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What is Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe? - Marvel TL;DR -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Today, Marvel tells the unbelievable story of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. This, friends, is the tale of a single man taking on an entire universe. Follow Deadpool as he goes on a journey of self-awareness, laughter, and mayhem! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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“Marvel’s TL;DR” is for the Marvel fan who hasn’t gotten the chance to dive into some of Marvel’s most epic collections and thought they were too long and didn’t read, or as it’s more commonly expressed, TL;DR.

Originally conceptualized by former Marvel Intern, and current “Marvel’s TL;DR” Writer and Producer, Noah Sterling, each week Noah offers up an easily digestible summation of Marvel’s best tales!

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Ethan Rentier
'Ethan Rentier' 2 days ago
Deadpool knows all
'metasprite' 3 days ago
Did he start spanking the narrator at the end? kinky deadpool
Aditya Kumar
'Aditya Kumar' 4 days ago
I like this part of the tl; dr
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
This is actually pretty really dark. Nothing Matters: The Comic Book.
Cartoon Nation Animation
Woe deadpool is Chris Reidfield
Sebastian Garcia Miranda
Make deadpool kills the classics and deadpool kills deadpool
Chris Kelly
'Chris Kelly' 7 days ago
they should make this as the last marvel movie and split it into like 4 parts
'Otaku' 1 week ago
I was already enjoying this series, but this one? This one goes onto the Favorite Videos play list. :)
'Yona128' 1 week ago
Worst comic ever
Ketan Kalra
'Ketan Kalra' 1 week ago
Christian Antonio Gomez Padilla
marvel zombies
Jay Perales
'Jay Perales' 1 week ago
he killed power pack, I will never forgive deadpool.
'BES T KAT' 1 week ago
They need to do Deadpool kills the DC universe, Disney universe, anime universe etc
Raumil Suthar
'Raumil Suthar' 1 week ago
Liked the ending, it was the voice of the mask
Kriso productions
'Kriso productions' 1 week ago
Please make secret wars tldr
Isaiah Mosley
'Isaiah Mosley' 1 week ago
it says "what is" on title instead of what if
'AldiMrJ' 1 week ago
Do Marvel zombies pls
'Sjono' 1 week ago
Punisher did a better job killing the Marvel universe
Task- Master
'Task- Master' 1 week ago
XD lol this was awesome
'0907nathan' 1 week ago
Did deadpool kill galactus?
Nathan Cheng
'Nathan Cheng' 1 week ago
Annoy Midnight
'Annoy Midnight' 1 week ago
Gambit Kills The Marvel Universe. ( his alternate version of him did before. The New Sun aka Gambit kinetic energy flare out of control and burn the whole world. so yeah people if gambit as his full power he is a omega level threat
susana torres
'susana torres' 1 week ago
Deadpool and 4th wall
'kai25' 2 weeks ago
Hey Marvel! Where's ultimate Peter Parker?
'A.z.A' 2 weeks ago
You say he killed thanos like it's nothing
Josh Yord
'Josh Yord' 2 weeks ago
Timothy Earl Mapanao
'SnowCat0208' 2 weeks ago
I despise thee, Deadpool 😡
Spoon Dude
'Spoon Dude' 2 weeks ago
Like I said before these video formats don't work with the source material they tackle. Yeah you get the general storyline, but the main themes and experience of the story is all sucked out. You're better suited to watch videos from channels like ComicsExplained and Comicstorian
Suspect Guide
'Suspect Guide' 2 weeks ago
superior spiderman
Mr. Adventure
'Mr. Adventure' 2 weeks ago
So this is basically Marvel Character Genocide featuring Deadpool?
Great comic, or GREATEST comic, that is the question.
'plasticsoldier234' 2 weeks ago
I loved this series, though killustrated was my favorite
Mónica Gálvez
'Mónica Gálvez' 2 weeks ago
This is amazing, I really love these videos!!! great work guys!
'webhead101' 2 weeks ago
in punisher kills the marvel universe, spidey dies while he's in the middle of a fight with venom. here, he dies cause spidey doesn't think deadpool would kill him. why does spidey keep getting these bs deaths?
Eli Young
'Eli Young' 2 weeks ago
Dead pool can't kill the marvel universe
'Quadrant' 2 weeks ago
This episode was my favorite 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂
'Maxice7' 2 weeks ago
What "is" dead pool
'CookieFreakHD' 2 weeks ago
Hey Deadpool you still on tha Computer? When yes plz kill Justin Beaver. that would really help the World. Oh and if you're alredy here Please Take Trump & Bill Gates aswell.
'Pickles256' 2 weeks ago
Why was professor X standing in the beginning
Cinematic Memes
'Cinematic Memes' 2 weeks ago
this needs to be the ending to the MCU
Cameron Thomas
'Cameron Thomas' 2 weeks ago
I dont know if I'm being to winie but alot of them get blood on their deaths except spidey and he got his head blown up (by a pistol lol)
shayaan Shakeel
'shayaan Shakeel' 2 weeks ago
nova tl dr
Danyal Mirza
'Danyal Mirza' 2 weeks ago
'UltraZeroX7' 2 weeks ago
That awkward moment when you realize the voice actor of Deadpool is the same guy who voices Rash and Rean...
