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Beyoncé - Hold Up -
Published: 8 months ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 8 months ago

93, 538, 294 views

874, 994 Likes   63, 729 Dislikes

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Ritz Crackerz
'Ritz Crackerz' 42 minutes ago
Ok but is anybody going to talk about THE DRESS? 😍
'Elliot' 2 hours ago
Bey's dress reminded me of the yellow flower, I forgot the name, but yeah.
Black Lightning
'Black Lightning' 2 hours ago
I love this song
Shaqwanna Cole
'Shaqwanna Cole' 3 hours ago
it's a beauitful thing
'olllivier' 3 hours ago
2.05" elle a acheté des chaussures!
Francisco Diaz
'Francisco Diaz' 4 hours ago

i know im sad too..
Stephanie Sandleitner
Illuminati confirmed who else came from the beyonce is illuminati vid
'mstarburst' 9 hours ago
I love how she's destroying shit with such glee hahaha
Dremeisha Green
'Dremeisha Green' 9 hours ago
Nabraska Jones
'Nabraska Jones' 10 hours ago
I couldn't even finish watching stupid.
Brick House Body Entertainment
Bey brought Lucille out on his ass!! 😂😂😂
'I LUV DONUTZ' 11 hours ago
Only Beyonce can pull off feet to heels to speakers back to heels
Jairus Patoc
'Jairus Patoc' 12 hours ago
god i love the poem at the start.
'Empod' 12 hours ago
beyonce the demon returns!
Agen Dior
'Agen Dior' 15 hours ago
BREAKING NEWS: Beyonce, the famous singer, has been seen terrorizing the city!
jk :-)
Sarku Roll
'Sarku Roll' 19 hours ago
@4:49 is an accurate depiction of us on our period
Robert B
'Robert B' 19 hours ago
The bats called hot sauce 😂😂
Trey Hill
'Trey Hill' 20 hours ago
I flinch every time she look into that damn camera swinging that bat
'QUEEN BEBE' 21 hours ago
1:51 it really starts I got scared at the beginning😂
mini,melanie crybaby
'mini,melanie crybaby' 22 hours ago
damn Beyonce kinda scaring me here
Simply Me
'Simply Me' 23 hours ago
They don't love you, like I love you
Carlos Bautista
'Carlos Bautista' 1 day ago
Such a terribly made song.
When will she post Pray? Thats my favorite song from Lemonade.
Valorie Maultsby
'Valorie Maultsby' 1 day ago
get it girl fuck it up
Yazz Lol
'Yazz Lol' 1 day ago
4:26 badass 😎
Aline Pinheiro
'Aline Pinheiro' 1 day ago
Te amo sua linda.
Vem pro Brasil!
Chloe Ford
'Chloe Ford' 1 day ago
I like your song🎄💟
dog bone
'dog bone' 1 day ago
beyonce or harley quinn
Kik Polp
'Kik Polp' 1 day ago
quando ela passa girando o taco ahhh s2
Kik Polp
'Kik Polp' 1 day ago
Dr. Madness
'Dr. Madness' 1 day ago
it sounds like Beyonce's trying to say there's no God
Dr. Madness
'Dr. Madness' 1 day ago
the beginning is a little (a lot) messed up.
Eskandy mula
'Eskandy mula' 1 day ago
she is so the best i love her
Kerry Wallace
'Kerry Wallace' 1 day ago
feel sorry for beyonce just shows physical beauty fame all the top clothes money cant stop your heart being stabbed ..........
Jakub Piotrowicz
'Jakub Piotrowicz' 1 day ago
i feel very sorry for 63k people, who accidentally pushe the dislike button :(
Senpai Will Never Notice You
She changed her shoes when she got on top of the car 3:56
binho silva
'binho silva' 1 day ago
poppii tru
'poppii tru' 1 day ago
guess who's not illuminati? Yes, Beyoncé
Joy Soudain
'Joy Soudain' 1 day ago
I'm the only one who saw beyonce her toes longer than her shoes (2:57)
Christian Dillard
where my beehive at🐝🐝
Jessica Selma Carrillo
q musica mas estúpida como el videoclip
Eboni Honore
'Eboni Honore' 1 day ago
Only Bey can look absolutely flawless and savage as hell while bustin out car windows and crackin camera lenses. #Originalslayqueen
Kayis Fourkane
'Kayis Fourkane' 1 day ago
T trop moche Beyoncé
Chloe Jayde
'Chloe Jayde' 2 days ago
Just take a second to appreciate Beyonce's amazing voice
haum dela cruz
'haum dela cruz' 2 days ago
lemonade <3
Srushti Mishra
'Srushti Mishra' 2 days ago
Alanis Morrisette did it better than you Beyonce. Sorry, I ain't sorry.
Amanda Badlands
'Amanda Badlands' 2 days ago
This is so me.
Abcde Garza
'Abcde Garza' 2 days ago
music starts at 1:43
Rainbow Music muse
a Jamaican feel to this song
listona cutie
'listona cutie' 2 days ago
Lovely. Brittney
'Lovely. Brittney' 2 days ago
Talks about how she turned to the dark side and sold her soul for fame and money. I get it now.
Maxx G
'Maxx G' 2 days ago
Riiigghht so she is a feminist but yet she is so consumed with the idea that someone is cheating on her? Hello? This dosen't sound feminist to me, that a woman or anyone would be driven to possible insanity by someone she loves cheating on her. She then says, "Hold up they dont love you like I love you..." ..Okay..sure..but how do you know this? and why is this the main issue on your mind and why, knowing so many young women and people are looking up to you do you choose to focus all of your attention on this person who has cheated on you and then on top of it pitting people, namely women against one another. Isn;t this a stereotype that we are trying to overcome people? If someone loves you they love you for who you are and if they cheat on you for someone else that dosen't mean you go around smashing windows and saying that the other person dosen't love them as much as you. This sounds a tad like codependence to me..just sayin' but Im sticking with the idea that Beyonce is not a feminist..she could use some teaching in fact on what healthy means.
