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Lukas Graham Performs 'You're Not There' -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 2 weeks ago

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The Grammy-nominated band performed their touching new song for Ellen and her audience. Check it out!

coffee lover
'coffee lover' 3 hours ago
he is married?
caroline byrd
'caroline byrd' 1 day ago
He's talking voice is annoying as hell but man can sing his ass off.
'Jraybay' 1 day ago
What a talent! My dad is Danish and he's really proud of Lukas. I hope Lukas much more success, he deserves it.
Miss Amazon
'Miss Amazon' 2 days ago
Reminds me of my mum! I miss you mum! x
Nguyen Quyt
'Nguyen Quyt' 3 days ago
Nguyen Quyt
'Nguyen Quyt' 3 days ago
susana zepeda
'susana zepeda' 3 days ago
ive listened to them for a year now, so happy theyve come so far, amazing music♡
Fun and randomness Olivia
saw him in concert last night
Robin Cascio
'Robin Cascio' 4 days ago
if you don't love him..ur jealous ..a hater...
mari Beth Spencer
'mari Beth Spencer' 5 days ago
Grant Joe
'Grant Joe' 5 days ago
Horrible Karaoke!!!
daniel holme
'daniel holme' 5 days ago
Er jeg den eneste dansker
Nicole Ditchfield
'Nicole Ditchfield' 5 days ago
This song is so special to me and it's also one of my faverite songs right now. The lyrics is so beautiful and I get very emotional whenever I listen to this song. This was written about his father, who passed away a couple of years ago, and I've also lost someone, that meant a lot to me and that's why I get so emotional, when I listen to this song. I absolutly love this song!! :)
Josh Weaver
'Josh Weaver' 6 days ago
Don't really get why people like this singer. He sounds like the average talent show competitor. Good, but not a stand-out.
Jaz Simone
'Jaz Simone' 6 days ago
Oh FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK no. I would not go 2 seconds into singing that without breaking down.
Toni Martinic
'Toni Martinic' 6 days ago
That bass guitar guy at 1:14 is hilarious
Ismael Acosta
'Ismael Acosta' 1 week ago
This made me cry bcc my dad is in jail rn for crossing the bodor 😪
William 310700
'William 310700' 1 week ago
Like eller kommenter hvis du er dansker🇩🇰😍
Irma de Leon
'Irma de Leon' 1 week ago
You're not there with me
Christine Kiberg
'Christine Kiberg' 1 week ago
Soleil Nyirambanguka
Love. it😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😻😻😻
'Chloe' 1 week ago
I've watched this video about 10 times and I still cry every time
'nclui01' 1 week ago
Oh, no, no, no!! Sorry, but I think he has a terrible voice!
'BLOOD1MONEY' 1 week ago
I hate this faggot
'emmagm96' 1 week ago
'Misterjanlo' 1 week ago
Great song and performance but I just want to cut his right arm off
Alexandra Bramsen
'Alexandra Bramsen' 1 week ago
There from the start 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰
'karinzaza1' 1 week ago
Proud to be a Dane 🇩🇰 Love Lukas Graham ❤️
Borris Grren
'Borris Grren' 1 week ago
omg this was so beautiful!!!
Anna Aurora
'Anna Aurora' 1 week ago
Så fantastisk! Stolt af af være dansker!

