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Dig Your Roots (Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater NY) -
Published: 8 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 8 months ago

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Florida Georgia Line performs “Dig Your Roots” Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater NY

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Emmaleigh Wurzbacher
I really hope you guys make this single number four for the album. It's a great song, definitely one of your best.
Emily Gosnell
'Emily Gosnell' 2 months ago
god I loved BKs voice
Sandra Heatherly
'Sandra Heatherly' 2 months ago
I'm crying this is beautiful ❤️. I wanna see them live so bad😭
Kristina Jonson
'Kristina Jonson' 2 months ago
Come to the United States 🇺🇸 please
Kristina Jonson
'Kristina Jonson' 2 months ago
Yes I love song cause it has a meaning
Katie M
'Katie M' 2 months ago
sounds just like the recording! so good :p
Matt Maddox
'Matt Maddox' 3 months ago
LOVE BRIAN KELLY dude is a beast
Jacob Hauck
'Jacob Hauck' 3 months ago
Me and my momma loved this band and if she was still here me and her would be driving down the back roads jamming to this song but she passed away on my 15th birthday rip
'NiftyMist' 4 months ago
Glad brian got more of a lead role. He is very talented.
Kelly Mulkey
'Kelly Mulkey' 5 months ago
flagaline are the best i love there music ...bk Taylor yall do a good job i want to hear more
Alley Brown
'Alley Brown' 5 months ago
I love country I love this song just heard it love flg
'ARusso22TV' 6 months ago
cant wait for them to comeback to the tristate area
Jarret Harris
'Jarret Harris' 6 months ago
love the live version!
Tyler Rislund
'Tyler Rislund' 6 months ago
your awesome
'jojo' 6 months ago
I only listen to this song live
Crsn E
'Crsn E' 6 months ago
Wow could this crowd be any more lame
Jacob Hauck
'Jacob Hauck' 7 months ago
come to Denver north carolina
Austin Johnson
'Austin Johnson' 7 months ago
I don't know why on ANY video I seen of any band , type of music, whatever... I see people posting hateful comments towards the musicians. IT'S MUSIC , NOT EVERYBODY IS GONNA HAVE THE SAME TASTE, THERES NO NEED TO POST HATEFUL COMMENTS ON MUSIC YOU DONT LIKE... IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T LISTEN TO IT! I personally met Tyler And Bryan from FGL last year while I was staying in Nashville for college.. and I have to say, they are some of the coolest people I have ever met besides the members of Black Stone Cherry ( which I have known all of my life because I live in the same town as 2 of the members Ben and Jon ). I know I'm going to get hateful comments on this... but I'm just tired of people saying " that's not real country" or " they are more like a boy band " and shit like that... its a matter of opinion. But even if you don't like the music.. you have to atleast think of how hard every single band/musician has had to work to make it where they are today. I appreciate every single musician and band out there even if I don't like the music just because of their hard work, determination, and talent. Except for Kanye west 😂 but that's a different story lol. But seriously people... stop with the hateful comments.
Kathy Bariezas
'Kathy Bariezas' 7 months ago
Love the "love your wife"
'Whitesoxfas08' 7 months ago
People say this album is weak. It's awesome. Yes it's a different pace from the first 2. But this album is still awesome
The Destroyers
'The Destroyers' 7 months ago
Fgl is great to all those fools who are hating.
Tricia Green
'Tricia Green' 7 months ago
I love this song!!!💞💕💖
'icenick100' 8 months ago
This song is so much better live
aubrey saggers
'aubrey saggers' 8 months ago
Love this osng thinks for making it Florida Georgia Line 💗 u
Carter Wagoner
'Carter Wagoner' 8 months ago
This is real country wether you like it or not.
'1banana2kiwis' 8 months ago
A weak FGL track.
Evelyn Kälin
'Evelyn Kälin' 8 months ago
This is f**king perfeeeeeeeeeect !!😭😭💕😍
Suki Flower
'Suki Flower' 8 months ago
nando cumbane
'nando cumbane' 8 months ago
RainDrop _ DropTop
'RainDrop _ DropTop' 8 months ago
I saw this is in concert and I fell in love with this song, I love them so much 😍😍😍
Kim Harrison
'Kim Harrison' 8 months ago
Awesome song! Florida Georgialine ! love you guys!❤❤😍😍😉😉😏😏👍👍👍👍👍👍
Jesse ZtThase
'Jesse ZtThase' 8 months ago
Best song.God bless you
badgr fan
'badgr fan' 8 months ago
this shit sucks. the owners are trying to make everything sound black. you whites better wake up this is lame hippity hop lame CRAP!!
Jacob Simons
'Jacob Simons' 8 months ago
I love FGL, but start wearing some real jeans guys. Seriously, get rid of those skinny jeans.
