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Beyoncé - Superpower ft. Frank Ocean -
Published: 2 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

15, 832, 704 views

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Deborah Ugochukwu
'Deborah Ugochukwu' 14 hours ago
I cant get enougt of this song♥♥♥
Karoliny Fernandes
Gregory Oliphant
'Gregory Oliphant' 4 days ago
I prefer this over formation. I think people liked formation because of its catchiness and pop appeal. I LOVE when she sings like this. tone is so fuller so her mid belts are so soothing yet powerful.
'sayurifrogs09' 1 week ago
why are her songs too slow 🤔🤔🤔
Seudonimo De tauro
la revolución de lxs modelos
Rodrigo Cervada Rodriguuez
soy el unico que se dio cuenta de que sale Pharrel Williams?
'DirtyMain863' 1 week ago
o snap this is where chris brown party video was
Kywaun Jackson
'Kywaun Jackson' 2 weeks ago
She never sung this song live...I wonder why?
'Staejae' 2 weeks ago
4:17 is that luke james in da cut 😩😍
Leila Luna
'Leila Luna' 2 weeks ago
love this Song ♡
jayjay Sandhu
'jayjay Sandhu' 2 weeks ago
all the creds goes to frank ocean for writing that song
Anane Mbaye
'Anane Mbaye' 4 weeks ago
I love Beyoncé. Her music is my medicine.
Ry Ross
'Ry Ross' 4 weeks ago
she brought famous black artist its true what would happen without black live
Tshepo Gabasie
'Tshepo Gabasie' 4 weeks ago
I can't get over Frank's voice, I can't explain mayn
Luhla Majebe
'Luhla Majebe' 1 month ago
Angel Cisneros
'Angel Cisneros' 1 month ago
Kelly is allowed to look into the camera but Michelle isn't 💀💀💀
TayTay BeyNippy
'TayTay BeyNippy' 1 month ago
Who knew "Superpower" was about police brutality???
pri ́s lifestyle
'pri ́s lifestyle' 1 month ago
their clothes are crazy
hackonovastreet juarez
It's dope knowing I've actually been to that mall but those cars aren't actually there.
'Faisal09' 1 month ago
I saw this place before 🤔
Mark Munson
'Mark Munson' 1 month ago
Joelle Davis
'Joelle Davis' 1 month ago
PAUSE.... is that Luke James beside Kelly at 4:16? 👀
melissa pappas
'melissa pappas' 1 month ago
Everyone has struggles, Not just one race, it is not just blacks, white People have struggles also,,Lets educate Ourselves instead of looking for excuses.
crap flap
'crap flap' 1 month ago
beyonce could literally release a song that only had fart noises in it and you sheep would still worship her and call it art.
'EM3' 1 month ago
this is gay lol
Eric Tarver
'Eric Tarver' 1 month ago
This song is amazing!!!! I am in love with it even more now...and Frank Ocean vocals are a added bonus. What a duet......
'mediaman46' 1 month ago
read where it was said Rihanna's "Love on the Brain" was sounding like this. I can see soulful roots of simular style, but not copied.
Vals Gal
'Vals Gal' 1 month ago
Just saw that 666 on a girl's shirt and I instantly stopped watching this video. WTF?
Shah Latona
'Shah Latona' 1 month ago
Honestly I never saw this video till now and it turned not only one of my favourite songs at the moment but of all time and especially the music video too. It's sad that in a few years, we'll see the reality in this world like we saw in the video. But we all have a superpower that can overcome obstacles in life, and that is Love!!! Thank you Beyoncé for showing us that we are Unity and we are UNSTOPPABLE!!!
Nuno Pinheiro
'Nuno Pinheiro' 1 month ago
Superpower= Girl with a 666 tshirt at 2:13... f outta here bitch
Jaliel Trotter
'Jaliel Trotter' 1 month ago
So where is frank ocean lol I see everybody but him 🙄
Andres Rivera
'Andres Rivera' 1 month ago
love is power but not superpower always remember that
Andres Rivera
'Andres Rivera' 1 month ago
there aint no such thing as superpower is a myth dont believe this unrealistic ok there is no proof thats real if superpower is real
'808Fdup' 1 month ago

INSTAGRAM: @CashGameApparel
Jaymar Hardesty
'Jaymar Hardesty' 1 month ago
Beyonce is so clear on her message here. Lemonade was served after the buffet ;)
Martieno Johnson
'Martieno Johnson' 1 month ago
Frank ocean wrote this song for her he didn't want to be on it he told her it's for you she made him get on the song but he ain't want to be in the video
Clarissa Urban
'Clarissa Urban' 1 month ago
She is so obsessed with the African culture that she constantly cooperates it in her choreography at least we know Africa is beautiful regardless what the media says! I used to be a hardcore fan but naaah she's evil and dark hearted! If I wanted to be famous I would of been #proof I'm glad I declined the offer! The industry isn't what it seems! Evil, unoriginal, snakes, fakes, users, ugly hearts, all things our generation don't need! It's truly disgusting! I got a taster of it and it's foul! Soon you'll see the results through Gods promised work!
