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Thomas Rhett - American Spirit -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: ThomasRhettVEVO

By: ThomasRhettVEVOPublished: 3 weeks ago

774, 125 views

11, 041 Likes   392 Dislikes

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Music video by Thomas Rhett performing American Spirit. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Elite Bandit
'Elite Bandit' 4 hours ago
Thomas Rhett and Emily Kinney have the best country voices ever! 😊
Hannah Lynn
'Hannah Lynn' 1 day ago
So wanna see him in concert again
'drummer703' 1 day ago
Austin Anderson
'Austin Anderson' 2 days ago
God bless America🇺🇸
'cpo335' 3 days ago
How much you guys think that house is worth?
Jason DeFord
'Jason DeFord' 3 days ago
Nice song what's your next song I hope it's good
Madhumita Das
'Madhumita Das' 4 days ago
Smooth vocal
Rylan Kent
'Rylan Kent' 5 days ago
America sucks ass
Danielle Palmer
'Danielle Palmer' 5 days ago
Love this song so much ❤❤❤❤
Hunter Altman
'Hunter Altman' 5 days ago
this song is awsome
'TheMysterious97' 5 days ago
At the time I'm watching this it has 666k views 😂
Brianna Thomas
'Brianna Thomas' 5 days ago
I love your snogs so much
Brianna Thomas
'Brianna Thomas' 5 days ago
I love your snogs
Crystal Roessner
'Crystal Roessner' 5 days ago
Nicole Vasser
'Nicole Vasser' 5 days ago
Love it and yes I hear it.
Alicia Ward
'Alicia Ward' 5 days ago
your not going to please everyone all the time, everyone has their taste, and if you don't like country fine, don't listen to it and don't comment on it either because you can't give an honest opinion, go listen to what ever you like, Thomas, I think you did it again with this one and can't wait to see it on the cmt count down I liked it and your voice was so soft in this one very different I loved it way to go, your fan always
Debra Smitty
'Debra Smitty' 5 days ago
Yeah y'all love it here in Georgia and god bless America
Ariel Wilkerson
'Ariel Wilkerson' 6 days ago
im actually blessed i was raised in a small town and idk what i wouldve turned out to be if I was raised in the city.....I miss being in a small town 💘 Grown up listening to country music and its in my blood💘
Johna Coffey
'Johna Coffey' 6 days ago
I can feel the spirit
Dennis Ortiz
'Dennis Ortiz' 1 week ago
if you like this song you should have the decency to be a fucking nice human being, don't be assessment to people, we're all humans, don't resort to hate because of someone's color it's stupid
Nathan Towler
'Nathan Towler' 1 week ago
Not available on amazon for the UK :(
Dallas Nateweyes
'Dallas Nateweyes' 1 week ago
Natalia Olvera
'Natalia Olvera' 1 week ago
Samara Waldner
'Samara Waldner' 1 week ago
love this song.
Span Cactus
'Span Cactus' 1 week ago
wtf is this trash music
cs 31
'cs 31' 1 week ago
legendary song
Nathan Chevrier
'Nathan Chevrier' 2 weeks ago
Haha I have those same pair of American flag boots That dude that was wearin. Is basically me
Abigail Campbell
'Abigail Campbell' 2 weeks ago
love this so much!!!!!!!!!!
'Trunxks' 2 weeks ago
love the vibe of the song....beautiful
Khilee Bundy
'Khilee Bundy' 2 weeks ago
I like this song
Trent Myers
'Trent Myers' 2 weeks ago
César Manuel Brito Orsinys
i like it, sound amazing.
Wolf Woman
'Wolf Woman' 2 weeks ago
American Spirit <3 God Bless America -
Kristina Renee
'Kristina Renee' 2 weeks ago
Love this song! 💜
tamim tawfiq
'tamim tawfiq' 2 weeks ago
This song should be olayed on Trump's Inauguration
'Nibelheim' 2 weeks ago
What a refreshing song!
Goten Trunks
'Goten Trunks' 2 weeks ago
Love love love it
Holli Green
'Holli Green' 2 weeks ago
Just heard this song, and I totally love it. Lovely.
jordan mcguire
'jordan mcguire' 2 weeks ago
Gotta say this is his best👍🏻
Matthew Johnson
'Matthew Johnson' 2 weeks ago
I'm friends with Thomas Rhett's grandma
Derek Hayner
'Derek Hayner' 2 weeks ago
Is this the next single?
'BAGE SEVEN.' 2 weeks ago
Hello Thomas great music from your fan Jerry Thomas ;ET.5™^÷∆®©
Keyz 1776
'Keyz 1776' 2 weeks ago
Arabian Spirit!! May Allah be with all you White american people!!
Destany Gonzales
'Destany Gonzales' 2 weeks ago
GasSubWild 8101
'GasSubWild 8101' 2 weeks ago
Gage Bowens
'Gage Bowens' 2 weeks ago
Thomas Rhett is probley one of the best country singers and people say country is all about trucks dip girls and guns but this song isent really its about America witch I like
Della Sledge
'Della Sledge' 2 weeks ago
Alfred Barrera
'Alfred Barrera' 2 weeks ago
Accident counterpart wake transaction slope association hardly extended little.
If f
'If f' 2 weeks ago
Now this is what a good country hook sounds like
'Asanderrodrigues' 2 weeks ago
