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20 Ways to Deal With Your INSECURITIES - w/ Alexis G. Zall and Ayydubs -
Published: 1 month ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 1 month ago

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Flaunt your insecurities, because you are flawless!
✦20 Ways to Befriend Your LADY BITS - w/ Alexis G. Zall and Ayydubs -
It can be really hard to deal with your personal insecurities... just thinking about them is kind of a downer! So today, Alyx and Alexis are lightening things up by dealing with some common insecurities using drastic measures, which... does not end well. Do you have insecurities? You're not alone! Share them down in the comment section and let them all go, because you are awesome!!!

→ Credits ←
Alexis G. Zall

Ayydubs - Alyx Weiss
Written, Produced & Directed by Maggie Knox
Additional Writing by Alexis G. Zall and Alyx Weiss
Camera: Casey Cooper Johnson
AP: Kristine Schofmann
Edited by Daniel Jennings




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Aniya Ramsey
'Aniya Ramsey' 2 days ago
his boy that like me and I like him but he I scared I guess
Cupcake Games
'Cupcake Games' 4 days ago
Well I've always been insecure about my teeth because I have a weird gap in the middle of my front two not the England kind it's rounded at the corners but it's not permanent so until it fills in I'm not going to smile with my mouth open on camera
عمار الحربي
اه بس لو احشركي واختصبكي
Azura Cudjoe
'Azura Cudjoe' 4 weeks ago
wtf is this suppose to help lol
Olivia Dimock
'Olivia Dimock' 4 weeks ago
Gaby Lefebvre
'Gaby Lefebvre' 4 weeks ago
Anyone knows how many of these "20 ways" will there be? I heard a 100 but that seems like a lot ?
'megagymnast676' 4 weeks ago
Omg people are soooo sensitive 😂 it's obviously a joke. If you need actual "tips" go look for some 😂 pretty sure there's plenty of other videos
Erica Campos
'Erica Campos' 4 weeks ago
gayyy I don't like this
Sally Williams
'Sally Williams' 4 weeks ago
This is a lie
Bella Brown
'Bella Brown' 4 weeks ago
but stell wtf
Lily Rey
'Lily Rey' 4 weeks ago
Lisa Timmons
'Lisa Timmons' 4 weeks ago
Oh I almost peed myself. Lol you girls are cute and funny.
Marco Garcia Anton
'Marco Garcia Anton' 4 weeks ago
'hyepbbe' 4 weeks ago
I deal with my insecurities by being an asshole. kill yourselves you vain twats
Santos Mendoza Romero
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هاني العنزي
العربي 👍
Rollie C
'Rollie C' 4 weeks ago
that's something to joke about? clickbait for a stupid video
بشرى كوين
'بشرى كوين' 4 weeks ago
oh my god😹😹😹
All Random And More SWEDEN
Is this supposed to be funny? U must have a shity humor if u find this funny
Z Ana
'Z Ana' 1 month ago
1.Cringy 2. If you ain't funny don't force it. 3. You get that some people will actually think this is real? 4. But hey at least you tried.
Maria Carciumaru
'Maria Carciumaru' 1 month ago
Ines Nunes
'Ines Nunes' 1 month ago
Techno Musico
'Techno Musico' 1 month ago
This video was halarious.
AJWJR ajwh
'AJWJR ajwh' 1 month ago
السلام / hi
Jaylee Berry
'Jaylee Berry' 1 month ago
I thought it was funny, I'm not insecure anymore because the video shows me how some people might actually go this far and do these things. Thanks for making this video, it was great👍
Wafaa Zaidi
'Wafaa Zaidi' 1 month ago
Jakepaulerlover Love jake
Are u trying to kill us haha
J Bear
'J Bear' 1 month ago
they r joking
Loriana Li
'Loriana Li' 1 month ago
I thought this was going to help me....
NaLu4Lyfe 〈3
'NaLu4Lyfe 〈3' 1 month ago
So ironic I saw Coin heist today (LOVED the movie btw)
'Nefrenity' 1 month ago
lol to every one in the comment section with no sense of humor. There are hundreds of places where you can get actual tips for your insecurities. Next time leave your bitterness at the door. K thanks XD
'emmax' 1 month ago
Every video of them I watch, more I hate them
'RandomnessQueen' 1 month ago
This is so funny!
'ImMae' 1 month ago
I thought this would be really tips, the thumbnail was a razor on her arms and I have hairy arms...but I guess I'll never know :/
amanda michelle
'amanda michelle' 1 month ago
delete this shit.
Sophia Winter
'Sophia Winter' 1 month ago
Peeps, supply Anyone identify better this case wtf.
Lily West
'Lily West' 1 month ago
# trying to be buzzfeed !
Malak Mohamed
'Malak Mohamed' 1 month ago
how old is Alexis?
Lahyla Escobedo
'Lahyla Escobedo' 1 month ago
This is just fucked up..
Kyler Girouard
