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Marvel Contest of Champions Gwenpool Spotlight -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

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820 Likes   72 Dislikes

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Georgia Laufeyson
'Georgia Laufeyson' 1 month ago
This girl is on fire !😂👊
Some Crazed Nerd
'Some Crazed Nerd' 3 months ago
I really want this game but I'm not deleting puzzle quest for it
Ty Fire
'Ty Fire' 3 months ago
Why... just why? Who created such a character 😒 unnecessary
Melissa Rivera
'Melissa Rivera' 3 months ago
Gwenpool 😁😁😁oooohhh😎
'Titanfreakchris97' 3 months ago
Sooo this is Marvel's answer to Harley Quinn?
Lorenzo Carponi S.
'Lorenzo Carponi S.' 3 months ago
this game is horribol
Alain Smith
'Alain Smith' 3 months ago
what a pointless character
'KRYSEUS DAY' 3 months ago
to bad they made her almost 100% unobtainable
Ramsés Andrade
'Ramsés Andrade' 3 months ago
harley quinzel of MARVEL
Oscar Leonardo
'Oscar Leonardo' 3 months ago
Where's Spider-Gwen at though?
Back to the Future fan88
They need to add the MCU Loki on there. Because of all the Loki's, they had to add Earth 616 Loki?
SuperBen Bustos
'SuperBen Bustos' 3 months ago
Injustice 2 is better. Marvel please take note from DC games 😂
'NSMOQMP' 3 months ago
YEEEEEEEEES!! I love Gwenpool!!!
Ilham Fadhilendi
'Ilham Fadhilendi' 3 months ago
Why ? Why must her ??
'Boppermitz' 3 months ago
Why don't people like Gwenpool? I thought It was pretty good...
'Kip-Swagg' 3 months ago
the champions L3 is funny and their victory flip fail is funny
Azoz Azoz
'Azoz Azoz' 3 months ago
I've been waiting to get one of the Fantastic Four members or maybe Nextwave, but i'm ending up to stick with this some sort of Gwen Stacy clone thing?

I'm very disappointed in you Marvel.
'Zeben111' 3 months ago
uma harley quinn da marvel
sparky 357
'sparky 357' 3 months ago
mhm...if qwenpool,ms.marvel and howard the duck are playable in marvel vs capcom top three chracters
'ObitoVersace' 3 months ago
Gwen Pool is bae
Your friendly neighborhood CARNAGE!
Do I come out in this game? I wanna know because if I do I'll have to call my agent and ask why I ain't receiving checks!
'EyeOfThundera822' 3 months ago
Please dont put her in Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite 😂 keep her right here where she belongs
Deja de Leer
'Deja de Leer' 3 months ago
Harley donde? :V
'JamcalX' 3 months ago
'Danny' 3 months ago
I can't see the fanservice
'IndyX' 3 months ago
Don't mind me: gonna watch all the rage over this character
Booyakashaw Creationz
0:14 sound effect?
'CK-was-HERE' 3 months ago
Gwenpool. So awesome! I loved her comics Marvel, so keep up the good work please!
Team Crow Ninjas
'Team Crow Ninjas' 3 months ago
gwenpool should be in new marvel vs capcom infinite
'Iorddis' 3 months ago
Such a shitty character
Eficiencia Infinita
'Eficiencia Infinita' 3 months ago
She has a 3d model, now we have to wait her to fight Harley Quinn in Death Battle
๏ JƬ ๏
'๏ JƬ ๏' 3 months ago
Gwenpool has got to be the most oblivious character in both Marvel games. Like why is she here? We couldn't get anyone else?
Deadpool wolf
'Deadpool wolf' 3 months ago
Gwen pool is coming Gwen pool is coming!
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 3 months ago
Her legs Wtf...
'marco39120' 3 months ago
Gwenpool is a very cutesy character, I like her.
Lumify | Gil
'Lumify | Gil' 3 months ago
Quick question, why can Contest of Champions have mutants but Future Fight can't? Because if isn't a legality issue, I'm having a talk with Netmarble.
Shane Walsh
'Shane Walsh' 3 months ago
It supposes that a hero uses a mask so that nobody knows his identity..... But it's too normal if you put your real name in your superhero name and anyone realizes you're the superhero
Mr. Pato
'Mr. Pato' 3 months ago
Really niga?
King Jaylen
'King Jaylen' 3 months ago
Okay, now I'm almost certain she'll be in MVC: Infinite
Doctor Disney
'Doctor Disney' 3 months ago
'VSFalcon' 3 months ago
Put Squirrel Girl, Spider-woman, Silver Surfer and quicksilver in the game
Raymond Jiang
'Raymond Jiang' 3 months ago
Her ending sequence cracks me up everytime
Bunny Rabbit
'Bunny Rabbit' 3 months ago
Gwen anything sucks
Victor Peterson
'Victor Peterson' 3 months ago
Man Gwen is everywhere!!! What's next? Iron Gwen? Gwen hulk? Captain Gwen? Gwen Thor? Doctor Gwen?
'Jkop' 3 months ago
Yeah, um why does this character exist? I saw a comic of her it looked...... interesting.....
'IntoTheMeatGrinder' 3 months ago
hrmm.. something's a little off
PantherKing 13
'PantherKing 13' 3 months ago
So are we just going to get deadpool version of characters now?
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 3 months ago
I like Gwenpool and Spider-Gwen and X-23 like Wolverine but will be cool put Spider-Girl on the game because is my favorite female superheroe.
Razer Howl
'Razer Howl' 3 months ago
She got those moves
Ateetzel9 The Destoyer
This is the earliest I've ever been in a chat
lups by
'lups by' 3 months ago
comentario 10
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 3 months ago
What if Gwenpool starred in Deadpool 2? 😂
'kurt' 3 months ago
Jake Colt
'Jake Colt' 3 months ago
Ерназар Сакенов
я третий хех
Baerbel Sucrese
'Baerbel Sucrese' 3 months ago
der vloger und zocker hd vloger zocker
erster geiles viedeo
Luis Caye
'Luis Caye' 3 months ago
Primero. Perlmutter chinga tu madre!
leoncito Nava
'leoncito Nava' 3 months ago
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