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Luna the Wolfdog is Happy We're Home -
Published: 3 years ago By: The Dro

By: The DroPublished: 3 years ago

7, 932, 704 views

4, 835 Likes   2, 909 Dislikes

Mel and i got back home from our anniversary dinner and Luna, our wolfdog, was really excited to see us and was being extremely sweet.

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'F G' 3 hours ago
موحلو بسممتع
Arthur Kirkland
'Arthur Kirkland' 20 hours ago
When I saw the like to dislike ratio I thought that something controversial happened in the video but when I watched it there was nothing wrong with it so.....what the hell?
Siddharth Bhattacharjee
ohhh...look at the poor cat in 2:13... it's so needs pampering too... the dog was getting the pampering and the poor cat was feeling so bad ... I could sense it...
Siddharth Bhattacharjee
who are those stupid idiots, who disliked this video? this video is very cute..
Joseph Bateman
'Joseph Bateman' 5 days ago
did you lot just assume her gender!?
Major Mayhem
'Major Mayhem' 2 weeks ago
Lucky dog!
Jose Montano
'Jose Montano' 2 weeks ago
wish I was that wolf
Dharam Chandr
'Dharam Chandr' 3 weeks ago
Johan de Boer
'Johan de Boer' 3 weeks ago
this must be a very s[ecia; moment for both... she was missing you and you were missing her...
Ted Mason
'Ted Mason' 4 weeks ago
Think this is very cool. Glad you guys are taking care of this beautiful animal. rock on
'MrCheeseGaming' 4 weeks ago
That's... quite a large dislike:like ratio. What's wrong with these people?
surip Mbah
'surip Mbah' 4 weeks ago
dangerous withoud commonded human beeing regulstion amoral
Kostas Mx
'Kostas Mx' 4 weeks ago
I think that this Wolfydog Luna is very happy , becouse she's getting so much love from you.., the truth is that I would be the same happy with you.., Just kidding :) you both are Very beautiful. I love very much wolfves and dogs more than people some times..,
Tony Ciano
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Timo Lindroos
'Timo Lindroos' 1 month ago
Beatiful wolfie! Give so many kisses! :)
'1970harleybike' 1 month ago
Lets show off the tattoos ... yeah yeah we get you have tattoos big deal.........
Alexis Brewer
'Alexis Brewer' 1 month ago
does she have a big yard at least??? treat a wolf like a wolf. not ment for in houze
Snapchat : Jeffreywise
Why am i turned on ?
Manoharan g
'Manoharan g' 1 month ago
always with me
Gabriel Ramkumar
'Gabriel Ramkumar' 1 month ago
SHE IS SO ADORIBLE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Laura Lopez
'Laura Lopez' 1 month ago
my name is Luna
Mohamed Aboyosef
'Mohamed Aboyosef' 1 month ago
Cöl Aslani
'Cöl Aslani' 1 month ago
insanlar hayvanlaşmiş aslında ikisine kafasına sikacan ben zevkle oldurum böyle yaratıkları bunlar yaratık
Alvin Darkstar
'Alvin Darkstar' 1 month ago
2:40... the dawg knows...
John Smith
'John Smith' 2 months ago
nice real nice
Ajitkumar Ajitkumar
'Ajitkumar Ajitkumar' 2 months ago
xxx bf mov
'MANI KUMAR' 2 months ago
So beautiful
ملك الاحساس
هنياله شابع بوس اكثر مني
Hasan Boz
'Hasan Boz' 2 months ago
Johan de Boer
'Johan de Boer' 2 months ago
so sweet and lovely to see this
Milan Knittel
'Milan Knittel' 2 months ago
Hoa Phạm
'Hoa Phạm' 2 months ago
phiem sext chu cho dinh ngoi
'norfolktwinkle' 2 months ago
look at her giving momma kisses such a soppy girl 💜
sami Domit
'sami Domit' 2 months ago
شاب بدو بنت
'pfalky2k' 2 months ago
she is an absolute treasure
Nigar Hashmi
'Nigar Hashmi' 2 months ago
'HS SH' 2 months ago
so do you sleeping with him too?
'Chooong7' 2 months ago
If i got that close for sure we havin babies
Emily Sheldon
'Emily Sheldon' 2 months ago
no offense but this is not right I have always wanted one but they are meant to be wild and to Rome freely
Krory Demir
'Krory Demir' 2 months ago
bazen kopek olmak istersin
berti ganteng londah
'berti ganteng londah' 2 months ago
berti londa
'藤齋' 3 months ago
i wanna be the dog
Iis Iswari
'Iis Iswari' 3 months ago
ramanand yadav
'ramanand yadav' 3 months ago
ramanand yadav
JCurlz Callahan
'JCurlz Callahan' 3 months ago
sexy bsh
Joseph Moukhlisovich Skuratovsky