'Kyler Girouard' 1 month ago
you guys are just saying to not be ourselves...
'Dreamcakey' 1 month ago
thanks for giving me a laugh 😚🙂😂
Brunette twins
'Brunette twins' 1 month ago
Dumb video
Tahiya Taaha
'Tahiya Taaha' 1 month ago
i thought this was real and i was excited ... but its not so i guess I'll just be insecure forever
Ashton Brannon
'Ashton Brannon' 1 month ago
I was so happy someone made this video. But all did was make feel worse....
Gisselle Hernandez
'Gisselle Hernandez' 1 month ago
Cami O
'Cami O' 1 month ago
I would like to see real tips, i'm just saying sorry
Emunicorn 101
'Emunicorn 101' 1 month ago
The meditation tips were the only tips 😂😂 this was funny and made my day better❤️
Elle Gatto
'Elle Gatto' 1 month ago
When is the next episode of foursome coming out
FirePhoenix Inferno
'FirePhoenix Inferno' 1 month ago
14: or do the Kylie Jenner challenge!
Nails & Randomness
'Nails & Randomness' 1 month ago
Ummm I Need some real tips! I suffer from one of this and was actually wanting some tips. :/
Meadow Skye
'Meadow Skye' 1 month ago
I would really appreciate if everyone just glanced at my channel and videos please
Jessica Miller
'Jessica Miller' 1 month ago
#14 really makes me sad, because I actually have food allergies to a LOT of things.
Savannah Colebank
'Savannah Colebank' 1 month ago
Go on with it
Sabrina Carpenter Stan
Every one, this video is basically saying that it's stupid to think negatively and that you should except yourself
Derpy Unicorn
'Derpy Unicorn's' 1 month ago
That wasn't helpful
Audrey Kimble
'Audrey Kimble' 1 month ago
This actually kinda made me feel bad, like I shouldn't be insecure
Aviva Girl
'Aviva Girl' 1 month ago
Who's watched the coin heist
Symphony Cooper
'Symphony Cooper' 1 month ago
This helped a lot lol
'RainbowNight' 1 month ago
This is stupid
Panic! At the Twenty One Crybabies
Sometimes it's ok to let out a nice good cry
'OpticFighter7' 1 month ago
This Channel if Fucking AWFUL. Unsbuscribed and Disliked. These dumb Feminists.
Aleera Dame
'Aleera Dame' 1 month ago
Sprinkles The Puppy Dog
Lol 😝 this helped me a lot 😉
'SkyGamer360' 1 month ago
I think some people need to understand that these videos are skits and not actual tips.
Horrifyingly Hillarious
I learn so much from them, they truly are the masters
'JUNTEX' 1 month ago
1) Don't be a little bitch
Jmax Girls
'Jmax Girls' 1 month ago
You guys are awesome
Jmax Girls
'Jmax Girls' 1 month ago
You guys are awesome
Katie Thetford
'Katie Thetford' 1 month ago
Have a flat chest? Get 2 medium sized balloons!! 🎈🎈
Lucy Creamer
'Lucy Creamer' 1 month ago
I know this was meant to be funny, but I thought you were actually going to shed some light on how to deal with insecurities.
Vegan Feminist
'Vegan Feminist' 1 month ago
This my fav awesomeness tv duo/segment lol
Matt kelly
'Matt kelly' 1 month ago
I thought that would really gonna help me
Lauren Luszik
'Lauren Luszik' 1 month ago
3 Jenna marbles style😂😂
Beautiful Law
'Beautiful Law' 1 month ago
31st comment yay
Danielle McLeod
'Danielle McLeod' 1 month ago
you shouldn't do a video like this because young people could take it seriously and do some of the things you said
Radical Mooser
'Radical Mooser' 1 month ago
I came here to see alex shave her head
Emily Ramos
'Emily Ramos' 1 month ago
I got hit in the face with a branch today and pretty sure people saw. GRRREEEAAAATT
'panduh64' 1 month ago
I had a panic attack bc of my insecurities and this video popped so I said why not... oh well I guess it's not my day but it's OK 👌😂
Kira Corbett
'Kira Corbett' 1 month ago
um,go blue is michagan
Vee :3
'Vee :3' 1 month ago
I thought these were real tips but no... Worst video ever
'Ig._.Marthasue' 1 month ago
100th like bitch!!!
XxvronicaxX MSP
'XxvronicaxX MSP' 1 month ago
yuP now I'm so secure about myself thanks for the great tips 👌
'Wyd.leslie' 1 month ago
I love this
Fatema Ahsana
'Fatema Ahsana' 1 month ago
I'm totally going to do ALL of these things
Laila Ochoa
'Laila Ochoa' 1 month ago
Lovely Lava
'Lovely Lava' 1 month ago
Alyssa Urena
'Alyssa Urena' 1 month ago
Jenny Henderson
'Jenny Henderson' 1 month ago
Lolipop Lorena
'Lolipop Lorena' 1 month ago
Caszhmere Chaison
'Caszhmere Chaison' 1 month ago
this was so funny
Merona Awad
'Merona Awad' 1 month ago
9th comment YaY
Lolipop Lorena
'Lolipop Lorena' 1 month ago
Izzy B
'Izzy B' 1 month ago
Notification squad where you at😂🔥🔥🔥
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