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Farewell Address to the American People -
Published: 1 week ago By: Obama White House

By: Obama White HousePublished: 1 week ago

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President Obama will deliver his farewell address to the American people, where he will thank his supporters, celebrate the ways we have changed this country for the better these past eight years, and offer his vision on where we all go from here.

The Guardian
'The Guardian' 3 hours ago
This has been said, often, quite sarcastically. But now, with all the sincerity, thanks, Obama!
Dire Dire Chump
'Dire Dire Chump' 6 hours ago
Good riddance. Obama didn't do anything while in office. Love or hate Trump, he will actually attempt to fix what's broken.
barb lee
'barb lee' 7 hours ago
Disillusioned people geeeezzzzzzzz
Jeffrey McMillan
'Jeffrey McMillan' 9 hours ago
Bye bye, bitch
Anne Marcie B
'Anne Marcie B' 9 hours ago
Stacy Thompson I couldn't agree with you more. Obama gave a great example how to stay respectful and kind to one another. And just like you, I will not give in to hate or whatsoever. I will forever remember his inspiring words to us, and make sure that I act on them. Thanks so much for your wonderful reply.
Mhambi Musonda
'Mhambi Musonda' 13 hours ago
44th President Of The United States of America Barack H. Obama has been a President of Progress Throughout his 8 Years He and Mrs. Obama have faced Racism and Bigotry. Mr. Obama has faced unprecedented GOP Obstruction. Though The Fire he Prevailed. Let Me share with you Former President Obama's Accomplishments
'webgeekstress' 15 hours ago
I have the niggling fear that Barack Obama may go down as the great last orator in American politics. I certainly can't think of anyone in American politics now who comes even close!
BenObard O
'BenObard O' 16 hours ago
Obama, you are a great leader you really did a perfect job.
Anne Marcie B
'Anne Marcie B' 17 hours ago
When i watched the helicopter go up and leave all i could do was cry. The greatest President and First Lady America ever had made the world a better place. <3 <3

God help us now that Trump is president.
I am glad we had Obama during the last 8 years, for the ACA ... but he did not try to fight the power, he protected the power that be. Those guys have so much money now there is no way to unelected them, the Trump vote was a joke.
This man Obama is endowed with lots of wisdom.
Long live Obama
Chuck Spidell
'Chuck Spidell' 1 day ago
Barack Obama thank you for your service. We will fight for what's right.
'aboriginee2000' 1 day ago
Will be spamming F5 at high noon today to see your website fade into memory along with your nonexistent legacy, numbnuts.
'SAZABI999' 1 day ago
To think we're going from this, to toxic garbage.
"We rise and fall as one." But for Trump, it will be "Rise alone, while the rest of you fall."
Newoka LaShelle
'Newoka LaShelle' 1 day ago
Best regards, thank you!
Denton Crenshaw
'Denton Crenshaw' 1 day ago
Obama was the gayest president ever
Cynii L
'Cynii L' 1 day ago
Thank you President Obama! You've done so much for your country. Thank you for your achievements and your words of encouragement, especially for students like me, and most importantly, thank you for being you and for being a great president and role model for many :)