'southernbrice' 8 months ago
Trying to be Sam hunt
Erin Nicole
'Erin Nicole' 8 months ago
I see so much hate on this video, if you hate country and you know they're country, DON'T FUCKING LISTEN. If you're just a negative person and love negativity and bringing people down with you, be my guest. In my opinion, I love FGL and this song has so much meaning. I love this song and the whole album.
Patrick Lena
'Patrick Lena' 8 months ago
this isn't the stuff on the other 2 it has to grow on me
Atomic Gaming
'Atomic Gaming' 8 months ago
This song made me cry
Paula Loughlin
'Paula Loughlin' 8 months ago
badgr fan
'badgr fan' 8 months ago
shit fucking SUCKS. its so fucking lame had to comment twice.
badgr fan
'badgr fan' 8 months ago
what the fuck is this run dmc??? fuck this rap yo yo yo hippity hop bullshit. damn guys u think your selling out or what. this shit fucking sucks im sorry.
Kadash Johnson
'Kadash Johnson' 8 months ago
the worst of Florida Georgia line.😕 they've done better.
evelyn santos
'evelyn santos' 8 months ago
Kaylie Dunn
'Kaylie Dunn' 8 months ago
I love them
Kaylie Dunn
'Kaylie Dunn' 8 months ago
I love them they did excellent
Kaylie Dunn
'Kaylie Dunn' 8 months ago
love them they did excellent
Kaylie Dunn
'Kaylie Dunn' 8 months ago
love them they did fanomanal
Kaylie Dunn
'Kaylie Dunn' 8 months ago
love them they did phenomenal
Kaylie Dunn
'Kaylie Dunn' 8 months ago
love them they did phenomenal
Sir Robert Bryson Hall II
Good music
Jim Davis
'Jim Davis' 8 months ago
Not a single one of these guys has ever gotten any "mud on their boots"...
Tj Roberts
'Tj Roberts' 8 months ago
love it
Melissa S
'Melissa S' 8 months ago
theses guys are truly amazing
Ivana Dakovic
'Ivana Dakovic' 8 months ago
'shotguntiffaye' 8 months ago
just seen them do this live ( pittsburgh pa ) tonight and it was amazing can't wait to hear the studio version. ❤❤❤⏳⏳⏳
Lisa Shinn
'Lisa Shinn' 8 months ago
Story video please.. best song ever.. all about family .. love, this Song
'Punkinspice33' 8 months ago
loooove this song
Karin Mickos
'Karin Mickos' 8 months ago
I love this song so much, because it has a great message. where I'm from, few young people are proud of coming from this town. they want a bettrr life away from here. but I'll always be priud of this place.
Hunter White
'Hunter White' 8 months ago
If you guys have nothing nice to say of Florida Georgia line then don't comment
Michael Sinclair
'Michael Sinclair' 8 months ago
Dig your roots is great.your are great people to listen to.God bless y'all for your work.
Reece Schmit
'Reece Schmit' 8 months ago
Reece Schmit
'Reece Schmit' 8 months ago
Jimmie Johnson
'Jimmie Johnson' 8 months ago
love your songs Florida georgia line
Reece Schmit
'Reece Schmit' 8 months ago
FGL can you please reply that would be amazing
Alisha Vlogs
'Alisha Vlogs' 8 months ago
Love FGL AND #1and ONLYbaby showing some love from Madison ms
mother trucker
'mother trucker' 8 months ago
fuck you fgl your music was good now its fuckin shitty, kinda like Justin beiber or whatever it got to hype to quick.
Cody Lane Durrett
'Cody Lane Durrett' 8 months ago
this is a damn good song
Amy Hurt
'Amy Hurt' 8 months ago
They have to do a Europe tour 😍😅
Lucas Marshall
'Lucas Marshall' 8 months ago
Studio version pleaseeee
Anna McClary
'Anna McClary' 8 months ago
I love these two men!! They are great! Love every song they have!! My all time favorite song of theirs is Holy. This song is great too!! They are amazing singers and song writers!! #fgl
Phelicia Navajo
'Phelicia Navajo' 8 months ago
❤❤❤❤I love Florida Georgia line!! beautiful song... 💋
Cj Fletcher
'Cj Fletcher' 8 months ago
Barbara Bolen
'Barbara Bolen' 8 months ago
i love it💙
Kerris Clark
'Kerris Clark' 8 months ago
My Boys been Killing #FGLTxGang
'stlegend22' 8 months ago
amazing song❤
'BrendanMaxwellMusic' 8 months ago
This entire new album is by far the BEST FGL has made. Love it!
Isabelle Baracho
'Isabelle Baracho' 8 months ago
you guys are awesomeeeeee 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Chris Corry
'Chris Corry' 8 months ago
Amazing ❤️
'SuperMarioAiden' 8 months ago
'SuperMarioAiden' 8 months ago
João Paulo
'João Paulo' 8 months ago
second !! Like very !!! F.G.L
Alterion 23
'Alterion 23' 8 months ago
Love it
Alterion 23
'Alterion 23' 8 months ago
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