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Luna the Wolfdog is Happy We're Home -
Published: 3 years ago By: The Dro

By: The DroPublished: 3 years ago

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Mel and i got back home from our anniversary dinner and Luna, our wolfdog, was really excited to see us and was being extremely sweet.

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Joseph Moukhlisovich Skuratovsky
im curious as how she's behaving now! i saw another vid of yours and was amazed by how well trained she is but she was a puppy, is she still as obedient? and how do you compare it to a pure GSD? you mentioned she's gsd/wolf mix, is she a low or mid content? and how big is she now? sorry many questions but im really amazed! and curious lol
'mexmex2' 3 days ago
SimplyBrina *
'SimplyBrina *' 4 days ago
cute i wolfdogs could never own one but they are so beautiful
Ashish Kumar
'Ashish Kumar' 5 days ago
pradip Singh
'pradip Singh' 2 weeks ago
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Modi chai wala Daal wala army
I think she is sex mode
Edison Ramba
'Edison Ramba' 2 weeks ago
apa lagi lihat ngentot sama anjing tambah hoooooot
'Valtrass69' 3 weeks ago
If i was the wolfdog ,i would lick the milk out of those titties.
a b
'a b' 3 weeks ago
عج فقل
'ginzod' 3 weeks ago
I didn't know a wolf can be domesticated like that.......
'MARK.X9MM9X.MOROS' 3 weeks ago
'Consti' 4 weeks ago
luna reminds me of shepherd dogs
'rickster348' 4 weeks ago
- I wouldn't let the thing lick me in the mouth, that's disgusting.
سامح محمد
'سامح محمد' 1 month ago
انا عوز فهم في سعودي
Monster9500 _Loover
'Monster9500 _Loover' 1 month ago
Hey! I love watching your beautiful Luna! And I have been thinking on getting a wolfdog...... I understand that so many people are against it and stuff and that you really don't know what you would end up with when you adopt..... But, I really like how Luna is. She is so sweet and I love the way she plays. So, I was wondering where you got her. Please reply as soon as possible. 
James Coyle
'James Coyle' 1 month ago
Sexy woman x
Richard De Boer
'Richard De Boer' 1 month ago
Lets take a wolfdog and build an yail in ur housse for it
Lawrence Lepes
'Lawrence Lepes' 1 month ago
Beautiful dog!
Abdulnassar Rayammarakjar
rick lastname
'rick lastname' 2 months ago
I have one of the tiniest dogs in the world on my YouTube channel she's probably two and a half ounces she could sleep in a teacup
Arif Akash
'Arif Akash' 2 months ago
Martin Vazquez
'Martin Vazquez' 2 months ago
Eddie Agaga
'Eddie Agaga' 2 months ago
I m Eddie
Wolfreespirit Rebel
'Wolfreespirit Rebel' 2 months ago
I can service you and give you the best TGIF orgasm ever, then ride you like you need, I will inseminate you to make you mine.
Robert Richmond (Robert Downey Jr.)
you live in palmetto Florida?
karthi king
'karthi king' 2 months ago
Jorn Futtrup
'Jorn Futtrup' 2 months ago
pornofilm. dk
victor martinez
'victor martinez' 2 months ago
arul parul
'arul parul' 2 months ago
waduh enak manusia dengan manusia,, knp dngan hewan lanjut film ny...
salsabila amelia
'salsabila amelia' 2 months ago
putar pelem boke
Soni Agarwal
'Soni Agarwal' 2 months ago
Karan Molpariya
'Karan Molpariya' 2 months ago
Phong Le
'Phong Le' 2 months ago
rahul Mangal
'rahul Mangal' 2 months ago
Lerato Seema
'Lerato Seema' 2 months ago
'DogEmperor' 2 months ago
Roog! Roog!
garme ba (100)
'garme ba (100)' 2 months ago
louve 69
'louve 69' 2 months ago
Asoke Mukherjee
'Asoke Mukherjee' 2 months ago
show me the vdo of Regent Restaurants speciality.
Майл Инфо
'Майл Инфо' 2 months ago
Фуууууууу!вы не Люди а Сатани!походу ето Шлюха будет сним спать!
Alberto Ferreira Dos Santos
fodar. com. minino
Irfan Medicate
'Irfan Medicate' 2 months ago
Ramo ivan Mateo
'Ramo ivan Mateo' 2 months ago
nomas le farto hacer una cosa a esa mujer con ese perro
Creative House
'Creative House' 2 months ago
crazy dog....
Gsjgs Vsjs
'Gsjgs Vsjs' 2 months ago
Rosita Rose
'Rosita Rose' 2 months ago
ur dog as tall as u
Hallmark Garland
'Hallmark Garland' 2 months ago
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Erwan Letissier