Debasish Das
'Debasish Das' 2 weeks ago
T Moss
'T Moss' 2 weeks ago
what does tldr mean
MasonTheGoldenGamer 195
wow deadpool was right about his winy voice.
deadsam plays
'deadsam plays' 2 weeks ago
please do world war hulk and where is the hakeeyes movie
dandi mauludianto
'dandi mauludianto' 2 weeks ago
wow this was a good video
Joshua Toeppe
'Joshua Toeppe' 2 weeks ago
'Sitharos' 2 weeks ago
He should have started by killing Quesada.
Swizzle Valcar (Gizmo Razaar)
I'm not sure if I'm referring to this comic or a different alternate one, but I'm pretty sure Deadpool rigs Logan to a machine that kills him every time his heart starts to beat again.
Vinny Camara
'Vinny Camara' 2 weeks ago
can someone get Deadpool to kill the writer of spider man one more day and sins past
'KING COLLECTOR' 2 weeks ago
If you sub To me I will sub back
Melissa Rivera
'Melissa Rivera' 2 weeks ago
oooohhh 😂it's so funny
Maddie Grace
'Maddie Grace' 2 weeks ago
Fix the title
Yoda Ron
'Yoda Ron' 2 weeks ago
haha lmao xD
Your friendly neighborhood CARNAGE!
He didn't kill ME!! I was just playing dead.
Vincent Kjellberg
'Vincent Kjellberg' 2 weeks ago
Howard the Duck
(and ghost rider. He's my favorite)
Vivek Yadav
'Vivek Yadav' 2 weeks ago
technically?! Deadpool possess the power to kill Hulk within his heroic cover! Make sure to see that comic where Deadpool deliberately saves Hulk from His Fatal Attack!
Alvin Devincenti
'Alvin Devincenti' 2 weeks ago
Couldn't Taskmaster have killed Deadpool with the carbonadium sword
Ninjago Jay Guy
'Ninjago Jay Guy' 2 weeks ago
do deadpool I illustrated next
'johancakep' 2 weeks ago
holy crap, a plot twist! didn't see that coming.
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 2 weeks ago
So in this universe he kills Francis too!? Yeah a bad joke ok ;)
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 2 weeks ago
Did you know that ever the TL;DR have the number 616 sometimes so try to find the 616 on the videos.
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 2 weeks ago
When Deadpool kills Beast was scary and i hate how much easy was kill Spidey seriously is likw kill my favorite hero.
'MammomaxIncarnate' 2 weeks ago
That was a short series...
Spider Man
'Spider Man' 2 weeks ago
Connor Black / G.A.T old channel
downloaded this a while ago but never got round to reading it. might do it soon
Dai 大
'Dai 大' 2 weeks ago
Wow, pretty good. Now I want to read the comic.
Jc Macias
'Jc Macias' 2 weeks ago
the worst comic
Axel Agustin
'Axel Agustin' 2 weeks ago
how did he kill ghost rider
spider pool
'spider pool' 2 weeks ago
this TD LR was very much funny😂😂😂😂
Ariel Fenandez
'Ariel Fenandez' 2 weeks ago
so god :) LoL
'Ghost's Graphics' 2 weeks ago
That howard the duck reference had me dying.
Christofer “Mogrey” Angos
hahaha so funny series :3 great reading ^^
Napat Sirisawadwattana
I like break 4th wall
scrabzy DM
'scrabzy DM' 2 weeks ago
are you kidding me😂😂😂😁😁😁 damn....
'awesome58d' 2 weeks ago
meta af
ethan fernando
'ethan fernando' 2 weeks ago
I ask y'all every damn time
'Benj' 2 weeks ago
If the writers remembered spider sense then Spiderman would have survived
ethan fernando
'ethan fernando' 2 weeks ago
house of m come on pls
'KingDenn' 2 weeks ago
Do Avengers Vs X-Men, Secret Invasion, Siege, Spider-Man Clone Saga (90s), Secret Wars (The first one and the 2015 one), and Superior Spider-Man.
Sean Slaughter
'Sean Slaughter' 2 weeks ago
Just pure dumb
The Stuff of Nerdz
'The Stuff of Nerdz' 2 weeks ago
The ending was waaaaaaaaaay too funny. Was not expecting to laugh THAT hard when I saw the technical difficulties. The scratch out at the end was great.
Angelo Sciretta
'Angelo Sciretta' 2 weeks ago
'AshuraH' 2 weeks ago
...sheesh, couldn't kill the creators of Death Battle, so he went and killed the creators of this series!
Lindsay Reynolds
'Lindsay Reynolds' 2 weeks ago
This is HILARIOUS!!! I should find these comics cuz they sound funny :)
Tony Martinez
'Tony Martinez' 2 weeks ago
Do Wolverine kills the Marvel Universe and Punisher kills the Marvel Universe.
Xi H
'Xi H' 2 weeks ago
finally something super fun
Christian Khoury
'Christian Khoury' 2 weeks ago
He killed Stan lee
Arie Dekker
'Arie Dekker' 2 weeks ago
I did not expect this to be turned into a TL;DR
No one
'No one' 2 weeks ago
this is why i stay away from comic books
Nevan Dempsey
'Nevan Dempsey' 2 weeks ago
Didn't 616 Deadpool eventually kill this Deadpool?
Richard Moralez
'Richard Moralez' 2 weeks ago
the only way to kill marvel is to kill Stan Lee
Disney Reviews by Jessica
I hate that vid
'MrJJuK' 2 weeks ago
This needs to be a Movie, like right NOW!!! :D
Leo Stephan
'Leo Stephan' 2 weeks ago
Is that Nolan North?
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