Nylah Burney
'Nylah Burney' 2 days ago
hold up💖💖
Nylah Burney
'Nylah Burney' 2 days ago
'CreativeCombo' 2 days ago
Beyoncé is such a rule model! What I think of this video: don't mess with Beyoncé or else stuff will go down!
'CreativeCombo' 2 days ago
Best song ever!
Ciana & Lei
'Ciana & Lei' 2 days ago
Wth i haven't seen a song like that before!!!
Xtraxtra Crybaby!
'Xtraxtra Crybaby!' 2 days ago
Me when I'm a mix of stressed and mad on a day.
Nadia Mahoro
'Nadia Mahoro' 2 days ago
This is cool song
La correctrice
'La correctrice' 2 days ago
Sorry i'm francophone and I don't understand very well what she is saying at the beginning. Help me?
Miguel Roberto Avina Valdovinos
"i pluged my menses with the holy book" that means she used the holy book as a tampón wtf ppl open your eyes
Yazz Lol
'Yazz Lol' 2 days ago
Yazz Lol
'Yazz Lol' 2 days ago
The beginning got me like..."😳😳.." then when she was glitching out "😱😱💀💀😂😂"
Denis Knowles
'Denis Knowles' 2 days ago
rainha das paradas das vendas deusa rainha .. lemonade 👑 álbum mais encrivel
'HoustonComeUp' 2 days ago
so only like 1/4 of us gonna acknowledge the true meaning behind this video about her warning us about the secret society?
robert samick
'robert samick' 2 days ago
I love you Beyonce, you are the Queen love love love bob samick
'MisterZ3r0' 2 days ago
In the song, Beyonce is making a claim that doesn't seem to make sense to me. She asks the subject of the song, who I believe to be Jay-Z, if he didn't have the fame, or the wealth, whether these women I assume he is cheating with would even pay attention to him, but why would Jay-Z believe that Beyonce would be with him if he didn't achieve what he had achieved. Sure, the opportunistic women that Beyonce is calling out probably wouldn't really give him the time of day, but let's be real, neither would Beyonce. It seems like a really stupid point and not really a strong argument. The focus should be on the life they have built together and the love they have for each other, not some illogical hypothetical.
sanjeeda uddin
'sanjeeda uddin' 2 days ago
when boys realise other's don't love them the way you do but it's too late BOI BYE x
'davonizdashit' 2 days ago
Beyonce talk all that women empowerment shit but yet she a fool for Jayz
Kerlin johnson
'Kerlin johnson' 2 days ago
Selena Marie Gomez witch
Kerlin johnson
'Kerlin johnson' 2 days ago
Kylie Kristen Jenner
Odilia Coyier
'Odilia Coyier' 2 days ago
ɷɷɷ ᕼEEY ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᗪᔕᔕᔕ I ᕼᗩᐯE ᖴOᑌᑎᗪᗪᗪᗪ ᗯOᖇKIᑎGGGG OᑎᒪIᑎE ᕼᗩᑕᑕK ᐯIᔕITT : -
Fazlul Haque
'Fazlul Haque' 2 days ago
'Maria' 2 days ago
im sorry for all her fans... 😰 you must wake up 😶
Jacqueline Walters
#Harley quinn
'#Harley quinn' 2 days ago
Jamia Stone
'Jamia Stone' 3 days ago
I am lost. What is going on with the spoken word.
Mr Random
'Mr Random' 3 days ago
i love beyonce shes my queen yassssss fuck yeh beyonce marry me fuck jayz yasss queen b yasss HOLD UP YAS
Rig Papazi
'Rig Papazi' 3 days ago
Tat. L.
'Tat. L.' 3 days ago
where can I get the album?
Katy Did
'Katy Did' 3 days ago
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Maps" over a decade ago.
Harley Quinn1017
'Harley Quinn1017' 3 days ago
Did anyone else noticed that beyonce changed her shoes at 3:58??!!
Shawna Laim
'Shawna Laim' 3 days ago
When someone hurts your bae and inner beast gets unleashed
Rakesh Kumar
'Rakesh Kumar' 3 days ago
jay z don't love u like i love u
Zadiel Sasmaz
'Zadiel Sasmaz' 3 days ago
no matter how much new kids try to be Cool, Beyonce will always be 10 times cooler than them.
pawel prusiecki
'pawel prusiecki' 3 days ago
witam frajerstwo ,czy dałoby rade tak tą pałą polskich psychiatrów złodziejskich pedofili zabić
'6lyndon7' 3 days ago
No singing Bitch.
Ebandro Albornoz
'Ebandro Albornoz' 3 days ago
1:46 music
Faith S.
'Faith S.' 3 days ago
This is such an honor....
Uataa Kauhanda
'Uataa Kauhanda' 3 days ago
i get you girl
First Name Last Name
1:35 The song starts.
Princess Kailah
'Princess Kailah' 3 days ago
well im the biggest beyonce fan in the world i want like to really meat her right i wish she was my sis
Rachel Novak
'Rachel Novak' 3 days ago
If Beyonce was Harley Quinn
Amina Yosef
'Amina Yosef' 3 days ago
who knew the hot sauce in her bag was actually a bat lol
Teresa Afonso
'Teresa Afonso' 3 days ago
laura lamore
'laura lamore' 4 days ago
she did the works of the flesh but never changed her mind. God says People prefer the darkness better because there deeds are evil. Any parent who allows there child to listen to this, should be asking there self and god, is this the kind of role model you want for your children?
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