(even though I'm from Canada, I study in the US, so I'm still affected by the things that go on here)
European Patriot
'European Patriot' 2 days ago
Trump!!! Yes!!!
'Rainier7777' 2 days ago
Up uintil the last minute, Obama is dividing America. The worst American president. He is not talking to all America, he is just talking to his part of America.
ogo krig
'ogo krig' 2 days ago
Let Obama tell how many people are killed around the world.
ogo krig
'ogo krig' 2 days ago
Obama is the devil
'Sophia' 3 days ago
four more years!!!
Carolyn Feldman
'Carolyn Feldman' 3 days ago
Please someone...SHOOT this terrorist supporter. Obama needs to be assassinated. He has given BILLIONS of American $ to support terrorism. He has used OUR money to fund them. Billions have disappeared and NOW he releases the worst American traitor back to our enemies. What part isn't clear to the Democrats that they are SUPPORTING a pro terrorist president???
Zion Ikpen
'Zion Ikpen' 3 days ago
Obama speeches will be in the nearest future, be immortalized to strengthen constitution of many nations across the world even our school system.
'HelloThere' 3 days ago
Good. Leave traitor.
'WILLIAM WALLACE' 3 days ago
Thank you for the spell check friend
Kismet MerryMaker
'Kismet MerryMaker' 3 days ago
Umm... I really want to know how many of those cheering people have actually just walked up to a completely random stranger and started a conversation with them, when it isn't their job to do so...
there are legitimate reasons why people only do that on the internet...
Jerry Jennings
'Jerry Jennings' 3 days ago
I am even more supportive of democrats for refusing to go to the Trump inauguration. I am all for unity, but after seeing Trump's Cabinet picks, it is obvious he is not wanting to be unifying at all.
jonas pitya
'jonas pitya' 4 days ago
president obama thank you for your kindness words of encouragement, l hope all the african leaders should follow you as the father of the nations
jonas pitya
'jonas pitya' 4 days ago
you are the great president in the world God bless you obama
pooli door
'pooli door' 4 days ago
best president ever to grace the white house, you had the chance to have a smart president able to dance with style, able to help and make a difference in your social help, but that s over , back to normal, back to the dumb president like you had, like reagan, like bush and bush , back to ultra liberalism, ultra racism, ultra iniquity, oh well, for 8 years i did feel that america was evolving to a smarter country, but no america was the symbol of modernity but not anymore, back to tradition, you are older than europe, dragging the rest of the world in misery , not a great exemple to follow,
edjane maps obama edjane
so Proud,Obama simple the Best! luv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Londer
'Mark Londer' 4 days ago
dragon model
'dragon model' 4 days ago
I knew this guy would never actually live in their fake house in chicago.
What was the point of having that house fenced off from the rest of the city?
To make people think that was the obamas home?
Now they will be moving to DC.I knew this was going to happen.
Royal Priestess
'Royal Priestess' 4 days ago
THANK you man of God, President Barack Obama for your great service. We thank God for your life and for your dedicated service to this great country!! You have done a magnificent job. May God continue to bless you, Michelle, your daughters and family. It is so in Jesus precious name. CONTINUE to do good, great man of God. We will continue praying for you every day!! ⭐AMEN
Mr. President. You said you'd take recommendations on a better healthcare system.
If you'd like a better system which covers more Americans for by far less cost, let's move to a Universal Healthcare Single Payer system like every other developed nation.
If you're willing to take on the insurance, pharmaceutical and medical equipment lobbies, or the Medical Industrial Complex, then we can create that better system.
Can we do it? There's only one answer to that question which comes to my mind.
That was an amazing speech. He highlighted many of the accomplishments we have earned and the problems we have and will face.
He also offered the solution of citizen activism when the vast majority of the country is massively uneasy about the current state of our Government, especially over the next 4 years.
Thank you, Mr. Obama. Thank you.
Royal Priestess
'Royal Priestess' 4 days ago
God BLESS, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. !! :-) :-) :-) We are living the dream!! THANK YOU, we have overcome!! HALLELUYAH ⭐AMEN!
The Wall of Trump
'The Wall of Trump' 4 days ago
Where are my reparations for what you did to the American people for the last eight years.
Can we get reparations for our homes we lost and our savings we lost while we waited eight years for your help. You are the worst Obama!!!
Rich Ə Wrych
'Rich Ə Wrych' 4 days ago
pardon blago
Royal Priestess
'Royal Priestess' 4 days ago
President Obama, please write the bill for reparations!
Royal Priestess
'Royal Priestess' 4 days ago
President Obama,please do not leave Washington, DC without making a bill for reparations!!
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