So Proud of being a Dane! 🇩🇰
Mucky Golem
'Mucky Golem' 1 week ago
Lukas graham should collaborate with birdy
Stephanie Scheffler
This really hits home. I lost my father 4.5 years ago
Hooligan LadyK
'Hooligan LadyK' 1 week ago
So very talented and humble
Steviee kann
'Steviee kann' 1 week ago
That mic flip got me hard
Katie Vuong
'Katie Vuong' 1 week ago
Harsh comments ? Constructive criticism would be nice. I find nothing wrong with the band or their music.
Oliver john Kallesoe
When you hear the song and get a flashback moment of back when you met him when he was in "krummerne" ohhh to be a little kid again.
'ternitamas' 1 week ago
his voice is annoying
'pyroStation' 1 week ago
Lukas graham is one them thats not use autotune, he´s so good
Kor O
'Kor O'Connell' 1 week ago
Is he sad because his dad isn't there to see how great he is? That's kind of a shallow statement
emma Woods
'emma Woods' 1 week ago
Iiiih vi er stolte af dig Lucas!!!
G Dunphy
'G Dunphy' 1 week ago
Lukas Graham is an amazing and beautiful being. He is an inspiration and all his songs bring me such love and emotion.
Love you so much
Mona Elnono
'Mona Elnono' 1 week ago
Proud Dane!
Gato Bonsai
'Gato Bonsai' 1 week ago
I can't listen to this song without crying, it remembers me my parents. 
cheer_ danny
'cheer_ danny' 1 week ago
ever time I hear this song I cry my eyes out, because its such an emotional song
Vera Van Den Hende
best performance of him i've seen so far. so much feeling, it just grabs you by the throat 😭
Kennedy Ferguson
'Kennedy Ferguson' 1 week ago
This gave me goosebumps❤️
Nancy R
'Nancy R' 1 week ago
This made me get emotional..
Tara Williams
'Tara Williams' 2 weeks ago
His voice 😍
'miaidas' 2 weeks ago
The fact that he's Danish makes me proud since I'm from a Nordic country too :)
Realdemon Gt
'Realdemon Gt' 2 weeks ago
Why not 7 year why
Simona Ondráčková
This song is so powerfull to me because my dad died when I was 8 years old and everytime I am listening to this song I try to remeber how great he was. Because of him I become a nurse and when I am in hospital I'm always thinking if he is proud to me. Point of my comment is thanks for this song.
'shmoolicious' 2 weeks ago
can you not hear how off key he is?!
Brecariana Trixie
'Brecariana Trixie' 2 weeks ago
theyre amazing afffffffff.u too ellen
Fernanda Landeros
'Fernanda Landeros' 2 weeks ago
i cannot explain how much I love this man, it's such an incredible singer, and his songs always are amazings and I can really feel it all. 💛
Elianeth Salazar
'Elianeth Salazar' 2 weeks ago
dj williams
'dj williams' 2 weeks ago
Shawn Mendez and now Lukas graham.. that's my year. Thank you ellen. Lol
Karis Alpire
'Karis Alpire' 2 weeks ago
He sounds like the studio version, true artist right here
Karis Alpire
'Karis Alpire' 2 weeks ago
YESSS I love this song
'mhrrrr09' 2 weeks ago
I'm obsessed with lukas graham , thanks for having them!!!
Alain Bruno
'Alain Bruno' 2 weeks ago
His voice is gold.
Ahhh Suke Suke
'Ahhh Suke Suke' 2 weeks ago
omg... regret not going to his concert in Vancouver :*(
'HouseMDaddict' 2 weeks ago
the name of the band is lukas graham...the lead singer is named lukas forchhammer...
ashley wilson
'ashley wilson' 2 weeks ago
Aldrincredible John (Adeng)
He deserves a Grammy! Give it to him.
'EllieG' 2 weeks ago
'aggabaoaj' 2 weeks ago
yes no
'yes no' 2 weeks ago
beautiful voice, beautiful song
'LpsKingdom' 2 weeks ago
Ahhh YAYY David Dobrik 😂
'MsRedrum666' 2 weeks ago
Så bra låt 😀
bill teix
'bill teix' 2 weeks ago
sheesh he can't sing for crap.
'bocaboci' 2 weeks ago
this is a fucking masterpiece... the melody is just simply the best
Gabrielly Viterbo
'Gabrielly Viterbo' 2 weeks ago
loved it
Jorge Smith
'Jorge Smith' 2 weeks ago
has he lost alot of weight because in his #1 single 7 years old he was pretty Fat😂😂😂
'Lollyy02' 2 weeks ago
He is from Denmark just like me❤️😘
'TORIEL' 2 weeks ago
Does Lukas Graham kinda look like David dobrik or is that just me?
Marlene Vargas (Marlene Filla)
I love his voice and song!
'xAGROCATx' 2 weeks ago
My dad died at 12 and this song makes me sad
'UniversityVengeance' 2 weeks ago
As someone who has lost their father, this hits home.
'Curtis' 2 weeks ago
Anto theja
'Anto theja' 2 weeks ago
its like fat & fugly shia labeouf is performing badly...nuh uh
Kathryn Morgan (MommyLiife)
We need more artist like him these days that make real feel songs. You can tell this is truly his experience and be is amazing live.
'Smilla;-;' 2 weeks ago
Elsker ham👻
Julie Mikkelsen
'Julie Mikkelsen' 2 weeks ago
Heyo danskere👋🏼 synes fandme det er fedt hvor meget de har opnået i løbet af det sidste år! Glæder mig til at de kommer hjem til lille Danmark igen og giver koncerter!
Glæder mig til at se hvad de har at byde på de næste par år og hvordan det kommer til at gå med mini Graham😂
I'm proud of my Danish star! He's in the Ellen show!!!!!
Emma Tode
'Emma Tode' 2 weeks ago
Kinda cool being a dane and see him grow so big, especially when i saw him live way back in the days and no one really knew him :))
'thedayana1' 2 weeks ago
I saw him live and he was amazing !! he sung this song and got emotional it was something very special !!
ashley Ashley
'ashley Ashley' 2 weeks ago
🌊🌊🌊The drummer is on some wavy shit
Jud An
'Jud An' 2 weeks ago
'Pigen' 2 weeks ago
Like hvis du er Dansker ???
'WodkaWhatElse' 2 weeks ago
a bit cheesy
Simon Kingo
'Simon Kingo' 2 weeks ago
Damm awesome to be a dane! DAMM godt arbejde Lukas ;)
Anthony James
'Anthony James' 2 weeks ago
tbh Mei
'tbh Mei' 2 weeks ago
he has kids?????
'pendiemz' 2 weeks ago
your not there is old af, need to do some research people...
Lady Servicedog
'Lady Servicedog' 2 weeks ago
So damm proud of you Lukas and proud to be Dänische 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰😜🌟🌟🌟🌟
Sam Gagnier
'Sam Gagnier' 2 weeks ago
He looks like he is 17
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