOUNDS LEGIT!
Bananas Life !
'Bananas Life !' 2 months ago
z-bre lol
John 117
'John 117' 2 months ago
I love how you're narrating this whole thing and then there's the japanese announcer i the background who gradually speaks more hurridly in japanese as the race goes along
Sylvie Feagin
'Sylvie Feagin' 2 months ago
Did anyone notice that Kenya changed from #5 to #6 in the middle of the second race?
Albiegh Smyth
'Albiegh Smyth' 2 months ago
These are the fucking best
Joseph Brown
'Joseph Brown' 2 months ago
His neighbors must love him.
minepro 123
'minepro 123' 2 months ago
pixelated warrior
'pixelated warrior' 2 months ago
Just a question. Why did he do this game? I'm not Hating I love the videos but why?
Woofy Mcwoofwoof
'Woofy Mcwoofwoof' 2 months ago
I want Jack to announce in the fucking olympics
JetBlack Emerald
'JetBlack Emerald' 2 months ago
9:06 scared the living life out of me.
'ScarfyCat' 2 months ago
Jack would be an amazing auctioneer.
'OkamiNoNamida' 2 months ago
Nice editing on this video Jack/Robin. Good job. Also, why am I watching this?
Lurtz s
'Lurtz s' 2 months ago
Yesss GOOOO!!! Soapbox derby racer!!!!
The Empire Two
'The Empire Two' 2 months ago
Yes. My pink piñata loves that intro
Paige Richards
'Paige Richards' 2 months ago
Love this!!!!! PLEASE DO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'linkeffect82' 2 months ago
Thank you Jack for this crazy set of vids! It's one of the funniest "races" I've ever seen in a long time.

Crazy insane awesome! And trippy to boot XD.
Leticia Vasquez
'Leticia Vasquez' 3 months ago
My money was on the bull
'Kate' 3 months ago
Jack has the perfect voice for a sport announcer. ♥
flameing rage
'flameing rage' 3 months ago
I'm from the UK
'Lo7q7le7guste7mrtf' 3 months ago
If horse racing was this fun, I'd bet the viewers would drastically increase.
Bryan Castaneda
'Bryan Castaneda' 3 months ago
can i get likes for no reason
'Bluefireknight' 3 months ago
Whoever gave Jack a megaphone should be fired, he does't need one.
Lucy Achers
'Lucy Achers' 3 months ago
I wonder what his neighbours are thinking... like, the megaphone, the horn, the yelling XD
Dylan McIlroy
'Dylan McIlroy' 3 months ago
9:52 I started cracking up 😂
Reno Pick
'Reno Pick' 3 months ago
does he do his own subtitles? Because the cc actually picked up the swear words and other inaudible words
Dylan Dude
'Dylan Dude' 3 months ago
I feel like Sean bought all that stuff for this vid cause he cares
United Shadows
'United Shadows' 3 months ago
JACK please play more if you can
'Wizade' 3 months ago
even if the rider of the giraffe didnt do that thing, the giraffe still wouldve won.
Mason Figueroa
'Mason Figueroa' 3 months ago
Go America
'THE DUMB DEVIL' 3 months ago
kylie caperton
'kylie caperton' 3 months ago
these are so funny
'NoamSkill' 3 months ago
i actually thought that the video is over! jack don't give me a heart attack
Tinker M
'Tinker M' 3 months ago
Zebra is my favorite. The zebra is the E.d.s logo
Tinker M
'Tinker M' 3 months ago
I support the soapbox Derby racer
'SillyGamer789' 3 months ago
'SaltySquid' 3 months ago
"It's all the newbies trailing in the back, number 5 zebra number... 5? Bull!"
'Lixons1' 3 months ago
Oh Jack i could listen your commentary all day. I laughed soo much on these 3 episodes that you can't believe.
insert unique name
'insert unique name' 3 months ago
psh! felix is kazoo kid? nah. jack is the new kazoo kid.
Ty Cut
'Ty Cut' 3 months ago
Grate commentating jack your a funny guy.
'nightwolf' 3 months ago
Omg jack is slowly Turing into kazoo kid he said kazoo the same way he did somebody get help
Epic man 2.0
'Epic man 2.0' 3 months ago
Why do they have a zebra a bull & a giraffe a giraffe a flipping giraffe are u kidding me
Pastel Pepe
'Pastel Pepe' 3 months ago
The kazoo part made me choke on my food lmao
"HEAVY METAL GIRAFFE!" lol Also, btw, did anyone else think it was weird that the American team would do the squat-and-kick part (known as the "prisyadka") of the Cossack Dance (aka Kazatsky)? I mean, that's distinctly from Ukraine way, so :/ I dunno. Ahhh, it was all a hoot anyways, to be sure :D Thx again, lad!
From Canada, with love <3

P.S. I t'ink ye need to have your hair re-greened too!
'ArcAvenger' 3 months ago
"From A to Z Bruh" - JackSepticEye 2017
Ben Bates
'Ben Bates' 3 months ago
This is beautiful ;)
Sean Booysen
'Sean Booysen' 3 months ago
Side Swipe all the way!!!
Miraculous Bookworm02
Jack is the most entertaining commentator I know... He did a great job!
Cricket guy 101
'Cricket guy 101' 3 months ago
My money's on soap box derby
Emma Watson
'Emma Watson' 3 months ago
sean(jack) is just to funny
Emma Watson
'Emma Watson' 3 months ago
Batman Everdeen
'Batman Everdeen' 3 months ago
This is by far my favourite game by him. For real XD
Hi Dere
'Hi Dere' 3 months ago
I checked back in slomo and the giraffe actually lost srry
chace cirricione
'chace cirricione' 3 months ago
what in the actual fuk did i just watch it was FANTASTIC
SuperseanE Racing, and more!
PhoenixFire X
'PhoenixFire X' 3 months ago
was that fart noise necessary?
SophieAnimal Lover
'SophieAnimal Lover' 3 months ago
Isn't it amazing that jack has stuff that makes him even louder than he already is. Like the horn the megaphone and the squeeze horn
Kasey Cook
'Kasey Cook' 3 months ago
the zebra actually was number 6 his foot covered up a part of the 6
Unknown User
'Unknown User' 3 months ago
your neighbors must fuckin hate you 😂
'PANCAKE_LOVING_101' 3 months ago
I guess all of them correctly
'ScootyHELLFIRE -' 3 months ago
Editing is brilliant
Alesha Nichvalodoff
'Alesha Nichvalodoff' 3 months ago
Jack would be an awesome annoncer or auctioneer
Really Dun
'Really Dun' 3 months ago
And I high and this is an image

Me:".....jack sweetie......when a mommy and daddy love each other very much-"
Toastywhiteboy Sid
'Toastywhiteboy Sid' 3 months ago
U should Edit more like u have in edited like this
'Erika' 3 months ago
There are no words to describe what we have all just witnessed.....
Shadow Realm
'Shadow Realm' 3 months ago
sean, why do have a megaphone? your voice is already loud enough.
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