Digging this kind of country is pretty rough. Here in Brazil people think you're an american crawler if you do, if I talk about it to my friend in Boston he thinks it's cheesy, and if I talk to my friend in Arkansas this is "not real country". To hell with that, whatever you wanna call it, this is the best genre ever.
'Englishbus77' 2 weeks ago
Great song. Thank for subtitles...
Donna Robertd
'Donna Robertd' 2 weeks ago
yes he is a very awesome singer and love the video...
Daphne McGee (Tord)
'Daphne McGee (Tord)' 2 weeks ago
you can sing so good that's one special gift you have
Santa Cruz California
pure garbage with no soul
David Moore
'David Moore' 2 weeks ago
nice little song!!
Camani Vega
'Camani Vega' 2 weeks ago
I did😂😂😂
Moses Kelly
'Moses Kelly' 2 weeks ago
Love this song!
Vikrant Yonzone
'Vikrant Yonzone' 2 weeks ago
I am Indian but I love the American Spirit
Vikrant Yonzone
'Vikrant Yonzone' 2 weeks ago
He needs help in the US. I live in India. read and decide. just sharing cause I Salute American Spirit.
Laynee Bremer
'Laynee Bremer' 2 weeks ago
Love this song and all country music I dont like pop music very much though
Teniko Dunham
'Teniko Dunham' 2 weeks ago
this song is cool
Tildie Scale
'Tildie Scale' 2 weeks ago
now THIS is music
Alain Bruno
'Alain Bruno' 2 weeks ago
I don't understand the dislikes.
Evie Dye
'Evie Dye' 2 weeks ago
i dont like a lot of country but im a HUGE thomas rhett fan! 😍
Vivian Vasquez
'Vivian Vasquez' 2 weeks ago
As a teen from LA, this song doesn't bring back any nostalgia for me lol but I appreciate his voice and the meaning behind it. I've never been to a barn or seen a tractor in the hustle-bustle city, but perhaps one day I'll visit middle America and see what it's all about. I don't know if I'd be totally accepted because I'm Mexican and I don't speak Spanish or match a lot of the stereotypes, but I'm sure people are nice and accepting in the country just like in the city. :)
Finland Jaruttjinda
'Finland Jaruttjinda' 2 weeks ago
I think I'm falling for him
Bevano- vich
'Bevano- vich' 2 weeks ago
Booboo Johnson
'Booboo Johnson' 2 weeks ago
I like the gentleness of his guitar.
Dolly Diaz,anderson
'Dolly Diaz,anderson' 2 weeks ago
Guillermo I like this Muise it nice for me I could not find you husben i unstand that you told me to go home but where home if it not with you
nice song thank you know wonder you merryed me for your green card you really wanted to see that other women at the store iam your wife and she is the othere women nice song i what to meat her my husband i what to see your other wife that you been lieing to me and God. so why did you merry me car pro
Kennedy Hayden
'Kennedy Hayden' 2 weeks ago
absolutely love this song and your music Thomas!!
Lisa Krause
'Lisa Krause' 2 weeks ago
Interaction iron photo then nut edition.
Karen Duenas
'Karen Duenas' 2 weeks ago
im not stalking anything or anybody ever but when u go somewhere that family is i cant help but hear it jusf unreal u held thst from me 5 months hey
Aaron Cogan
'Aaron Cogan' 2 weeks ago
That's the 2017 Country music I wanna hear!
Arianna Mejia
'Arianna Mejia' 2 weeks ago
I love you Rhett with all my country heart
Jeff Hersey
'Jeff Hersey' 2 weeks ago
This reminds me of bo burnham.
Merida Roperti
'Merida Roperti' 2 weeks ago
this song is so accurate
Moses Kelly
'Moses Kelly' 2 weeks ago
This sounds amazing!
Jessie Leal
'Jessie Leal' 2 weeks ago
THIS MAN IS GOING PLACES! Need more songs like this!
Ashyln lea Marks
'Ashyln lea Marks' 2 weeks ago
<3 lovee this song
Follow Through
'Follow Through' 2 weeks ago
I love this guy
Andrew Klismith
'Andrew Klismith' 2 weeks ago
You've done it again Mr. Rhett. Amazing song. Thank you.
Michael Jennings
'Michael Jennings' 2 weeks ago
what a great feeling song
Damn this is why I love country music so much
it always gives me a nostalgic feeling
TheReal JayZarco
'TheReal JayZarco' 2 weeks ago
Do a song with lil yachty 😂
Lee Lemons
'Lee Lemons' 2 weeks ago
Why pretend you can play the guitar?, its obvious and pathetic.
gillian owens
'gillian owens' 2 weeks ago
I love song ❤️👌🏻
Rob Penton
'Rob Penton' 2 weeks ago
best song of 2017 by far ha
Hunter gamer
'Hunter gamer' 2 weeks ago
go American ✝☯🏛
Jennifer Hobbs
'Jennifer Hobbs' 2 weeks ago
Great song
Erald Buba
'Erald Buba' 2 weeks ago
waw ce voz
udsn ussa
'udsn ussa' 2 weeks ago
كس امك
frasher sam
'frasher sam' 2 weeks ago
yes,, american dream is about prosperity and freedom maybe in the end of the song you could also put the national flag of canadia or you only mean of U.S dream?
Robert Wagner
'Robert Wagner' 2 weeks ago
Nice song and video!
Please check out mine, subscribe, like and leave a comment.
Thanks and keep it up !!
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