'Erwan Letissier' 3 months ago
si la dame veut m adopter mes valises sont prêtes 😂😂😂
Souchun seglee
'Souchun seglee' 3 months ago
Joseph Monaco
'Joseph Monaco' 3 months ago
Hey Dro. Send me this video. Now you got my curiosity. Waiting.
Joseph Monaco
'Joseph Monaco' 3 months ago
Why are you afraid of her kisses?
Toxic Jay
'Toxic Jay' 3 months ago
good girl Luna!
Toxic Jay
'Toxic Jay' 3 months ago
good girl Luna!
Doyour ownthing
'Doyour ownthing' 3 months ago
does wolf dog mean it's not 100% wolf?
'chekerz123456789' 4 months ago
Douchey comment warning: damn bro your gf is hawt. Lol
Daniel Owen
'Daniel Owen' 4 months ago
Dro is that your girlfriend? She's hot!!!
MLP Moon Light™ (Patata Light)
That beauty is !!
'dexxx818' 4 months ago
shit, I'd be happy your fine ass was was home also.
abo omar
'abo omar' 4 months ago
nice tits
Saed Magaag
'Saed Magaag' 4 months ago
thats a sexy bitch....and im not talking about the dog
Ilir Halili
'Ilir Halili' 4 months ago
how cannot he be happy with you sweet dame
Ken McNulty
'Ken McNulty' 4 months ago
I can see GSD, but see more wolf like features. Beautiful animal.
'titanio784' 5 months ago
wonderful... boobs!
Fennec 909
'Fennec 909' 5 months ago
She's so cute 😋
The Dummyblondes
'The Dummyblondes' 6 months ago
Stupid me 🤓read an earlier comment. Saw the Gsd bit.
The Dummyblondes
'The Dummyblondes' 6 months ago
Hi loving the cuddles from Luna.Was just wondering what the 'dog' part of Luna is? Shepherd?
SheIsntReal 0_0 (GhostofaGirl)
Awwwwwe such a cute furbaby!!! 😍
ChuTheWolfPup _
'ChuTheWolfPup _' 6 months ago
u shouldn't be googoo aww to dogs like that because once u actually talk normal to that dog it isnt gonna understand
ben clinton
'ben clinton' 6 months ago
@ 2:00 the dog was trying to get some head
Katelyn Baguley
'Katelyn Baguley' 6 months ago
is this a wolf?
Sam Dee
'Sam Dee' 6 months ago
Dogs and wolfs are enemies of islam
'rx0788' 6 months ago
Cute wolf cute girl but the wolf is slightly uncomfortable don't you think
Spicy Berries
'Spicy Berries' 6 months ago
People seem to forget, wolves are WILD animals
'mymsong' 6 months ago
sexy pie.
Amy Annunziata
'Amy Annunziata' 7 months ago
Aww! She really loves her mommy! So cute! 😊😊
'PrimalNewsNetwork' 7 months ago
My rottweiler is bigger
'na9oor765' 7 months ago
his holding her boobs
Daily Madness
'Daily Madness' 7 months ago
you guys should really put him in a natural reserve Wolf dogs wont live for long in a house but their better off out in the wild . and there not house dogs there half wolf and half dog there totally unpredictable
'theeternalwisdom' 7 months ago
the wolf prob fucks her
Jeffrey Cooper
'Jeffrey Cooper' 7 months ago
That is a beautiful animal bro. Not as big as I thought though
Miesha Williams
'Miesha Williams' 7 months ago
how do you put her away since she gets anxious and destroys things?
'tomkat69pc' 8 months ago
nice dog ..
Joshua Simpson
'Joshua Simpson' 8 months ago
how much land does a wolf need, because I might get one
Jason Mills
'Jason Mills' 8 months ago
looks to be a timber wolf. Your other video shows your dog in the backyard howling. You definitely have the proper fence. Good luck with the wolf.
'AlexusMaximusDE' 8 months ago
Yes that's not forced at all "LUNA COME HERE!"
Azim Hussain
'Azim Hussain' 8 months ago
What a beautiful creature. Wish I had one :( The wolfdog is also cute...
'bigart1993' 8 months ago
The wolfdog is seriously thinking about "motor boating"!(Wedding Crashers)
Raphiel Israel
'Raphiel Israel' 8 months ago
You sure she not into beastialty
Nes Nej
'Nes Nej' 8 months ago
Thats one amazing bitch. The dog is nice too.
'T1Brit' 8 months ago
I love that kind of body. No not the fucking dog
No German Superman
'No German Superman' 8 months ago
Sirius? Is that you?
Jdhdhh تhddhd
'Jdhdhh تhddhd' 8 months ago
'Vanna' 9 months ago
Lmao the poor cat just stayed there awkwardly not sure if they should stay or just leave. Poor kitty. Your wife's gorgeous btw, but I'm sure you already know! (:
Phil Gallagher
'Phil Gallagher' 9 months ago
Cute girls
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