im curious as how she's behaving now! i saw another vid of yours and was amazed by how well trained she is but she was a puppy, is she still as obedient? and how do you compare it to a pure GSD? you mentioned she's gsd/wolf mix, is she a low or mid content? and how big is she now? sorry many questions but im really amazed! and curious lol
'mexmex2' 3 months ago
YokoRina __
'YokoRina __' 3 months ago
cute i wolfdogs could never own one but they are so beautiful
Ashish Kumar
'Ashish Kumar' 3 months ago
pradip Singh
'pradip Singh' 3 months ago
sex ke liy call lady girl 9474031705
Jai PAK and Hind
'Jai PAK and Hind' 4 months ago
I think she is sex mode
Edison Ramba
'Edison Ramba' 4 months ago
apa lagi lihat ngentot sama anjing tambah hoooooot
'Valtrass69' 4 months ago
If i was the wolfdog ,i would lick the milk out of those titties.
a b
'a b' 4 months ago
عج فقل
'ginzod' 4 months ago
I didn't know a wolf can be domesticated like that.......
'MARK.X9MM9X.M0R0S' 4 months ago
'Consti' 4 months ago
luna reminds me of shepherd dogs
'rickster348' 4 months ago
- I wouldn't let the thing lick me in the mouth, that's disgusting.
سامح محمد
'سامح محمد' 4 months ago
انا عوز فهم في سعودي
Monster9500 _Loover
'Monster9500 _Loover' 4 months ago
Hey! I love watching your beautiful Luna! And I have been thinking on getting a wolfdog...... I understand that so many people are against it and stuff and that you really don't know what you would end up with when you adopt..... But, I really like how Luna is. She is so sweet and I love the way she plays. So, I was wondering where you got her. Please reply as soon as possible.
James Coyle
'James Coyle' 4 months ago
Sexy woman x
Richard De Boer
'Richard De Boer' 4 months ago
Lets take a wolfdog and build an yail in ur housse for it
Lawrence Lepes
'Lawrence Lepes' 4 months ago
Beautiful dog!
rick lastname
'rick lastname' 5 months ago
I have one of the tiniest dogs in the world on my YouTube channel she's probably two and a half ounces she could sleep in a teacup
Arif Akash
'Arif Akash' 5 months ago
Martin Vazquez
'Martin Vazquez' 5 months ago
Eddie Agaga
'Eddie Agaga' 5 months ago
I m Eddie
Wolfreespirit Rebel
'Wolfreespirit Rebel' 5 months ago
I can service you and give you the best TGIF orgasm ever, then ride you like you need, I will inseminate you to make you mine.
Robert Richmond
'Robert Richmond' 5 months ago
you live in palmetto Florida?
karthi king
'karthi king' 5 months ago
victor martinez
'victor martinez' 5 months ago
arul parul
'arul parul' 5 months ago
waduh enak manusia dengan manusia,, knp dngan hewan lanjut film ny...
salsabila amelia
'salsabila amelia' 5 months ago
putar pelem boke
Soni Agarwal
'Soni Agarwal' 5 months ago
Karan Molpariya
'Karan Molpariya' 5 months ago
Phong Le
'Phong Le' 5 months ago
rahul Mangal
'rahul Mangal' 5 months ago
Lerato Seema
'Lerato Seema' 5 months ago
'DoggFodder' 5 months ago
Roog! Roog!
garme ba
'garme ba' 5 months ago
louve 69
'louve 69' 5 months ago
Asoke Mukherjee
'Asoke Mukherjee' 5 months ago
show me the vdo of Regent Restaurants speciality.
Alberto Ferreira Dos Santos
fodar. com. minino
Irfan Medicate
'Irfan Medicate' 5 months ago
Ramo ivan Mateo
'Ramo ivan Mateo' 5 months ago
nomas le farto hacer una cosa a esa mujer con ese perro
Creative House
'Creative House' 5 months ago
crazy dog....
Rosita Rose
'Rosita Rose' 5 months ago
ur dog as tall as u
Hallmark Garland
'Hallmark Garland' 5 months ago
If you want to Discover The Powerful Dog Training Secrets. Just search google; "galid dog training"
Erwan Letissier
'Erwan Letissier' 6 months ago
si la dame veut m adopter mes valises sont prêtes 😂😂😂
Souchun seglee
'Souchun seglee' 6 months ago
Joseph Monaco
'Joseph Monaco' 6 months ago
Hey Dro. Send me this video. Now you got my curiosity. Waiting.
Joseph Monaco
'Joseph Monaco' 6 months ago
Why are you afraid of her kisses?
Toxic Jay
'Toxic Jay' 6 months ago
good girl Luna!
Toxic Jay
'Toxic Jay' 6 months ago
good girl Luna!
Doyour ownthing
'Doyour ownthing' 6 months ago
does wolf dog mean it's not 100% wolf?
'chekerz123456789' 6 months ago
Douchey comment warning: damn bro your gf is hawt. Lol
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