Clarissa Urban
'Clarissa Urban' 1 month ago
Beyoncé has a ugly soul and a ugly heart! Most fail to realise. On my daughters life she has said some extremely hurtful things about me and she truly isn't who she makes out to be! She is envious of many females but it always looks like the girls are envious of her cz she's famous. Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole, Aaliyah, JLo, Farrah, Latavia, letoya, Kim, Teairra Mari, so many more the list goes on honestly she is the real hater! She's done a lot of nasty rituals to get to where she is. She hates on upcoming artists FACT proof she's now done the same with me and I actually showed her so much love and respect on my Instagram page and she still found it in her to insult me. Karma will strike her indeed! Good luck to her copying my ideas on my Smule videos. God will reveal what's in the dark! You'll see! Let her feel like she's winning! When you win ultimately you lose! Beyoncé the hating witch undercover whore! Unoriginal! Desperate and OLD! Hating on young ones yuk!
'HEBERT GRAUBERT' 1 month ago
Mary Wilson
'Mary Wilson' 1 month ago
B gone get y'all fuck up don't go charging at no dam police 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.
calimade bree
'calimade bree' 2 months ago
did anyone peep Luke James??
zakaya Brooks
'zakaya Brooks' 2 months ago
good song!!!??
Kinho Tube
'Kinho Tube' 2 months ago
byonce a melhor de todas !
Shelby Beaubrun
'Shelby Beaubrun' 2 months ago
I'm just thinking them against Donald Trump!! 😂😂😂 And the fuckin stupid wall
Hay15Girl -
'Hay15Girl -' 2 months ago
Why is this the first time I hear this song? I might have lived under a rock...
Cyril Figgis
'Cyril Figgis' 2 months ago
aiesha vivian moore
'aiesha vivian moore' 2 months ago
Rihanna definitely got love on the brain from this.they need to combine the two songs as a remix
Laughuntilyoucry Cryuntilyoulaugh
This was terrible.
Imani Robinson
'Imani Robinson' 2 months ago
god made this world for people to be in peace and harmony so we would love one another but that took a huge turn and now America is one of the most ugliest most beatifuliest most disgusting country ever so what this song basically means is that we need to stand together as a country and fight against all evil but building a wall so immagrants couldn't get in, starts an even bigger war than letting them to just come in to the counrty freely so this is a war that is bound to go on for many years but we can prevent that. This ladies and gentalmen is how we make america great again in peace and harmony
'SNYC NICESLA' 2 months ago
fucking incredible love beyonce ;-)
Dee Rich Houston
'Dee Rich Houston' 2 months ago
sexy ride or die Queen
Chase Riley
'Chase Riley' 2 months ago
This song is demonic and evil. The "Superpower" she's referring to is Satan's power; this "love" or "tough love" she refers to is also evil. Look at the signs they're holding..."Obey the love". Then there's this line ... "The laws of the world never stopped us once". Who's job is it to uphold the laws of the world--police. Fast forward to here formation music video where she sinks a police car under water. This woman is a witch!
'SKYTZOSAUROS' 2 months ago
5:08 such a bunch of models that no one in this casting can even really imagine what it would be like to be in situation like that, they can't even communicate the concept of this scene through facial expressions. All but that one blonde guy on the left!
julian w
'julian w' 2 months ago
I feel like this song is so underrated, it's soooo good though!
Helene Oldeide
'Helene Oldeide' 2 months ago
I love the Destiny's Child reunion part in the end!
MIRAnda trejo
'MIRAnda trejo' 2 months ago
i hope im not the only one whos watching this in 2017
Terrnisha Garner
'Terrnisha Garner' 2 months ago
I KNOW I'm not the only one who think Rihanna definitely tried to remake this song and add her own twist with Love On The Brain the medley sounds exactly the same
Ray Ray
'Ray Ray' 2 months ago
Only Beyonce can wear something like that and still slay.
'GMZSHNGL' 2 months ago
Sounds like Love on the Brain - Rihanna
Edgar Mariscal
'Edgar Mariscal' 2 months ago
2:15 white girl on Beyoncé left read her shirt😯
Cold February
'Cold February' 2 months ago
damn good song
dawid lech
'dawid lech' 2 months ago
Brilliant Song & Brilliant Artist! Flawless Music With Powerful Message. Beyoncé Is One Of Only Few True Artists Who Could Create Such Supreme Piece Of Art. Love Form Poland <3
Lawson Draper
'Lawson Draper' 2 months ago
'BeLight' 3 months ago
Sheesh, you know you have made a poorly designed garment when even Beyonce cant make it look good.
