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Wolfdog Goes On His First Walk Ever -
Published: 6 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 6 months ago

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Kabbalah was rescued from a hoarding situation and had never been on a walk before. I think he enjoys the outdoors :)

Kabbalah was one of 63 animals rescued from a hoarding situation in the Hollywood Hills. He is a mid content wolfdog. He lived in a house and was never taken outside the tiny yard until animal control came. Animal control had him in the shelter for 5 months, but just a week before he was set to go to his forever home at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary he was found in his kennel lying in his feces unable to get up. He was rushed to The Little Angels Project, a nonprofit organization which provides drastically discounted veterinary care to animal sanctuaries. After a few days of intensive treatment, he really started to bounce back and come out of his shell, so we decided to take him on a walk. Seeing him go from a tail tucked, terrified animal to a confident, playful, happy boy was the most amazing privilege. He has come so far I'm such a short period of time, and we know he will continue to thrive and grow in his new home.

All proceeds from this video will be donated to The Little Angels Project to help them continue to save and change lives. You can also help by donating here:

Darken NoShinka
'Darken NoShinka' 3 weeks ago
He likes the rocks
Johnny C
'Johnny C' 3 months ago
Wait a minute, I heard about Kabbalah once. He ended up with you?! You're doing great, Sarah. You're doing great.
Garren Schiller
'Garren Schiller' 3 months ago
I'd love to walk him. He's so cute, and truth be told i saw some real wolves before. I'd like to see you Ma'am
'Jason93609' 4 months ago
Kabbalah: "I have a CUNNING plan! I'm going to rub my coat in this little puddle of pee! I truly am a genius."
'Walon' 4 months ago
do they make decent pets?
Super Derpy Sayian
'Super Derpy Sayian' 5 months ago
To cute😍😍😍
Silentsapphire LPS
'Silentsapphire LPS' 5 months ago
All of your wolves are so adorable! This video made my day. Its so pleasing to see such wonderful and in this case loving wolves! ;)
Anneka Svenska
'Anneka Svenska' 5 months ago
bless him (youre doing a great job) x
Toxic Jay
'Toxic Jay' 5 months ago
'RoadRunner' 6 months ago
"aaaall these shmells!!! it's amaaazing!" :)
Amiya Fobs
'Amiya Fobs' 6 months ago
Is she a mid content? Btw this is amazing :D
Shining Diamond
'Shining Diamond' 6 months ago
How do you keep a wolf from getting too hyper while walking? Aren't they super strong?
Mazinho Moraes
'Mazinho Moraes' 6 months ago
nolan uribe
'nolan uribe' 6 months ago
howl like the tiger wolf
this makes me think of sasha my old wolfdog that died of diesie she was a good dog thank you to the creator of this video to help me remember the good times :')
Bernadette Parham
'Bernadette Parham' 6 months ago
i love wolfs
Joseph The Alpha Wolf
Clever wolfie friend :)
1st508th Airborne
'1st508th Airborne' 6 months ago
Congratulations and kudos to those who rescued him. As a Animal Warden for 13yrs I see these situations all too often. I enjoy your channel :-) .
'Puff,TheMagic' 6 months ago
Owh what a cutie <3
'Peter' 6 months ago
Where can i buy one as a pet?
Charlie X
'Charlie X' 6 months ago
That's great stuff
'wrexshunt' 6 months ago
why did he roll over on that spot ?
'WillyTheComposer' 6 months ago
It always makes my day when I see that this channel posted a new video.
Jeffrey Lane
'Jeffrey Lane' 6 months ago
Kabbalah is awesome, strong work!
Money-Bags Modmann
'Money-Bags Modmann' 6 months ago
"What is this?"
"I shall investigate by pushing my entire body into it."
Magatards Life
'Magatards Life' 6 months ago
How did people react when they saw the wolf?
'cedrik9' 6 months ago
'chrisrus1965' 6 months ago
That doesn't look safe. What if it wants one day to bolt for some unknown reason? That handler doesn't seem heavy enough to hold the animal back.
Gothic Boy
'Gothic Boy' 6 months ago
awww what's he's name
Hoàng Higo
'Hoàng Higo' 6 months ago
So cute
Damien Patrick
'Damien Patrick' 6 months ago
SO cute!
'MiguelGGM' 6 months ago
beats my German shepherd...
mvt 997
'mvt 997' 6 months ago
this is one of the channels on youtube that i love. keep up the good work
אסף מוקי
'אסף מוקי' 6 months ago
I love this channel
Terabyte Axis
'Terabyte Axis' 6 months ago
" what did i do that was so special to you humans, eh? "
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