'gagabuah' 3 months ago
Beyoncé is an ordinary woman with superpowers ! Did I forget to mention she is a mixed bred superwoman !
Jaye Maelle
'Jaye Maelle' 3 months ago
'Bo' 3 months ago
When the music started, I cannot stop hearing beyonce says this: "If it's what you truly want ... I can wear her skin over mine. Her hair over mine. Her hands as gloves. Her teeth as confetti." Formation tour's impact!
Nguyễn Nhựt Huy
'Nguyễn Nhựt Huy' 3 months ago
I just can't digest this song. It sucks so bad!
George Benyeogor
'George Benyeogor' 3 months ago
the escalator from here might be the same from party-Chris Brown, Usher, Gucci Mane
daneshia Tennyson
'daneshia Tennyson' 3 months ago
I waited for frank to show up :/
Vince B
'Vince B' 3 months ago
If you notice in the beginning of the video she covers her mouth. The words that are being said is not what she wants you to focus on. Its what mainstream wants. Immediately when she says "Moving forward" she removes the mask. This in my opinion is where she is saying we need to be prepared for the hard times that we all will face. Not just one group of people but all of us who are for freedom and equality. At one point she rips the gold cloth from her neck representing her removing shackles placed by her opressors. Everything else is self explained in my opinion. This is just what I think. You can interpret this however you want. Just be ready to all. I don't care what you believe in but just make sure you believe in something that can give you super power. #yeswecan
Nala Wind
'Nala Wind' 3 months ago
This song is dope
chris dula
'chris dula' 3 months ago
WAssup with the 666 at the 2:15 mark?
Trisha Ramirez
'Trisha Ramirez' 3 months ago
She looks so different .
Jaila j
'Jaila j' 3 months ago
Kelly rowland and Michelle in this video
'CM O' 3 months ago
Beautiful fking song and beautiful fking video for completely different reasons (and I STILL get excited to see Kelly and Michelle next to her) :') can't.

Also, is that the same location as Chris Brown's Party video?
'CM O' 3 months ago
and Formation was the one that pissed the police off. comical.
Obongama Godwin
'Obongama Godwin' 3 months ago
4:07 oddly just reminds me of mean girls
'ItzElena' 3 months ago
Girl in white shirt back of Beyoncé in 2:15 it says "666" 🙀🙀
Carlitta Howie
'Carlitta Howie' 3 months ago
Remember this was on the interlude to the tour 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Angela Jackson
'Angela Jackson' 3 months ago
This is what it's going to look like with Donald Trump as president
Shakeif Alexander
'Shakeif Alexander' 3 months ago
Favorite part is when Kelly and Michele was by her side they look like they was ready to F*** something up with their sister I loved it especially Kelly at 4:34-4:36 she looking like who I'm gonna get first lol
Keri Bogan
'Keri Bogan' 3 months ago
5:09-5:20 that's the look that SpongeBob and Patrick gave each other before running through the perfume shop... 😂
Sam Ben
'Sam Ben' 3 months ago
Monica Watson
'Monica Watson' 3 months ago
i saw kelly and Michelle
Vébriano Adrian
'Vébriano Adrian' 3 months ago
this song is so underrated..
boris nsangou
'boris nsangou' 3 months ago
0:56 at the top right . i dont understand what the 2 skateboarders did .
wandislaine silva
'wandislaine silva' 4 months ago
'ojsympson35' 4 months ago
Pharrell wil still go to war wid dis Hat...
Jose Djalma Goncalves da silva
ainda tenho esperança de um live dessa música
Nazerene Ndubuisi Éké
Franks influence seems strong in this song.
Lamar Simon
'Lamar Simon' 4 months ago
A song for the times we are in.
Leslie Diaz
'Leslie Diaz' 4 months ago
That's the Beyoncé i remember ❤❤❤
Leslie Diaz
'Leslie Diaz' 4 months ago
That's the Beyoncé i remember ❤❤❤
Leslie Diaz
'Leslie Diaz' 4 months ago
That's the Beyoncé i remember ❤❤❤
Fredy Rojas
'Fredy Rojas' 4 months ago
Promoting riots
Andrianna Cross
'Andrianna Cross' 4 months ago
i love this song so much
'babylelee22' 4 months ago
This REALLY would've been better if Beyonce' surprised us and had Latoya and LaTavia in the that would've showed some SUPERPOWER!
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